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  1. Thanks Stephen,

    I will not be at this one but was at the National Day of Prayer at the Emmanuel Centre in Marsham Street on March 23rd. It’s so encouraging that there seems to be a significant number of people really praying with faith for our country and for our return to the Lord in the midst of the darkness. May His Light yet shine again in this land!

    1. What was the take on Russia at that meeting on 23rd, Lynkalin?

  2. If this particular group of Muslims is as bad as you say, which seems very likely, is it not possible that the Secretary of State, Newham Council, and the Courts all thought for themselves, and came to their own conclusion, regardless of your prayers or God’s influence ?

    He doesn’t seem to have achieved the return of the nation to God, your other big prayer, although that would presumably be in his own interest.

    1. This could be the subject for a Bible study – or even a book. I do not doubt that in the tower of the Cambridge University library, in the news last night, there should indeed be books on exactly that.
      You know, the Almighty one has manners. He will not force anyone to do anything. Yes, there is his ‘irrestistable grace’ and that’s what we pray for. It means that despite herself, Mrs May, or the Boris, or the whole government, has a complete change of heart. We see it in the Bible with Josiah’s ministers finding the book of the law. 2Chron 34:14-19 has the story.
      But that kind of intervention is rare, and of his grace, and often as a result of his people’s prayer. And they may have to pray for years, even for generations. We don’t know why God does not do what we ask instantly. Maybe just because his ways are not our ways. Christ teaches we may have to be persistent, importunate, in our prayers:
      Luke 18:1 And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint; 2 Saying, There was in a city a judge, which feared not God, neither regarded man: 3 And there was a widow in that city; and she came unto him, saying, Avenge me of mine adversary. 4 And he would not for a while: but afterward he said within himself, Though I fear not God, nor regard man; 5 Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me. 6 And the Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge saith. 7 And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?
      But at other times, indeed, most times, the Lord allows men to go their own way and the results of their sin, or stupidity, will be seen as judgment, or consequences, depending on your point of view.
      Funnily enough, in the case of Newham Council, the Labour Group were all for the mega-mosque. Then Alan Craig was elected as a Christian People’s Alliance candidate, and he was added to, then Respect got some councillors. During that time, Sir Robin Wales and the whole Labour Group turned completely 180deg against the megamosque. See all of that as a coincidence if you like, but we are seeing it in a spiritual dimension, as something changing in the spiritual realm making things change on earth. Put that with the confusion in the mosque trustees as well, the changings of architects, PR firms, disastrous open day. With no doubt at all we see all that as a dramatic answer to our prayer.
      So why has the nation as a whole not changed in the light of what happened in Newham? Just maybe the Lord’s people have not been coordinated enough, coherent enough, insistent enough, active enough, and given to fasting enough. You have made me think that I personally am not doing enough! You see how the Lord can use even a sceptic like you to change the spiritual context?

      1. on the other hand, the Lord may just “give us over” as in Romans. As you said in response to another commentator on another thread, who felt that God had told him not to pray anymore (like Jeremiah), we should not give up praying I suppose.

        The “church” is this country and “Christians” should look to themselves too, instead of insisting that all the faults lie outside the church. I find very little real love in almost all the churches I have visited, and been a member of, over 35 years of church attendance. A few faithful, but not many.

        1. Wells Cathedral is a Christian place in my experience. All my experiences of those involved with it have been really warm and positive. It’s often the older places which are the best, as they have not moved with the times. It’s a bit like an old school or even an old university. I’m all for mentioning places if they have impressed me, and I think Wells does have a very deep peace to it. It’s genuine and also very beautiful.

      2. eg most church attenders, I hesitate to call them “Christians”, can’t even seem to manage a “hello”.

  3. This is a great feather in the cap of you as Christian Voice. The apparent complete failure of the Muslim fraternity to gain permission to build this Mosque in east London is seemingly the result of persistent and longevity of prayer. I do not see much to encourage us in present day UK life and politics, but maybe, just maybe, the Lord has not as yet abandoned us.

  4. Please get the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal in Canning Town involved, they are an awesome bunch of God fearing Christians.

    1. You get them involved, Douglas!

  5. I see some indication of SHARIA law being discussed in relation to Christianity !!??

    Islam is not only a religion, but a government, a STATE and a culture. I worked in Saudi for some time and wish many other Christians had experienced the aura, atmosphere and
    lack of laughter in general

  6. “not only a religion, but a government, a STATE and a culture.”

    Like Christianity used to be in many places. In fact, the loss of this kind of status in Britain is surely for many people what Christian Voice is mainly about ?

    “I see some indication of SHARIA law being discussed in relation to Christianity !!??”

    Could you perhaps tell us a little more ? Where ? By whom ? In what way ? With what result ?

  7. its funny, everytime this post is re-posted, we get exactly the same comments!

  8. Nice idea, we need to get the word of Our Lord out everywhere

  9. I went to the CV prayer meeting yesterday, Saturday 4th July, and wanted to testify how good it was. I travelled by train and these, plus central London was very quiet. I have never seen the place so deserted.

    We met at the usual place, and in the end there were nine of us and it was a great time. We covered a lot of issues, the current situation, ending the unGodly lock down, crying to God over the attacks on young people and children, the education of children which is being blocked by the unions and the Government, the overturning of the evolution agenda which is the foundation of everything we are praying against, (All the evils we are facing today, spring from the rejection of Genesis, 6 day creation), the poor response of the UK churches and we also covered African issues with powerful prayers for countries there. We thanked God for some good things – there are a number of legal cases waiting to be heard rebutting the gay rights agenda, the absence of school means gay activists cannot get in to continue their work of destruction, and presidents of African countries who are real, actual, live Christians! (Can you believe it Brits, Christians, in power, governing a country? Pinch me, I must be dreaming).

    We also sang praises to God. Unfortunately this is not allowed in church right now, the UK church having basically agreed to shut itself down but what a joy it was for me to sing again, with Christians, out in the open air. We lifted our voices to praise God our Creator and it was great.

    I commend this prayer group to everyone with a passion to ask God to move and restore our country. Come and join in, and give your Christian faith a boost. Thank you everyone who was there for giving me so much encouragement.

    Save the children – Stop RSE

  10. Amidst all the furore over statues of people with dubious pasts, why has no one protested over Charles Darwin statues? I was reminded by Answers in Genesis that Mr Darwin built his evolutionary ideology on racist ideas which are nothing to do with creation and thoroughly rejected in the Bible. In ‘The Descent of Man’ Darwin writes ‘The civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races through the world’ (P200). In this book he builds his racial ideology into the evolution hypothesis and tries to give it some backing with dubious studies and assumptions.

    By civilised races he means European/United States and by savage races he means everyone else, excluding European settlers. The book is full of circumstantial suppositions and assumptions, with the usual evolutionary tactic of trying to bury the reader with lots of stuff that sounds sciency but is not. He has numerous footnote references to studies but they do not prove his hypothesis that because animals and humans have similar looking parts to each other, humans must have evolved from animals. It could of course be evidence that God created everything, to a pattern, according to their kinds, but that is ignored.

    In the introduction and footnote 13, he gushingly refers to Haeckel and his embryo studies. Most people know what happened to those ‘studies’ when some real scientists tested them with a bit of scientific rigour. This sets the tone for the whole book, a desperate attempt to bamboozle and brainwash people into abandoning the Genesis 1 truth account of how God created everything, and replace it with the evolutionary hodge-podge of fairy tale bio-genesis from nothing.

    Evolution is the Titanic, it is only a matter of time before it finally sinks.

  11. 2.8.20
    I went to the West Ham prayer time yesterday, on a lovely sunny day. There were seven of us and we had a great time. A highlight was that we sang songs of praise to our God, out loud. We sang loudly and we rejoiced in our God and Saviour because no government has the right to take away your freedom to sing.
    Unfortunately you cannot sing in church and I am upset and appalled at the cowardice of church leaders who have just accepted this. The church leader of the Baptist church I was going to has been sending out emails telling us that if you want to attend the church he urges us to where a mask (be gagged), socially distance (the opposite of what God intended) and there can be no singing (I guess we can still speak some praises). And there is no coffee at the end. All of this because of the fear of man in the form of a hysterical media.
    Yesterday we sang, praised and prayed across a whole range of things and there was real Holy Spirit power.
    We also prayed specifically about the pandemic plague. I thanked God that it is largely over, that the so called second wave is fake news, and that we now largely have God given herd immunity. Thank God that the plague has gone, at least for the moment. This has to be subject to fact that the forces of evil, working through deeply sinful people, may well try to create or set up another one, to actually release the so called mythical second wave. We need to pray against this because the forces at work are dead set on damaging us as God’s creation and causing as much confusion as possible.

    1. Yes the virus was over wasn’t it?seems god didn’t give herd immunity back in August 2020 maybe too many people disobeyed the rules and plunged us into an even worse situation.

  12. Even the conservative supporting newspapers are breaking ranks and criticising what the Government has done. Read this in today’s Sunday Telegraph, by Jeremy Warner.

    Britain’s ship of fools sails on, rudderless amid Covid seas (ST 2.8.20 Jeremy Warner)
    “So far so V”, said Andy Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England in a speech at the end of June. A month on I wonder if he is feeling quite so confident. Like most observers of today’s extraordinary, substantially self-inflicted economic collapse, I swing violently from optimism over prospects for recovery to extreme pessimism.
    Fast forward to now, and things are starting to look ugly. The situation in the US seems utterly catastrophic, and not just on the economy and the renewed spike in infections. From the outside, America looks like a country sinking into chaos, with the economy down a staggering 32.9% on an annualised basis in the second quarter, unemployment continuing to mount, rioting on the streets, a widening cultural divide and a president demanding that November’s election be suspended.That’s for Congress to decide, of course; there is no chance it will agree. What it tells us, however, is that Donald Trump is determined to legally to contest the result if it doesn’t go his way.
    Back in Blighty, things scarcely look much better. An indecisive and cowed government is plainly making it up as it goes along, quarantining here and locking down there, seemingly cheered on by a public that has been terrified by overly zealous massaging, but for now is insulated from the consequences of the resulting economic damage by government income support.
    I hesitate to use the word propaganda, but there really is no other way of describing the scaremongering, magnified as it is by the hysteria of 24-hour news channels and the misinformation of social media. The nonsense seems out of all proportion to the magnitude of the threat. There is no logic or consistency in the Government’s approach or, indeed, apparent end in sight to the economically crippling measures deemed necessary to contain the pandemic.
    To be clear, so as to protect myself from malicious misinterpretation, I’m not saying the economy needs to be put before lives. Those who suffer severely from the disease deserve every ounce of sympathy and care we can give them. But a more balanced approach to the risks is needed. The collateral damage of containment mounts by the day, such that it now seems probable that a high degree of permanent injury has been inflicted.

    This is exactly what many of us have been saying since the beginning. The response to media driven hysteria, was out of all proportion to the actual danger. God told the Jews what to do when an infectious disease strikes in Leviticus 13 +14, and it is not to shut down the entire country or economy.
    Travelling to the West Ham prayer meeting yesterday, London was very quiet. The month before there was almost nothing about. Trains are almost empty, the underground slightly more busy but not much. We had better cry out to God to stop what the Government is doing otherwise the next phase of the judgment will be worse than this.

    Save the children – Stop RSE
    You are not the result of animal evolution – evolution is a hoax
    Protest and survive.

  13. Mainstream media doom mongering: The mainstream media reminds me of doom predicting cults who have spent a lot of their existence wrongly predicting the end of the world. The mainstream media’s misreporting is following the same practise.
    First we had global warming. Apparently we are all doomed because of high temperatures which will kill off all life. One of the things that Answers in Genesis has reported recently is that as more of the northern hemisphere becomes less cold, it is becoming possible to farm and grow crops there. Higher average temperatures can also be followed by lower average temperatures, but that is never reported in the same way, if at all, and is not allowed to stop the doom mongering so beloved by the media. If Almighty God created the universe and our world, (and God did, and yes it was in six literal days), God is in control and God has programmed our world to and adapt and survive, even against the sinful misuse of the planet by rebellious humanity.
    Have you noticed how the BBC is again lovingly reporting the high temperature of 34C at a place called ‘Heathrow’? That’s Heathrow international airport, where jets take off and land, emitting high temperature exhausts and heat is reflected off the runways. Perhaps the BBC should try taking a temperature reading at Port Talbot. There should be a nice big blast furnace going to bump the temperature up nicely.
    Then we had rising sea levels. We are all doomed because all the icecaps and glaciers are melting and the water will go into the oceans and rise like an over flowing bath. Except that the glaciers are not all melting and the oceans do not act like a bath. Answers in Genesis has reported that the signs in Glacier National Park, Montana USA are being replaced because they wrongly predict that the Bossons Glacier in the French Alps will be all gone by 2020. Oops, it’s still there.
    Now we have the corona sars flu virus and right on cue, we have mainstream media doom mongering hysteria, telling us, wrongly, that we are all doomed. The latest hysteria is now the ‘second wave’. My view is that this is largely a hoax because the flu virus is stopped by sunlight which explains why flu outbreaks occur only in winter months in the northern hemisphere. We also now have a considerable amount of immunity, which is another reason why it is unlikely for it to take off again.
    The problem is, that the forces manipulating the genuine flu outbreak are determined to never let a good crisis go to waste and so will try their best to promote it as a second wave, even to make the virus become something worse, because they, and the media, have to keep stoking the fear machine. This is ‘Project Fear’ all over again and it is tragic to witness so many good people fall for it.
    It reminds me of so many cults; doom, gloom, fear, no hope, just doom and gloom, ‘You’re all gonna’ die’ and it is being endorsed by a Government that seems to be hell bent on destroying our society.
    I just hope people wake up in time to be able to stop what I believe will be the real doom and gloom disaster – the collapse of our currency. Note that no one in the mainstream media is talking about that.

  14. Stephen. You should go ahead with Saturday’s meeting. The Word of God says that we must not forsake meeting together. Prayer for this wicked Nation is vital and many of us are praying in small groups. I cannot get to London but am praying for you all. God bless you.

  15. Charles Darwin was one of the greatest people in history and he came to Christianity in later life.

    1. Greatest if you mean someone who started one of the biggest hoaxes ever and whose theory led to the racism of Nazi Germany.
      Talking of hoaxes, the story about Charles Darwin becomeing a Christian is solely found in an account by one Lady Hope and is not supported by any other person, by his writings, his posthumous autobiography or his children.

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