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  1. The Catholic church is happy with the vaccine and they are the one true church.

    1. Yet the current Pope, in defiance of Biblical instruction, has expressed support for homosexuality and same-sex marriage. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/pope-francis-civil-unions/2020/10/21/805a601c-139e-11eb-a258-614acf2b906d_story.html?itid=lk_inline_manual_4

      It would appear that your “one true church” is therefore rejecting ‘The Word of God’ and is instead aligning itself with the misanthropic New World Order.

  2. Proof they use aborted baby parts to make which vaccine and where – given the same brand of vaccine is made in more than one country?
    I have refused, i work with people all wearing masks, travel off peak alway wear a mask live along and have no underlying illness. Like many who seek facts, most deaths from covid, I would even go as far as saying most who catch it, have other illnesses – No jab please

  3. My father used to make a distinction between right and dead right. Being right is one thing, but being dead right is like driving on the correct side of the road where some maniac is on the wrong side and refusing to budge because you have right of way.

    The right way to do vaccines is to test them properly, but that’s like being dead right. You may be right in following procedure, but in the 2 years it takes to do all your precautionary principle stuff you will probably find you are dead.

    I’ve had my vaccine yesterday. I got a nasty fever last night from it, but it is subsiding now.

    For those that refuse, you might find you come unstuck with vaccine passports. Those will be the spreaders causing more death. Public opinion may well move against them. How I reckon it will work is like say you have a pub or bar, the government is likely to say you can stay open as long as you do not get any outbreaks occurring, and so it will be up to the proprietor to decide what measures to take, and hence it will offload any heat from the government imposing these things.

    By the way, there aren’t any aborted babies are in the vaccine.

    1. The vaccines are made with cell lines from aborted babies. See here:

    2. Bearing in mind that the average age of mortality due to Covid is 82, while the normal average is 81, people are more likely to die of old age than of Covid, especially considering the recovery rate is better than 99.9% for all ages up to 90. We don’t need any dodgy inadequatey so-called ‘vaccine’, nor pointless masks and social distancing, because we have an immune system to do the job – call it ‘God-given’ if you believe in Him.

      Never before was there such a destructive deceit by those who misrule over us.

  4. I appreciate the further insights into this Vaccine. (Wow !) what mind-blower : stem cells of aborted foetuses from the 1970s and 1980s ? !
    I also viewed a video on YouTube where it is stated that the Astra/Zeneca Vaccine has ‘Chimpanzee’ DNA in the Vaccine (how would run with the Muslims and Jews ?)

    I had no (and have no) intention of taking the Vaccine and do not intend to proffer whatever my reasons are.

  5. I’ve started drinking PG Tips so the monkey thing must be true

    1. What we shall never know is how many takes they had to do to secure half-decent footage of chimpanzees actually drinking correctly from the cups!

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