The wickedness of the United Kingdom

The UK Parliament

The UK Parliament

It is good Christians are gathering for prayer tomorrow in London. Brexit negotiations are at a crucial point. As always, it is the spiritual dimension of the EU which is vital to bear in mind. This link has all the short but (I hope) informative videos I made two years ago about the Tower of Babel, the Woman on the Beast, Satan’s Seat in Rome, and the EU’s original design as a revived Roman Empire.

But let us pray believers will also pray for repentance for Her Majesty’s Government. Because coming out of the EU, good as that is, will not solve the UK’s spiritual problems. Britain is deep in sin.

Gay Marriage

The United Kingdom leads the world in trying to force developing nations to accept ‘gay marriage’. At home, our Governments’ ‘sex education’ model promotes deviant behaviour among the young. Transsexualism is the latest fad, challenging God’s creation itself. It is child sexual abuse. And the Church in the UK tolerates it.

We are put to shame by Christians in Africa who would never accept the homosexual agenda in their schools. One of the reasons our politicians so hate Russia’s President Putin is that he instigated that nation’s anti-propaganda law, which forbids promoting homosexuality in Russia. What a total contrast with the UK, where to voice any kind of opposition to the gay agenda is to lose employment or be thrown off a university course.

And overseas, the United Kingdom has blood on its hands. I don’t where you are, but although I want to see souls saved into the Kingdom, I also believe it is good when people simply dwell in peace. The UK and US started a bloody civil war in Iraq. That led to the displacement, murder and loss of livelihood of hundreds of thousands including the majority of that country’s Christians. The same happened in Libya. On top of its lack of concern for those lives, our Foreign Office consistently fails to stand up steadfastly for Christians in Egypt or Pakistan. Let alone Saudi Arabia, one of our ‘gulf allies’.

United Kingdom helped start war in Syria

Christians Celebrating Christmas in liberated Aleppo December 2016.

Christians Celebrating Christmas in liberated Aleppo December 2016.

Latterly, our Government took against President Assad of Syria. Together with the US and George-Soros-funded Avaaz, we helped start a civil war in Syria.  That caused wholesale loss of life and destroyed homes and businesses.  It led to the rise of jihadists, not just those of Islamic State.  Christians have been persecuted and and waves of migrants unleashed across Europe. Make no mistake, neither the UK Government nor its client jihadists care anything about Syria’s Christians.  Nor do they care about its Druze community or Assad’s own Alawite minority.

Only the Russians stood with Bashar Al-Assad and Syria’s Christians. Yes, they were defending their Mediterranean base, but only the Russians saved Syria from a blood bath. They continue to help defeat the very same Islamists whom our government finance, to our national shame. So there’s another reason why our politicians hate President Putin.

I just thank God the United Kingdom is in no position to affect events in the far east. South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in has, for my money, shown more statesmanship than the lot of them. Let us pray for his peace initiative and that North Korea’s Christians may see light at the end of their dark night. The ambitious might even pray for repentance for North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Imagine if he came to faith!

Ukraine destabilised by the EU

Then there’s Ukraine, where a Soros and EU-funded coup deposed a Russian-leaning elected president and threw a whole nation into turmoil. We showed here the role the EU and George Soros played in destablising Ukraine.

Eastern Ukrainian ethnic Russians naturally looked east for protection while Crimea took the opportunity to return to Russia. The affair was a financial disaster for Ukraine, not that the UK cares about that, and a setback for Western interests.

One fears any political solution will need clearer heads than have been in evidence recently. Even now, we hear the EU is trying to force Ukraine to accept gay rights so they can still join the EU! Why don’t they leave Ukraine in peace? Because the Eurocrats are empire-builders opposing the Lord and his Anointed. That sort never give up, do they?

The strange Salisbury Affair

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in a restaurant minutes before they were found slumped on a bench, supposedly infected by nerve gas.

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in a restaurant minutes before they were found slumped on a bench, supposedly infected by nerve gas.

And lastly, the strange Salisbury affair. There was never any nerve agent on the streets of Salisbury as our article showed but what led to Mr Skripal and his daughter being found comatose on a bench? What did DS Bailey find in their home? If there was no break-in there, did Yulia bring something in her luggage from Moscow? And if inadvertently, how was a poison triggered?

Somebody in Whitehall knows, but they aren’t saying. It’s far easier to rush to judgment, throw accusations about and look tough disrupting international relations and the cause of peace.

And the latest developments, with a fractious Russian press conference and Boris Johnson comparing President Putin to Adolf Hitler, and you begin to wonder at the sanity let alone the spiritual condition of those who lead us. Frankly, none of those in power is wondering where his or her next meal is coming from as they survey the ruin of their business in Salisbury, Damascus or Kiev. They are sitting down in comfort.

Lord, show us what can we do!

It will be natural to call out to God to send a revival, or repentance, and we should. But let us also ask the Lord in prayer what we can do in the midst of such home-grown national wickedness. I remember pointing out in this YouTube nanosermon, ‘The Prayer Meeting’, that our Father does not receive many prayers like that, and when he does receive them, he opens his heart to us.

2Chr 20:12 O our God, wilt thou not judge them? for we have no might against this great company that cometh against us; neither know we what to do: but our eyes are upon thee. (KJV)



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  1. Nobody has ever suggested that the Skripals just picked up the nerve agent in the street, and that everyone else (except DS Bailey, one person who became a hospital out-patient, and possibly a few others) was lucky to escape. The Skripals were deliberately poisoned by a method not exactly known or not revealed to the public (and there is no reason why it should be revealed to the public at this stage of the investigation). Once they were poisoned with a nerve agent, there was a clear risk of them contaminating other people, and measures were taken to prevent this which have proved largely successful. To say now “There was no risk” is like saying (as people did) that there was no need to prepare computers for the change to the year 2000 , just because when it became 2000 everthing necessary had been done and nothing did happen.

    Bailey is back home now. You could try offering him cash for his story, or perhaps somebody else will.

    1. Yet while we see pictures of the emergency services decked in protective clothing, we also see unprotected police officers standing a mere few feet away, not to mention the doctor who attended the Skripkals on-site who has required no medical treatment. It has all the signs of a clumsily staged false-flag operation.

    2. Does anyone have an answer for the nerve attack? If the nerve agent was administered in the Skirpal’s house, how did they get to the bench where they were found? Maybe there was a delay between administering the drug before it took effect. Why did none of the medical staff who took them to hospital show any symptoms? How did DS Bailey get involved? Was he deliberately given a lower dose to ensure he survived?
      The West is blaming Putin because they hate him & accusing him of using novichok because its the most powerful nerve agent in the public domain. If novichok is as powerful as its said to be, all 3 victims would be dead. Maybe a less powerful drug was used & its production was done in secret. DS Bailey was tricked into getting involved because he represents the establishment and they made sure he survived to tell the tale. Otherwise, who would care about two unconscious Russians on a bench? Maybe they drank too much cheap vodka.

      1. I think I have suggested a reason for this already. They have to dress up before they go in to a contaminated area. You can’t expect them to walk in in ordinary clothes, and change once they reach the possible contamination. And the same coming out. They would probably have been basically hosed down on the fringe of the danger zone to protect the people outside, but inside is not the place to change into ordinary clothing ! Think about it.

        What do spacemen wear when they are seen getting into or out of their spaceship ?

        1. Except the area was not contaminated. Other emergency services are standing around in normal uniforms. It was all done for show.

      2. This is a real police investigation about which we do not know all the facts, and we cannot treat it as a mystery for us to solve, as I have pointed out before.

        Having said that, let’s have a go ! There is a delay. The effects of it are dependent on the dose, no matter how powerful it is. “Powerful” or “toxicity” is just a measure of what weight is needed to kill you. There always arrives a dose so slight that it will have no noticeable effect, very tiny indeed in this case.

        I agree with you that a person in a somewhat strange position motionless on a bench would not attract a great deal of attention, indeed I encountered this myself at Victoria Station on the weekend ! I even took a photograph in case it did come into the news later in the day, but it did not. He recovered, and staggered away (after about 20 minutes). Station staff were aware of him, but did very little (not obviously, anyway) . It probably happens a lot.

        On the other hand, it may not be so common in Salisbury, there was no accompanying bottle of cider, and their positions and expressions are said to have been very unusual .

        I agree also that the presence of DS Bailey such that he was poisoned too to this extent is rather suspicious. The fact that Skripal lived so near Porton Down is suspicious. I feel sure the “authorities” knew he was living there, whether he was working for them or not, and he had been a double agent before. I can’t help wondering if DS Bailey might have been keeping an eye on them for some time (was he in plain clothes ?) , and if so, he might have been near them when they first came into contact with the nerve agent. The doctor was very lucky, but there was presumably not so much of it about by the time she arrived. The others who intervened would have been very wary — we don’t know what precautions they might have taken, but they might have been given the antidote before they suffered any symptoms (as might the doctor). Maybe medical staff are well informed about such stuff, and carry the antidote (which has other uses too).

        As I have pointed out before, the Skripals would be dead if they were not in intensive care, which is really a group of machines for keeping essentially dead people alive until they recover. That is why, if people never recover, it is eventually switched off.

  2. Have a look at this for a glimpse of the evil of our Government, Police Force and ‘Security Services’

    and also this

    God bless

  3. Woe is us! This whole case with the luckless Skripals has led to Russia being thrust out, as it were, into the cold. Yet, listen to what the Russians say. Putin said that if Novichuk had been used, their death would have been instant. He should know. The Russians say that no information about the Skripals condition, nor the ability to inspect them, has been granted: for all we, or they, know, they could be dead.
    The 4 or 5 days of anti-Russian histrionics which followed on, for instance, Sky News, was nothing short of brainwashing and has been followed up by a drip, drip, drip of add-on to keep Russia as aggressor in the national mind’s eye, via the media ever since. We heard of ‘no attacks on British soil’, but scant attention paid to the condition of the Skripals. We have had no end of attacks from Muslim fanatics – yet, as far as I am aware, the leading figures from their countries have not been ejected as a result, nor from any other country (France, yesterday, being a case in point).
    Russia is trying to play ball, and our rhetoric seeks to trip them up at every turn.
    It is always a staggering fact to me that our Prime Minister had a Church Minister as a father. He must be spinning in his grave right now!

  4. Nobody blames the president of Algeria for attacks carried out by Algerians who support Islamic State. Islamic State does not have an embassy here to eject diplomats from. Nor does the UK ! (remembering that some Muslim terrorists are British),

    If, as you say, Putin thinks the deaths should have been instant, are you saying that Putin knows the dose which they absorbed from wherever it originated in their environment ? If not, he couldn’t say that. A tiny quantity of novichok does not instantly kill everybody at any distance from it. That is impossible. Does Putin know how it was administered to them ?

    Then you say “He should know” All about it ? Why ? Do you think he did it ? This is confused.

    1. Somehow I should expect the head of state of a major power to have been informed by his scientists what does of a nerve agent should be fatal.

      1. Now we have been told it was on the front door.
        There are so many ways Mr Skripal might open his front door, having turned the key in the lock.
        (a) He might hold the key to open it, and scarcely touch the actual door.
        (b) He might use some kind of door knob, holding it with only a couple of fingers.
        ( c) He might push it using his entire open palm
        (d) The action might be more of a punch using his fist.
        Obviously Putin could not know exactly how he opened it, and so would be in no position to know if he had absorbed a fatal dose. And this is even more true for the daughter, assuming she didn’t open the door.

        She might have brushed against the open door to a certain extent as she came in.
        She might have touched or been touched by her father, then or later.
        She might have closed the door behind them when they went out.

        It’s very hit and miss for her, and this may help to explain why she has been in a very slightly better condition than her father.

        The policeman might just have rung the doorbell hoping to interview anyone inside, or even knocked on the door. Or he might have touched the principal victims and missed out on antidote compared to others in a similar position.

        1. And was whatever it was on the inside of the door or on the outside? On the door handle, if it has one, or where else? It gets more and more odd.

            • Rocks
            • Rox G on 29 March 2018 at 19:00

            The report always suggested to me that it was the outside of the front door. This is ideal if you can’t easily get in but the victim is coming home !

            It was soon confirmed after I wrote that it was “smeared” on the door “handle”, and the latest (for anyone who missed this) is that Mr Skripal had it on his right hand, Julia in lesser quantity on her left hand. Apparently it was mixed with something else suitable for the smearing.

            So it seems to me that Mr S would have washed off any “grease” that he was aware of, and walked holding hands with Julia. There would be alarm consenting anyone who touched anything either of them touched, especially in the pub and the restaurant. (That would include money, which might then have been circulated anywhere else, but I don’t want to frighten people, least of all Naomi ,,,,,,,,,,, Perhaps he paid by card).

            It has been announced that Julia is recovering rapidly, conscious now and even talking. Expect more when “they” decide to tell us, but the latest report, now they have got that far, seems pretty full.

            I don’t know if my source is reliable, but someone told me that the policeman did go to the scene (like the doctor), but then took Skripal’s keys and opened his door. That would explain a lot. Who knows, Mr S might have cleaned his door handle to some extent, but obviously not completely.

  5. Which area ? Were they wearing normal uniforms in an area where protective clothing was necessary ? Were there any cameramen there ? I think not.

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