Lock-down ‘putting lives at risk’

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi in his informative video

The new UK Government-announced lock-down is putting people’s lives at risk, according to a leading epidemiologist. Indeed, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, an infectious medicine specialist, says the UK response is ‘Grotesque, absurd and very dangerous.’

The softly-spoken Professor Bhakdi is one of the most highly cited medical research scientists in Germany.

P.S. Thursday: Email your MP from this link; you have to click on their name twice to reach their email address.  Witness to your MP using the material here.  Note we say people should take obvious health precautions, and those at risk can remain in isolation.  But the general economy must now return to normal, especially with Imperial College now downgrading their mortality prediction by a factor of 12.5. (See below).


Meanwhile, Mail on Sunday journalist Peter Hitchens is emerging as one of the few, beside ourselves, trying to hold the Government to account, asking them challenging questions about liberty and the economy, and being vilified for it. OK, ok, some others are Off-Guardian, Swiss Propaganda Research, Rob Slane’s Blogmire and Craig Murray.

The House of Commons, the BBC, ITV, Sky, the mainstream media are all sycophantically following the Government line, or even calling for ‘stronger’ measures. No-one is saying ‘hang on a moment!’ They have all, to quote Dr Bhakdi, been ‘spooked’.

Labour, of course love the idea of a universal wage.  It is part of their socialist utopia.  They also want the Government to micro-manage our lives.  What excuse do the journalists have?  We shall try to inject some clarity, remembering the source of all wisdom is fear of God, not fear of a virus:

Prov 9:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Informed Prayer

The Bible says:

1Tim 2:1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; 2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

Your prayer for those in power will be better informed by being aware of the respected professor’s analysis.

Read the transcript of Dr Bhakdi’s interview here.

Watch his measured interview, in German with English subtitles, here.

Listen to Peter Hitchens in interview on LBC here.

Read Peter Hitchens on the shutdown and our liberties in MailOnline here.

Bad advice from Imperial College

Peter Hitchens speaking at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

Peter Hitchens speaking at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

Christian Voice continues to say the Government is over-reacting to Covid-19 and should simply advocate isolating anyone frail or with a susceptible medical condition. We remember the ‘figures’ upon which they have made their decisions depend on the information the experts put into the model in the first place.

We also advocate widespread available testing, as per South Korea.

In fact Mr Hitchens quotes a leading vet, Dick Sibley, who remembers the 2001 foot-and-mouth outbreak. His ‘heart sank’ when he learned Imperial College were advising the Government.

Their advice in 2001, he says, led to ‘the unnecessary slaughter of millions of healthy cattle and sheep’. Their bad advice was eventually ‘overruled by the then Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir David King.’

The Imperial prophecy of doom led to the Government imposing this week’s extraordinary shutdown. They said without such rules the disease could claim up to 250,000 lives.  The salient words are ‘could’ and ‘up to’.  It all depends on their initial assumptions.  As the geeks say: ‘Garbage in, garbage out’.

Covid-19 downgraded

Astonishingly, Covid-19 was downgraded from being classified as a High Consequence Infectious Disease in the UK last Thursday, 19th March.  This, according to the Government’s own webpage, was mainly because the public health bodies in the UK concluded: ‘more information is available about mortality rates (low overall).’

I’m struggling to understand this.  Our public health bodies decided Covid-19 was no longer a HCID.  Four days later the nation was plunged into lock-down over it.  That never happened over bird flu or SARS which remain HCID’s. Why the power-grab and why the moves to destroy the self-employed sector?

P.S. (Thursday AM). In addition, Neil Ferguson at Imperial College has now downgraded his advice.  It won’t be 250,000 deaths, it will 20,000 in the worst case or ‘substantially lower.’  Hospitals are right now ‘within capacity’ to cope.  And this just nine days after the doom scenario which led to the lock-down.  He is not back-tracking on the lock-down, however.  Instead he is calling for “large scale testing and contact tracing” to ‘bring an end to the lockdown’.

Spanish Flu

This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the end of Spanish Flu. The epidemic raged from January 1918 to December 1920. That’s three full years of misery as the First World War was ending and people trying to put their lives back in order. The Great War left 22 million dead.  Spanish Flu killed perhaps one quarter to a third of the world’s population, perhaps 50 million.

But the Daily Express reveals Spanish Flu hit the young hardest. Those in their twenties and thirties were most at risk of dying. That is the complete opposite to Covid-19, which attacks those with respiratory issues, compromised immune systems, diabetes, obesity and coronary diseases.

Less advanced medical care and poorer nutrition may have contributed to the death toll from Spanish Flu.

Gassed last night

One haunting parallel with the First World War itself has been going through my mind. It’s the second verse of a song (Bombed last night) displaying typically dour squaddies’ gallows humour:

Gassed last night, and gassed the night before
Going to get gassed tonight;
If we never get gassed anymore
When we’re gassed, we’re sick as we can be
For Phosgene and Mustard Gas is much too much for me.
They’re warning us, they’re warning us,
One respirator for the four of us
Thank your lucky stars that three of us can run,
So one of us can use it all alone.

‘One respirator for the four of us’ just about sums up the current apparent predicament of the NHS.

People need to earn

Construction workers have now been allowed to work, so long as they maintain a two metre social distance from each other, according to reports and despite railing from ITV’s Piers Morgan, who seems oblivious that ordinary people need to earn money to house themselves and put food on their table. Indeed, if only ‘essential work’ should go on, how ‘essential’ is the work of an over-paid TV loud-mouth?

The Government have already announced they will cover 80% of the wages of those who would otherwise be laid off. They are now working on how to extend that to the self-employed. Questions to the Prime Minister in Parliament today were all about how people could be ‘supported’ by the Government. Not one asked whether it might be better to get people back into work, or even ask where the money is coming from.

But this money will have to come from taxation or borrowing. How much better to have urged us all to take simple proper precautions, isolated those at real risk, rolled out testing, and encouraged the rest of us to keep calm and carry on?

Work: the gift of God

Let us just remind ourselves we are not being ‘materialistic’. We are not putting money before lives, as if it were a binary choice. Firstly, being in work is generally an indicator of better health. Secondly, and above all, Almighty God takes pleasure in men enjoying the fruits of their honest labour:

Eccl 3:13 And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God.

So ‘Love thy neighbour’ does not just mean ‘slavishly support the Government and take their word for it’. We are to be prophetic, and depriving a man or woman of their means of livelihood is an oppression of the poor and their rights:

Mal 3:5 And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not me, saith the LORD of hosts.

Keep the Tube running!

Health Secretary Rt Hon Matt Hancock has decisions to make. We must pray for wisdom to avert economic disaster.

Health Secretary Rt Hon Matt Hancock has decisions to make. We must pray for wisdom to avert economic disaster.

The one bright spot this morning has been Health Secretary Matt Hancock expressing amazement at the partial closures of the London Underground. We criticised those days ago. He urged Transport for London to run a full service.

But even then, astonishingly, the Independent reports he was castigated as ‘irresponsible’ by the rail worker’s union who echoed Labour’s socialist utopianism in calling for everyone to go home and the Government to pay them:

‘The general secretary of the RMT transport union Mick Cash said: “At a time when we are trying to encourage people to stay away from the Tube so we can concentrate on moving essential workers the government call ‎to reinstate a full service is grossly irresponsible as it suggests it’s business as usual.

‘”The real problem is this government’s refusal to give any wage support to casualised workers who will receive no income if they don’t travel and go to work”.’

Inept text message

The Government sent an inept text message to millions of mobile subscribers from ‘UKAGov’ yesterday. It caused no end of people to wonder ‘How does the Government know my mobile number?’ In fact they persuaded the mobile operators to sent it to all their subscribers.  HMG didn’t actually know your number at all, it just looked that way, as this news report explains.

The message told subscribers to ‘stay at home’ and directed them to its website: gov.uk/coronavirus for exceptions. Then it repeated and amplified the direction:

‘Stay at home.
‘Protect the NHS.
‘Save lives.’

Protect the NHS

It is curious that ‘Protect the NHS’ was in there, because actually, fear of the NHS being ‘overwhelmed’ is what is driving the Government panic. But, excuse me, how long have the Conservatives been in office? How long have they had to make sure the NHS is properly resourced, or to explain to us that it never can be? When did coronavirus first start in China? When did it become apparent there would a need for extra ventilators? It is really that difficult to set up field hospitals and pop-up wards in Excel Centre if Imperial College are correct? How many people are they expecting will need beds? For that matter, how many extra beds end up occupied in our annual flu episodes?

Bloomberg reports how well Japan is coping with Covid-19. But it also says:

‘Should Japan see a jump, it may be better suited than many peers to handle the surge. It has about 13 hospital beds per 1,000 people, the highest among Group of Seven nations and more than triple the rate for Italy, the U.S., U.K. and Canada, according to World Bank data.’

Germany has a current low death rate associated with Covid-19.  We should note that Germany has 29.2 critical care beds per 100,000 people. Italy has 12.5 while the UK has just 6.6, according to wired.co.uk.

South Korea, on the other hand, is well on the way to beating the virus through widespread testing, as the Guardian reports.

Aghast at Italy

Governments around the world are aghast at what has happened in Italy, where cases continued to rise despite a draconian ‘lock-down’. The curve was easily outstripping China’s experience. Then again, as Dr Bhakdi explains, northern Italy is heavily polluted, with many people facing respiratory challenges already.

Cases and deaths are increasing more slowly now in Italy. But once again, recorded deaths are high compared with recorded cases, indicating that many more people are simply contracting the virus and recovering.

In addition, off-guardian reports, 99.2% of deaths in Italy had pre-existing conditions. Many were already at death’s door. We also hear twice as many elderly men have died in Italy as women. Women fight coronaviruses better than men.

Here is Worldometer on the current figures from Italy.

Here is Worldometer on the current figures from China

Lack of Testing in the UK

And here is Worldometer on the current UK figures.

At this time of writing figures stood at 422 deaths in the UK, a daily rise of 87, and 8,077 cases, a rise of 1,427.  135 people have ‘recovered’.  Note that the figures for those ‘recovered’ only refer to people who have attended hospital and been discharged. In stark contrast to South Korea, the UK is only testing those who have shown up in hospital with symptoms.

No-one else who has been exposed to the virus is included. That means all who shrugged it off without symptoms, or had symptoms at home and recovered after a few days do not make the UK, or the Italian, figures. An epidemiologist on the BBC on Monday admitted the total number of cases in the UK would be well into the tens, even hundreds, of thousands, because so many cases are not being recorded.

In the UK, it isn’t even possible for a key NHS worker to know if they actually have the virus. They are not allowed to be tested. They have to go home and self-isolate for seven days regardless.

Excess winter deaths

So far to date there have been 422 deaths in the UK. How many people do you think die in the UK every day in ‘normal circumstances’?

The figures from the Office of National Statistics show there were 541,589 deaths in England and Wales in 2018. That’s just over ten thousand a week and just under 1500 per day.

Furthermore, ONS reveals what it calls ‘excess winter deaths’. These occur between December and March. In winter 2018-19 they stood at 23,200. The previous year, 2017-18, there were 47,410 excess winter deaths in England and Wales.

Respiratory diseases were the biggest single cause (circa 45%), with pneumonia leading. They were followed by circulatory diseases (20%+) and then by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (19%+).  And yet, somehow, even with 47,410 excess deaths, around 1900 per day, the NHS coped in 2017-18. There was no field ward set up in a leisure centre.

Exact cause of death

In fact, Professor Bhakdi points out that winter excess deaths were either brought on by influenza or by various coronaviruses already circulating. However, the actual written-down ’cause of death’ is what actually killed the poor people. That would be a heart attack, or pneumonia. So to write ‘Covid-19’ as a cause of death of someone who actually died of pneumonia could be somewhat convenient.

Vox.com reports that the heat wave of 2003 killed at least 30,000 people in Europe. A Twitter user suggested 4,000 of those deaths occurred in Italy ‘from a simple heatwave’.  He urged a sense of proportion when we look at Covid-19 figures, sad as every death is.  And let us remember the reality.  We shall all go that way, and that is why faith in Jesus Christ together with his forgiveness, is so important:

Job 30:23 For I know that thou wilt bring me to death, and to the house appointed for all living. 

Heb 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

Coronavirus here ‘since January’

Dr Suntra Gupta

Dr Suntra Gupta, ‘surprised’ by universal acceptance of the Imperial College prophecy of doom.

Meanwhile, an Oxford University study claims coronavirus could already have infected half the British population. It might have been spreading in the UK since January, says Dr Sunetra Gupta. Modelling by Oxford’s Evolutionary Ecology of Infectious Disease group suggests Covid-19 first reached the UK by mid-January.

Dr Gupta is Professor of theoretical epidemiology at Oxford. If the learned professor is right, the true size of the outbreak is likely to be closer to the 400,000 mark. It is very possible that half the population has already been exposed to Covid-19.

Widespread testing is needed to assess the theory, said Dr Gupta. ‘We need immediately to begin large-scale serological surveys – antibody testing – to assess what stage of the epidemic we are in now,’ she said.

The Daily Mail reports: ‘The Oxford university research offers a contrasting view on the disease to the study that is informing government policy. It was carried out by experts at Imperial College London.

‘”I am surprised that there has been such unqualified acceptance of the Imperial model,’ Professor Gupta told the Financial Times”.’ That is a devastating put-down.

Negative Health Outcomes

And as Dr Bhakdi says in his video, plunging people into poverty has negative health outcomes down the line. that is what makes the current UK approach ‘dangerous’ in his view. On top of that, seeing family and friends, going out, are the things which make life worth living. This particularly applies to the elderly, but affects us all.

In this view, those who went out in the park or up on Snowdonia last weekend were not irresponsible.  They were not not ‘idiots’ or ‘morons’, pace Piers Morgan. They were following government advice to take exercise and they were trying to keep some semblance of normality going.

Prince Charles has symptoms

The BBC reports that the Prince of Wales has now tested positive for coronavirus.

The Prince of Wales has contracted Covid-19 from someone he met out and about, has mild symptoms and is recovering, as we should expect.

The Prince of Wales has contracted Covid-19 from someone he met out and about, has mild symptoms and is recovering, as we should expect.

‘Prince Charles, 71, is displaying mild symptoms “but otherwise remains in good health”, a (Clarence House) spokesman said, adding that the Duchess of Cornwall, 72, has been tested but does not have the virus.’

A Clarence House statement read: “In accordance with government and medical advice, the prince and the duchess are now self-isolating at home in Scotland.

“The tests were carried out by the NHS in Aberdeenshire, where they met the criteria required for testing.

“It is not possible to ascertain from whom the prince caught the virus owing to the high number of engagements he carried out in his public role during recent weeks.”

Charles and Camilla are now self-isolating at Balmoral. We pray for HRH as we pray for protection for all the Royal Family and Her Majesty’s Government. Once again, his experience demonstrates that for the overwhelming majority, Covid-19 carries mild symptoms. It also shows how widespread the virus is, reveals the limited extent of testing in the UK and shows that carrying on is really not that difficult. And now HRH will be immune.

Pray for Government

So pray for our leaders to find the wisdom and humility to row back on their shutdown and get the population back to work.

They have invested a lot in the original dire Imperial College predictions. It would be tempting for them to hope the predictions come true to justify the measures they have taken. However, I.C. have now downgraded them (Thursday 26th) and we can only pray this sparks the end of the lock-down.

It is beginning to look as if the field hospital in Excel Centre will never be used. That will be a cause for rejoicing, and yet, it cost taxpayers’ money to erect in the first place.

If the scare fizzles out, there could be some very upset people out there, outraged that the UK Government impoverished them for no reason at all.

We had better start praying against disorder, because the stability of society itself could be at risk.

Jer 29:7  And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.

We appreciate your support – without it we can’t do our research and help inform your prayers.
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  1. The NHS is massively underprepared for this pandemic: short of critical care beds, respirators and personal protective equipment. The requirement for this was eminently predictable, as pandemics are high on the Government’s list potential threats. But the Treasury has failed to fund them. There is no contingency capacity in the system. We are fighting a war with a peace time army. But we are where we are. The death statistics show we are precisely 2 weeks behind Italy. Italy’s death toll rose by 743 to 6,820 today, 25/3. But we have half the critical care beds of Italy. We are very shortly going to hit maximum capacity and hence effectively euthanasia by triage. While London is predicted to require twice as many beds, the South West will require six times as many. Self isolation of all but the most key workers is required now if we are to mitigate apocalyptic numbers of deaths. My grandmother died in the 1918 pandemic. I would prefer not to be a statistic in the one in 2020. Hence, with respect Stephen, I disagree with your conclusions. This is no mere scare.

    1. Oh, so you mean thousands of people are being impoverished, their jobs, businesses and health ruined, because the Gvt has failed to fund the NHS? But even then, how did the NHS cope with the thousands of excess winter illness cases during the last three months?

      1. “Oh, so you mean….” – Yes, that is what I mean, Stephen. The NHS was woefully unprepared, so the steps now being taken are having to be so intrusive. Effectively, we had not paid the insurance, and now the house is burning. A massive, false economy. But given the NHS is in this position, drastic action is required to save a great number of lives, but at enormous cost. Coronavirus is a load on the NHS on top of the normal winter surge of demand.

        1. I don’t see why the entire hospitality and service sectors have to be shut down just because there is extra demand on the NHS.
          Two years ago, from December to March, 47,400 excess winter deaths showed up at hospitals. The nation did not go into lock-down. We were not told to stay at home.
          This season’s winter surge is drawing to a close now, so the NHS must have, should have, capacity for a few hundred or even if you must a few thousand extra patients.
          Even Imperial College are now saying 20,000 maximum deaths and that the NHS has capacity. If it has not, do the volunteer scheme, buy in extra equipment and let the rest of us keep calm and carry on.
          I want to know if the Govt did any modelling on the economic and social effects of their anti-Covid-19 measures before they brought them in.

            • gadz
            • gadz on 26 March 2020 at 20:56

            Thank you Stephen.

  2. We have to bear in mind we have a government that have shown but little fear of God. “God is not in all their thoughts”. The magicians in Egypt had, in the end, to acknowledge God. We are to expect them to look elsewhere. Floods. Coronavirus and now the economy.

    It was a David Sylvester about 7 years ago who was mocked when citing his beliefs about why the then floods were God’s judgement. Here we have had a far worse rollover and none of us knows how many rolls over will take place. It is living in the unknown.

  3. Thank you once again for a great article, that is really helpful in giving another viewpoint. I feel rather isolated in my opinion that this has been a colossal over reaction.
    I uploaded some comments before and my view has not changed; when the mainstream media goes hysterical, you know something is up, you know we are not being given the truth. Recent history is littered with examples of the UK media doing this. It is the simplest give away that we are being misled.
    There is and has been, no real debate, it is all one directional fear/hysteria, you must agree with the media/government, you must follow the crowd, you are not allowed to question, you are not allowed to think, you are not allowed to be different, you are not allowed to have an alternative viewpoint, intolerance of those who disagree is fine because it is right to persecute those who do not follow the crowd. Just like any dictatorship in other words.

    This is deadly for Christianity, because it needs complete freedom to explain its beliefs and because Christians hold, or are supposed to hold, different views to the non Christian world. We also need to be very careful about consuming the doom laden mainstream media narrative which will led to depression if you are not careful. The narrative seems to be ‘You are all doomed – only the media and government can save you’. Actually, only God and his Son Jesus Christ can save us and I hope somewhere the church is saying this.

    I looked up the mortality totals for other diseases and was amazed at how high they were just for one day. The covid19 death toll for the UK is nothing like the total expected for cancers or sepsis per day. No one suggests shutting down virtually an entire economy for these. I appreciate that the problem is the infectiousness of the virus but as Christian Voice points out, the predictions are based on models, these are full of assumptions, the assumptions are just that – assumptions. Again, notice the power of the media to spin you in the wrong direction; see the power it has to simply run a narrative, to persuade us by simply stressing words, emphasising negatives, and most of all – never, ever allowing a contrary opinion. The test and best example for this is the evolution hoax. Who dares contradict it? Who dares to go counter to the narrative? To say out loud that you do not accept billions of years, molecules to mankind evolution, is to invite gasps and ridicule, even amongst Christians. I have actually had a church leader, with pain in his voice, more in sadness than in anger, try to persuade me to stop believing in Genesis six day creation.

    I also have a few questions; Once we all come out of our imprisonment, will this virus have gone away? I assume it will still be around, so what then, do we go back into isolation?
    If the hospitals are in danger of being overwhelmed then why were we so unprepared, why can the government not build emergency hospitals like in China? Why can’t money be diverted from HST, which by all accounts is going to be the most expensive railway line on planet earth? Why are we spending money bombing Syria and gearing up for a war against Iran? We need to stop bombing Syria and use the money saved to treat the sick here.
    China and Russia are donating respirators and medical supplies to Italy, We could ask them for help but unfortunately the conservative governments have been busy attacking them with sanctions and other insults, so we are now suffering because of our government’s hostility towards these countries. UK citizens should be angry that their loved ones could have been helped but are in danger because of this appalling and evil foreign policy.

    What happens when the next pandemic comes around? Do we go into lockdown again? Will the government nationalise most of the economy again? The absurdity of what has happened is hard to get to grips with. As I understand it, the bailout/nationalisation of almost everything will be funded by borrowing or money printing, at least initially. I understand that the government will ask the central bank, the Bank of England to do quantitative easing. This is a technical way of saying print money. When they do this, the trillions printed are charged against all of us as a loan ie it is a debt. This debt has interest on it, that I understand is compound interest (I view compound interest as usury). The national debt has just exploded and this is the real virus that the media and government will not talk about and we will be paying for it in some way. Once a nation is stuck in debt it is very difficult to get out and whoever is the creditor, controls the debtor.

    This looks like the end of the West. We have provoked God so many times during my lifetime that we are now approaching the end game. It is possible that the can of national debt will be kicked down the road again and we may get away with a few more years but this is very near to the end. I don’t think we should give up, and we should pray but I will be starting by praying for wisdom as to how even to begin. As a start I will be praying for wisdom, how we survive practically, as well as for God to release us from this terrible curse of lies over truth, and for relief from the virus.

    1. Thanks brother, good to have that input.

  4. Sorry Stephen, this article is disrespectful in places towards people you disagree with. It is also imotive in some of it’s language & phrases. It is also biased & one sided, concentrating on your own agenda, just like you did on the Skripal case which now shows it was NOT a British plot but a Russian assassination.
    Some of your comments are even mischievous, where you conclude people dying from pneumonia caused by Covid-19 was “convenient” as if it was propaganda. If the pneumonia was caused by the Covid-19, then it is highly relevant to identify this as any Coroner would require.
    Your final concluding remark “Are they hoping that the dire Imperial College predictions come true & the field hospital in Excel center is full to overflowing”? is frankly disgraceful. It is you who needs to repent & put this right, otherwise I cannot (and will not) continue to support you in your so called ministry, Yours sincerely in our precious Lord Jesus, David Woolley.

    1. I’m not sure what terrible sin I have committed? Would you please kindly outline it for me? And where is the disrespect, as opposed to suspicions of those in power? As the prophet says, as respectfully as he can:

      Micah 2:2 And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take them away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage.

      On the Skripal case, no, brother, as Rob Slane of Salisbury points out, two years on, the official UK line that ‘it woz the Russkies wot dun it’ is shot through with more holes than a thing with lots of holes shot through it. Please read his analysis: The Salisbury Poisonings Two Years On: A Riddle, Wrapped in a Cover Up, Inside a Hoax.
      You talk about coroners. Are you aware that jury trials are now banned for Covid-19 cases but mandated for every other infectious disease? That’s disturbing.

      What is actually wrong with concluding the UK authorities are not levelling with us, and want their dire predictions to come true now they have invested so much political capital in them? Are you suggesting they are without sin?

      1John 1:8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

      True for me as well, it’s just that I cannot see what I have done wrong here. And what I find so very sad is you cannot even thank me for the rest of the article, even for the tiniest part of it, for example for questioning those in power, calling for prayer, warning of an economic melt-down, or for posting the video of Dr Bhakdi, which I am sure you have viewed and found as disturbing as I did…

  5. All good points. There has been an over reaction. All our meetings have been closed down. My evangelism has been closed down plus allsorts of shops, sports centres, tennis courts, swimming pools etc. etc.. As you say the annual flu epidemic figures are way way above Covid 19 yet we are making a massive fuss which seems like a blip compared to the flu figures. It will take us decades to get back our economy. By all means look after those who are vulnerable but there is another 80% who should be running the country. One cannot help suspecting that this control will not completely disappear when this virus is over. It seems very insidious to me and all based on an excuse to help the aged. We can but pray. If God can deliver Brexit He can certainly deliver us from this extreme control that shuts all the churches down and denies people their right to earn a living etc. etc. etc..

  6. Looking at the worse scenario. As there is no known remedy for this coronavirus and predictions say this will be several months away, then answer this question:

    If we have 68 million people and statistics calculate that a minimum of 2%, let alone a possible 4% of them dying within 12 months through this virus this would amount to between 1.36 million to 2.72 million UK deaths (3700 to 7400 per day) then how just inform me how we would manage and is the government that silly in not taking measure now?

    Then, in addition, we have natural deaths of 1500 per day on top. India has just said no one is to leave their home or to go out of their door. Severe measures where there is no known remedy.

    1. It is not correct to spend taxpayers money and shut down people’s livings on the ‘worst’ scenario. They should instead look at a reasonable scenario. Death rates are nowhere near what you say, because all you have done is taken the deaths and divided tghem by the official figures for those testing positive, and not included all those who have been exposed to the virus and either not fallen ill at all, or had mild symptoms which they have recovered from at home.

      1. I see your point and I looked upon our PM as saying he will review in three weeks was to be his strategy was like every good business person to stop and take stock now then adjust according to the situation was a prudent measure. The thing is new and unknown and actuary folk have no past statistics to work on. My assumptions looked very rather frightening based of 2% deaths and could be miles out and I hope so. I think an initial clampdown, then a review in three weeks would have been my approach bearing in mind we are also waiting for more prompt testing facilities. Only yesterday a young man with Crohn’s in his thirties receives an NHS letter (no doubt being one of many other people) to say he must not leave his premises for 3 months.

  7. Stephen, I could give you a long list, but if you can’t see the points I’ve already made it would be a waste of time. As usual you’re being very selective ignoring the points that don’t suit, particularly the last one on the field hospital at Excel.
    There have already been 2 reports the last 2 days on increasing numbers of young people being admitted to hospitals requiring intensive care & fighting for their lives. BUT YOU ADVOCATE THEM MIXING & CATCHING THE VIRUS TO BUILD UP IMMUNITY! The height of irresponsibility which you should certainly repent of & put right, particularly in your high profile position of influence. “From him to much is given, much will be required”!

    1. There is no need to shout. Christian people should be courteous even when they disagree.

      1. So “Oh, so you mean… ” is a courteous way of disagreeing with your supporters?

        Matthew 7:3 (KJV )
        And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

        Matthew 18:4 (KJV)
        Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

        Please accept that people can honestly disagree with you, based on the evidence.

        1. Not a problem. Courteous disagreement is fine. But the ‘Oh so you mean’ was a way of agreeing the NHS has been underfunded, at least compared with say, Japan and Germany, but also to draw attention to the scale of the over-reaction. If it’s an NHS problem, let’s deal with it. But putting the whole population under house-arrest in case those at real risk get infected is, as that learned professor said, ‘grotesque, absurd and very dangerous’ to the economy and wider public health.
          I’m not sure what you mean by the mote and beam quote. I cannot see I have been guilty of hypocrisy.
          As to humility, I’m proud to say no-one can teach me anything on that subject.

  8. I think it is reasonable for people to wonder if this is in the remit of an organisation founded to promote the Christian faith.

    1. Why would anyone think standing up for righteousness is not a Christian duty?

      1. It seems to me that there is a disagreement here whether you are in fact standing up for righteousness or not. I don’t question your motives, but I don’t know whether you are right or not. It might be good to see epidemiological experts with sincerely-held but conflicting views face each other in open debate. We might get some idea what the truth is. Meanwhile, see also eureferendum.com where Richard North, a former public health inspector, discusses the government’s response to the epidemic. He is not an establishment figure, as shown by his visceral hatred of Boris Johnson.
        I still don’t see what this has to do with the Christian Gospel.
        One of our friends in Kenya reports that his students are very much unconcerned by the pandemic. He speculates that it is because they live with dangerous disease in the community all the time, namely malaria. But our society has no psychological immunity of that kind.

        1. There are some horrendous measures in Kenya right now, market traders being tear-gassed by police just for trying to earn a living. Just like here, people have a God-given right to work and feed their families. Governments which take that away are oppressing people in their wages, which the prophets denounced. And so must we, IMHO.

  9. You make a number of very valid points.
    What we really need to see is the excess deaths figures over the previous year
    December 2019 as against December 2018
    January 2020 as against January 2019
    February 2020 as against February 2019

    How can we look for appropriate action from a government which is prepared to shut down churches for an indefinite period? A course of action so evil that it would be necessary to go back to the 17th Century to find any such action. And yet so many so-called “Preachers of the Gospel” complied even when the status of the demand was technically that of “advice”.

  10. Looking at these articles, and other comments, I am not encouraged to abandon my scepticism regarding this whole virus panic. Accused of being a conspiracy theorist (which \I am not) I would suggest that this is a diabolical political manipulation to deprive the population (either national and/or international) of any semblance of civil liberties that we have left, after the looney left garbage of our political activists have conspired to deprive us of conscience freedoms (Equality trumps religious conscience principle). Democracy has now become a sham, and ruthless political schemers have a field day justifying their smash and grab of our ‘rights’ to assembly, etc by manufacturing a virus that has been deliberately introduced (by the Chinese?) for this manipulative purpose. How abominably stupid are we?

  11. “P.S. (Thursday AM). In addition, Neil Ferguson at Imperial College has now downgraded his advice. It won’t be 250,000 deaths, it will 20,000 in the worst case or ‘substantially lower.’ Hospitals are right now ‘within capacity’ to cope. ”

    This really is a quite extraordinary climb down, or row-back!
    Trusting ‘the science’ always comes with the problem of the so-called ‘science’ actually being simply the opinion of one or more scientists.

    We see this also – all the time – with climate change. As I wrote, in a recent article:
    “Is anthropogenic global warming a stark reality and an existential crisis threatening the destruction of our planet? Or is it a carefully-constructed pseudo-scientific myth?
    “For myself, I am extremely suspicious of the catastrophist arguments bandied about by just about everyone these days and very disturbed about the vast volume of ill-informed and ill-considered opinions, particularly those which opine that there “will” be more droughts, more floods, more storms, more heat, more cold … or whatever, if we don’t move to so-called ‘net zero’ so-called ‘carbon’ emissions as quickly as possible.
    “The only way to approach this subject is to look at original research oneself, including – for example – UK multi-decadal rainfall records. We cannot, and must not, trust the opinions of a newsreader, journalist, TV presenter, environmental activist or schoolgirl unless we have ourselves verified the accuracy of their apocalyptic arguments. ”

    It’s that ‘will’ which always gets my goat and nearly always combined with an ‘up to’ or ‘could’, as you highlighted.

    If people talking about Coronavirus or climate change possess the ability to predict the future, perhaps they could instead stop bothering us and content themselves with something personally lucrative, for example predicting the winner of the Grand National? Then they would be making so much money that they wouldn’t need to pose as scientists or doctors who only ever reference ‘peer reviewed papers’ or ‘the evidence’!

    As Albert Einstein wrote in 1901, in a letter to a friend: “A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth.”

    1. It’s when the government and the media collude in the story, when the BBC, ITV and Sky become mere propaganda mouth-pieces of those in charge, that the alarm bells always ring for me. Someone brought up the Skripal saga. It’s the same there. Syria, ‘Assad-must-go’. Same there.
      Actually, on the last two, one could rely on RT as well as Off-Guardian. Rob Slane’s Blogmire, Craig Murray, etc, (and I hope ourselves) to put a different point of view. This time, because the authorities in Russia are bringing in similar but not quite so draconian measures as the West, RT has decided not to ‘question more’ about the economic effects of lock-downs etc. hey ho!
      BTW, What’s the betting by the time Dyson have their ventilators made and tested, there will be no need for them?

      1. Indeed so, on all your points!
        Of course, ref Russia, Mr Putin has a considerable vested interest in presenting himself as the decisive leader protecting his people.

  12. What do you think about this message Stephen?

    He seems to show it is more of a conspiracy. Kind of convincing but not sure.

    1. Well he is right an economic crash is coming out of it and surely right that governments like to control and manipulate their citizens, but while I acknowledge the kings of the earth take counsel together against the Lord and against his anointed, we should never underestimate (a) their ability to engineer a complete cock-up when it was far easier to get it right and/or (b) something unforeseen happening which turns them into gibbering idiots.
      That’s another couple of reasons why they so need our prayer and our witness that there is one higher than they.

      1. Thank you David.

      2. Sorry I mean Stephen. Got this other fellow on the brain.

  13. As governments are put in place by God and we are callled to submit to them (Romans 13) we should be looking to see what God is doing through all of this.

    In my understanding, He has orchestrated it and He has His purposes in shaking the earth in this devastating way right now. Thinking about our own country, surely I am not alone in believing that, God is dealing with us in a specific way and He will let this go on for as long as He chooses.

    We can pray that people will turn to Him in large numbers, that He will purify the church and enable us to grow in depth and maturity, that we will be able to reverse some of the terrible laws that have come about on our watch (especially the older ones among us) that the terrible child education plans on transgender etc. will come to nothing., that abotion will be seen for what it is.

    That is my desire and I would b prepared to say “Whatever it takes Lord.”

    Even if those things only happen in measure and the love of many continues to grow cold as we have been told it will at some point, if some can be transformed because of this hand of judgement apon us, it will have been worth it.

  14. Bro Stephen, my view regarding people like Woolley, is that you don’t need to argue or even try to defend your God-given stand. You have written the article back-up with the Holy word of God, that’s what that matter. A simple reply like “Thank you for the points raised, as disagreement; may the Holy Spirit continues to enlighten us, God bless you richly, my brother Wooley.”

    1. Thank you for your support, dear brother.

  15. RT News is reporting that so far, after six months of corona virus approximately 22,000 people have died of this virus (assuming the deaths are actually caused by it). That is out of a total world population of about 7.7 billion people. Of those who have contracted the disease, that is roughly 500,000, 122,000 have recovered, that is they fell ill with the virus and then recovered.

    So out of a world population of 7.7 billion, only 22,000 have died of corona virus. This hardly amounts to a demic, let alone a pandemic. Apart from that, approximately five times as many survived as died, you have a one of five chance (or thereabouts) chance of recovering. This is incredible, why on earth are we not being told this?

    The media and government response is a massive over reaction and hysteria which we must not join in with or be scared by. I am actively ignoring the mainstream media to preserve my own mental health. It is a disgrace that we are treated this way and a horrible indictment of the way a godless society has degenerated. We need to be asking why the media refuses point blank to question anything, why it refuses to have any kind of balance and why is it not reporting the recoveries to the same level as their doom mongering, “We’re all gonna die”, news reporting mantra. As I wrote before, the media is a business for making money, doom sells media, doom makes you money. The media also tries to control through hysterias and doom mongering. This is a great opportunity to offer the hope of turning back to God, the only problem is we are effectively in prison in our homes at the moment thanks to the over reaction to this.

    The fear mongering is all based on modelling, and thank you Christian Voice for so bravely and brilliantly pointing this out. They are models and models are not reality, they are built on assumptions. If you programme the model to produce dire results it will do that for you. What is disgraceful is that we have a government that does this although I suspect that it has been told to do this by the financial powers that are really in control of our debt soaked country. The out of control debt and the anti-God attitudes is the real virus.

    We need to try to work out what is the hidden agenda here. It looks as if it is take away freedom, certainly freedom of movement, freedom of association and freedom to protest against things like the evil RSE agenda. Also evangelism, which like the contributor above, I am now prevented from doing. How convenient for the forces of darkness that a government has shut it all down, along with the church of course which is no longer able to have its once per week act of divine worship. Worship over the internet is no substitute for, live, relational, congregational worship.

    I have a relative who has just been made redundant as a result of the hysterical over reaction to the virus and another person who has been told that they must accept a pay cut. These are the real victims which I doubt the media will report on. They need our prayers too.

    The next contagion is the financial one. The crazy amounts of money that the government is now printing to bail out the economy could cause hyper inflation. My concern is that the elites will use the coming economic chaos to do things like a bail in. That is when the banks take our money from our bank accounts. If you have any, the only way to stop this is to give it away before the banks take it, Jesus recommended this, or put it into things that the banks and government will find difficult to take away from us.

    This is the shaking that many prophetic Christians have been warning about for years and is a result of this nation tragically rejecting the God of the Bible and his codes for living and having the best, most fair and successful society. When your society, through bad teaching and anti-God governments trashes God’s codes for living you get this. We have to enter into a huge repentance and crying out to God to save us. Church leaders should be leading the way but as the church has been effectively shut down, apart from online messaging, this is difficult. We cannot have any gatherings because they have been banned. What a shame there were not more of them when we had the chance to meet. Now we have lost that freedom. What a good job I went out and did my little bit of street witnessing when I did, I cannot do that now. How amazing that God pushed me to do that.

    The economic contagion is next and we need to prepare and pray into this. Expect a massive amount of media lying but no amount of hysteria and brainwashing will be able to stop the reality when we have a currency crisis. There may well be a lot coming round the corner, it is just possible that our government will be forced to cry out to God.

  16. Thank you for your views on this Stephen. We are in lock down here in NZ and being ruled by a God ridiculing government of the extreme left variety. My view is we are being lied to. Example “these measures are to save lives”. In the midst of the “pandemic” an extreme pro abortion bill was passed into law just before parliament stopped sitting. If this is then an example of “saving lives” then we are all in trouble.

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