Now AVAAZ want to turn us all vegan

Avaaz would have you believe all farm stock are 'crammed' in 'windowless cages'. They aren't.

Avaaz would have you believe all farm stock are ‘crammed’ in ‘windowless cages’. They aren’t.

Fresh from supporting terrorists in Syria, and trying to overturn Brexit, the George-Soros-funded fake activists at Avaaz now want to turn us all vegan.

And they are not above spreading some lies to achieve their aim.

’56 BILLION animals are crammed into filthy, windowless cages and slaughtered every year to feed our meat addiction’, screams the latest email from one ‘Danny Auron’. He sent that to the 46 million people (like me) on the Avaaz email list.

What does Danny want you and me to do?  Well it’s not ‘send them money’ this time.  Nor is it signing an Avaaz petition.  There is no ‘clicktivism’ involved at all.  He wants us to ‘go meat-free just one day a week’.

Perfect design – for our benefit

Leave aside that there are many people in the world for whom a couple of meals of meat a week would provide much-needed protein.  And with around two-and-a-half times as much protein in chicken as beans, that’s important.  No, this is directed at the West, where you can easily make up in supplements what you aren’t getting in your trendy vegan diet.

Sheep spend most of their time grazing, converting poor-quality food (that'll be grass) into protein for us to eat. No-one is eating Dawn or her lamb though. They are breeding ewes.

Sheep spend most of their time grazing, converting poor-quality food (that’ll be grass) into protein for us to eat. No-one is eating Dawn or her lamb though. They are breeding ewes.

There is a lot of grass in the world and sheep and cattle are designed by our gracious maker to eat it.  We cannot eat grass.  However, they turn it into protein which we CAN eat.

There is a good reason why a sheep spends nearly all its waking hours either grazing or chewing the cud.  And there is a good reason us (and the farm cats) spend around half an hour a day actually eating.  The grass they eat has low nutritional value.  What we eat in a balanced meat-inclusive diet has high nutritional value.   Moreover, the Almighty has designed it like that, for our benefit:

Psalm 104:14  He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth;

Avaaz have lied about conditions

Now, if people want to go veggie or vegan, fair play.  But Danny, don’t lie to persuade them to do so.  Where does the ’56 billion’ figure come from?  Avaaz have lifted it straight off the Animal Equality website.  Not that Avaaz own up to that.

The Animal Equality crew themselves are not averse to a bit of smoke and mirrors.  But at least they only say: ‘Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans’.  Which makes sense.  Just under one billion are slaughtered in the UK alone, according to the Humane Slaughter Association.  Most of those are chickens.

But for Avaaz, those animals, every single one of them, are ‘crammed into filthy, windowless cages’.  Well, ours aren’t.  Our cattle are in the yard right now, eating the silage we harvested for them in the summer.  Our sheep are out in the field, happily grazing.  On our farm, there is not a single windowless cage in sight.  Even in the poultry sector, the momentum is all against battery cages and towards barn-rearing, free-range and organic.

Avaaz: ‘Fueling mass animal torture’

Danny Auron, Campaign Director, and product of Harvard Law School

Danny Auron, Campaign Director, and product of Harvard Law School

But Avaaz will never use one egg in a pudding when a couple of dozen will easily do.  Accordingly, for Danny Auron, every ranch and every smallholding is a ‘disgusting factory farm’.   Our meat consumption is ‘fueling mass animal torture’, he yells.  And of course, wouldn’t you know it, ‘it’s killing our planet!’

Apparently, ‘Livestock contributes more to global warming than all cars, planes, and buses worldwide’.  ‘It’s gotten out of hand!’ he shrieks.

Well, here’s a funny thing.  For the World Wildlife Fund:  ‘Global warming is caused by human activities like burning fossil fuels, deforestation and farming.’ say:  ‘Human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels, are increasing greenhouse gas levels, leading to an enhanced greenhouse effect. The result is global warming and unprecedented rates of climate change.’  So, yes, farming contributes, if you accept the global warming hypothesis, but it’s only one part of human activity.

Bible: Dominion over the cattle

Theologically where is this coming from?  On their ‘About’ page, Animal Equality say: ‘Our vision is a world in which all animals are respected and protected.’   Therefore, we should not see them as the Bible portrays them, as ‘inferior beings whose reason for existence is to provide us with meat, milk and eggs’  The Bible reports:

Genesis 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

That, apparently, is ‘speciesism.  ‘We need to stop thinking of them as just resources, and to start viewing them for who they are: individual sentient beings whose lives deserve to be respected and valued,’  say the activists.

In that case, there will be none of them.  Farmers like us raise meat animals for slaughter.  No demand, no animals on the land, however sentient they are.  And make no mistake, animals are smart.  They evaluate situations and make decisions.  But they have no purpose in farming apart from their value to mankind.  Even in the wild, they are prey animals who will eventually, mostly, be killed.

Emotional blackmail, dishonesty and hyperbole

People can go vegetarian or vegan if they want.  But why does it need emotional blackmail, dishonesty and hyperbole to make the anti-meat case?  In addition, if speciesism is a terrible thing, what have the animal rights folk to say about malaria or flesh-eating parasites?  Surely the mosquito and the worm have a right to life?  Intellectually and theologically their case is unsustainable, and it may well be it is ecologically bereft as well.

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  1. The Lord doesn’t force believers to follow any diet and we know Jesus Himself living in a Jewish culture ate meat and fish which were proclaimed clean and drank wine. It seems to me that here in the West where there is so much choice of food then we have the luxury of becoming vegan or vegetarian or whatever. In some parts of the world there is no clean water and only meat is available. Some poorer communities in Zimbabwe for example exist on ‘bush meat’. I am against animal cruelty but I think animal welfare in the U.K. and Europe in general is very good. Don’t get me on the dairy food deniers or anti vaccination lobby when we have children dying of measles and even smallpox (eradicated in richer countries) which we see on the news. So much misinformation about and some of it perpetuated by Christians! Pass the lamb and mint sauce!!

    1. You come and stay here and eat some proper beef and mutton!

  2. Sounds to me like the verse that says in the last days some shall come forbidding to marry and eating meat. These are doctrines of demons. Some of it sounds like Bhudism and Hinduism to me. We are not far off on the marriage thing either. Roll on the return of Jesus.

  3. If George Soros is funding Avaaz then I’ll cancel my subscription pronto!

    1. You really should consider that, Helen! He provided the start-up money.

  4. If speciesism is wrong, the animal kingdom should be vegan too!

  5. I think you have fingered a right one here.

    This is his CV.

    As you can see, he’s from the Harvard Law School. Normally such a qualification would see you as a millionaire in only a few years, especially on Wall Street. However he opted to teach the Gambians about law. The Gambians don’t even have sufficient bandages in their hospitals because I knew someone who knew a guy running a Gambian charity. They knew how poor it was out there from first-hand experience. However he supplied them with ‘Contracts, Constitutional Law, Torts, Public International Law, Mooting, Legal Reading and Writing, International Criminal Law.’

    I wonder though if such a lawyer would be the right person to lecture the world about their diet. He then went on to work for the UN.

    1. Would you expect Gambia to be better run without Constitutional Law and International Criminal Law. or its hospitals to be run without general administrative skills, including an understanding of contracts ? Perhaps the contract to supply bandages went wrong.

      With all respect to the guy your someone knew, and there are many such doing valuable work (in fact I myself do my small bit to help them financially) , it’s rather an outdated imperialistic view to expect the clever white chaps in the charities to run the country while the natives scuttle around actually bandaging under their supervision.

      The Gambians do need to learn enough white-collar stuff to be able to manage the supply of bandages themselves. This is how British colonies generally (for example Nigeria and Kenya) were left in a much better position at independence than many French or especially the notorious Belgian ones, something we should be proud of. Then there were Angola and Mozambique. In those early days, we certainly did our best to make sure that a democratic constitution and people able to run it were not forgotten, even if (unsurprisingly) it quite often went wrong afterwards when leaders took on “Henry VIII powers”. Maybe from a cultural point of view it was inevitable that they should pass through a Tudor period of their own.

  6. Thank you Stephen. We might take you up on that invitation one day! Do you farm then?

    1. Of course he does.

    2. See you soon. Yes, we have a few sheep and cattle.

  7. Welsh hills are alive with sheep like Austrian hills are alive with music.

    But Italy is very different from this. You can spend a long time travelling round near Parma without seeing any pigs or cows at all, which makes you wonder how they produce parmesan cheese from local milk and parma ham from local pigs, as required by the regulations. Then you realise how very seldom you see cows in Italy at all, so where does the cheese come from (to say nothing of the everyday milk ?).

    Did you realise that despite all the stuff about Abel Jones and Brynllys farm in Ceredigion, Rachel’s Yogurt, despite no longer being run from Texas, actually belongs to Lactalis Nestlé Chilled Dairy ? The Lactalis part of this “joint venture” makes quite respectable Président Brie and Camembert in Normandy (not that Brie is actually in Normandy) , as well as Orkney Cheddar (which, unlike ordinary Cheddar, is officially geographically protected ! ) and it owns Oberland-Milchverwertung GmbH . I believe the group still has a factory in Aberystwyth, as well as in Ravensburg.

    In the case of Rachel, I haven’t felt so conned since I stopped believing in the Kenco coffee commercials. That dear lady’s father had founded the family plantation which she still loved, but actually, Kenco started as a co-operative in Kenya (hence the name), and by the time of the nostalgic commercials, it belonged to General Foods.

    Well, I have gone way off topic here, but perhaps not so very much. You need to be very careful who is making you think what about these things, and why.

    Isn’t it a bit cruel to keep cows behind barbed wire, like in a concentration camp ? I’m sure they would be happier behind a well-crafted fence of traditional English oak or elm.

    1. It is even worse. Most of the national herd is behind gates and bars in a concrete yard right now, feeding on the silage we all made in the summer, as in Psalm 104:14 ‘He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle.’ And if there is any wood in view, it will be pine from a forest in Wales, Scotland or the Lake District.
      But if you want real animal deprivation, you’ll find it in Africa’s Great Migration. Two million wildebeest have to walk all the way from the plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania to the grasslands of the Masai Mara in Kenya. And then they have to walk all the way back. It is said to be a round trip of 1,800 miles. That’s 3,600,000,000 total wildebeest-miles.
      Something should be done about it.

  8. I saw on TV the other day a programme that showed how we have super bugs in some of our rivers that could be fatal if a mouthful of water is swallowed. Apparently these super bugs were produced from cow mess seeping into the rivers where the herd were being given antibiotics as a matter of course.

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