Covid-19 Lockdown not science-based

Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell

Damning evidence about the effects of the lockdown, how the lockdown is not itself evidence-based, how the Imperial College Professor Ferguson paper is not even science, not even speculation, but intended to elicit a particular response from governments, is now emerging.

By the way, you simply must also read ‘Coronavirus lockdown and what you are not being told’ from Off-Guardian. It is devastating to Covid-19 Project Fear.

Video from Greece

But first, you need to watch a video. Greece was being held up as an early-lockdown success story last night by the BBC. Just more pro-lockdown propaganda, of course.

Here are the facts about Greece as presented on the amazing video below: On Sunday 22nd March 2020, the Greek governemnt under prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of the center/right wing party announced some of the most draconian social distancing measures in the world, even though only 15 Covid-19 deaths had occurred thus far. People have to carry a special signed form with them to leave their house. Walking alone at the parks, sitting by the beach, swimming, even scuba diving, were all banned.

John 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

Greek church told to shut

The initial announcement did not include the church because Mr Mitsotakis did not want to carry the political cost of pressing the church to close down. On that day, the Greek Orthodox church held a council and decided to bring services two hours earlier, so they would end before 8am. They hoped that would appease the government. However, 45 minutes later, Mr Mitsotakis issued a decree banning all church congregations.

So the Greek church, in common with churches everywhere, went along with it, issuing an internal order to all ministers to keep churches closed and perform the Sunday and Eastern Easter services without a congregation. The Traditional Good Friday processions were all banned.

Church ministers obeyed the directive. But this one, priest of a church in Athens, delivered this straight from the heart sermon to an online-only congregation slamming the lockdown and the ban on meeting for worship.

2Tim 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

This will bless you (it’s a bit Greek Orthodox at the start!):

Ventilators ‘killing people’

Meanwhile, in the Daily Mirror and at more length in the Daily Mail, a Californian doctor, Cameron Kyle-Sidell, says that ventilators, rather than helping to heal Covid-19 patients, are killing them.  Only one third survive being on a ventilator.  Just give them oxygen in one of those CPAP masks like the ones being made by Mercedes Formula 1, he  says.  Don’t expect the medical establishment to change its treatment patterns any time soon …

Prov 18:17 He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him.

Meanwhile, another doctor from US, one Dr Erickson, has filmed this damning video showing the lockdown strategy is not ‘led by the science’ as ministers here like to claim.

P.S. This video has been taken down (aka censored) by YouTube for ‘violating’ their ‘terms of service’. You could not make that up. Watch it on Off-Guardian HERE.

Softening us up for more lockdown

Another 684 hospital patients are announced today to have died from or with Covid-19. That takes out UK total to 19,506. It will top 20,000 over the weekend. But these figures, while still above the daily death-toll of unborn children in the UK from abortion, are not rising any more.

I must just add that the UK Covid-19 daily deaths are not the true daily tally, they can include deaths from days, even weeks earlier.  Furthermore, that Off-Guardian article above shows the mere mention of Covid-19 anywhere on a death certificate adds the death into the Covid-19 stats.  For example: Patient with chronic coronary disease dies from heart failure while being treated for Covid-19 (possibly on one of those deadly ventilators): Covid-19 death.

Project Fear prepares us for more Lockdown against nebulous Second Wave

But just as we thought the end was in sight, we have that Professor Chris Whitty popping up in the last few days warning of a nebulous ‘Second Peak’ and that the lockdown might have to stay for weeks.  Even if it doesn’t, it will be ‘social distancing’ and a ‘new normal.’  It is yet more Covid-19 Project Fear.  If the people are to continue under house arrest, they must be made to feel afraid.  Covid-19 is the enemy.  Your neighbour, even your son or daughter, might be harbouring the enemy!

The BBC dutifully ran a piece on the ‘second wave’ on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido where quite liberal measures were relaxed further a few weeks ago and cases are now rising again. Not that the liberalisation helps Hokkaido much.  The people rely on tourism for their income.

As does my part of West Wales, as it happens.  Incidentally, if Chris Whitty, Prof Neil Ferguson or that nice Health Minister Nadine Dorries MP thinks we are all going to stay indoors for eighteen months until their vaccine has been tested and they can ‘safely’ let us out, they are in dream-world.

However, here is a fact for you. Japan, with a population nearly double that of the UK, records a death toll to date of 328 persons from or with Covid 19.

Get outdoors

The good news is that more people are getting out, aware that sunlight tops up your Vitamin D, which is great for your immune system.  For the same reason secure some 200mg Vitamin C tablets and some Zinc tablets from Wilko this weekend.  Lastly, get your trainers on and start running.  Half-an-hour’s cardio-vascular exercise a day really builds your immune system and your general fitness.

1Cor 3:16  Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

And I shall leave you with a question.  How can NHS workers find the time to make all those videos of whole cohorts of them dancing in corridors.  You know, with the crisis of being overwhelmed with patients and all?

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  1. I have just skim read the Offguardian article and one post at the end says that these restrictions, ie collapse of our God given freedoms, stem from the Coronavirus Act 2020, which is not in force in England only Scotland and Wales have been inflicted with it.

    This is the Act that apparently includes the social distancing rule. We need to find out if this social distance rule of two metres is actually in force as law – it sounds as if it is not. I have just sent an email to my MP but I have yet to receive a reply from her on anything I have written to date (A lot about RSE) so it is anyone’s guess when or if I ever get a reply. But this is something we all need to research.

    If there is no legal basis for the two metre distancing then I cannot see how the police can sustain a fine on us for allegedly breaching it, at least, it will open for a legal challenge. If there is any detention by eg private security people, for allegedly not keeping a two metre distance, then that is open for a legal claim for false imprisonment and/or false arrest. The police have certain protections, for obvious reasons, but even police officers have to be careful – these types of laws are there to protect us against an over mighty state, we should be grateful for them.

    The point is we may have been taken for an enormous ride here, if there is no legal justification for the two metres rule, we are not obliged to keep to it. Then there is the whole lockdown legal basis – we need to find out if there is any legal basis for this either. Presumably it is in the Coronovirus Act, but is it in force in England? It would be amazing if it was not but we cannot rely on the mainstream media to get anything right. The crucial point is – a law created by Parliament has to actually be in force, often this is put somewhere in the Act, that the Act will only come into force on a certain day.

    I am delighted to see more people out and about and more traffic on the roads. Little by little the British are defying these satanic powers. We are doing it in a very British way, we are politely defying these unjust laws. Few are actually saying it out loud but they are just defying it quietly. My guess is that this will become a flood and then the authorities and the media will really panic. And as for the UK church which apart from a few courageous exceptions, just went along with it – oh dear, oh dear.
    Quietly defy, do one act of defiance each day, do a prayer walk and cry out to God.

    One last thing, please I urge you, do not do pot banging for the NHS. My neighbours have been doing this by standing in the middle of the road, it is tragic. I agree with the NHS but please, not pot banging; please I beg you, don’t demean yourself, God created you for higher things.

  2. Denning – I heard someone say the 2m rule comes from 1940s era medicine for flu and so on. This virus is more contagious than flu, and according to peer-reviewed science it can travel 6-7m with a cough or a sneeze. A Chinese man who was an early case of contracting the disease and died was found to become infected merely by walking past the door of a downstairs flat where the man infected left his door ajar. You can understand why wrongly named care homes are dangerous places. Two other ways of spreading it are talking and laughing. I for one do not wish to try my luck and rely on official advice. Google Scholar will give you the science.

    1. Andrew, you have very valid points. The unknown contagion comes in – could be by a seemingly fit person carrier?

      I know of three care homes all in different places. Out of the three one went down with the virus and residents were isolated to their own rooms. How the virus ‘came in’ may never be traced.

      Another point, we know of where an antibiotic has specifically been given solely to those affected, but this virus is no ordinary thing and the decree of affection can differ, in this particular case, it all appears that it is really going to take some time before full recuperation is to be expected.

      1. The Chinese believe the number of asymptomatic carriers is low. Typically someone will get symptoms after five days and are infectious for 3 days leading upto symptoms. As one in infected the contagiousness peaks at the beginning of the symptom time since that is when the immune system is kicking in, so it will rise and fall, except in hospital cases where the immune system is sluggish. The main purpose of hospital is to increase the time the person can live in the hope it is enough time for a slow immune system to gather strength.

        Anyhow it looks like the government are deliberately trying to kill us.

        Quote from Telegraph :” A government document, Covid-19 Hospital Discharge Service Requirements, published on 19 March, directed that elderly hospital patients be moved into nursing homes or other social care accommodation to free up hospital capacity. Unbelievably, given how poorly equipped most nursing homes are and the unique frailty of their residents, the document states: “Some of these patients may have Covid-19, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic. All of these patients can be safely cared for in a care home if this guidance is followed.”

        Dr Wilson said: “To mandate that care homes should take back Covid+ patients with such a high risk of cross infection and high mortality rate in vulnerable residents seems unfathomable. Surely the sensible policy would have been to limit care home admissions and offer safer alternatives. The tragedy is that this was preventable, as there is capacity in the live-in care sector.”

        The actual virus is classified as biosafety level 3. It’s hardly unskilled labour to deal with such a dangerous thing.

          • Stephen on 26 April 2020 at 18:36

          With you most of the way, except that a lot of studies, for example Diamond Princess, show asymptomatic outnumbering symptomatic, and completely resistant beating them all by a street. Now how come, if Covid-19 is so dangerous (albeit deadly in Care Homes), did Public Health England write: ‘As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.’

          1. PHE appear to be run by a politician.

            “Between 2013 to 2019 she provided leadership for health and reduction of inequalities at city-wide level to the population of London and was Statutory Adviser to the Mayor of London. ”


            The Mayor referred to is one Sadiq Khan, a very controversial figure for a whole host of reasons.

            You might be interested in what this chap has to say.


            He’s a Labour man, but I believe he is telling the truth, and says Neil Ferguson warned the government but they would not take his advice. I think Neil Ferguson is likely to be a very talented modeller as he did a doctorate in theoretical physics, one of the most difficult of all subjects. So they picked the right man, but what is also apparent is PHE have messed up the data collection, so it is inhibiting what he can do with it. It’s an absolute tragedy and we are going to look like one of the most incompetent countries in the entire world. The one thing they have not done is to follow the science. Science starts with good data collection.


            • Stephen on 3 May 2020 at 09:30

            Professor Neil Ferguson may be talented, but on Mothering Sunday, @neil_ferguson tweeted this:
            ‘I’m conscious that lots of people would like to see and run the pandemic simulation code we are using to model control measures against COVID-19. To explain the background – I wrote the code (thousands of lines of undocumented C) 13+ years ago to model flu pandemics..’
            This is an extraordinary bunch of admissions.
            Firstly, the model he used to predict the outcome of the Covid-19 disease was ‘13+’ years old. That takes us back possibly to bird flu and his ridiculous prediction that 200 million could die fro m it. 440 people died worldwide.
            Secondly, his model was intended to model an influenza outbreak. They are well known to have a ‘second wave’ or even a ‘third wave’. By contrast, SARS epidemics tend to get stsrted, rise to a peak, then peter out.
            Thirdly, he admits he failed to include a commentary in his code. That is a geek’s school-boy error. A proper programmer always, always, puts a commentary in his coding. That is so he knows, when he goes back to it in a couple of months time (let alone thirteen+ years) what the mass of coding was all intended to do. Neil Ferguson does not know how his model works. Millions are out of work, millions more are ruined, and the man responsible does not know why. It is devastating, and the mass media have, naturally, failed to pick it up.
            But one thing Professor Ferguson does know. He has done his bit, and continues to do his bit, for the vaccine industry which pays his wages.

  3. It has been mentioned to me, this is no new thing as in Leviticus Ch 13 instruction was given about those with thee outward ‘plague of the leper’ shall dwell alone and not mingle with others (non-lepers) and have their faces partially covered. Here we see in the OT the example to follow. We have taken measures in Nightingale ‘shelter hospitals’ or the use as I understand of hospitals being divided up, so the influx of normal inpatients are completely separated away in a different wing to the unfortunate Covid-19 inpatients.

    When this seriousness of this plague started to become evident and not a supposed bad outbreak of some unknown strain of influenza, measures were taken on people returning from abroad here and in other countries to be stopped and checked over’. No doubt there will an inquest. Leviticus 13 remains true.

    When you mention secure some ‘200mg Vitamin C tablets from Wilko this weekend’ this is actually what Holland have started giving to Covid – 19 patients in a larger controlled way and it has helped them.

      • Stephen on 26 April 2020 at 18:39

      Hey, thanks, Jason on the Vitamin C point. But of course, in the UK, measures are only to be taken now to investigate people returning form abroad. In the case of leprousy, it is the leper who has to isolate, not the whole population.

  4. (This is not to be relied upon as legally accurate): Yes thanks – I have now had a chance to look some things up – the online New Law Journal has a good article ( 3.4.20). The Coronovirus Act 2020 does seem to be in force in England, Wales, Scotland and NI, it would have a bit surprising if it was not, and it gives the police powers to stop, detain and order a person to go and get tested. The police have powers if they have ‘reasonable grounds to suspect that’ a person ‘is or may be infected’, so it will cover just about everybody, unless you have some kind of certificate showing you are in the clear.

    The police must have ‘reasonable grounds to suspect’ – this is a standard form of legal wording that tries to balance our freedom against the needs to have a workable policing force who have to be able to deal with breaches of the law and dangerous criminality. It is a safeguard, it means that a police force cannot just randomly select someone for stopping, they have to have some kind of justifiable reason. I am grateful for both these legal principles – they were laid down by our ancestors that took God’s law as a good basis for our laws. I thank and praise God for the good judges and law makers who did this and pray that we keep these principles for as long as possible.

    The police may use reasonable force to remove a person to a place of testing, if that person refuses, they may detain a person for a reasonable period of time pending being removed to a place of testing. (Pt2, Sch21, para20).

    From what I can tell the comment about two metre distancing from the Offguardian was correct, I cannot find anything in the Act that makes it illegal or unlawful to keep two metres apart. I may be wrong so feel free to check (Unfortunately it is a long Act), but I could not see it. The two metres may be voluntary but under the Coronovirus Act, I don’t think the police cannot arrest you or fine you for not keeping two metres apart so that appears to be another media mistake or scare tactic. Please do not rely on my opinion though – if you try this, it is at your own risk. However, the police don’t need to use two metres – they have enough powers under Sch21 – the ‘is or may be infected’ power, so presumably that is where the fines are being used.

    Shops, private operators, etc may choose to use the two metre apart rule to try to protect themselves against being sued, it is understandable why they might want to do this, they have probably been advised to do this by their advisors but it is open to being tested as lawyers say.

    This whole emergency opens up a huge number of issues that will have to be properly worked out and a load of unintended consequences. I sympathise with stores and shops but there has been no proper debate and anyone who dares to question is outcast. The media hysteria is the big problem, with all those meaningless death numbers, designed to scare.
    Save the children – Stop RSE

  5. The only thing science-based about the lockdown is that it a giant, unlawful medical experiment, in which our government is allowing certain epidemiologists to use the entire British public as non-consenting experimental test subjects, in order to test their hypotheses about COVID-19, flagrantly contravening the Nuremberg Code in several different ways.

    You can read the text of the Nuremberg Code, and about its provenance in post-war jurisprudence, here:

      • Stephen on 26 April 2020 at 18:32

      Wow. I was thinking of it just as a social and economic experiment, but you have something there.

  6. Social distancing will inevitably reduce the infection reproduction rate (R). If you are not in contact with others, you can’t infect them. Hence the necessity for lock down, to reduce the R number below 1, and hence avoid exponential growth of infections and deaths. To say this is “not science” is untenable and dangerous. It is incumbent upon us to dispassionately and objectively analyse the evidence and the derive conclusions from it. To come to a conclusion or opinion and then find evidence that might or might not support this is “not science”.

      • Stephen on 26 April 2020 at 18:31

      No, it’s turning out to be ‘not science’ because apparently, most infections occur indoors, the next up, on public transport, with out doors trailing in a long way behind. And what is also ‘not science’ are predictions like the one of Neil Ferguson carried out on the basis of a 13-year-old model made up of undocumented code written to model flu pandemics by a man paid by the vaccine industry.
      Luke 12:2 For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed …

  7. One thing I am thinking about is why we are being forced as an entire nation into isolation/lockdown/ imprisonment when the Bible seems to tell us that God created us to have community and not be isolated. I have found Pro 18:1 which is a direct rejection of isolating ourselves. The church as a whole needs to say this because we are being carried along by a government and media that does not have our best interests at heart and is forcing upon us very anti Christian things. Isolation for those individuals actually infected is in the Bible but I cannot think of anywhere where we are told the entire nation is to be shut down.

    The so called cure is worse than the disease and the media is refusing to say this. It is actually evil to impose isolation on everyone and I strongly oppose it because God’s Word does not tell us to do this. We were made for community and the anti Christ media is clearly trying to destroy us.

    The church needs to hurry up and start doing some proper Bible research and tell people from the Word that God wants community, not isolation. It is evil to do to people what is being done to us and Christians now need to start talking about what God’s Word actually says and not what we think people want it to say.

    God wants community, not isolation – it’s in His Word. God created us for community – This is a massive opportunity for churches to come out and tell people from God’s Word, that this whole anti human, isolationism is from the evil one and God wants relationship for His creation, not isolation for everyone.

    Save the children – Stop RSE
    Evolution is a hoax, we are not descended from apes

  8. Have a look at Leviticus 13 and 14. These are really interesting chapters that instructed the Jews how to deal with infectious diseases. How good is our God that he first told his people and then, as Christians we have access to this knowledge too. Give glory the God, how great is our God, how amazing are his ways.

    Here is my simple summary.
    1.Anyone infected had to report themselves to the priestly official; 2.If the official agreed that there was an infection, that person, and only that person infected, had to self isolate for 7 days; 3.At the end of 7 days the infected person could go back to the official to get the all clear. If the infection had gone, the person went back to the community again and normal life. If not it was back to isolation and the process repeated until the all clear could be given; 4.Once the person was well, the person would have to make an offering (they are all set out in Leviticus), and this was a guilt offering, presumably as reference to the fact that all illnesses ultimately came from the Fall of man and from sin.

    What a contrast to our secular government. Note that God says you do not put the entire nation in shut down, you only isolate those with the disease. You do not force either the person infected to be shut off from the community for months or a year, only 7 days at a time, with frequent opportunities to rejoin the community quickly, nor does God say that you shut down the whole community or the entire nation from community. And you make an offering at the end, to God, not man.

    So what God says is the opposite of what the Godless conservative communist government has done, which appears to have copied the communist government of China. If you look at the whole spread of God’s ideas for mankind, it is relational and community. God created humanity for community see Gen2:18, and has said that isolation is generally bad and to be avoided Pro 18:1, so everything we are going through now is the wrong approach and had the leaders of our country, and I am sorry to say, also a lot of church leaders, had the courage and intelligence to look at the Bible, this could have been dealt with differently and better because it would have been God’s way, not man’s.

    The sacrifices of Leviticus do not have to be done now because of the once for all sacrifice of Jesus for sin, although I would say making some kind of offering would be respectful to God. We could choose a Christian group who is doing good and give them a donation.

    So this is what happens when a nation deserts God. We tragically inflict upon ourselves unnecessary disaster. This could be what Romans 1:18-32, ‘handed them over to’, is explaining to us.

    We need to stand upon the inerrant Word when it comes to explaining to those who think it good to put an entire nation into anti-community lockdown and economic shutdown. The economic cost is currently £2.4 billion per day. No one is telling us what the outcome of this will be.

  9. We read: The bacterium Mycobacterium leprae causes leprosy. It’s thought that leprosy spreads through contact with the mucosal secretions of a person with the infection. This usually occurs when a person with leprosy sneezes or coughs.

    We note the example in Leviticus 13-14 of how to contain the disease by isolation, so far so good, but with this Covid-19 it has spread throughout all the nations and seems to have hit the most vulnerable with a lower immune and there are those that are carriers, for example, it is now being largely reported about the spread of this Covid-19 within care-homes bringing the real total of deaths to a much higher figure because those with beginning symptoms should have gone straight to hospital.

    Although the OT example of dealing with leprosy is there to follow, this is a Covid-19 disease.

    If you get chance to read Richard A E North’s daily read as he was a public health professor you will gain from his long-standing experience and knowledge why we need measures for us to be contained (for the time being)

      • Stephen on 1 May 2020 at 11:18

      Never in the history of the world have healthy people been quarantined, and I believe the principle of quarantine for the sick is the point of the Leviticus passage. Richard North has no experience of the effectiveness or otherwise of a lockdown because it has never happened before. Not in the history of mankind. A siege from hostile forces, yes. A self-inflicted lockdown, no.

      1. It seems that the lockdown theory came in rather quickly as the World Health Organisation had stated that this virus is contagious.

        People can catch COVID-19 from others who have the virus. The disease spreads primarily from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth, which are expelled when a person with COVID-19 coughs, sneezes or speaks.

        Are we to be subject to the powers (those that govern) that be ordained of God or are we to say No the government are giving out a wrong law?

          • Stephen on 2 May 2020 at 07:41

          Thanks Jason. Our calling here right now is to prophecy against it.

  10. We have to bear in mind the ‘permissive will of God’ and that we were caught as it were ‘asleep’ and in turn were ‘permitted’ to adopt a wrong strategy by focusing too much on a flu threat” with other connecting consequences.

    Sudden destruction has come upon many nations and no doubt inquests will follow, ah but will this nation and others wonder why it is in their conclusions that certain nations such as Australia, Kenya, Russia, Belarus have had a much smaller amount of death if they also ‘were caught asleep.’

    It would be wonderful if they came to the right conclusion – what more could we wish.

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