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  1. This link does not work: Click here for the ‘Call for Evidence’. I did the survey, but I had to search on the government website for it.

  2. Please send the link to the consultation.

    1. Although we initially did not have a correct link for the ‘Call for Evidence’ the link to start the consultation itself has always been there just under ‘Responding’.

  3. We are in this situation because we’ve failed three times to get rid of this virus. March 2020, August/September 2020, May 2021. In May 2021 there were fewer than 4 cases in Fenland, now there are over 400.

    1. And what percentage of the population is vaccinated? When will we realise zero-covid is unattainable and that ‘cases’ are not that scary?

  4. I have a little card to say I have been been vaccinated.

    1. I wonder where I can secure one to say I have not been?

  5. Love your neighbour as you love yourself, therefore don’t infect your neighbour. You can be infectious without realising it, even if you have been vaccinated.

    1. Sorry, this makes no sense. Someone can go around being ‘unloving’ without realising it? The fact is, carrying infections, accidentally passing on a cold or even the flu to others, meeting people knowing there is always that risk of catching something, is part of our human condition. None of us is here forever.

  6. There will be evidence because there are many scientific trials, like there was a trial for open air stadiums conducted with a huge number as it was a mega stadium and they then got a figure for what difference it made. In this particular trial it made so little difference in case numbers that they decided open air stadiums are pretty safe. It is immoral to gamble with a human life, so one must to the best of their ability act in a way that saves people from death that could have been avoided.

    At the very beginning no one knew where the dangers were with covid so the precautionary principle was used, but we are far more aware now. The trouble is aerosols and large numbers in small indoors spaces, especially when breathing heavily/shouting etc. Time in the space is also important. If you are there for several hours you are pretty likely to catch it if someone else has it in the room.

    As for people assessing the risk themselves, I can’t see the average person has a hope in hell of being able to do that. Democracy does not work here. You need to trust the scientists. I know our officials have a poor track record of being trustworthy, but supposing it were a Christian scientist then that would help. Honesty is super important.

    1. Some of us have lost all sense of proportion. Normal people do not perform a risk assessment every time they leave the house.

      1. There have been psychological studies on what people perceive as a risk and then they measure that against the real risk, and it is frighteningly far out, like often many orders of magnitude. It’s a flaw in the way we tend to think in that we do not think in absolute terms but in relative terms, and of course this flaw is open to so much manipulation, and when it involves lives the manipulation is very evil indeed.

        We as a nation also have a great distrust for authority and this in itself is a Satanic thing. The authority should come from those who set the moral standards, or else the whole system breaks down. Ideally we need the experts to calculate all the risk factors and line them up in order of riskiness. However it is the popular press who make a living from distorting perception. The ones trying to get the balance right are outgunned by the sheer media power these people have.

        1. I believe most people make their decisions from an emotional rather than a rational standpoint. Whether it is choosing a husband or wife, buying a house or a car or deciding which vegetables to cook, emotion often comes in more than rationality. In fact, it may be the bigger the decision, the more it is emotion-driven.
          Looking to the Lord, or what one might claim is looking to the Lord, for the right decision may not help either, as that brings in a discernment challenge and emotion comes in there as well.
          As for ‘The authority should come from those who set the moral standards, or else the whole system breaks down’, no, the authority should be from the Almighty. He sets the moral standards or will if we let him. Our leaders are fallible. That’s why we pray for them. Having a ‘distrust for authority’ may more charitably be known as putting not your trust in princes or as exercising a prophetic voice. Better to trust the Lord. Like Tyson Fury!

  7. Oh dear. One thing which has really disappointed me during this entire Satanic deception, has been the myopia of so many Christians. We have been lied to, psychologically manipulated, scared witless and pressurised to undergo an experimental procedure by our godless world governments. Who is the father of lies? Who is a deceiver from the beginning? I did not start out by thinking like this; it seemed to me that poor old Boris was doing the best he could in difficult circumstances. But, day by day, as I watched the wickedness unfold, I was forced into recognising that this world-wide fraud has got very little to do with incompetence and ineptitude and a great deal to do with a deliberate attempt to turn the world as we know it upside-down; and definitely NOT in a good way.

  8. Sadly, I seem to see so very little in the comments and rationale of folks posting here promoting the Scriptural approach to the entirety of our days upon this earth. The simple rule of Scripture is this: If you do not have the symptoms described in the law [Leviticus et.al.], you are not required to quarantine (self-isolate). Of course, if folks are not believers, they are unlikely to accept this prescription. However, if one is a believer, the requirement is to obey the WORD, and trust in the Almighty Abba-Father. Believers should try reading, and accepting the Truth/promises set out in Psalm 91. The ‘love thy neighbour’ mantra being trotted out over this issue is wrenching the Scripture out of context – it has nothing to do with health issues. The quotations in the ‘New Testament’, whether by the Saviour or others, was from Lev 19:17, 18. The prescriptive command for loving your neighbour is to warn him of his sin, his lost condition – loving our neighbour means directing them to follow our Redeemer; being submissive and obedient. If we are believers then let us believe. The worthy old hymn went, ‘Trust and obey…’

  9. From an ‘ancient’. Some people are frightened of covid, some Christians too. Our church allows people to ‘socially distance’ or wear masks – especially on one side and I think that is a right option.

    Having a vaccination is an option, but some people are afraid of it because they are vulnerable to blood clotting.
    Some people get covid and show no symptoms, but they could be carriers. Some people are naturally immune. This last category should not have to have a vaccination to remain in work, but how can anyone know they are immune without expensive testing? Does a vaccination do any harm to a person who is naturally immune?

    I was not going to ‘bother’ to get a jab, but I did for the sake of other people’s perceptions. If a vac is harmless, we should not campaign against it, just pay the extra taxes it cost the country to administer it and look happy!

    1. But the vac is NOT harmless! Far from it! Over 1,600 deaths and over 1,200,000 adverse reactions reported to the government’s MHRA site. And it is admitted that, at most, only 10% of all reactions are actually reported! Those figures are a great deal higher than all such reports for all vaccines COMBINED for the last decade. Blood clotting isn’t the only adverse reaction, either. There are reports of serious heart, neurological and gynaecological problems; still births, miscarriages and post-menopausal bleeding. Then there is the concern about Vaccine Enhanced Disease. Until people are made aware of these dangers from the jab itself, they are not in a position to weigh their own personal risk from Covid 19 against that from the jab and give informed consent.

    2. Some scientist medic on the BBC in a talk was saying that statistically vaccines have been the safest medicine ever produced. Regarding Christians, there was time in the Middle Ages where they were the smartest of logicians. Numbers were their forte, and so in this tradition it is worth keeping things in proportion. We do not have all this fuss over say paracetamol or cough mixture. Any medicine has its risks. Some may well have been scared unnecessarily. The media have on the whole been a bad influence on conveying information accurately and in a level-headed way. This has cost lives.

      1. “We do not have all this fuss over say paracetamol or cough mixture.” No. That is because they are properly tested and pretty SAFE. There simply is no comparison. These “vaccines” are still undergoing trials (ending in 2023), and, guess what, the general public are the guinea pigs! Previously, when tested on animals, Coronavirus vaccines started well, but when the animals later encountered the “wild virus” they underwent catastrophic immune responses which proved deadly. However, no animals were harmed prior the current vaccine roll-out because NO ANIMAL TESTING TOOK PLACE. Also, the government agreed not to indemnify the manufacturers, at their own request. Please feel free to accept the experimental jab if you are prepared to take the risk. I, however, prefer to wait until all the data and analysis is in, and that usually takes a good 5 – 10 years with normal vaccines, not 18 months with no prior animal experimentation.

  10. You should think of others instead of yourselves, this website does appear to be full of dangerous evangelical drivel presided over by a madman.

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