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  1. Thanks for this blog.
    I have written to my MP via Email quoting from selected statements from the foregoing., suggesting to him that he might conrtribute towards holding the government to account. I am not confident of receiving much response!

  2. Hi Stephen,
    I’ve just completed a week’s jury service.
    We were told to bring our own food because the canteen was closed “due to Covid19”.
    All the seats in the room where we waited to be summoned were 1m apart and they filled the canteen as well.
    All the catering staff had lost their jobs so the jurors could be 1m apart!
    How crazy is that?

  3. Sunetra Gupta says up to 68% infected. This looks way out. Other estimates put it at about 5-7% ish.


    1. We shall see.

      1. You can see it here.


        I don’t expect people to work through the maths of this paper on here, but first of all it is on a preprint server, and this means it has not been published here in a proper academic journal that peer reviews the papers, such as Nature where our very contentious Neil Ferguson publishes.


        If you don’t know, Nature is the gold standard. Only the best get in there!

        However, all is not lost because the preprint server allows reviews by peers, and you can read them if you scroll down to the bottom of the page. This paper is an absolute disgrace, but it gets linked to by Bloomberg. I can smell something rather fishy going on, as this researcher does not appear to be getting it right. This could be fraudulent, given the kind of errors in the paper and it’s American corporate promotion.

        OK I just checked that one name and found suspect science. There could be more. It’s good to do a few in-depth spot checks, rather than take everything on trust.

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