Brexit: May Deal set to fail


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    • Boffey
    • Boffey on 3 December 2018 at 18:56

    The ‘Brexit Deal’ (actually a Brexit in Name Only deal) would be disastrous for the UK. It would tie the UK indefinitely (what reason would the EU have to sort out the issues involved?) We’d be paying a punitive £39bn per annum for the privilege, no say in the EU, with Parliament being totally subservient to Brussels. In short, as per this article, we’d become a vassal state.

    Why is this? The EU want to bring us to our knees to make us an example to stop any other nations leaving.

    Batten is right when he says we should have started out by repealing the Act, and then telling the EU our terms, rather than letting the EU dictate their terms.

    How could we get a good Brexit deal with a Remoaner in charge?

    Can I propose a day of fasting prior to the 11th?

  1. May’s deal leaves the UK “Neither in nor out-but more in than out”

    • jsampson45
    • John S on 3 December 2018 at 19:23

    Mrs May has made a mess of Brexit due to supposing it could be done and dusted in two years. Naturally the EU can run rings round her. If you want a Bible text, try Isaiah 3:4. As I understand it we leave on 29 March 2019 and nothing can stop that. The only question is how the resulting chaos will be dealt with.

  2. Good Morning Stephen,
    Thank you [and Boffey] for such insightful comments on this matter,The world certainly looks different from a [sound Christian biblical doctrine in the Holy Spirit] theological perspective rather then a political or economic one! “By their fruits (and their roots) you will know them…” Philip and Theresa May were-are bankers, therefore we have a “Bankers Brexit” ably supported by “birds of a feather” like Mr Carney and the cabal that runs the EU. They are in the majority lovers of power and money and we know that the love of money is a root of all evil. They also hate God and our European Judaeo-Christian roots and would not when they had formal opportunity to do so own them.

    We know that to the pure God shows Himself pure, and to the froward, He shows Himself froward, etc. Psalm 139:21 comes to mind in this context: Do I not hate them, O LORD, who hate You? And do I not loathe those who rise up against You? This leads us in our prayer group to pray somewhat along these lines:

    O Lord we are still going to be under your judgement in the UK whether we remain in the EU or not, as You are the righteous judge who judges righteously every day. But O Lord MERCIFULLY keep us DIRECTLY under Your hand in this land, bring us out from the EU with Your mighty outstretched hand we pray, as we yet continue in Your Grace and Truth to be seeking to hasten Your Coming blessed Bridegroom, for Your glories sake we ask this, TYL, amen.
    Eternal Love and Regards to all the saints who love Him in Spirit and in the Truth with an undying love, Bill & Margaret Saunders x

  3. We did not vote to do deals. We voted to leave. As Stephen said, we should leave first and then negotiate on trading and anything else as we see fit.

    If anyone hasn’t read it, this article from ex Aussie PM Tony Abbott written at the end of October is very helpful in my view. Just copy and google the title below.

    Tony Abbott: How to save Brexit

    • Rocks
    • Rox G on 5 December 2018 at 00:48

    Three points come to mind :
    1) “We know the Lord delivered the referendum result on 23rd June 2016 solely of his mercy and grace. ”
    I don’t know how you know this. Are you seriously saying that it made no difference what millions of individual citizens were thinking and voted for ? But if it is so, you shouldn’t be worrying about votes in Parliament, because the Lord ought to be able to manage them too.

    2) ” Why did our negotiators not simply tell the EU: ‘We are leaving on 29th March 2019 on World Trade Organisation Terms’? ‘ ”
    Because that would leave us on 30th March in absolute chaos ! It takes time to set up new arrangements, for example customs staff and premises and regulations in England and France to make sure that food and pharmaceuticals, and bits of motor car, and human beings, get through without delays which could easily make the journey intolerable and/or pointless. You may get to see this if we end up with the “no deal” which absolutely nobody wants. Everybody needs the transition period to get the new arrangements to work properly.

    3) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ! “Taxation without representation”.
    Rees-Mogg caught everybody by surprise with this one, because the point is entirely invalid. It is a Rees-Mogg blunder.

    He (and those he convinced) may have been thinking of an earlier May suggestion that we would collect tariffs and pass them on to the EU. But the situation being proposed now is the same as now. The EU sets the tariff rate (common to the whole EU) which we charge FOREIGN countries when they export various goods to us. But it is not proposed that we pay this money to the EU — WE WOULD KEEP THE MONEY WHICH WE GOT FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES. The BBC were so stunned and respect Rees-Mogg so much , that they had to check this and correct him later. THERE IS NO WAY THAT YOU CAN CALL THIS TAXATION OF THE UK WITHOUT REPRESENTATION !

      • Stephen on 5 December 2018 at 11:44

      1) I know this because coming out of an antichrist revived Roman Empire is a good thing which can only happen by the grace of God. The Lord can indeed change the hearts and minds of millions of people. That’s because he is God.
      2) There would have been two years to put everything in place for a no deal or a new trading arrangement such as Canada+.
      3) I understood him to be saying the UK should be applying taxation rates in which we had had no say.

  4. Thank you Stephen for enlightening us laymen, all what’s going on. When one watches the TV debates, it is so confusing, BUT, we do have the Lord on our side & so we could stand strong in that knowledge & keep on praying for His will to be done.

      • Rocks
      • Rox G on 5 December 2018 at 12:55

      Do all Christians agree in wanting the same outcome to Brexit ?

      Does God need people to pray to him so as to be able to do what he wants to do ?

        • Stephen on 5 December 2018 at 13:53

        Well, it’s what God wants which matters more than the desires of us fallible human beings. And that is individual and national obedience. I addressed an objection that the EU was at heart a Christian project in this article, which you will like.
        John Wesley said: ‘God does nothing except in response to believing prayer.’ That’s not to say God cannot do anything except in response to prayer. Clearly he called everything into being before there was anyone to pray for it. But it is to say the Almighty is generous enough to involve us in his victories. When something great happens, believers are able to say, ‘That’s just what we were praying for,’ or indeed, ‘that’s not quite what we were praying for but, Lord, how do you do that?’

        • BigMarktheGeezer
        • Mark J on 16 December 2018 at 03:50

        “Do all Christians agree in wanting the same outcome to Brexit ?”

        No, just the ones who have any clue at all, which admittedly is probably not that many.

          • Rox
          • Rox on 16 December 2018 at 17:14

          Of course. Only the real Christians know the truth.

          Actually, changing the subject slightly, I would agree that not many voters of any religion or none have much clue at all really. Although I am in favour of a second referendum, it’s a lottery really. It should, however, shift things in the direction decided by those who have thought about it sensibly and changed their minds.

          I myself have forgotten the exact difference between the common market and the customs union, but most people whom the BBC interview in East Anglia think along the lines of “I’ve heard them talking foreign languages on the bus. I want my country back.” I have even heard “I’m fed up with all these Muslims coming in ” (in relation to Brexit). Many electors, however, may have an inkling that chaos is round the corner, and a handy catchphrase was launched on Friday (“We would have to slaughter half our sheep”), To my mind, the idea of importing cheese from Chile or China rather than France or Italy is absurd. I haven’t heard anyone come up with this one yet, but Brexit would lead to more global warming.

          *By Vince Cable in Any Questions

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