The Commons Brexit Dilemma


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  1. Just to say thanks for an excellent run-down of this strangled situation.

    • JohnGarratt
    • John G on 25 October 2019 at 16:46

    Is the noose ever tightening on true democracy and being finally hung out to dry or die? Thanks for your detailed comments.

  2. The Brexit saga goes on as under this fixed-term parliament act, Boris is now stuck to get 65% to agree to a GE (Mrs. May managed to) and the opposition knows this and is Corbyn hiding behind this to hold Johnson to ransom and and the Country in now demanding that Boris rules out ‘No Deal’? I think Boris could stick it out and go along with the extension and then leave the EU at the end with a No Deal.

    Has this circus of events may now have come to prevent the DUP being sold down the river.

    The opposition can use words when it suits them such as Nicola Sturgeon, ‘Devices for charlatans’
    “So Johnson appears to be saying to MPs ‘if you vote for an election, I’ll bring back my bad Brexit Bill and try to drag us out of the EU before we go to the polls’. Elections should be exercises in letting voters decide, not devices for charlatans to get their own way,” she said and Plaid Cymru with the Greens following suit and Liberal Democrat leader, little Jo, said her party was “not in the business of bailing out Boris Johnson”.Yet these very folk have been the very hypocrites in not accepting what the voters decided on 23 June 2016.

    Boris should know the current Withdrawal won’t pass in its present form then he can inform Brussels and give the options of agreeing to real changes that would produce a truly clean Brexit including NI.

    Could Her Majesty the Queen step in and dissolve parliament instead?

  3. I recall reading something a few years back from a high level source, which I seem to recall was something to do with one of the topics discussed at a Bilderberg meeting or similar, where the scheme was to introduce the concept of games into the relationship between say marketer and the person being marketed something.

    For example, say you go into shop, the act of getting a good deal on your purchases would be a kind of game, and the psychology of playing the game would function to further the effectiveness of marketing whatever you are trying to sell. Now although one might scoff and think this trivial nonsense, if you think about it, when you play a game you do get a sense of euphoria and excitement about it, and if this euphoria and excitement were channelled by the marketer to make you think of buying the product, then in essence you have been manipulated.

    I recall thinking, hmm, well must watch out for any signs of this, and in not seeing it practised widely I thought nothing more of it, but hey, is this not the modus operandi of Brexit. Your article reads like some sort of treasure hunt. If they were to sell us we would not normally buy by choice, i.e. the opposite of what we have just bought, then perhaps this is their way.

  4. We saw a miracle on Thursday night!
    The Government voted to leave the EU with NI halfway in and halfway out.
    Then they voted against the timetable that would have achieved this!
    There was a gap of a few minutes between the votes in which 21 MPs switched sides.

    The timetable was essential to achieve the withdrawal as planned and should have been part of the Bill, but the EU leaders had delayed the process to the very last moment making this impossible.

    We must thank God for rescuing Northern Ireland from endless constitutional disputes with the EU.

    I would like to thank the 21 MPs who switched sides.
    I know that 18 Labour MPs from Leave constituencies voted with the Government in the first vote.
    I don’t know how they voted in the second one.

  5. I do not see it as good news. I’m set in the view the EU wants to keep giving us extensions for ages to keep matters as they are, i.e. to keep collecting revenue from us. It’s the biggest problem for the EU, because their finances are not looking too good.

    If there were any example of a decent economy in the EU, it would be Germany with its modern and advanced industry, but even Germany is very worried economically. Our global trade links go back centuries, and the EU has gained a lot by having us with it. We will inevitably take our trade connections and share with a new set of partners after exit, and that will not help the EU. Merkel is dead worried that we will work with China, and I think this is the reason Germany is feeling the pinch. Since their eggs are more in the manufacturing sector, China is undercutting them, and they see we could become their competitor.

    Then we have problem number two, which is our own MPs are against our country. The want to do anything they can to prevent us making our own trade deals after exit, because they know this would be to our benefit. They are national traitors and will work with the EU behind the scenes to keep messing us up. Our best hope is they make a mistake. They may well have already made it in fact, but we will only know after the next election. I think the public can see through this. NI is rather irrelevant except it keeps the DUP happy, but the DUP are far from happy.

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