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  1. I think it is planned murder of the old people, and especially men.

    A nurse on the Radio 4 told us earlier that visiting nurses to the elderly are advising the infected not to go to hospital because there is no known cure and because they are not allowed to have relatives visit, so they are better off dying at home. This is effectively a lie. The truth is that with early medical intervention and proper intensive care, they have a good chance of surviving it. So it is lie by omission. Deaths at home are not being recorded in the figures.

    Regarding the overall strategy of lockdown, I do not believe we have brought in nearly enough measures in the last few weeks. Because of this I believe the R value is at about one or just below, meaning we will keep on seeing roughly the same numbers of new infections each day, i.e. a linear rise. This is controlled murder.

    What we must do is separate those infected. I have written to my MP telling him to discuss the idea of separating infected in miss-named ‘care’ homes so they can not infect the rest. They must be in a separate building. We know this works because it is what China did and their cases curve proves the efficacy of it. We could get out of this problem like China has, but that’s not the plan, is it. The plan is to murder the old in an organised and caring way. We have Satan’s government.

    1. Andrew, Alzheimers Society says: ‘Seventy per cent of care home residents are living with dementia.’ They are, to put it crudely, put there to die. And many families will breathe a sigh a relief when they do. I simply do not agree it is a responsibility of government to postpone death. I do not mean they should hasten it, but I see no evidence they are doing that at all. Death to our society seems an aberration. It is a fact of life. We shall all face our Maker one day sooner or later. Best put oneself right with the Almighty through the blood of Jesus while it is day. Then everything is in perspective:
      Php 1:23 For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ; which is far better: 24 Nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more needful for you.

      1. So if it is not the responsibility of Government to postpone death, is the NHS superfluous? Is it appropriate for the wealthy to have the ability postpone their death, by paying for health care, when the poor can’t? Christ responded to the needs of the sick and disabled when he healed. Most were also in poverty.. The NHS also responds to need, not wealth. It does not save souls, of course, but a death postponed gives further opportunity for salvation. Sharing the Gospel in care homes is a task most urgent, before it’s too late. And particularly in times of pestilence.

        1. The NHS treats the sick. The Church proclaims the Gospel. Who knows whether ‘a death postponed gives further opportunity for salvation’?

  2. Hi Stephen,
    Yours is a very interesting article, raising the possibility of a conspiracy of collusion between those who seek to develop a vaccine against COVID-19 and personal-digital-identification developers.
    There are many mixed motives but not all of them are evil. It’s not wrong to make money from ones enterprises but downright exploitation would be.
    As a Companion Animal veterinary surgeon I use many vaccines and I earn part of my wages doing so. But my main motivation is the welfare of the animals presented to me by helping to build up “herd-immunity” and avoid the morbidity (and mortality) that would be caused by the organism if one didn’t vaccinate against it – but rather let nature take its course.
    You, yourself admit that vaccination in your flocks saves you money in the long-term.
    There are 2 ways to build up herd-immunity.
    1 Allow natural contagion to occur and take the consequences. ie remove Lockdown
    2 Vaccinate to stimulate the persons’/animals’ immune system so that on exposure to the organism it is neutralised or removed before any disease can develop.
    Our Government (and those of many nations) does not want to be blamed for the morbidity and mortality rates if it allows the COVID-19 to take it’s natural course by standing by and doing nothing.
    If the mortality rate was low then that strategy would be fine. There would be morbidity (disease) but the death rate would be low. (But in our anti-death or death averse society any death is unacceptable).
    However, the mortality rate of COVID-19 seems unacceptably high (I don’t know what the current rate is and I daresay nobody does as testing has been so limited) so allowing natural progression is not an option. I agree that Lockdown merely delays and slows this natural progression and cannot provide the answer long-term and has untold economic ramifications.
    Hence the not unreasonable hope that vaccines will produce the sort of immunity that will halt the spread of the virus and/or reduce the clinical effects of the virus when it seeks to infect a vaccinated person, ie make the presence of the virus insignificant. But these need to be researched, developed, clinical-trialled and then administered on a world-wide scale. This will cost an awful amount of money and yes, it will also make a lot of money for those involved in the process.
    Whichever way forward no-one knows at this stage what the Herd-Immunity will look like by whichever route it is brought about. Will it need boosting year-on-year? Will it be weak like the common-cold virus immunity and keep coming back? Or will it be so good that we will all have forgotten this affair in a few years?

    In the end, whether we live or die, we all in God’s hands and need His mercy and grace and maybe, just maybe this is His way to draw us to His Way.

    1. Amen to the last and we agree our society has an unhealthy (!) attitude to death.

      Diamond Princess had a mortality of .91% among its retired population. So in a country-wide population it could perhaps be 0.5% of those exposed to it. Some virologists are saying even lower. It’s not the Black Death for sure.

      I am making the point in the article that it is unreasonable, nay, outrageous, to deprive millions of people of their living just so your friends in the vaccine industry can make a shed-load of money.

  3. More interesting observations and conjectures.
    Pardon my french, but I still struggle to work out “what the hell’s going on”.
    What I do know is this: This is a complex, multi-layered issue.
    What I’m still wondering, and what we are entitled to ask, is:
    Where / how did Covid-19 arise?
    How serious is it?
    What are the economic implications of “lockdown”?
    How have we come to surrender, so readily, the hard-won civil liberties of freedom of association, freedom of speech (and inquiry and questioning), freedom of worship (apart from collective saucepan-bashing), and freedom of enterprise?
    Poof! Here yesterday. Gone today. A distant memory tomorrow.
    I do notice that three weeks in, the government message (Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.) has been spruced-up to: “All in. All together. Stay at home for the NHS, your family, your neighbours, your nation, the world and life itself.”… all with a lovely LGBTQ+ rainbow backdrop.
    But, it basically boils down to this: “Do as you’re told. Be very afraid. Share the guilt.”
    I’m currently seeking (financial) backing for a new campaign: “Reclaim the Rainbow!”
    In my book, the LGBTQ+ community wuz robbed.
    Every pound you give to me will help reclaim the rainbow for the original social justice warriors who originally expropriated it from its inventor.
    Please give generously. Thank you very much.

  4. Of course, the government does not want to be now or in retrospect accused or seen as uncaring or at some future point, so what does it do? It is going to be seen as wrong for either allowing folk back to work too soon and stand to inflame the virus or wrong in CV eyes by holding back. We note the Quander below they are in and who knows if a second bout could reoccur.

    It is reported: Hopes that coronavirus antibody tests could help the UK end its lockdown have been dealt a blow – after the World Health Organization questioned whether they offer any guarantee of immunity.

    The UK has placed antibody tests – which check if someone has had Covid-19 – at the centre of an eventual “back-to-work” plan to restart normal life.

    But experts said they may not prove if someone is protected from reinfection.

    The UK’s testing co-ordinator has also warned people not to buy private tests.

    The government has already paid for three-and-a-half million antibody tests, but has not yet found one that is reliable enough to use – and stresses that it will not approve the use of any test until it can be sure its findings can be fully depended on.

    Professor John Newton said the public should not purchase unapproved antibody tests until a working test is approved.

    “We are breaking new ground with this work every day and I am confident this major research effort will make a breakthrough,” he said of efforts to develop a valid serology test, which measures levels of antibodies in blood plasma.

    “Until then, please don’t buy or take any unproven tests. They may not be reliable for your intended use; they may give a false reading and put you, your family or others at risk.”

  5. Picking up on what Andrew C posted (on 17.4.20), if you look at Leviticus 13 and 14 God has already given us the blueprint of what to do when infectious disease strikes the nation – you isolate those with the infection, not the entire nation. We have a lot more medical knowledge now but don’t you think it is a bit incredible that Britain and other God rejecting governments, having lost sight of God, assumed that the Bible is basically a collection of morally good stories and fairy tales, therefore has not bothered to consult it and therefore made a catalogue of errors?

    There are many things you can see being played out here:
    1.Rejection of God, leading to a foolish over reliance of humanist, God-free science, leading to wrong, even evil decisions, that ruin lives and in some circumstances make the problem even worse (The cure is worse than the disease).
    2.The Church, having lost confidence in God and His Word, following secular, God rejecting governments, without questioning. Trusting the Godless media more than the Word; Failing to understand that without freedom, the Christian faith is severely restricted; Also happily agreeing to close its churches without any debate (I do sympathise with leaders on this point, that was a very hard decision to make) but I do not hear any leader seriously debate or question this closure. Once people have broken the habit of church going how sure are we that they will just pick it up again? (It’s a bit like those old fashioned papal interdicts – when the entire nation’s churches were ordered to close).
    3.The post truth, anti-truth society we are in. Truth comes from God, reject God and sadly you leave truth behind, no matter what science tells you. It should surprise no one that the media simply pedals fear mongering. Does anyone know if these death figures are true? I don’t trust the media to get these right. Look at the way they just report figures with no analysis. Are they mainly of elderly people, the media does not say? People raised in a post truth culture are not bound to tell the truth; they have no moral compass based on the God of truth to make them value truth at any cost.
    4.We are in a health and safety mad culture. You. have to do ladder training to climb a ladder, risk assessments before you take a group of people on an organised outing. Not surprisingly people are so risk averse now, anything must be good to stop an infectious disease. Compare Lev 13+14. Some H+S is good but not when it destroys a nation economically and socially.
    5.Our society places no value on economic knowledge. I wonder who people will blame when they find out what they are faced with as a result of £2.4 billion per day bailout/nationalisation of Britain?
    6.There is a fake self sacrifice going on here. Many people will be delighted at the ‘holiday’ they have been given being furloughed, and many are being paid presumably by taxpayers who have yet to find out what the bill will be.
    I know that people also want to be working but there is a lot of time off work going on and I accept that there is real sacrifice but it is not as total as people may think. You would be surprised how double minded humans are. The roads are definately busier now so people are voting with their feet and simply ignoring this insane abolition of freedom.
    7.Whatever happened to the idea of freedom? All that talk of ‘fight for freedom’, ‘freedom is priceless’, etc. What is shocking is how little, even many Christians seem to value freedom. Once you have lost it, it is very difficult to get back. Freedom comes from God as well, so rejecting God, means a nation loses freedom.
    8.People are scared to death of death. With no God reference points anymore the nation is given over to fear of death because of it being the end, which is what the secular humanist education system and media has taught. Evolution is the real evil, it was invented to destroy belief in God. I am incredulous that the UK Church does not rebut this more and promote Biblical creation. The foundation is creation. If you destroy the foundation and you destroy the entire building.
    9.The Western world having rejected the God of its forefathers, has lost confidence in itself, so has unquestioningly adopted the ideas of communist China, although the Chinese government may have done things better eg banning travel into the country; having a flu epidemic policy all ready to roll out and having simple temperature testing at major locations, as well as virus testing. I don’t think Britain is doing any of this, at least not nationally.
    10.Hysteria governs what people do and think. Wise thinking, bringing God in, has gone. Media fuelled hysteria is the result.

    We should be revoking the media death curse in the name of Jesus.

    As CV says, the good news is the gay rights activists have been stopped from going into schools and working. Is it possible that God has allowed all this, at least partly, to save the young? If the government won’t and the church won’t, it could be that God has answered our prayers and is now saving the children. That could mean this lockdown aka, imprisonment, will last longer.

  6. As you say, Stephen, appropriate vaccination saves lives. Being vaccinated not only protects oneself from the disease, it prevents one from infecting one’s neighbour, and hence is an act of love. I am sure you are also right, in your email of 1st of May to subscribers, by identifying as fake news Internet posts saying that vaccination in the UK is now compulsory. It isn’t. Our medical records may now contain our vaccination history. The ID is not in the vaccine itself, but the name, address, etc. associated with the record of it. Vaccination certification has for many years be required to enter some countries. We are not going to be forced to be vaccinated against Coronavirus, when available, but while the pandemic persists, society will need to know whether we, as individuals, are or not, to free up the economy. Employers have a legal duty of care to their staff and customers, in this instance to minimise risk of infecting them, and hence would have to treat the unvaccinated (or without a positive antibody test) differently, by maintaining social distancing from them. Restaurants and football stadia, for example, may require evidence of vaccination on entry, or not open at all, as social distancing would largely be impractical. Some may regard vaccination certification as the “Mark of the Beast” (Rev 13:17-18). The Crown in Parliament and the rule of law is not, in my view, the Beast. (We have left the EU ;). Satan has not yet been thrown down to Earth. But for now, we must use wisdom for the common good by protecting our people from disease and death whilst enabling as much of our economy to recover as possible, and as fast as possible.

  7. Have you considered that there is no need to make vaccination or surveillance compulsory when coercion almost as effective can be effected by making the exercise of normal freedoms again conditional upon vaccination and submitting to surveillance?

    Had it occurred to you that some will have conscientious objections to accepting vaccinations that are manufactured from the remains of aborted human foetuses, as (I have been told) many vaccines are? Or biologically-active implants for that matter. I was one of your readers who, based upon 1 Corinthians 10:25-26 wasn’t grateful to be told by you, of more tender conscience than I, that our supermarkets were selling unlabelled Halal meat. (“Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising questions of conscience, for, ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof.'”) To avoid offending your conscience about that, my freedom was compromised.

    Even I would baulk at receiving an injection of a product – either or both a vaccine or a chip that interfaced with my own body tissue – that was made using the remains of unborn children, or even tested for safety during research and development by exposing foetal tissue to it. So would you presumably, given your less robust conscience than mine when it comes to Islamic prayers uttered during slaughter.

    When we are offered “The Mark of the Beast”, there will surely be a substantive ethical objection to accepting it that is more serious than our suspicions that, merely because it enables buying and selling, it is The Mark of the Beast that we are accepting.

    With good reason, I suspect that there was already classified technology by 2003 that could enable the kind of surveillance now mooted using cell phones for contact tracing (and worse), without the need to accept implants. See especially, Inner Voice, Target Tracking, and Behavioral Influence Technologies published at http://slavery.org.uk/science.htm. The openly advertised need envisaged for people to carry cellphones with apps or to accept implants is in order to obviate the need to admit this and to obtain consent that it would be sinful to give, I suspect. Refuseniks will be trackable too, using classified technology.

    If the powers that be can trace who, infected with a virus, meets whom, they will also be able to trace with whom those meet who are discovered to be infected by unapproved religious beliefs. If Christians continue to be forbidden to gather together accept virtually, on the internet, it will be easy to discover who is infected by the “virus” of Christianity.

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