A Nation in Pain

Who can doubt that there is something deeply wrong with the United Kingdom today?  Everyone seems to be looking out for themselves, people have to be paid to care, few appear to have any honour or respect – from the top to the bottom.

Half a generation of children are growing up without a father, the government is encouraging children into promiscuity, perversion is honoured, injustice is done in the courts and the poor are robbed by the national lottery and climate fanaticism. In schools and in the NHS, young people are pushed into irreversible ‘gender’ medication and surgery.

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The Christian Faith itself is under attack from the media and homosexual activists.  Our politicians lie and cheat, and we promote immorality and start wars for no reason in foreign lands.

Last but not least, we kill our own children in what should be the safest place on God’s earth.  Secularism is destroying our land, Christianity has been pushed to the margins and Islam is waiting to fill the vacuum.  The judgement of God is falling on us.  How did it come to this?


A Government Without God

It has come to this because our leaders try to run things in their own strength.  Even though our King was anointed to reign under the authority of God in the Name of Jesus Christ and given the Holy Bible as “the rule for the whole life and government of Christian princes,” his ministers and those of his mother before him have passed law after law in opposition to the will of God.  They are ‘rebellious and companions of thieves’ We must pray for the fear of God for our Government and pray that God will raise up men like John Knox and John Wesley in Britain today to call the nation to repentance.

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A Need for Prayer

Family breakdown, crime, debt, gambling, abortion, drink and drugs are more than just statistics.  They affect and ruin the lives of real people.  The Church needs a prophetic voice, speaking truth without fear to our leaders just as the Biblical prophets did: ‘Woe unto you; you call evil good and good evil.’

We Christians need to pray for our nation and its people, out of our love for our Saviour, our land and the victims of injustice.  But our prayer needs to be more than just: “Lord, do something!”  It needs to be: “Lord, what can I do?”  When we work, we work.  When we pray, God works.  When we do both, God works miracles.  And it will need a miracle for our sad, dysfunctional nation to turn from its belief that mankind knows best and to trust in God again.  If we in Christian Voice can play a part, we shall give God all the glory.  What was written 3,000 years ago is still true: “Blessed is that nation, whose God is the Lord.”  (Psalm 33:12)

A Testimony

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[audio:https://www.christianvoice.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Islam.mp3|titles=’From Islam to Christ’]

(We were given this as a CD – we don’t want to break copyright so if you know who the speaker is please let us know so we can contact them; but it is so awesome a testimony it just had to go up here!)

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