Vaccine & female infertlity

Scary Bill Gates meme

The BBC illustrates its article on vaccine ‘misinformation’ with this Bill Gates meme.

The UK media have been rejoicing over the Pfizer vaccine. The party was spoiled to an extent when two NHS workers had allergic reactions on the first day of the roll-out.  That prompted the UK regulators to warn people with a history of significant allergic reactions not to have the new Pfizer/BioNTech jab. One would have thought they could have said that before the unfortunate pair were dosed up.

However, the media are also abuzz with worries over ‘false information’ about vaccines appearing on social media and that this information might dissuade people from lining up.

The BBC reported: “COVID-19: Facebook to take down false vaccine claims”. Facebook, we are told, have a ‘crack team’ of ‘independent fact-checkers’. So what are these ‘false claims’ about COVID-19 vaccines which Facebook plans to start removing? By ‘false’ does it mean anything remotely sceptical? How many of Facebook’s ‘crack team’ will be vaccine specialists? Or will they just follow the WHO and government lines?


Last month, Labour even called for financial and criminal penalties for social media firms that do not remove ‘false scare stories’ about vaccines.

The BBC actually has a ‘disinformation reporter’. She is Marianna Spring. She explained: ‘Baseless conspiracy theories about a coronavirus vaccine have been spreading on social media for months – and the latest vaccine news rekindled these pre-existing narratives online.

‘Within hours of news breaking about the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, comments and memes suggesting it will deliberately harm us were popping up in local Facebook groups, parent chats and on Instagram.
‘This kind of disinformation is worlds away from legitimate concerns that a vaccine is safe and properly tested.’

Well yes it is, but who is to decide what is a legitimate concern and what is a ‘baseless conspiracy theory’?


Professor Eric Caumes won't take an mRNA vaccine

Professor Eric Caumes won’t take an mRNA vaccine

Frankly, I don’t inject myself with things I don’t need.

  Even Professor Eric Caumes, who has been running Project Fear in France and favoures lockdowns, has clearly stated he will not take an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, such as Pfizer’s.

Moreover, with the fatality rate being so low, anyone who receives the vaccine who neither has a pre-existing medical condition nor works with those who do is taking an unnecessary risk with their health. Professor Mike Yeadon is saying the same sort of things. Health bosses might well plead that they need 80% take up ‘for immunity to be sufficiently widespread’ but community immunity after infection can surely be trusted to do the same job. The trouble is, the latter, like Vitamin D, eating healthily and taking exercise, makes their chums no money.


So what claims are actually being made? The BBC says they boil down to four it believes it can refute:

* ‘Altered DNA’ claims,
* Bill Gates and microchip claims,
* Foetal tissue claims,
* Recovery rate claims.

They could add, but they don’t:

* Concerns about mercury,
* The record of vaccine companies,
* Genuine concerns about safety and
* Why the vaccine has not been licensed as ‘safe and efficacious’,
* Why I initial adverse side effects are so common,
* The possibility of coercion, let alone
* Whether the vaccine could become compulsory.


We look at all these claims, finding out how many are true and which are false, in an extended ‘vaccine’ article in the December 2020 Christian Voice newsletter, which our members, that’s those who support this ministry both by their prayers and by their financial contributions, have just received by post.

To receive your copy, CLICK HERE, join Christian Voice as a member, and share in our mission to empower believers with the information they need to target their prayer and action, just as the early church in Philippi partnered with the Apostle Paul:

Phil 4:10 But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly, that now at the last your care of me hath flourished again; wherein ye were also careful, but ye lacked opportunity.

Chrisitians have a responibility to witness to the truth and raise a prophetic voice.

Isa 58:1 Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.

Aware of this our God-given duty it is therefore vital for the Lord’s people o discern truth from fiction. After all, in everything we do we are bound to be people of truth:

Exodus 20:16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
Psalm 85:11 Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven.
Matt 19:18 He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness,
John 4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.


Mike Yeadon

Professor Mike Yeadon on Talk Radio

The BBC could also have added ‘concerns about female infertility’. This is a massive issue and the only one of the above list we have decided to pull out of the newsletter article and share in this post. A social media post has claimed Pfizer’s vaccine could cause sterilization and problems related to infertility. Is this a ‘false claim’? The post reads:

‘The head of research at Pfizer says the COVID-19 vaccine causes female sterilization because it contains a spike protein called syncytin-1, vital for the formation of human placenta in women. If the vaccine works so that we form an immune response AGAINST the spike protein, we are also training the female body to attack syncytin-1, which could lead to infertility in women of an unspecified duration.’

The Times of India struggles to refute the claim, urging readers not to give ‘in to vaccine hesitancy’ and ‘not break the chain’, before accepting ‘that all COVID-19 vaccines are newly made, so identifying long-term damages, or other health implications would require a lot more research.’

It says: ‘There is also no evident or anecdotal studies which suggest that COVID vaccines may be detrimental to fertility. Most COVID vaccines currently under work build up the body’s defences, spike antibody counts to prevent future COVID strike. There is no other impact on any other vital body functioning.’ But that is just an assertion. As they say, it’s early days. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.


The UK Department of Health admit: ‘There are no or limited amount of data from the use of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2. Animal reproductive toxicity studies have not been completed.’ They go on to say ‘COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 is not recommended during pregnancy.’

Furthermore, ‘pregnancy should be excluded before vaccination’ and ‘women of childbearing age should be advised to avoid pregnancy for at least 2 months after their second dose.’ Furthermore, ‘A risk to the newborns/infants cannot be excluded’ and the vaccine ‘should not be used during breast-feeding.’

On the subject of fertility, and under that very heading, which is unusual, they freely admit, ‘It is unknown whether COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 has an impact on fertility.’ That disclaimer is deliberate, placed there to put all the blame on the regulator.


The cited ‘head of research at Pfizer’ is none other than Professor Mike Yeadon. He did work for Pfizer as Vice President and CSO of its allergy and respiratory research unit. In a letter to the European Medicines Agency, he and public health specialist Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg asked for a halt in the Pfizer trials because the vaccine might block the formation of the placenta. He wrote: ‘It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.’

Bob Segall

Reporter Bob Segall tries to disprove the claim about female infertility – and fails when Pfizer say ‘No comment’.

The doctors did not say, as the social media post claims, that the vaccine would definitely cause female infertility.

But they did raise an important question and urged that trials be suspended for research into the topic to take place.

When Pfizer were contacted by investigator Bob Segall, who was hoping to secure an all-clear, they said, ‘We are not commenting on this’. Mr Segall said that was ‘not exactly helpful’. In other words, Pfizer know there is a problem.

Isa 29:15 Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?


Dr Wolfgang Wodarg

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg

Mr Segall also tried an ad hominem attack, claiming both Professor Yeadon and Dr Wodarg ‘have a history of peddling false information about Covid.’ The ‘false information’ consisted firstly of Professor Yeadon saying the pandemic was effectively over, a valid point of view, although not one the establishment would accept. Secondly Dr Wodarg claimed earlier this year the SARS Cov-2 virus is ‘no more harmful than the seasonal flu’. ‘Which is also untrue’, said Mr Segall.

Except it isn’t untrue but merely debatable. In October, Dr Michael Ryan,the WHO’s Head of Emergencies revealed they believe roughly 10% of the world has been infected with SARS-Cov-2. The death toll worldwide was then 1,061,539, 10% of the world was 780 million, giving an infection fatality rate of roughly 0.14%, in line with seasonal flu. In fact, given the over-reporting of alleged Covid deaths, the IFR is likely even lower than 0.14%, and could show Covid to be even less dangerous than flu.

In his parting shot, despite Pfizer offering ‘no comment’, and despite the lack of evidence, Bob Segall concluded by describing the infertility claim as ‘FALSE’. ‘At the same time’, he went on, ‘It is fair to point out the vaccine is so new there are no long-term studies to show the long-term impact on fertility.’


Generally speaking, this is my conclusion: If you are over eighty, or have an immune challenge or a pre-existing condition, or if you are obese, which heaven forbid, have the vaccine when it is offered if you think it is right to do so and you are not troubled about the use of foetal-line cells being used in the manufacture. If you are not any of those, and especially if you are a woman of child-bearing age, my advice is don’t have it. You don’t need it. And you do not know what it will do to you.

Jer 46:11 Go up into Gilead, and take balm, O virgin, the daughter of Egypt: in vain shalt thou use many medicines; for thou shalt not be cured.

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  1. Further information about the vaccine can be found in my summary article on Conservative Woman here –

  2. If the Pfizer vaccine causes infertility, will not natural immunity to SARS-Cov-2 do the same?
    In general, I think the vaccine can give protection against the government as well as against the virus. There are two options available, vaccines or lockdowns with their dire effects especially on the poor until our Lord returns. It would be wonderful if there were a third alternative but I do not know of one, so I expect to take the vaccine, risks and all.

  3. If someone thinks it causes infertility they have the onus of proof in science. I have seen nothing on why it should. All it does is produce a protein in the same shape as the spike on the virus. Please tell me how this could possibly affect the reproductive system, given that is is just a dead bit of protein. The argumentum ad verecundiam or argument of authority is not recognised in science. You must be able to explain yourself.

  4. All this controversy suggest that the vaccine is far from ready for distribution, and therefore should be with held until it is clear that it does what it says that it does. The ‘urgency’ of this is easily hyped up as the media and government with all in ‘world’ government have been very good at generating irrational fear, misinformation, and therefore control of our thought processes to the extent that we are now malleable to almost anything that goes. I for one will not be taking this vaccine, and I wonder if I will, as classed as an ‘elderly’ person, will sustain any ‘sanctions’ for refusal?

  5. I am troubled by your conclusion, ‘if you think it is right to do so’; my view is that if this so called vaccine is in any way made by, from, or with the parts of an aborted foetus, even at the beginning, it is totally unacceptable and I am saddened that CV did not say so.

    I asked a retired pharmacist how long in his opinion it takes for a new drug to be safely released into a society; His reply, ‘ten years, longer if it is a vaccine’.

    I will not be taking this untested, unclean vaccine and it is time Christians stopped worshipping the false god of science. Scientism is the real problem here, that has become the real virus.

    1. The article in our newsletter speaks at length about the use of foetal tissue. We’ll extract that section next week and publish it here on the website.

  6. Thanks for clarifying, and for the article. This whole plandemic is a much greater threat to our freedom than most people realise and all the responses by the government confirms my fears that this is all about destroying us not restoring us. The good news is that this government’s record on ‘rolling’ things out be it Operation Moonshot’, or anything else is very poor. If the vaccine roll out is a success it means people will demand a return of their freedoms, but that is not on the agenda, so my prediction is that this vaccine roll out will fail for some reason or other. It will be blamed on government incompetence but it will be because we will not be getting our freedoms back unless we fight for them. Meanwhile the financiers are plundering us. The big losers are the young, who are effectively bullet proof from the corona SARS flu virus. I wonder how long it will be before the young decide that they have nothing to lose but rebel, and get future back.

  7. There is a hideous element of predictability in the developing media response to the so-called ‘scarce’-mongering (I call it ‘truth-mongering) statements that come from so-‘conspiracy’-theorists (I call them ‘truth’-theorists). I wonder that no one can perceive the globalists’ agenda in all of this which has been allowed to take a giant step forward towards a world wide globalist communist state, which is exactly what the loony liar left are intent on inflicting on all of us. Make no mistake: this is a recipe for world wide oppression of the world wide population, and the mainline media are now in co-hoots with those such as Soros, Gates and the rest of these demonic idiots, to the tune of criminalising those who express effective disagreement with their information source and conclusion. I see that Starmer wants to criminalise them. He is another left loony that lies convincingly for the benefit of those who are lefties idiots. He has some presentable ‘credibility’ in that he is a ‘sir’!!
    By the end of this stage of this scenario, we will be unrecognizable as a civilisation, because too many so-called Christians and others who should know better cave in to the climate of fear and doom inevitability, that makes them, and us no more than useful idiots. Welcome to the world useful idiots!

  8. 7.1.21
    Vaccine discussion maybe a bit academic because I predict that the vaccine roll out will fail just as the ‘world beating’ track and trace ‘Operation Moonshot’ did, for some very obvious reasons.
    1.Medical professionals will be reluctant to either use or be part of giving out a largely untested drug, because they know what could happen when a new drug is released without proper testing. For those old enough, remember thalidomide in the 1960’s-70’s.
    Medical people will also be reluctant to be part of giving out of an untested drug because of professional ethics and the probability of medical negligence litigation. Any lawyer with an eye to making money will now be recruiting negligence lawyers – because the prospects of an avalanche of corona vaccine medical negligence litigation is high. A lot of people could make a lot of money out of this.
    Don’t be deceived by government’s drug authorising authorities, they are not like they were in the past but have been taken over as nearly all high places have in the West. When you take away God from the high places of society, you do not get to more truth, you lose it. A good example is the opioid crisis in the USA. Opioid painkilling drugs were authorised by the US government and are now resulting in deaths from overdosing of around 70,000 people per year. Opioids are now known to be highly addictive.
    2.The vaccine will also fail because the government knows that people will demand their freedom back once they have been vaccinated. The government has no intention of giving freedom back. Therefore some reason will be found for the Marxist mainstream media to report it has failed. I don’t know what excuse they will dream up but be ready for it.
    And what no one still will talk about is the financial ruin coming round the corner or already here. You cannot print your way out of a crisis; There is no magic money tree; You cannot print money out of nothing and use some of it to pay people not to work – this is pure Marxist monetary fantasy, in fact it is communism. This from a supposedly conservative government!
    The church of course is largely silent and is too busy going along with everything the Marxist conservative government orders.
    I wonder if what God is doing is this: This is the fall of the West; We will be overtaken by China where I understand there are millions of Christians, who suffer real persecution for their faith. (RT News reports that there were New Year celebrations as normal over there, unlike lockdown here).
    God will not give us our freedom back until this nation turns back to God and that means more than just ‘saying sorry’. We have to repent and then repeal: The mass abortion laws; The pro-gay agenda+laws; The transgender laws; The anti-family laws; The vile RSE laws, and anything else I have missed. The more I consider it, the more I see that the conservative party is now the anti-God party because most of the anti-God legislation that we have had to endure came when they were in power.
    The UK Church will also have to completely repent and recant of its insane, delusionary, absurd, nonsensical, apostate, blockheaded, endorsement and promotion of evolution and associated billions of years deep time-gap. This is a massive offence to God and no amount of ‘God is love’ messages will get the church out of this bind. All the attacks on the family, marriage, gender, image, human dignity, freedom, eugenics, euthanasia, care for the planet – all came from the destruction of the Genesis creation account which the church has not opposed but has actually quietly agreed with.
    You want freedom back? This is what we have to do.

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