No ‘Trade-Offs’ Thank You Mr Whitty

Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for England wants 'to close pubs if schools re-open

Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for England wants ‘to close pubs if schools re-open

We are opposed to local lockdowns and taking away the jobs of people in the hospitality industry to allow schools to re-open, as if there is any need for such ‘trade-offs’, as Covid-19 peters out in the UK.

Firstly, The BBC reports the shocking news that ‘since the easing of lockdown restrictions, hundreds of young people have been gathering, drinking alcohol in large groups in Cardiff Bay.’

They were gathering out of doors last weekend because pubs and cafes have only been allowed to re-open indoors since Monday.

But it is good that young people are meeting, building up immunity in the population against the not-now-so-deadly Covid-19.

Rules ‘unclear and conflicting’

Meanwhile, in Manchester, The BBC says people are struggling to understand the new ‘lockdown lite’ rules, let alone observe them.

Their reporter asked: ‘so, after a weekend under the new measures, are people in Greater Manchester respecting or ignoring the new restrictions? And is it clear who you can meet in a beer garden but not in your back garden?’ After weeks of confining people to their homes, now they can meet up outside. But can they form a short-lived ‘bubble’ with another family? Who knows?

Abbie Chadd from Manchester: 'rules unclear'

Abbie Chadd from Manchester: ‘rules unclear’

The BBC quoted Abbie Chadd, 35, an education consultant in South Manchester.  She ‘said the rules are “so unclear and somewhat conflicting:

‘”I was gutted to see the new restrictions put in place but I fully understand the need to prevent the further spread of the virus.
‘”Having visited the same park nearly every day since the start of lockdown, this weekend it was by far the busiest it has been throughout.
‘”People were clearly trying to adhere to the guidelines about being outside of their homes when meeting others, but I am not sure how this situation is better than small groups meeting in private gardens”.’

In fact, Abbie is wrong.  There is no ‘need to prevent the further spread of the virus.’

No rise in infections

Even Nick Triggle, the BBC’s Health correspondent is suggesting the UK is ‘in a better position than we think’ over Coronavirus.

He wrote: ‘It was one of the more curious aspects of last week’s warnings that the government seemed so ready to embrace the concept that infection rates were on the up.

‘This is a government that all along the way has been trying to mount a vigorous defence of its record.

‘The surveillance programme – run by the Office for National Statistics – did suggest they were rising.

‘But there has to be heavy caveats around these findings – they are based on just 24 positive cases among nearly 30,000 people over the course of two weeks. Drawing conclusions from such smaller numbers is fraught with difficulties.

‘The other key source of data – the cases found by testing – shows numbers have started going up. They are now more than 40% higher than they were in the second week of July on a rolling-seven day average.

‘But that masks the fact the number of tests being carried out is increasing and being targeted at areas where infection rates are highest.

‘If you test more, you are likely to find more … so if you look at the percentage of tests that are positive, the rise is marginal once you iron out the daily fluctuations.’

More testing means more cases

Let us understand this. the Government are finding more cases because they are testing more people at random.  And many of those who test positive are asympyomatic. They aren’t even ill. There is no increase in hospital admissions.

Professor Carl Heneghan

Professor Carl Heneghan

These points are also made by Professor Carl Heneghan.  This man of sense heads the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University.

He says it is essential to adjust for tests being done and is concerned about what he calls ‘poor interpretation’ of data.  Covid cases, he says, simply aren’t rising in any meaningful sense.

Common sense like that has not stopped Nicola Sturgeon closing all pubs in Aberdeen after what she thinks is a ‘significant outbreak’ of, wait for it, 54 cases.

That is fewer than the number of pubs of Aberdeen. People are being told not to travel to the city. Because of 54 cases, most likely among young people, and probably mainly asymptomatic, people may not socialise, travel, or earn a living. It is oppression.

ONS says deaths below average since June

Furthermore, the death rate in the UK is has been below average since mid-June.  The NHS is currently distinctly under-whelmed.  Nevertheless, The Mail reports on ‘The full health cost of lockdown: Doctors warn of a devastating toll on non-virus patients who still face delays in diagnosis and care’.

The Office for National Statistics reports:

‘The number of deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending 24 July 2020 (Week 30) … was 1.8% below the five-year average (161 deaths fewer).  This is the sixth consecutive week that deaths have been below the five-year average.

‘The number of deaths in care homes, hospitals and other communal establishments remained below the five-year average in Week 30, while the number of deaths in private homes continued to be higher than the five-year average (727 more deaths).

‘Of the deaths registered in Week 30, 217 mentioned ‘novel coronavirus (COVID-19)‘, the lowest number of deaths involving COVID-19 in the last 18 weeks and a 26.4% decrease compared with Week 29 (295 deaths), accounting for 2.4% of all deaths in England and Wales.

‘In Wales, the total number of deaths was similar to the five-year average (one death fewer) for Week 30, while the number of deaths involving COVID-19 decreased to seven deaths registered (from 11 deaths in Week 29), the lowest number registered since Week 12 (16th – 22nd March – just before lockdown) when there were two deaths.‘

Limits and ‘trade-offs’

And yet we are still hearing Professor Christ Whitty drone on about ‘the limits of opening up‘.  Meanwhile, the BBC’s One Show last night asked people in the street about the sort of ‘trade-offs‘ they would accept to allow schools to re-open.  The reporter suggested closing pubs and restaurants.

Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State at the Department for Education

Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State at the Department for Education

Even today, as the Express reports, Schools Minister Nick Gibb has confirmed all children will return to education in September including in areas under local lockdown. But he is ‘warning pubs and non-essential shops could be closed again as a result.‘

With Coronavirus in retreat, this Government minister still speaks of ‘keeping children in .. class-sized bubbles in primary schools, year-group bubbles in secondary schools – making sure children aren‘t unnecessarily mixing with other children in the school, staggered lunch breaks, staggered play times, doing everything that we can to minimise contact – one-way systems through schools and so on – so that children are safe in school.‘

‘Safe‘ from LGBT propaganda?

‘Bubbles‘ are dystopian.  One-way systems are not practical.  Nor are staggered lunch breaks and play times. As for ‘children are safe in school‘, it would be good if they were indeed safe from the homosexual and trans propaganda he still believes schools should be ramming down their throats. But if he means safe from Covid-19, Mr Gibb is a trained accountant.  He must have enough familiarity with figures to know children are the lowest risk group. No child has died of Covid-19, virtually world-wide.

Moreover, Mr Gibb is clearly not on the same page as the Prime Minister. The Guardian reported just two days ago: ‘No 10 also argues that closing pubs or other parts of the hospitality industry would not necessarily be effective, given the importance of transmission between households in local outbreaks, such as those which prompted emergency restrictions for millions of people in the north of England.‘

We covered the unnecessary ‘restrictions‘ and the fictitious ‘local outbreaks‘ above.

Join Christian Voice!

In this month’s Christian Voice newsletter, I show that the Lord himself can and does send lying spirits into those who give advice and brings about stupid decisions from rulers. That appears to be what has happened with our Government.

They have not been rational since the day they announced lockdown back in March. Furthermore, they show no sign of adopting wisdom (which begins with fear of the Lord) any time soon. the Lord sends stupid decisions as judgment, and corrupting the young is right up there in terms of national sin.

Matt 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

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  1. We are reminded of these words ‘He causeth it to come, whether for correction, Or for his land, or for mercy.’ Job 37:13.

    Mandatory measures to now attend worship with a ‘face-covering’.

  2. I can’t get the connection between the hospitality sector and schools in how they affect each other. Why does one have to close the restaurants and pubs so schools can go back? Restaurants and pubs have just opened up and are observing restrictions and now they are talking about hitting them again? This is madness. It’s like someone being rescued then chucked in the sea again.

    1. No need to be perplexed by these things – the WORD of Truth reveals this to be an age-old problem. One of my day’s readings (6th August) was Jeremiah 34 where it is recorded that the princes i.e. rulers of the people, gave liberty to those who were their servants…only to take them back into bondage! This is exactly what we have at this time. The Aberdeen situation really isn’t that bad – I should know, it is where I was born, and bred, and remain to this day – and Stephen is quite on the button about our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. Look unto YAHUsha (Jesus), Who is the Author and Perfecter of that which we believe.

    2. The rules regarding social distancing is being ignored because more and more people are waking up to this covid nonsense. Doctors and scientists are coming together saying this very same thing but they are being de-platformed and censored by the media giants such as Google and you tube . Those waking up can see an end game to this hoax as the people orchestrating this pandemic want a Global Reset which means that the world the way it operated before this scam will never be the same. Also they want to get rid of cash as you can see by the way they have closed banks and ATM’s making it difficult for people to access their money. People should start using cash as a means of paying for goods. If cash becomes obsolete the English way of life as we knew it will collapse completely. Millions of people enjoy going to boot fairs and fetes on a regular basis – this would all cease as no trader is going to have a machine to accept payment. Churches and charities won’t receive any money as nobody will give a donation with a credit card. Children and grandchildren won’t be treated as you won’t be able to give them any money to spend on their goodies. A wise old man with nothing to gain has some very interesting short videos and explains it all if you search

  3. I heartily agree with gadz and what’s more, I feel we should all be allowed to mix again freely especially in church. We are heading for a worse disaster if we keep away from everybody and everything; we could end up being so sanitized we wouldn’t be immune to any bug around. Flu has been around for centuries and this one can be overcome by being sensible and MIXING with each other. The masks are awful things and many elderly say they cannot breathe properly which could cause further health problems. Let’s be allowed to live normally and even if we die, because we’re all going to die one day, we’ll get to heaven quicker; Hallelujah! That is, of course, if we’re born again.

  4. The illogicality of government regulations and rules that are a bastion of inconsistency, and confusion, with a persistence about it that suggests that there is another agenda to all of this: namely, one of increasing population control through both fear and the desire for conformity. This includes both government and opposition parties, along, of course, with Nicola Sturgeon, who, as is rightly pointed out, is making a big deal of 54 cases of covid 19 in Aberdeen. These guys are really clutching at straws to retain control of the population, seemingly loathed to let it go. herein lies the great warning: the refusal to allow churches to open whilst allowing casinos to function; the trade off between the hospitality industry and schools, and others suggests that our freedoms that we have become so used to will be an experience of the past. There will be no freedom. Once governments have got control, they will always be reluctant to let it go. Be warned!

  5. Has anyone else wondered why shop workers don’t have to wear masks, although some choose to wear them?
    My guess is that if an employee was told to wear one they could take their employer to court for unreasonable behaviour.

  6. It looks like we will make the same mistake again. We are one of the highest in the world regarding deaths/million.
    Officially only San Mario (the size of a small town) and Belgium are worse. This is with our world class health service. Surely a bit of humility is needed? To stand proud in the face of a deadly virus is going to destroy you. Be the St George and help save the weak and helpless. Some have been careless and infected members of their family and killed them. Just be so careful in everything you do and you and your loved ones will be the survivors.

    1. Every country has different demographics and behaviours. The virus has just run its course here as everywhere. You can continue to be careful, but the important thing is to get back to normality, as much as we can after the disaster of lockdown:
      Eccl 2:24 There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God.

      1. Thanks for the quote. Yes I have lived by that all my life, and even worked to provide the entertainment at times, then I find it mentioned in the bible. Perhaps I was guided, as per what feels right.

        One of the biggest mistakes i see though is the government is trying to run the market. The free market is flexible and adaptable and would adapt all by itself to cope with the virus. For example where one has a price spike due to scarcity of something we need. That serves to channel what limited resources we have to those who value them the most. It prevents waste of the scare resource and higher profits to those who were smart enough to order ahead of time. The government’s restrictions actually reduced the number of solutions. Then again one could argue that without forced lockdown people would never have complied because they are like animals in captivity – so used to being cared for they can’t fend for themselves.

        My view is adaptability is the way forward. We can invent new ways in times of crisis. It has probably made many things go bust that were not really any value anyway, so now we should create new ventures. I hear the drag queens in theatres are worrying if they will still have a job!

  7. I do not believe “the Lord sends stupid decisions”. As a nation we have denied His saving power so he allows us to take stupid decisions because he has removed the protection of the Holy Spirit from us.

    1. That’s almost the same thing! However, the Bible perfectly clearly says Rehoboam’s stupid decision was from the Lord as a judgment for sin.
      I show that in this article on Stupid Decisions!
      The Lord also sent a lying spirit into the mouth of Ahab’s prophets. Even earlier, the evil spirit which afflicted king Saul was from the Lord:
      1Sam 16:14 But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD troubled him.

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