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  1. We appear to be literally on the same page, ref the HSK piece, but did you notice a comment on it:
    “Just because you do not use an insurance policy does not mean the insurance policy was not needed in the first instance.
    The other sad aspect is that if the death rate had been half what it has turned out to be (something we have only found through bitter experience), London would have needed 1,000 more beds – many of those would have been ITU beds. Covid bed use is lower also because many are no longer in beds, because they sadly died.”

    So, the Nightingale was always just an ‘insurance policy’
    No, it wasn’t, it was put forward by the government as being vitally necessary.

    And we now know that lots of people are dying, so it’s not needed.
    Er, no, we knew people were dying when the White Elephant Hospital was set up.

    All of this slavish devotion to “our beloved NHS” which we need to destroy our lives to “protect” is yet another absurd secular religion replacement (along with the ‘climate crisis’, obviously). And, boy, doesn’t it have a lot of tinpot little psudo-priests, all those people without doctorates who use the honorific ‘Doctor’, in order to confer some sort of pathetic pretence of expertise and learning on themselves.

    1. ‘Protect the NHS’ popped up out of nowhere on the weekend of 14th/15th March. In the debate on ‘Coronavirus’ in the House of Commons on Wednesday 11th, nobody used the expression. On 16th March, in the debate on ‘Covid-19’ now, Matt Hancock used it for the first time. Aim No 1: ‘protect the NHS by building it up and flattening the curve.’ In the debate on 23rd March no fewer than three more Tory MPs were using the expression. It’s genius, but it’s drivel.

      If Labour had brains instead of sawdust, they would have said: ‘Protect the NHS’? ‘Ha, it only needs ‘protecting’ because of all the Tory cuts we warned about.’ But they didn’t, and even that line would have failed to challenge Covid-19 Project Fear.

      What would have speared Project Fear would have been to ask the Government for their assessment of the economic downturn, jobs to be lost, businesses ruined, bankruptcies, suicides, long-term poverty-driven health problems from their proposed shutdown/lockdown. (The honest answer would have been ‘we don’t know’, Because they hadn’t even done an analysis.

      Yet Labour focussed instead on taxpayer relief for those in the affected sectors. I do not believe they even identified hospitality, sport, education, travel, the High Street and manufacturing as sectors which would be devastated.

      I cannot quite believe the irresponsibility not just of the Govt but of HM Opposition.

      1. Indeed so – I completely agree.

  2. Oh, good piece again ,as usual!

  3. Belfast is like a glorious holiday camp. Sunshine. Folk strolling about. I love my official exercise outing on my bike.
    People are thoughtful, considerate and careful with one another.

    BUT I await the next event which will bring us nearer to a unified organised system

  4. I can irrespectively reconcile this as being ‘the finger of God’ as did J C Ryle on the great cattle plague of 1865-1867. It is well looking up his comments and youtube. O that we had a Bishop like him today.

    No one knows when this will finally cease – we are in Isaiah 20 v 25-26 ‘Until the indignation be overpast.’

  5. Another interesting article.
    If/when we emerge from this and the Covid-19 death toll (which is technically very difficult to count… died with / died of) is under, say, 50,000 and the economy is a smoking pile of ruins, the government will triumphantly declare: “Phew! We did it!”
    But what will they have done?
    As Bill Clinton’s advisor, Rahm Immanuel, smartly once said: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste…”)

    As an aside: The following two sermons appeared on the front door of a local church last week. They didn’t stay there long…

    Sermon #1
    This is Easter week
    Jesus died on a cross
    He came back to life

    This is the repeated message of the Bible.
    Happily, it is a message of life… because the Bible tells us that “God so loved the world that he sent his only Son, so that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life”.
    It is also a message of hope… because, Jesus really did, historically, factually, and with credible eye-witness accounts, come back from the dead.
    It is also a message of salvation… but not by human effort. The message of the Bible is that “all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved”.
    It is a wonderful, hopeful message that has echoed down the centuries and still continues to change, inspire and embolden ordinary people.

    Sermon #2
    Stay at home
    Protect the NHS
    Save lives

    This is the repeated message of the government.
    Sadly, it is a message of death… and the fear of death. The government warns that people are dying because of Coronavirus and that more will die.
    It is also a message of guilt… because if we don’t stay home, we will be responsible for more deaths.
    It is also a message of salvation… but by human effort alone. If we do our bit; the NHS can do its bit; and more people will be saved.
    The government’s message emphasises fear and guilt and the costly human efforts needed to bring about a temporary salvation because, despite the best efforts of the marvellous NHS and its wonderful staff, we will all eventually die.

    1. tick…tick…tick…

    2. Brilliant analysis. Thank you.

  6. I guess that Andrew Green has some good common sense points to make. White elephant hospitals, protecting the NHS, and the hideous economic cost of all this, are all issues each one of us have specific views on, and I am not going to make any specific additional comments. We need to recognize that there are no ‘experts’ as such; just merely flawed human beings doing something like a big panic!
    However, at the risk of being labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, I suggest, with David Pawson that this virus issue is a mere foretaste of what is to come. It is globalism at its most oppressive, and a virus is a good way of softening up the global population through fear into absolute submission to heinous ungodly influence and dictats. The economy will be so pulverised as to be even more dependent on organizations as a world central bank that will make national sovereignty a once forgotten dream (including Brexit). It is clear to me that our lives will never be quite the same again, and that ‘normality’ as we know it will cease to exist in its original form. Our freedoms will be sacrificed even more than they already are., and the global agenda will prevail against all other considerations. As Believers, we need to prepare for such opposition that we have for most of us never encountered. Let us prepare!

    1. Thanks Michael! I am actually not a Christian, but am finding that much of the good sense talked about this comes from Christians who, of course, have no reason to put their faith in a secular pseudo-religion, since they already have a religion, with accumulated wisdom from many thousands of years to back up their beliefs.

  7. Yesterday, I watched about 80% of the following documentary.

    The first documentary movie on CCP virus, Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

    I also read yesterday (I wish I could remember where) that it has been government policy since 2005, reviewed by the Lib Con coalition in 2011 and adopted, by then with effective all-party support, that the NHS wasn’t prepared for a pandemic like the present one, but that no amount of preparation would be adequate, so the best policy in the event of a viral pandemic would be to keep those likely to be affected badly socially isolated, whilst allowing the virus to affect as much of the rest of the population as quickly as possible, in order to build herd immunity in the fit-and-well population, based upon the assumption that most would survive mild symptoms or asymptomatic infection, developing immunity and non-infectiousness in the process.

    This long-established official policy appears to have become the Johnson government’s policy in February. I took social distancing measures approaching social isolation except for buying essentials on my return to the UK from Romania on 4th March, because I’d left my wife there, with plane tickets to join me on 22nd March with her elderly mother, for her first, long-planned visit outside her homeland. She would be in harms way if infected.

    Something obviously became known to the government that persuaded a panicky, alarmist change in that mature and carefully considered pre-planned strategy of wait-and-see and trusting in God and the human immune system that he created. The cover story, relieving the strain on the NHS, was plausible enough and probably sincere, but not, I suspected, the whole inside story, which I now suspect was now informed by classified intelligence as much as advice of the minority of scientists with the ear of government, which nobody much is any longer pretending is adequately informed by proven science.

    So, what classified intelligence might also have influenced the u-turn?

    According to the documentary, SARS-Cov-2 is a genetically modified recombinant of a bat virus isolated in (if I remember correctly) 2003. The extra RNA added artificially codes for a protein that enables the modified bat virus to breach the defences of the human cell (bad enough) and (somewhat sinister) the sequence found in HIV that causes AIDS. The Chinese cover story about a certain fish market, which has never sold bat meat or had a nearby bat population, is a fabrication. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a biological weapon developed in China near the fish market and was released into the local population either accidentally or deliberately. The documentary names whistle-blowers and cites their disclosure of this alleged mischief.

    If this conspiracy theory is true, the weapon may turn out to have some nasty surprises in store.

    The usual suspects we’d naturally suspect are those with something to gain from the establishment of authoritarian, unelected global governance, the aim of the Secret Power of Lawlessness of 2 Thess 2 and its numerous historical manifestations. However, in what I have seen so far of the documentary makers do not explore those possible connections. However, the coincidence of Event 201 points the finger.

    My conclusion is that most of us don’t know yet what is really going on behind the scenes. The virus could be worse than we think it is and could bring the west to its knees.

    If you decide not to publish this comment, I shall understand. But please at least make use yourself of the information it links to, in the documentary, if you can. I suspect it might be reliable.

  8. I can’t believe you think the lockdown isn’t working or actually dangerous!
    The New hospital in London is a case of insurance, as mentioned in a earlier comment. I’m sure you wouldn’t complain if a close relative
    of yours needed one of these beds
    I’m unsubscribing from your page!

    1. One man’s ‘case of insurance’ is another man’s ‘complete waste of money and part of Covid-19 Project Fear’!

      Seriously, as if that wasn’t serious, the lockdown is destroying people’s jobs, businesses, liberty and health for a generation. It might or not be ‘working’. It is certainly catastrophic.

      Christians start from the word of God. And the Bible says denying men their wages is oppression and a sin which cries to heaven. Someone needs to tell our leaders we are fast becoming in the same state as was Egpyt after just seven of the ten plagues:

      Exod 10:7 And Pharaoh’s servants said unto him, How long shall this man be a snare unto us? let the men go, that they may serve the LORD their God: knowest thou not yet that Egypt is destroyed?

      I never cease to be amazed at how quick Christians are to fall out with one another …

      1. Oppress not the hireling in his wages – surely relates to an Employer in the abuse and misuse of employees by withholding good when they have current means to give.

        This ‘finger of God’ that has now affected the nations of the earth has come as a voice that ‘The Lord Omnipotent Reigneth,’ at least the Evangelical Prime Minister of Australia called for prayer and it has been significant to note that they have a much reduced level of Covid-19 related deaths. Will others nations recognize and follow suit?

        Where do we hear a call for confession and national repentance?

        1. Yes of course it means that. But denying people the opportunity to work is just as much an oppression.
          The Orthodox President of Belarus has also put his trust in the Almighty.
          Kenya had a day of prayer, and the Russian church called for repentance.

  9. I note your graphs of deaths per million “across Europe” omit those in France, Italy and Spain, those countries most hard hit. We also need to consider deaths in the USA, still accelerating, despite Trump’s assurance that covid was a ‘hoax’, and then it would be largely over by Easter. We should beware of false prophets. ONS figures for deaths in the week ending 3/4 are c. 6000 up on the average deaths for the week in previous years. This compares to the DHSC total hospital covid deaths of 2846 for that week. The situation is much worse than the headline figures, and I suspect likely to deteriorate futher. Actual deaths to the virus may well have already exceeded 20000. The OBR is projecting a 14% drop in GDP for the financial year. There are no figures for economic hit caused in the scenario of no lock down at all and probably hundreds of thousands of deaths. But what price life? Most would sacrifice far more than 14% this year for their spouse, for example, not to die.

    1. Deaths to the virus, or with the virus? Covid-19 only accounts for 60% of the excess deaths. I suspect the Covid-19 death figures are being over-played to feed in Covid-19 Project Fear.

  10. Covid19 project fear is the Government scaring us into doing what we’re told.
    We were told that 250,000 would die. We saved thousands of lives by complying with the lockdown.
    Everyone enjoys flattery.
    We will continue to do everything the Government asks and vote for Boris at the next election.

  11. The Queen is the head of the Church of England (constitutionally) and its doors are shut and the buildings were empty anyway; but Boris is the head of the NHS and the fickle multitiudes (every Thursday, as on Palm Sunday) will be bashing their saucepans, hooting their hooters and worshipping (“I’m not religious…” Yeah… Right…) the Saviour of us all… the One… the Only… the man-made NHS (Peace be upon it!).
    Who was it that coined the phrase about the NHS being the nearest thing to a British state religion?
    When Boris fell ill with Covid it was his Good Friday moment.
    When Boris rose again from the ICU it was like a month of Easter Sundays all at once for Dominic Cunnings (deliberate mis-spell).
    At that point, all Boris had to do was prostrate himself before the nation and thank the NHS “for saving my life” and the next election (or three) was in the bag. Bingo big time!!!
    How can the nation that ran a world empire and won the Second World War be so collectively stupid as to swallow a nine-word slogan (Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.) as if it neatly and comprehensively distills and explains all the complexities of the current “crisis”?
    We have become a nation of saucepan-bashing, slavery-loving morons.

  12. I have been suspicious from the start because I had all the symptoms before Christmas and A&E . Caused by being mentally and physically exhausted and immune system down. Eventually diagnosed Asthma from which Due to natural medicine for immune system has all cleared up. All three months before Christmas. No mention of any Virus. Hospital appointment at Basildon this morning. Not allowed in the main building. No sign of any activity. Ambulances parked up. All very quiet. Nobody speaks. Very surreal. Appointment at Southend tomorrow. I suspect it will be the same. Problem is neighbours won’t communicate so huge damage socially. They all believe the Media version and get annoyed at any sign of dissent or common sense. Maybe someones answer to Brexit. I am praying for enemies weapon of media turn back on themselves Psalm 37:15. Only God can sort this out so I suggest Humbling ourselves and pray.
    God bless

  13. I know of only one person who has had corona and he is a man at work who got sent home a few weeks ago because he is diabetic, he got the virus while in isolation at home So much for self isolation!
    According to Worldometer as of April 19th 164,565 worldwide have died since January that is less than what cancer kills in one week worldwide and the same number as what unborn children are slaughtered every 31 hours worldwide.
    Proverbs 29v25 The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe.

  14. I have switched off the mainstream media because I refuse to be put under a curse of death. I will get the ‘news’ anyway because it is impossible to avoid and whilst waiting for some weather to be reported, I picked up that the government thanked the muslim community for being good and foregoing the end of ramadan celebrations. Did the government thank Christians for not being able to gather for our Easter celebrations? I am not aware that it did.

    As some of us said at the start, this is a media driven hysteria; 1400 people die every day of all types of illnesses, add 600 abortions that are carried out per day and the total is 2000; the cause of death can easily be manipulated to be the sars-flu virus, deaths are rarely one single cause, so the death toll, drummed into people by the media is highly questionable; the cure is also clearly worse than the disease.

    We are not being told any details of the financial bailout that is being done behind the scenes. It sounds as if it is an enormous nationalisation, in which case, Jeremy Corbyn must be laughing or as sick as a parrot, bearing mind he is not in charge of it. What is being done as a bailout makes Labour’s ideas look tame. It is also ironic that it is a Conservative government that has now effectively undone Thatcherism.

    There is clearly a hidden agenda and that is the real sin. Save the children – Stop RSE. Delenda evolution.

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