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Apr 01

Customs Union would betray Manifestos

Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke MP proposes staying in the EU Customs Union despite his party manifesto rejecting the idea.

View the EU’s Spiritual Dimension on our website here (All our links open automatically in a new tab) Customs Union Today, MP’s embark on another set of ‘Indicative Votes’.  They will start debating at 3.30 pm and vote at around 8.00 pm.  The result will be known at 9.30pm. Here is what they will be …

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Jan 30

Prayer answered, but we need repentance!

Yvette Cooper is moving an amendment to change Brexit law.

Here is the Hansard record of last night’s debate with the divisions. Our MPs received much prayer through this month, over the weekend and indeed as they met yesterday afternoon to vote on Brexit and amendments to the G+overnment plans. Some of the amendments the House voted against would have impeded or delayed Brexit,  They …

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Jan 17

Tory Remainers in disarray

Nick Boles MP, one of the Tory Remainers, has ripped the heart of his No-to-No-Deal Bill.


Jan 11

Will the Grinch steal Brexit?

Rt Hon Dominic Grieve, MP for Beaconsfield.


Dec 03

Brexit: May Deal set to fail

Theresa May has stated Britain will leave the EU's Single Market after Brexit. Does the May Deal do that?


Oct 12

Trans consultation ignores violence

Minister for Equalities Penny Mordaunt, seen her competing in a reality TV show, wants to liberalise the Gender Recognition Act


Mar 22

The wickedness of the United Kingdom

The UK Parliament

It is good Christians are gathering for prayer tomorrow in London. Brexit negotiations are at a crucial point. As always, it is the spiritual dimension of the EU which is vital to bear in mind. This link has all the short but (I hope) informative videos I made two years ago about the Tower of Babel, …

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