Neil Ferguson needs no vaccine

Professor Neil Ferguson doing a video interview.

Professor Neil Ferguson doing a video interview.

2Sam 1:27 How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished!

David says ‘How are the mighty fallen’ three times in his lament for Saul and Jonathan, ‘the beauty of Israel’. But the expression has passed into our culture.

And none has been mightier in recent weeks than the false prophet of doom, Imperial College’s vaccine-modeller, Professor Neil Ferguson. It was his report dated 16th March 2020 which persuaded the Prime Minister to move away from his sensible ‘mitigation’ strategy towards ‘suppression’ or ‘lockdown’.

Sharpest recession on record

Thus it is that today the Bank of England has warned of the sharpest recession on record if lockdown measures last into June. To put that into context, it will be worse than the recessions after World War I and WWII when the economy shrank by 10%, aided and abetted by Spanish Flu, and 4%, respectively. It would be the sharpest downturn since the time of ‘Queen Anne’s War’. That lasted from 1702 – 1713 against the French for control of North America.

Britain was also dragged into the War of Spanish Succession in 1706. Three years later, Western Europe’s great frost set in and the river Thames froze over, bringing what trade still remained to a standstill.

The Bank’s analysis, published today, is based on the assumption that social distancing measures are gradually phased out between June and September.

More money could be printed

The Bank’s latest Monetary Policy Report showed the UK economy plunging into its first recession in more than a decade. The economy shrunk by 3% in the first quarter of 2020, as travelling fell by 80% during March and the lockdown on 23rd March did the rest. If lockdown continues, the Bank sees an unprecedented 25% decline in the three months to June.

This would push the UK into a technical recession, defined as two consecutive quarters of economic decline. The Bank said the housing market had come to a standstill, while consumer spending had dropped by 30% in recent weeks.

As the Chancellor borrows even more money to pay half the workforce, which again is unprecedented, two of the Bank’s nine members voted to increase the latest round of quantitative easing by £100bn to £300bn. It did not go through, but in the end, that money will have to come from somewhere. ‘Quantitative easing’, simply printing the stuff, will impoverish us all in inflation.

Neil Ferguson immune

So back to the learned Professor Lockdown, whose adulterous flame visited him on two recent occasions. According to The Sun, ‘the UK government scientist met with married Antonia Staats, 38, twice during the lockdown – despite leading the government advice to put the country into quarantine to stop the spread of coronavirus.’

Miss Staats (she is Mrs Chris Lucas) works for Avaaz, the ultra-woke clicktivist website with its petitions, money-raising and headlines like: ‘Just five days to save all the elephants in Africa,’ and ‘If Trump wins, the sky will fall down.’ Well, not quite, but they fanatically support environmentalism, Greta Thunberg and oppose ‘populism’. Here are their suggestions for petitions right now: Example: “Paid leave for parents during coronavirus pandemic”, Example: “Coronavirus: Shut down all schools in Manchester”, Example: “Commit vital funds to a green recovery”. You get the idea.

Avaaz is also pro-vaccine, so long as they are not produced by ‘Big Pharma’. How else are they produced? One Avaaz petition is ‘demanding an affordable Coronavirus vaccine for all’. Meanwhile, Avaaz has taken down another petition, ‘We say “NO” to Coronavirus Vaccine in Africa’, because it ‘was found to contain false or misleading information’. However, this petition is a stunner and needs your support. It refers both to the lockdown and to a tonic from Madagascar. It urges: ‘Africa Purchase COVID ORGANICS And End Restrictions To Save Millions From Starvation’.

The Telegraph turned up tweets from Dr Ferguson himself, opposing Brexit and supporting the LibDems, so we can see Mrs Lucas and Dr Ferguson have a lot of politics in common. How such an avowed statist as Neil Ferguson came to be advising a Tory Government is a very good question. Professor Ferguson immediately resigned from the Government SAGE committee.

Catch the virus, don’t need the vaccine

The best reaction was from Health Secretary, Matt Hancock MP: ‘It’s extraordinary. I don’t understand.’

Well, I do. It’s called human nature, sin, arrogance, passion, even knowledge, all rolled into one.

Furthermore, the professor’s defence of his conduct reveals something else really important. He said:

‘I acted in the belief that I was immune, having tested positive for coronavirus, and completely isolated myself for almost two weeks after developing symptoms.’

You have it from the horse’s mouth. Despite all the gloomsters saying they don’t know if catching the virus makes you immune, it could go on infecting you for ever, you could pass it on, etc, etc, the vaccine-man at the heart of it all knows they are wrong. The truth seems to be, after you have had Covid-19, you are immune, you cannot catch it again, you cannot transmit it and, crucially, you don’t need a vaccine.

Leaks from the Bunker

Yesterday and today, the Daily Telegraph has been saying #StayHomeSaveLives is history. They claim that the Prime Minister will announce on Sunday that we can go out after all. We all knew already the truth of this word:

Psalm 121:8 The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.

And how much wiser would have been the Prime Minister decisions had he the fear of the Lord before his eyes, able to trust God for the truth of that word over the whole United Kingdom. But we are where we are. In need of prayer, hope, repentance and to lift the lockdown.

But today, we are being warned not to expect too much. The madness may continue, we hear. The Scottish and Welsh First Ministers are both opposed to any easing of the ruinous lockdown.

No ‘Second Peak’

The Prime Minister says he dare not risk a ‘Second Peak’. Even the CBI is wittering on about businesses opening ‘safely’.

The Covid-19 epidemic is following the standard curve.

The Covid-19 epidemic is following the standard curve.

Well, right here we shall pray and declare there will be no ‘Second Wave’ or ‘Second Peak’.

The epidemic is following the standard curve. It started with the first death on 6th March. It hit the peak on 8th April.

Moreover, the rolling seven-day average has slipped below the daily death-toll from abortion, 595, for four days in a row at this time of writing, looking at the figures for 6th May. In short, it’s over.

And even if there were a ‘Second Peak’, when would they like it? In June, July and August, at the height of summer, or in December, January and February, to coincide with the annual Influenza epidemic? Talking of which, I saw lockdown being touted as a counter-measure to that as well.  It’s madness.

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Exodus 18:21 Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens:

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  1. Yes, Stephen, I am right with you. The problem is that we do not have a government that has the fear of the Lord always before them, so they listen to man’s reading and get it wrong!
    I personally see far more sinister signs in the making. We are moving, by courtesy of this fellow Gates, into a more surveillance society, if we are not already in one, and this cv19 is simply a manipulative ploy to create a more passive population that will panic at the first sign of the virus, and then be prepared to accept anything to free them from fear. We will then submit ourselves to the most hideous constraints, that will make our lives more regulated than they already are. A struggling economy will re-enforce this and, hey presto, we have oppressive global government. These, in short, are my main concerns. As Believers we need NOW to work our strategy of resistance, with a total preparedness to pay the ultimate price.

  2. How do we know these things about his private life? Did the Telegraph hack his phone or computer, or had this campaign director, who has deleted her LinkedIn profile, been more outspoken than she is now? I mean she refuses to comment now.

    It looks to me like some sort of set-up. According to one of his relieves he has been working day and night trying to save this country with his computer modelling. I feel very sorry for him that he has been dragged into the gutter. He’s not a politician, but a mathematician, and a very good one as well. Mathematicians are strange people and very unused to the normal society we live in. Their world is highly abstract, and few understand it.

    At this time we need people like him. My fear is his type will be replaced with the big gobs of the press, which are all talk but no thinking. They can seriously put their foot in it. If you ever get the chance, ask them a question on maths. Ask them what an exponential function is. Should they gain more power? Recall also what happened to Professor Tim Hunt. It seems the cleverer the person in the public eye, the more venomous the stupid British people are. There’s an interesting psychological take on that somewhere.

    1. No, Andrew, he may be a brilliant theoretical physicist, but he is a rubbish coder. The model he used to predict 510,000 deaths if the Govt did nothing was ’13+’ years old, created for influenza and ‘written in undocumented C’. Not to put a commentary in your coding is a schoolboy error. But geeks have now been taking his coding to pieces and are not impressed. It generates random results from the same inputs. It has more bugs than an ants’ nest. We do not need people like that driving public policy. And the Boris even repeated Professor Ferguson’s ludicrous ‘half-a-million’ deaths last night.
      As to ‘his private life’, as if we can compartmentalise our lives in that way, he has confirmed the Telegraph’s story and resigned from the SAGE committee. But his conduct shows he knows that being infected with the old Covid-19 renders one immune, unable to catch it again, and unable to transmit it.

      1. I do agree that if you have had the virus and just recovered then there is no chance of infecting someone else because that is the time your antibodies are strongest. So he was right about that but I do not know what he has admitted so that leaves me in the dark. I thought he simply admitted that what he had done had made him unsuitable for a public-facing role. Maybe he just wanted some company. I heard it was reported that it was a dating site, but it does not mean he was having sex. I can’t imagine such a person talking about his private life in the media to that extent.

        Regarding the code, I would have to have a look at it myself to pass judgment on it, and I do write in C myself, so if you have a link I’ll see what I make of it and possibly I might be able to find out why it is faulty, if indeed it is.

        I would not make too much of an issue about it being undocumented. People have different standards with this. From experience the best code is that which does not need documentation because it is self-explanatory, and too many comments actually makes the code difficult to read. I go for light documentation, and besides if you use good variable names it is self-documenting to a large extent. You really only need add comments where you do something unconventional. Also 13 year-old code is good because code develops as you refine it, so the older it is the more it has been tested and improved. Think of it like any other industrial product. It goes through generations.

        1. Here we go.

          Not all of it has been released, but here is some of it, and like I had imagined, it does have comments. It’s perfectly readable and looks like mature coding to me.

          This is the way most pros do it. You just need a few markers so you can see at a glance what does what. One way too many comments is a problem is if the comments go out of sync with the code. You have to update it all twice, talking more time for little benefit.

  3. We have lost any sense of proper government. The announcement by the prime minister this evening is going to cause more confusion than clarity as he seems to be saying ‘if you can’ go back to work, go’, and ‘if you can travel’ without public transport, do not use public transport. Whatever happened to: this is what is permitted and this not? Governments should lead and state clearly what is to happen. The problem is having over reacted in the first place, having refused to place any reliance on God, the government is now having to unwind the crazy measures it put into place and does not really know how to do this. It is now reduced to politely asking us to do things and also a ‘try and see if it works’ approach . This is the hallmark of a government that has lost the ability to govern.

    Even the compliant mainstream media seems to be waking up to the long term effects of the over reaction to this flu. The Sunday Telegraph today has an interesting article severely criticising the model that was used to base all the scare mongering predictions on. (Which they could have got weeks ago from CV by the way).

    Wasn’t it Margaret Thatcher who said, ‘You cannot print your way out of a crisis?’ So the conservatives now disagree with her because that is what they are now doing. God has handed the anti-God conservatives over to their own judgment; they have been forced to undo everything that Margaret Thatcher stood for. Surely this is pay back for their contemptuous attitude towards sacred marriage.

    I am very sorry for all the hard working self employed, small business people who have seen their work go down because of a terrible series of decisions made by a government, bounced into over reacting by a hysterical media.

  4. The British Church Newspaper front page report of 8 May informs that to date 40 USA church leaders from the Africa America Pentecostal denomination have died from Covid-19 and defied coronavirus regulations with members being encouraged to flout the new public health warnings. One Bishop went as far as saying to his congregation “God is larger than this dreaded virus —-aren’t you glad you were free to get up and come.”

    Does not this very sad disobeying picture of going against the ‘staying at home’ policy by a minority send out a voice, that we must ‘obey those over us irrespective if a government that has been ‘permitted’ to follow the wrong advice at the Covid-19 start by not then separating the ‘lepers’ and testing immediately those in contact.

    There the permissive will of God has to come home for a reason – we were going to have a debate this Tuesday and Wednesday on the finalizing of abortions in NI – now postponed we think! We are set to allow same-sex teaching in schools so wisdom has been taken away from our leaders in this crisis. When and where will it end?

    1. With Bishop Glenn, the VA ‘stay at home’ order was only issued 8 days after his sermon, so he was in fact observing the law.
      The sneering world of course hates pastors who put their faith in God. But we need also to do the little things, and I must say, it is very easy for church leaders to put on weight, and that doesn’t help to show the Lord their prayers for safety are serious.
      One more thing is that the Bishop was put on a ventilator and ‘tubed’. As we reported here, if there is one thing almost guaranteed to get you where the Covid fails, its ventilation.
      But yes, the Lord’s judgment on our rebellion is falling as this lockdown, for sure.

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