Vaccine Passports on the way

Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP

Rt Hon Dominic Raab MP is ready to accept imposition of vaccine passports

Sky News reports that Ministers will discuss today a Cabinet Office proposal to introduce vaccine and testing certificates for international travel.

Sky News has been told Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has already signed off on the proposal. However, a government insider stressed there is “nervousness” about when such a system will even be announced publicly, let alone rolled out for use. After all, they are supposed to be a ‘Conservative’ administration.

Lev 25:17 Ye shall not therefore oppress one another; but thou shalt fear thy God: for I am the LORD your God. (KJV)

A briefing paper prepared ahead of the COVID operations meeting seen by Sky News said: “We should not set even speculative timelines on when this may change border measures.” The policy will not be implemented until there is “sufficient scientific evidence” from the Government’s advisory group known as SAGE on the effects of vaccine and testing certificates.

No denial of a U-turn

A Government spokesperson did not deny the plan, telling Sky News: “The UK Government, like most nations, wants to open up international travel in a responsible safe and fair manner and we continue to be guided by the science. We want to ensure there is an internationally recognised approach to enable travel and are working closely with international partners to do so.”

Joshua 6:1 Now Jericho was straitly shut up because of the children of Israel: none went out, and none came in.

Lara Prendergast of the Spectator

Lara Prendergast of the Spectator

However, the Government has previously denied plans for vaccine passports. So why was £450,000 worth of Government grants given to eight schemes focused on developing digital immunity documentation?

When Lara Prendergast of the Spectator took a closer look, she found an idea gaining traction internationally.

International acceptance

The Prime Minister of Greece has proposed a system of vaccine passports, a global ID card scheme which identifies the vaccinated. His logic is: Greece depends on holidaymakers, vaccines speed up the return to normal life, immunisation passports could get tourists flying again. He’d like the EU to oversee it.

Denmark will start issuing vaccine passports this month, followed by Sweden, where identity cards and ‘personal numbers’ are already ubiquitous. Israel has introduced a ‘green pass’ for those who can prove their immunity status, which grants them access to shopping centres, gyms and museums. Joe Biden has asked for an evaluation of a vaccine ID scheme for Americans. Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Malta – all desperate to revive tourism – are in favour of vaccine passports. All they need is for other governments to give them the go-ahead.

Where will it end

Lara Prendergast says: ‘But the application of vaccine passports will inevitably extend far beyond holidays. The safety-first mentality could spread into almost every area of modern life. One of the most appalling tragedies of the pandemic was the failure to protect the elderly in care homes. There’s a clear moral case for those who work with the elderly to be able to prove they’ve been vaccinated. Hospitals can make the same argument. But convincing proof can only be issued by the NHS – or, rather, the Government. Without its backing, a vaccine passport system will never get off the ground. When it does, there’s no telling where it will lead.

Prov 14:12 (cf 16:25) There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

‘At first, it would just be a glorified doctor’s note, to help you get on that longed-for flight to Greece. Later, it could exist to “reassure” your employer. The concern is that before long your freedom to move, to work, to do anything beyond sitting in your house may depend on whether or not you have had the latest Covid vaccine (be it Oxford, Pfizer, Moderna or another). The vaccine will give you more than just the prospect of immunity; it will grant you immuno-privilege. Freedom could be determined by the characteristics of your blood: good blood and bad blood.’

Where are conscience and freedom?

Gal 4:26 But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.

Lara P. again: ‘Polls say that about 85% of British adults are “likely” to take up the offer of a jab, but 15% have concerns.’ That result may not reflect the true level of concerns; people tend to answer what they think the authorities would like to hear.

In addition, ‘A recent Bristol University study found that almost two thirds of the British population are in favour of immunity passports, making them almost as popular as lockdown. Just 20% were strongly opposed: a figure that Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, who conducted the study, described as “surprisingly low”, suggesting greater public acceptance of “privacy-encroaching technologies”.‘ What has happened to our love of liberty?

Rev 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

People who can’t have a vaccine for medical reasons might be granted an exemption. But will the wishes of others be taken into consideration, their rights protected, their religious views respected, if vaccine documentation is brought in?

Concern over black ‘refusniks’

UK vaccine minister Nadim Zahawi MP admits ‘vaccine refuseniks’ ‘skew heavily towards BAME communities.’ This raises the prospect of vaccine passports deepening racial divisions.

Gov Cuomo has endorsed this patronising rap video targetted at African-Americans

Gov Cuomo has endorsed this patronising rap video targetted at African-Americans

The authorities are already panicking over the low take-up by ethnic minorities.

In New York, as RT reports only today, New York Governor Cuomo (Democrat, of course) has endorsed a patronising, ‘cringeworthy’ cartoon rap video to promote Covid-19 vaccine to African-Americans.

Needless to say, it is full of ‘trust the doctor’ and fails to address real concerns about vaccines at all. 1980s Rapper ‘DMC’ comes out with embarrassing lines like: ‘If Doc says it’s good, then trust me it’s good,’ and ‘Time for us to trust and not debate the vaccine, believe it’s safe to take.’

The old maxim was: ‘Never trust anyone who says “Trust me”.’

Psalm 2:4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

Pro-lifers and conscience

This baby at six weeks already has a beating heart.

This baby at six weeks already has a beating heart. Abortion involves two human beings, one of whom is dependent on the other.

Pro-lifers, mainly Christians, objecting to the use of cells derived from aborted babies in the manufacture of vaccines, are another group refusing to accept the vaccine.

We reported on foetal tissue use in vaccine manufacture here.

And what of those – the fit and healthy, the young, women, especially those of child-bearing years – who simply decide they have no fear of Covid-19 and are possibly at greater risk from an untested, unlicensed vaccine?

2Tim 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

If they bring in vaccine passports, a case could run all the way to the European Court of Human Rights.

Prayer and witness

However, in the meantime, use this link to the Parliament website to email your MP right now and object to the vaccine passport idea. Ask your MP: what provision is being made for those who in conscience, or on balance of probabilities, refuse the vaccine?

2Sam 23:3 The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.

Pray for the fear of God and his wisdom to descend on those who rule:

1Tim 2:1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; 2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

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  1. Thanks very much for the excellent – and extremely worrying – article.
    I have emailed our MP, Chris Loder, who is a Christian, as follows –

    Hello Chris
    I hope you are well?
    This is an urgent message to you, regarding what looks like an impending introduction of a Covid vaccine passport in the UK, specifically what measures are being taken to cope with people who have religious, philosophical or other objections to receiving the vaccine?
    The objection which all members of my family have, as do many other of your constituents, is that none of the vaccines being used in the UK – Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca – have been tested for medium or long-term safety. None of them has been licensed by the MHRA, simply a rushed and unscientific ‘approval’. As you will know, from reading my articles, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in particular have raised a number of important safety concerns, such that we are unwilling to consent to having these vaccines.
    Our fundamental concern is that, before long, our freedom to move, to work, to do anything beyond sitting in our house may depend on whether or not we have had the latest Covid vaccine. If the UK Government joins any multilateral programme, this will also prevent us travelling abroad.
    This is a clear breach of our human rights and I urgently request that you stand up against any compulsion – whether legal compulsion or effective compulsion, based on prevention of us going about our lawful work or leisure business.
    This short article by my brother, Stephen, on Christian Voice, elucidates our concerns – Please take the few minutes to read the article!
    Amongst several other scriptural passages, Stephen quotes Leviticus 25:17: “Ye shall not therefore oppress one another; but thou shalt fear thy God: for I am the LORD your God”.
    Andrew Green, Mary-Clare Buckle, Arran Green and Fingal Green

    1. Brilliantly written

  2. I don’t ‘run up and down in the earth’ very much – so at the mo, Passport is irrelevant.
    I debated having the vaccine (with myself) – my wife wanted me to have it. I could not see any big reason to refuse it – if I did, some people (other than, but probably as well as my wife) would be offended.
    The Bible tells us ‘Give none offence.’ So even if I were to die physically because of the vaccine, I thought it better to take it than offend the sensibilities of others – mostly brothers and sisters in my church.

    I am not a scientist – I do not know of anything in the vaccine which should prevent me taking it as a Christian.
    We are told that all things are given by God are good, but if it will give offence to a weaker brother or sister, we should refrain.

    1. Hi

      Great response Skyeye because you’ve hit the nail on the head why the Devil and his forces of darkness and destroying spirits intimidate the church.

      Offence .

      Get your bible hub or concordance out and stand up for righteousness and you will offend many slaves of sin who rule this world.

      A simple study of the word of God has us all on our knees to intercede for those who oppose the truth. Well done Christian voice for showing us the fear of Christians standing up for Christ and not fearing God!

    2. Please read the article I wrote in December about the Pfizer vaccine, which I think will give you food for thought, in terms of reasons not to have the vaccine –

      There is a later (and longer) follow-up article –

      I think it would be helpful for you to read them, since we need to keep ourselves informed about all of these issues.

  3. The vaccine is working. Deaths in the over 80s in the UK have taken a fall, so this is the first sign of light here in Blighty. Looking to what is in store for us is Gibraltar, where 2/3rds have had the jab and cases have dropped to 5% of what they were.

    Using a passport system is very sensible. Now we enter the end game we need to totally eradicate it, and this involves tight borders. It will also persuade people to get the vaccine as well. Ideally we need 100% vaccinated. Looking at what China does, they get about 10-20 cases out of 1.4bn people each day. They have kept a lid on it save for one small outbreak recently, where they acted fast and now it is back to normal.

    This is the model to follow. First you lock down very hard, then once it is virtually down to zero you disinfect every road, pavement and so on in built up areas and you impose strictly policed quarantine where you do not take people’s word for it, and make sure they follow the rules. This way you can have a functioning economy and social life inside your country at the expense foregoing your holidays abroad this year. It seems like a no-brainer to me, but for some reason many don’t get it. Eventually though you will be glad we followed the science, because for one thing, your churches will be back to normal.

    1. The reason we ‘don’t get it’ is because what you propose is ungodly, oppressive, impractical, discriminatory and illiberal.

      1. Indeed so and very well said!!
        I remember that Mr C is quite the Sinophile so, as far as he is concerned China can do no wrong. The fact that they are a mendacious, oppressive, genocidal, totalitarian regime appears to escape him .. . sigh …

      2. Following the stupidity of the press has led to tens of thousands of avoidable deaths. Each one of those is a tragedy. How can you preach this freedom stuff when it has killed so many? A lot of people are highly irresponsible. It is bad enough for them that they could kill themselves, but when it means killing others, we have to curtail their freedom. One man’s freedom to go to the pub has on many occasions killed others. In fact the human rights law puts the right to life first, above your right to shout and scream with banners down the centre of London in a pandemic telling people to throw away their masks.

        Now they have shut up, and most people get it. With vaccination so far the take-up numbers has been very high, and much higher than the government estimated. Our nation has had a great shock, but it has belatedly come to its senses. Where I was warning doom and gloom not so long ago, my view has been revised, and I now feel optimistic we can defeat this. Our weekly rate of decline is actually getting faster and stands at 28%/week now. As the vaccine kicks in we shall hopefully see it even higher. The higher the rate the faster it is over. If you do not finish the job it will continue indefinitely and then you will have freedom trouble.

        1. I preach ‘this freedom stuff’ because it is scriptural. In other words, the will of God for mankind. You make many evidence-free, unsubstantiable assertions. Life is not risk-free, drunkenness has consequences. Why were you not advocating to lock up the population during last winter’s flu surge? Or the winter before? Simply because the Chinese repressive regime locked down Wuhan and all the lemmings followed.

          1. I think it is disgraceful to be so condescending towards the Chinese people. I do a lot of business with them and find they are some of the most intelligent and fair-minded people I have come across. The fastest growing religion in China is Christianity and in my mind they are giving it a new lease of life after the Soviet communists and our UK supporters wished to ban it, like say when you see the Red Cross deny it is Christmas and so on.

            Actually I think there is great ignorance in the UK concerning Chinese culture. It is both radically different to our own but has a few familiarities. For example the Christian ethic of ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ is also to be found in ancient Chinese culture, so there are compatibilities on a fundamental level.

            The UK censors what goes on in China. It is actually very positive indeed. They are on the up. Lemmings they are not. They saw sense in what the government proposed and it was considerate cooperation which crack it and killed the virus. Not only that but they sent us medical aid when we needed it and a team of experts. That’s love, not hate.

            • Stephen
            • Stephen on 19 February 2021 at 12:01

            That’s an old trick, called an ‘Aunt Sally’ or a ‘Straw Man’, where you misrepresent what someone has said then attack the view you attribute to them. (And an accusation of racism may indeed be the most popular Straw Man today.)
            No, it was the Chinese government I said was repressive (and I called it a ‘regime’ to signal disapproval!) not the Chinese people. And doing all the stuff you say the ‘regime’ did might be love, but could as easily be diplomatic point-scoring.

          2. I tend to think of the Chinese citizens and their government as one entity. They refer to it as a people’s party, and in a matter-of-fact way it is. It’s run on certain principles, and one which comes from Mao is the government should do what the “mainstream” want, i.e. the principle of forming policy which is agreeable to the people. The party also has a huge membership similar in proportion to when the Conservatives had 3m members, and they are very popular, so what you say about the one you also imply about the other.

            Anyhow I was not trying to trick anyone. You may think they act on ulterior motives, but my experience is I’ve found them very different to how they are portrayed in our media, and indeed our media have been grossly distorting the truth. I find them very honest people who have a real drive to excel in what they do. It’s the Americans who are always trying to seize more than their fair share by use of military power. You see if a society had consideration for others it would likely have a low infection rate. The aggressors are shooting themselves in the foot. Meanwhile back in China the people consider the government has done a first-class job and Xi is Mr Popular.

    2. This pandemic has shown us that experts are everywhere ,and a taxi driver told me he just thanks everyone for their opinion and tells his ‘expert ‘customers that he will be sure to pass on their solutions to Matt Hancock!

      I thank God every day for his love and creation.

      I’m sorry Andrew but you are on a biblical website so I will remind you that in the bible it says in Psalm 92

      Verse5How great are Your works, O LORD, how deep are Your thoughts! 6A senseless man does not know, and a fool does not understand, 7that though the wicked sprout like grass, and all evildoers flourish, they will be forever destroyed.…

      As for your solution let’s hope (pray)it doesn’t come to pass.


  4. There is a zoom conference on the vaccines being run by Lifesite News on 19th Feb, where I expect the vaccine lobby to be demolished. I will resist the vaccine for as long as possible but we will need a conscientious objectors opt out clause to allow life to continue here.
    This plandemic: Has been run by Project Fear – where dissent is repressed; The response was totally out of all proportion to the problem; Lockdowns don’t work; Collapsing the economy has resulted in a 10% collapse of GDP (probably more because the figures will be rigged), bond market, share market and derivatives bubbles caused by all the marxist monetary theory money printing, together with bailouts. And we are now banned from leaving not only our houses, apart from one little outing, but also the country.
    Welcome to communist Britain. I guess we can all now say with President John F Kennedy, ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’.

  5. According to LifeSiteNews the above positive news about Gibraltar is not true. This is what they have to say:

    “The COVID-19 death toll in the small British enclave of Gibraltar numbered 16 before it launched its Pfizer vaccination campaign on January 10, 2021 and then shot up to 53 deaths 10 days later and to 70 seven days after that. According to a Reuters report, the Gibraltar Health Authority declared there was “no evidence at all of any causal link” between 6 of the deaths that were investigated and the Pfizer’s vaccine, despite the individuals having tested negative for Covid-19 before vaccination, but positive “in the days immediately after.”

    The same compilation reports increased deaths in care homes in other countries, Sweden, Israel, UK etc. Even data collected by the CDC in the USA shows that we are 900 times more likely to die from the COVID injection than from the annual flu injection. Although numbers remain very small in the context of the large numbers of people that have now taken the vaccine, the concern is the potential long term effects where the immune system has been permanently changed by the vaccine.

  6. Thank you John P for this information, that is shocking and it is what we do not get from mainstream media and is another confirmation that they are refusing to tell the truth and covering up what should be reported. This is why outlets like CV are so important.

    The Lifesite webinar conference is 10am EST which I think means 3pm GMT.

    I cannot remember whether I mentioned before but John Pilger reported that in 1948/9 when the NHS was started there were 600,000 beds for a population of approximately 50 million (I have not checked that number but the UK population was smaller than it is now). In 2020 there were approximately 150,000-175,000 NHS beds, for a population of 68-70 million. So that explains the ‘overwhelming’ of hospitals which will happen in an annual flu season and if the hospital system’s beds are continuously degraded. I am not sure if this number includes the Nightingale hospitals.

    This is one of the best examples of media manipulation and misreporting, tragically most people have no idea what the real situation is. Living in Britain now is like it must have been under communism or fascism in terms of control of information and news.

    And – you cannot print your way out of a crisis.

    1. It is irrational to assess the success of the NHS on the quantity of beds. Here’s why: the beds are for ill people. The better the NHS is at treating people the less time they will be ill. Advances in surgery like keyhole surgery and proton beam treatments for cancer mean far less collateral damage to the patient. The advances in knowledge, especially in microbiology and genetics, has been phenomenal in that time.

      Pilger is a politician, and unfortunately they are often very badly educated in what they claim to be revealers of truth in. The whole idea that you can structure a cohesive argument by reference to press findings is naive. You have to dig out your knowledge from primary sources.

  7. I have just watched three videos on the Lifesite News webinar conference on vaccines, masks and the plandemic.

    I re-read your December Newsletter article on vaccines after watching the videos and it complements it very well. What you wrote is confirmed in the Lifesite videos, and here are some summaries from the videos:

    1.Polyethelene glycol: Mentioned in CV article – this is a component in the vaccines; it has never been studied or tested for use in a vaccine before. For people with hypersensitivity, it can cause anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal.
    Presumably this is one of the reasons why we are seeing deaths described as ‘adverse reactions’ to the vaccine/shot.
    2.Vaccine is the wrong word: It is so untested it should be called ‘shot’; the definition vaccine is inappropriate.
    3.The vaccines/shot works by creating messenger RNA: (Also in the December CV article) A ‘spike protein’ is created as part of the immune system, the problem is because this is an untested shot, no one can be sure what the effects of this could be. It is known to cross react with 27 other types of tissues in the body. One of these is a cross reaction on the surface lining of mitochondria in a human cell. A function of mitochondria is to give us energy so the effect of the vaccine on the body is to cause fatigue.
    4.The vaccine does not protect you when you get re-exposed to the corona virus: There is a danger that when you get re-exposed, the auto-immune system is turned on, and the auto-immune system cascades in a way that could result in your own immune system attacking your own body’s vital organs.

    ‘Whilst those advocating for vaccines want the injections to keep people immune, (Dr) Tenpenny explained that the COVID injections don’t work in that way.  The antibody thus created in response to the injection, “instead of protecting you if you get exposed to that pathogen, what it does is it makes you sicker, turns on all of the autoimmune cascades that have been created by this antibody and starts to attack your liver, your lungs and your kidneys.” “That antibody can literally go inside of your lungs and kill your lung tissue.”
    With such results, Tenpenny predicted an “autoimmune cascade,” which would cause widespread illness and fatality: “everyone is going to be equally damaged now.”
    Following on from the vaccine, she warned there would be an influx in people having difficulty breathing, or coughing blood. Those patients would then be declared as having a “mutant virus,” and vaccinations would increase, when “what these people are actually experiencing is the antibody created by the vaccine.”

    5.Cell line HEK-293: The full title for this is – ‘Human Embryonic Kidney – experiment No.293. This means that there were 293 experiments to make that cell line and anything around 75 aborted foetuses could have been used as part of these experiments. The following is an extract from the notes on one of the videos:

    ‘Acker told LifeSite for this report that Graham’s statement is “misleading at best.” “Dr. Plotkin tried to say something similar, that the cell lines involved in the creation of vaccines only came from two abortions. But that ignores the other 74 babies that were a part of the research he was doing. It’s published in the literature that other HEK and HER (human embryonic retina) cell lines are attributed to Frank Graham. So his research definitely involved more than one abortion.”  
    “When a cell line is developed, it is usually produced using a sample of tissue from a single individual unless it’s a hybrid cell line. So on the one hand, it is technically correct to say that the cell line was developed using one aborted baby. However, this is not an accurate representation of how many lives were actually sacrificed in the whole process of developing an aborted fetal cell line,” she continued.’ ( 21.2.21
    Something I was wondering was confirmed by the video, that numerous other vaccines have been using cell lines, certainly in the USA.
    I have not yet watched the video on possible infertility but if you think about GM crops, these work by selectively editing the genetic material of a plant so that it produces an infertile seed. If you try to sow the seed, it will either fail to germinate or produce nothing, as farmers in India have been reported as finding, when they innocently bought GM modified seed, sowed some after harvesting, only to find it failed to either germinate or produce a crop. If this can be done to genetic material in plants, it is presumably possible to do this in humans.

    1. For your information there is a wiki page on (Dr) Tenpenny.

      “Sherri Tenpenny is an American osteopathic physician and anti-vaccination activist who supports the disproved hypothesis that vaccines cause autism”

      It does not make pretty reading compared to say Chris Whitty’s page.

      “Christopher John MacRae Whitty CB FRCP FFPH FMedSci (born 21 April 1966) is a British physician and epidemiologist who serves as the Chief Medical Officer for England (CMO), Chief Medical Adviser to the UK Government, Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) to the Department of Health and Social Care, Head of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and Gresham Professor of Physic.[1][2] ”

      Like the obvious observation is the man has a few more qualifications where is counts.

  8. As I see it this has been allowed to happen to this nation as a divine warning that a line has been crossed and that we’ve tested God’s patience far enough. The church also should share the blame in this as for too long the church has remained silent while sin has been legalised into our culture. OK it’s tragic that lives have been lost and livelihoods affected but see how we’ve taken our lives and livelihoods for granted; how we’ve taken God’s blessings for granted, not least technological advances – all without reference to our maker. what is needed is a call for the nation to repent and to turn back to Almighty God. I for one will not be taking the vaccine esp. as is alleged, it contains aborted baby parts.

    1. Here are what appear to be the facts on the aborted baby parts claim:

  9. A wiki page on a person who has dared to challenge the establishment is highly likely to be less that kind.

    I would far rather trust real christians who have experience and qualifications in the field of vaccination than a Government spokesperson and I am curious as to why there is such a strong reaction as soon as anyone dares to question the Government/media/hysteria/Big Pharma narrative.

    The fact remains that the vaccine originates from a cell line called HEK-293. H = human; E =embrionic ie aborted foetus(es); K = kidney; 293 = the number of experiments. Are those who are lovingly surging forward to have the vaccines, seriously trying to deny that this emanates from aborted baby cells?

    No greater love has anyone than this; that they lay down the life of an unborn baby, so that they can live a bit longer.

    I came across an elderly man on Friday. He proudly told me he had just had his second vaccination. His face was bright red with rashes all over it and was so bad I had to make sure I did not stare. This is a clear adverse reaction to the shot, exactly what Dr Tenpenny and Lifesite warned about.
    You might also want to look up the Daily Mail which has run an article (4.3.21) showing photos of a person with massive skin rashes following having the vaccine. It reports that this can be expected up to 11 days from having the shot. It says that this is the body’s immune system response following the mRNA going to work in the immune system.
    This is exactly what Dr Tenpenny said in the video. There will be an ‘auto immune cascade’ triggered off by the mRNA of the vaccine. So did the Government and the medical genius Dr Whitty warn about this? Has anyone in or working with the despotic Government advised the public about this? Have church leaders, who have just the same access as we do to internet research, warned the church about this? Has there been any public health campaign, on par with the hysterical corona/vaccination campaigns, warning the huge number of people rushing forward, without thinking, about the adverse effects of this untested vaccine?

    If you wish to think this through you can work out what has happened here. As Britain has deserted the God of its forefathers, it has been handed over to its own folly. It has embraced the false god of science and now the faith of this country is Scientism. The foundation of this scientism is the billions of years/evolution/gap, heresies. Having abandoned the God of Gods, and gone over to scientism, the people have now forfeited reason, have been handed over to brainwashing deception, and are now running around in darkness, scared to death by the dangerous hysteria of very evil forces.

    God has given this nation, the cup of his wrath, foaming with spices, and God is inducing this nation to drink it. Instead of the church shouting warnings it has by and large gone along with everything. I will not be taking this unnecessary, untested, unethical vaccine/shot.

    Lockdown’s don’t work – End the lockdown
    Discard the mask – Mask’s don’t work either
    God created mankind to breathe freely – Stand firm and use your mask exemption with pride
    No Government has the right to ban congregational singing praises to our God – Outside or inside a sacred space
    Refuse the vaccine – It’s unnecessary, untested, and unethical
    Save the children – Stop RSE
    Evolution is a hoax – Information is lost, never gained, through natural selection

  10. I received the latest CV newsletter last week and another great article exposing the great vax scam.

    So we now know that the ‘shot’ has not even been licensed! So not only have the poor people who have been pressured into taking this wretched shot been pressurised into having an unnecessary, untested, unethical drug we now know it is also unlicensed. And when were the political elite and the mainstream media going enlighten us with that fact?

    The good news is that the forces of darkness are now having a vaccine war, with the EU saying that the UK shot causes or is associated with blood clots. Good will come from this division because now there is a debate about what side effects there may be from these shots. From that more people will be alerted to what is in the drug and can then make a sensible decision, not based on media hysteria.

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