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  1. There needs to be an inquiry how the hospital described in this news story got into this state: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8163641/NHS-doctor-reveals-shes-forced-play-God-coronavirus-patients-overwhelm-wards.html – meanwhile, how would you explain it at a guess?

    1. Thanks, John. I agree, there should be an inquiry.
      Also, the Daily Mail loves drama, and it’s also doing its stint for the machine. The Tube is only packed because London Transport cut services for some reason. Lack of universal testing (and the Govt were warned months ago by South Korea they needed it) means NHS staff who are asymptomatic don’t know they have it, and staff self-isolating with colds don’t know they haven’t. Ventilators are on their way, so we are told, together with more (updated by University College & Mercedes F1 – well, they can’t go racing right now) respirators which just blow oxygen at you (that’s the CPAP in the story).
      So there you are, It’s a mix of over-blown, panic, incompetence, things already being addressed. But guess what? There was none of this scare-mongering, none of this high drama, when the Beast from the East blew excess winter deaths from influenza up into the 47,000’s in 2018… Any idea why?

  2. Do I know why there was no drama in 2018? No, I don’t. We need accurate information in order to know things, so, for example, labelling Dr Bhakdi as an epidemiologist rather than a microbiologist does not help.
    I accept that this lockdown, and much else, would not have been necessary if the government had not bungled the whole thing from the start. Bungling is what governments do, at least in Britain. God Himself is the only one in control of the situation. He is taking us down a peg or two.

    1. Ouch, point taken re Dr Bhakdi. Corrected on https://www.christianvoice.org.uk/index.php/lock-down-putting-lives-at-risk/

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