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  1. As Austin Mitchell has a point. the remainers cannot agree among themselves so they are playing the delay time tactics.

    If they win an extension exit date then they will keep this tactic up and delay our exit date – so will Boris have no other option but to call a GE if so?

    Yet seemingly small things could happen, if the Lord’s will, to overthrow the aims of the wicked

  2. Is there any truth in an email circulated some months ago, which said that there were certain terms in the Lisbon Treaty which would come into operation with effect from the 1st January 2020, and which would mean that if the UK had not left the EU by then, those changes in the Lisbon Treaty would mean that we would not then be free to do so?
    If so, then that may explain why certain EU leaders such as Tusk, have been bending over backwards for our parliament being granted more time – up to 31st December – to make their case to the EU. It may also be behind current parliamentary efforts to delay a Brexit beyond the 31st October?
    The content of that email has been firmly rubbished, but with the EU one feels every trick or deception would be used to keep us in the EU!

    1. Patrick, I also heard this that it will be much harder to leave the EU after January 2020 due to something in the Lisbon Treaty, but FullFact, which is an impartial fact-checking website, says that this isn’t true:- https://fullfact.org/europe/viral-list-about-lisbon-treaty-wrong/

      Rumours do abound, so we hope this impartial website will be of comfort. If a general election does take place it is highly important people must not be misled by either side.

      1. The other day someone posted a link to the Fullfact website which was to a page lobbying parliament for a change in the law (election law). That’s proof that the organisation is yet another political lobbying group, not a purveyor of impartial facts.

        A quick lookup in Wikipedia reveals:

        “Full Fact was founded in 2009 by Michael Samuel (Chair) a Conservative Party donor and Anne Freud Centre Chairman, Will Moy (Director) and now has 18 staff.[3] Will had been working as a researcher for Lord Low and noticed that lobbyists often provided inaccurate briefings to such legislators.[4] Michael had been concerned about accuracy in public debate for a number of years. Will and Michael were introduced by Julia Neuberger and worked together to found Full Fact. ”

        Then if you ever wondered:

        “The Anna Freud Centre (now renamed the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families) is a child mental health research, training and treatment centre located in London, United Kingdom. It is one of only a small number of places in the UK where children can receive full psychoanalysis.[2] It is closely associated with University College London (UCL) and Yale University.”

        For me, the name was a bit of a give-away!

        You need proper legal references where you can check it yourself. All of these politicians have their think-tanks, political lobby groups, charities and lawyers reps. I don’t know of any that give impartial advice. You might get it if you pay a top lawyer a lot of money. It’s a case of buying impartiality. Everything free on the internet is free for a reason. UCL was the one who conducted that witch-hunt on a Nobel laureate for telling a joke.

  3. Who would have thought the House of Lords would come to political ‘horse-trading? as they have just now passed Benn’s legislation to halt ‘No Deal’. Surely they can not force Boris to approach the EU for an extension. All this deliberate prevarication proves who is who in parliament. What a week, yet One above sits on no precarious throne.

  4. It requires 27 members to agree, not 28. It is the decision of the European Council, and we are not allowed to be involved in those discussions or vote on them, therefore Normal Smith of the BBC appears to be wrong.

    This page explains the goings in in the European Council, and they say 27.


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