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  1. Thank you again Christian Voice for a great article, full of well researched data a total contrast to the hysteria we get from the apocalyptically awful mainstream media, which I have now switched off, to preserve my own mental health. I refuse to be cursed with death hysteria by satans curse crew, so I refuse it. Thank you for highlighting the abortion crime, the real pandemic. I even wonder if this whole hysteria has been orchestrated to stop good people protesting against the evil agenda’s that we are now having forced upon us. Maybe not, but it is highly convenient for the forces of evil. The economic contagion is the real virus we should be concerned about.

    The so called cure is clearly worse than the disease. The God haters who control us, have deliberately excluded God, so they are now creating a situation where they are destroying the entire country to save some. It is good that a government wants to save life, except obviously the most vulnerable in the womb, (perhaps they don’t care after all?) but to destroy more than you save is madness. Look at Romans 1:19-32, we are handed over because of our God rejection. Also, look up 2Chronicles 18. This is where the king of Israel is misled by a load of false prophets into going into a war that God did not sanction. One good prophet stood up and spoke truth to power. He refused to go along with the madness of the crowd. What he prophesied came true, God vindicated him.
    I believe that God will vindicate those who have spoken truth in this time of hysteria.

    Here are a few snippets of reality that I have come across.
    I have an allotment and all allotment holders received an email a week ago saying that we would be allowed to continue but only if we obeyed the rules of distance etc. It read like a threat to shut down allotment growing if we spoke to each other too much, too closely, in the open air remember. I emailed back a polite email saying that allotments must be allowed to stay open at all costs because we are one of the few ways of producing food in a time of crisis. Can you believe the insanity of a local authority threatening to close allotments, that produce plenty of good quality food, at a time of shortages and crisis? This is the madness we are now in, because this nation has lost connection with the head, which is God, the source of all truth.
    I have a relative who has now lost his job because of the corona hysteria and the economic shutdown.
    I know someone who was told to accept a pay cut because of the hysteria.
    I know of another couple. The husband who is not a Christian has had to stop working as a self employed person and has many creditors who will want paying. They do not know how they will survive but the Christian wife has a small income and encouraged her husband to trust God. Ebenezer – thus far God has graciously provided.
    I have a friend who posted on facebook that their father died in the last week. The relative is sure the father died of natural causes, the death certificate says corona virus. The relative is adamant this is untrue.
    I have contacts with Anglican Mainstream. Medics there say that the government passed, with no debate, abortion medication regulations, (last Monday apparently) allowing women to get abortion drugs with only a brief online chat with a doctor. The Christian medics say that these drugs could/will cause internal bleeding and on no account should any pregnant woman touch them. You may want to publicise this, and/or contact Anglican Mainstream because that is where I got this information from. May God judge quickly the evildoers who have done this.

    I will look up the other links you have provided. At least some people have the intelligence not to fall for the evil insanity we are being inflicted with. Praise God for his ways which are truly beyond tracing out. Good will come out of all of this but there will be suffering, I am afraid we cannot now avoid that now. Stay close to the God of all truth, He alone is truth, Jesus famously said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life…’ Jn 14:6. Thank you Saviour.

    Save the children -Stop RSE

      • Stephen on 6 April 2020 at 19:42

      Thanks, esp. for the scripture ref about the false prophets. It has to go in somewhere! And let’s keep up the prayer and be word-based. It all sstarts, as you rightly say, with trusting in King Jesus.

    • Boffey on 7 April 2020 at 12:56

    On the subject of poor decisions made by government, I can’t see mention of the worst one, which was to stop the Church meeting. It is precisely at such times as these that the prayers of the saints are especially needed.

    Keep up the quality reports.

      • Stephen on 7 April 2020 at 14:16

      Douglas, you are so right. That has to be right up there:
      1 Reopen the schools,
      2 Reopen the churches,
      Someone out there is sure to add:
      3 Reopen the pubs!
      On a bright note, that ‘pride’ event at Wigan didn’t go ahead, but then neither could our witness against it…

  2. Had we done nothing, herd immunity would be achieved when 60-70% of the population were infected. Using the Diamond Princess death rate of 0.9%, gives a UK covid total deaths of > 367,000. These are on top of deaths by other causes, including murder by abortion. This would be exacerbated by the NHS being overwhelmed, so many extra would die due to lack of treatment. The government took the view, quite rightly in my opinion, that such numbers of deaths were worse than the economic consequences of lock down.

      • Stephen on 7 April 2020 at 16:24

      No, because the 0.91% was of those infected. And 83% weren’t. That immediately knocks your 367K to 60K. And they were older people on board Diamond Princess. that reduces the worst-case figure to around 50,000.

      Furthermore, the Government did NOT take the view ‘that such numbers of deaths were worse than the economic consequences of lock down’ because they did not even prepare a report or do any modelling or calculations, on the economic, let alone the social and longer-term medical, consequences of lock down. They just panicked on the fear of what the ‘NHS being overwhelmed’ would do to their reputation. They played party politics with people’s livelihoods. And coining ‘Protect the NHS!’ meant Labour fell right into it and never asked the right questions.

    1. Agree. Love thy neighbour as thyself. Technology thankfully is keeping us communicated.

      Do we believe this sudden unprepared dramatic change that has befallen the nations of the earth will awaken people out of a dead slumber? Will, there be a turning point! We hope so.

      Interestingly, I have been reading a recent magazine on ‘Humanism’ and how The British Humanist Association (BHA) is receiving ever-increasing prominence in public life. Their aim is a secular state without God and their beliefs are becoming firmly entrenched in most Western educational and legal systems with results such as the Government begins to remove all reference to gender titles (Mr, Mrs, etc) from official forms, and the use of the word ‘partner’ instead of ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ thus concealing whether the couple is married or unmarried, same-sex, or male or female.

      The BHA are actively attacking religion, in particular Christianity and setting mankind up in place of God.

        • Stephen on 7 April 2020 at 17:00

        And they have been getting away with it in the UK at least for the past seventy years.

  3. Great article ,as always! I like the plethora of biblical quotations (again, as always) – all very apposite and which resonate with me, as a non-Christian, since the wisdom of trusted forebears with a good heart always provides food for thought. Why, we might ask, do we have to look to people with a a strong Christian belief to cut through the secular nonsense spouted by those people who have (in this case, unwarranted) control over our lives.
    What really makes my blood boil is that “our” supposedly “beloved” NHS are so locked into their quasi-religious fanatical opposition to natural remedies, such as herbs and essential oils (which have been given to us by God in his beneficence or, if you like, by Nature in his/her beneficence) that they are not – at least – giving these a try to prevent or heal what amounts, simply, to an easily treatable respiratory illness. We have here a mental list of at least 20 different remedies which we would use, not to mention modalities which with you would disagree, such as homoeopathy or acupuncture.
    Incidentally, look at the number of people who have recovered in the UK – 135, with no increase in the past 2 weeks – https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/ compared with Germany – https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/germany/
    They have had twice as many cases as us, but almost 300 times as many recoveries.
    And, the little boxes at the top which show active and closed cases, together with the graphs of recoveries against deaths disappeared from the UK page a few days ago, presumably at the behest of our government.
    A look at other countries shows that our recovery rate is by far the worst in the world.
    We are doing something very, very wrong in Britain – stick people on ventilators, give them antibiotics if they have pneumonia, but NOTHING to clear the mucous in their lungs, whilst doctors alternate between wringing their hands and crossing their fingers.

    Oh, and its World Health Day today … do I dare criticise the NHS on Twitter and Facebook and face a barrage of rage?

      • Stephen on 7 April 2020 at 16:51

      Thanks. Appreciated. It is really odd they have not updated the recoveries figure, because of course people have recovered.

      What can be done to clear mucus from lungs? I am not an expert on that.

      The Jews have a tradition that the angels (the good guys, that is) came down and taught mankind the use of natural remedies. So many we have forgotten, but heartening you know of 20 remedies for respiratory illness. I believe people here would be very interested and blessed by knowing about the most significant ones. (We already know about hot honey, lemon, garlic and ginger!)

      And not even Labour criticised the NHS or the ‘Tories lack of proper funding’ for it, lack of beds and ICU beds compared to Germany and Japan, for example, in the debate on 16th March. Faced with an open goal, they could not even locate the ball. Belatedly, that has been picked up by Simon Hattenstone in the Guardian.

      But why not ask your dear social media friends why we have so few ICU beds? BTW, Have any patients pitched up at ‘Nightingale Hospital’ yet?

      1. Thanks Stephen.
        I’ll write something tomorrow or the next day about those remedies.
        Ah, yes, the empty Nightingale Hospital – looks good, though, which is the only thing which matters, after all.

  4. I have looked up the links and I am encouraged that there are a few voices of sensible people daring to question the crazy over reaction of the elites, driven I believe, by the mainstream media. I sympathise up to a point with the government; had it stood firm the media would have relentlessly broadcast the worst scenes with no real balance. The deputy Labour leader and you CV, made a very good point, what do people do, who are in small apartments? If you are outside cities it is not so bad.
    I can’t help but notice that the TV adverts all seem to be so terribly normal, as if nothing is wrong and there is no crisis. They advertise lamb for Easter, chocolate and even expensive perfume ads that are usually only on at Christmas. Firstly we have to queue like naughty school children to even get into a supermarket, secondly, how do they expect us to afford lamb, one of the most expensive types of meat there is? This is another simple sign that things are not what they seem. If they have no bread, let them eat cake.
    The cure is killing the patient and the real virus is the financial contagion which the media is not reporting.

    Save the children – Stop RSE

  5. I’ve just read a VERY long, very sensible and very well-researched article, ‘Navigating Through The “Coronavirus-Panic”: 8 Inconvenient Facts To Consider’ which look at the ludicrous unscientific peddling of scare tactics and the real results of lock-downs and the infringement of personal freedom –

    Well worth a read, IMHO

  6. To help us get through this, here is some wonderful advice from Prima magazine’s horoscope page; ‘Travel, explore the world, learn new things….’ Oops! They forgot to predict the worst flu epidemic since 1918, that we can’t fly anymore, there are travel restrictions, we cannot gather in groups and we are only allowed out once to exercise. It should also have added you will need to keep at least two metres apart. Strange how they managed not to predict all of what’s happened.
    Mmmm, and this is a media magazine. Now what does that tell us?

  7. Isn’t that going to be so strange? Give it 5 – 10 years and you will have children at school talking to each other about the past. One might say he lost a grandad which he had never seen, but then there will be children saying if it were not for the virus I would not be here. Some of those who would not have been here will undoubtedly go on to achieve great things in their life.

    By the way, notice the lack of social distancing for International Women’s Day this year. Even though the virus was not big news back then and few tests were done, the chances are the virus was spreading through mass feminist crowds all over the world.

      • Stephen on 11 April 2020 at 10:25

      Ha! But of course women fight coronaviruses much better than men!

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