George Soros ‘There to make money’

Globalist financier George Soros provided funding for anti-Brexit Avaaz and has destabilised nations all over the world while pushing an anti-Christian agenda in Africa.

Globalist financier George Soros provided funding for anti-Brexit Avaaz and has destabilised nations all over the world while pushing an anti-Christian agenda in Africa.

American billionaire George Soros gave a pro-EU campaign half-a-million pounds through his foundation, according to news outlets. (Note, all our links open in a new tab automatically).

Meanwhile, we have uncovered a video in which the financier shows a breathtaking lack of humanity and remorse.  See below.

Best for Britain?

The Best for Britain campaign, which unashamedly advocates snubbing the Brexit referendum and remaining in the EU, received £400,000 from Soros-funded Open Society Foundation since the June 2017 election, sources told the Guardian.

Gina Miller founded Best for Britain.  She took the UK government to court over the triggering of Article 50. The campaign is chaired by Lord Malloch-Brown, a leading political insider. Ignoring the 2016 Referrendum result, he says, ‘We, like millions of people, believe that Britain should lead, not leave, Europe.’ ‘Leading Europe’ is of course impossible for the UK or any other nation. The un-elected Commission, a self-perpetuating oligarchy, runs the EU.

Best for Britain’s CEO Eloise Todd said the group has ‘only one aim – to stop Brexit and do what’s best for Britain’.  However, after touring European capitals in the spring of 2016, I concluded what is ‘best for Britain’ is to leave the EU’s revived Roman empire as fast as we can.  This page on our website looks at the EU’s spiritual dimension and provides links to the videos.

George Soros made £1bn from the UK taxpayer

This scary sculpture of a woman holding the Euro aloft while men grovel at her feet is outside the EU Parliament building in Brussels.

This scary sculpture of a woman holding the Euro aloft while men grovel at her feet is outside the EU Parliament building in Brussels.

George Soros made more than £1bn at our expense by betting against the pound on Black Wednesday in September 1992. By the grace of God his actions forced the British government to pull out of the European exchange rate mechanism. That decision in turn kept the UK from joining the Euro, so some good came of it.
Recdently, Mr Soros has made no secret he believes holding the EU referendum was a ‘fatal error’. The billionaire has refused to ‘butt out’ of the debate. Last week he pledged yet another £100,000 to Best for Britain.

He said: ‘Prior to Brexit, Britain enjoyed the best of all possible worlds. It was a member of the European Union without adopting the Euro.

‘Britain, outside Europe, will lose much of its global influence. Economically, Britain will suffer because 45 years of successful integration with Europe will go into reverse.’

Soros fears disintegration – and Russia

But the Independent reported his real fear just after the 2016 referendum. Firstly, George Soros is terrified the EU will break apart after a successful Brexit and he will lose his influence over European affairs.   Last year we reported on the influence George Soros has amongst MEPs.  Financially he could be disadvantaged as well.

Secondly, the financier revealed another aspect of his thinking in this quote:

‘To make matters worse’, he said, ‘the divorce process will preoccupy both Britain and Europe for years ahead, when they should be uniting to resist external enemies like Putin’s Russia and resolve the internal contradictions that made some people regard the EU as their enemy.’

Members of "Pussy Riot" staged a foul-mouthed tirade in a Moscow Cathedral.  George Soros put up money for it.

Members of “Pussy Riot” staged a foul-mouthed tirade in a Moscow Cathedral. George Soros put up money for it.

George Soros hates Russia.  Under Vladimir Putin the country has been returning to its Orthodox Christian heritage.   It is Russia, not the West, which defends Christian minorities in the Middle East.  We denounced the blasphemous Femen group and its Pussy Riot desecration of  a Moscow Cathedral here.  We also reported on them and on Moscow banning a homosexual parade.  And who is now the world’s biggest funder of pro-homosexual NGO’s worldwide?  The same man whose foundations, together with the US government, funded Pussy Riot and Femen?  Click here to see if you guessed right!

George Soros links to armaments

Mr Soros is also talking up the alleged threat from Russia for financial reasons.  Peace with Russia would remove the need for vast armies to be facing each other making money for armaments manufacturers.

The Panama Papers leaks, ironically funded by Soros, inadvertently revealed his links to the secretive Carlyle Group which invests heavily in armaments.

Other leaks show Soros maipulating news, whilst working against Russia and shoring up Hilary Clinton.

Ironically, although George Soros is the primary foreigner interfering in our internal affairs, the mainstream media persist in fingering Russia.  In this article on the RT website, security analyst Michael Maloof goes further and points out the history of interference by the US and UK in the affairs on sovereign countries.   Russian senators have listed one hundred examples of the US interfering in the elections of other countries.

Ex-CIA director James Woolsey has even admitted the US has interfered in elections in the past, but “only for a very good cause,” and when they thought rigging the vote would benefit democracy.  See here.

Interfering in sovereign nations

Mr Soros founded the Open Society Foundation. Recently he announced he was giving all his wealth to the Foundation. Ostensibly Open Society promotes democracy and open accountable government around the world.

However, Open Society has a history of interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign nations. Its activists promote the causes of feminism, sodomy and abortion throughout Africa and Asia. The Soros front funded the so-called Arab Spring uprising.

The billionaire helped set up Avaaz, the clicktist anti-Brexit eco-warrior group.  Avaaz sent agents into Syria with propaganda and communications equipment. Their involvement helped start the Syrian civil war, with help from the US and the UK.  That displaced tens of thousands of people, the majority of the Muslims, who then flooded into Europe.  Naturally, George Soros is all for Europe welcoming the Islamists in with open arms.  Although Hungarian-born, he hates the Hungarian government for refusing to take the anti-Christian migrants in.

Soros also collaborated with the EU to fund the Maidan Square trouble in Kiev. The uprising drove Ukraine’s elected but pro-Russian president from power. The resulting violence has left people dead, businesses ruined and Ukraine in turmoil. The eastern Russian-speaking minority turned to Moscow for help. Gleefully, the EU then blamed Russia for the instability it started itself.

Even today at the Munich Security Conference all the talk is about Russian ‘meddling’. It should be firstly concerned with protecting civilian populations from Islamic terrorists. Secondly, it should be promising to end the interference by the US, UK and France in the Middle East. It is that, after all, which led to the rise of Al-Qaeda and then to ISIS. And that is not even to suggest those Islamist organisations were set up with Western encouragement in the first place.

George Soros ‘there to make money’ video

Finally, we shall make one thing very clear.  The fact that George Soros is Jewish does not make exposing the evil he does ‘anti-Semitic’.   Theresa May’s former chief of staff, Nick Timothy, has picked up on the same donation as we have here.  He has been accused of “peddling textbook anti-Semitic tropes” in a Telegraph article he wrote.  The accusations have come from Bonnie Greer and Owen Jones.  Both are quite happy with the anti-Christian amoralism of George Soros as well as his anti-Brexit credentials.  But at least Owen Jones is pro-JewishBonnie Greer is boycotting Israel.

Finally, as trailed at the top of this article, and thanks to the off-Guardian website, we can see an extraordinary interview with George Soros.  The interviewer challenges him on the social implications of betting against national currencies and driving millions towards poverty. This is his response: ‘I am basically there to make money. I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do.’ Watch this astonishing video here.

Everywhere Soros becomes involved, destruction, death and degradtion run riot. Sometimes he makes money from the turmoil. At other times it is merely his hatred of Christianity and his fanatical obesesion with advancing democracy and perversion which drives him. We must pray fervently that his works are exposed and brought to ruin.

But let us also pray with compassion for the man himself. Pray he repents at finds salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ even at this eleventh hour of his life. He may never be able to undo all the evil he has set in train, but at least one soul would be saved from the fires of hell.

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  1. This guy Soros is a thoroughly nasty piece of work by all accounts.

  2. I do not trawl conspiracy theory sites. In the case of Soros he has a talent for acquiring vast amounts of money. The owner of Amazon is richer than Soros. Its what Soros does with his money that is the issue. He does not use it to generate more wealth but behind a liberal agenda cause evil. He helped fund the so called Arab spring which lead to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, He helped finance the migration of over million people crossing into Western Europe. Now he using money in devious ways to reward those seeking to undermine our departure from the EU. Never however set up kind genuine charitable foundation the helped people.
    I do not know if their are rich and powerful people knowingly acting for the prince of darkness but if there are he would be on the list.
    David Brown

  3. Yes Britain needs to lead but with a new heart turned back to God. My prayers for Britain to lead will be that she will repent and turn back to God and then lead the rest of the nations by her Christian example.

    Please Lord pour out your Spirit on us sinners, we need you to revive us. That is the example we need to set, and we can never do it ourselves, Lord we can only cry out to You for Your refreshing “Turn us O Lord, and we shall be turned.” .Amen and thank You Lord.

  4. I believe he has also given money to the “Repeal the 8th” movement in Ireland. (8th Amendment – recognises the humanity of unborn children; repealing the 8th would make way for abortion in Ireland).

  5. He’s Hungarian. What I believe is that people from other countries have no business interfering with the politics of another country. I’m OK if he wishes to put his money into influencing the government of his country, but as I understand it, over here, donations to political parties from foreigners are banned.

    Soros seems to have found various loopholes, but that does not make it right. I also detest these international elite clubs where they plan political policy between themselves. What they are doing in effect is to turn the whole world into a homogeneous culture which they control. This is why we have fake marriage and things like why we are not allowed to smoke in public.

    It’s good we have left the EU, but people must be aware there are other forms of control like the EU, such as the UN, and also a big one is fake charities. The fake charities are like bankers who channel money for the likes of people like Soros into political causes. The big fake ones have a hotline to the EU Commission. I mean why bother with democracy and influencing the minds of the people when you can just go directly to the Commission.

  6. Being forbidden to smoke indoors (not usually outdoors) in public has got nothing whatever to do with this, It is to protect people like myself from immediate ill health, and other people, particularly the smokers themselves, from eventual very serious ill health and early death. That’s up to you if you want to do it privately, but most smokers don’t seem to realise the misery that they cause to other people.

    If smoking had been around, it is easy to guess that Jesus would have discouraged it. The Koran would certainly have forbidden it along with alcohol.

    1. Since when has the Koran been any kind of a source of moral authority over anything?

      1. oh for goodness sake don’t get him going Stephen. He probably has a “real”, “true”, his very own reading of the Koran, albeit it is not shared by anyone else, least of all muslims.

        1. Not in the least. I haven’t got a “real, true” reading of the Bible either, as many have. I just take them at face value and think about it a little.

          I was merely remarking, as I have before, that there are modern misdemeanours which are not dealt with in the Bible specifically, and nor are they in the Koran.

          Since Stephen asks, for Muslims the Koran has certainly been seen as a source of moral authority by Muslims ever since it was written, which is similar to the position of the Bible amongst Christians.

          I would be surprised if many readers of Christian Voice actually do recommend smoking or drinking yourself to death, or indeed drug-taking or excessive gambling. Tell me if I’m wrong. Yet I don’t think these views were imposed on them by “international elite clubs where they plan political policy between themselves”. What do you think about that possibility, Mark ? That is the question.

            • BigMarktheGeezer
            • Mark J on 22 February 2018 at 19:52

            “Yet I don’t think these views were imposed on them by “international elite clubs where they plan political policy between themselves”.

            Bans on smoking are pretty universal now, since the last few years, in a lot of countries, probably most. Funny how they have ALL decided to ban smoking at more or less the same time?

  7. There are many Business Men and Women in the name God and Helping poor.
    They have only one intention is to grab money and enjoy the life selfishly, they do little share little, but in principle they are deceivers, deceiving God Yeshua the Christ and People who are paying. They do not have fear of God or fear of Governments.
    I know few NGO’s and Child Care International Organization, they collect dollars in the name of Sponsored Children all over the world. I am one of the Directors in that Indian branch Trust. When I asked about accounts and operations module and how they spend for children development, the International Director of Child Care International said, I will not give details, what I give take and spend within that. Then I said “what for I as a Director or Trustee in India? I will not become part in your sinful administration of cheating and eating ways the money belongs to poor & orphan children. I resigned for the post and all responsibilities to save my God given Salvation to enter in to heaven”. Then I handed over all poor children to their relatives and parents safely back to them in villages, because there is no safety of their future as I understood. Like this many Organizations are doing injustice to children and families. I pray that that they may repent and do the activities in righteous way. …. VUCHULA.SATYANANDAM, CRRD, VIJAYAWADA, INDIA. ,

    1. well done, God bless you & yours Vuchulas xx

  8. don’t get me started on “fake charities”. Most well-known “charities” pay large salaries to large numbers of people. The highest paid employee of “Save The Children” is paid US$400,000 a year (accounts for the year ended 31.12.15) (yes, you heard that right), and there are many others on big bucks. You can check their accounts on the Charity Commission website. ALL the major-name charities are the same, I have looked at the accounts of about 50. Its a racket, making money off the poor, and the goodwill of innocent people who donate hoping to help the poor. Barnabas Fund is a rare good example (no employee paid more than £60,000), and TEARFund is not too bad, although a few on a bit more than I would like.

    I have a friend in Kenya who runs orphanages, doing sterling work, he himself often struggles for money and goes hungry himself. He says that in Northern Kenya, he has an orphanage out in the bush near Lodwar, the NGO people ride around in huge new 4x4s, attend conferences in luxury 5-star hotels, and occasionally visit the poor villages to take photos of photogenic kids for their advertising. Then they disappear. The actual aid/food they distribute is minimal, apparently. Can hell burn hot enough?

  9. Thank you, Steven Green for speaking out about such things and for shouting out with a voice for the church to Wake Up! our world crumbles around us and we must do something…

  10. Soros is a member of the Bilderberg group.
    It’s all about a New World Order

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