Greta Thunberg costs the earth


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  1. Crossing the atlantic this way is also far more dangerous.

    Should the vessel encounter storms or get into difficulties and the passengers need rescuing. Would she refuse to travel on the Helicopter that is sent to winch them to safety, or a diesel powered boat that that picks them up. I doubt it!

    This is a pointless and dangerous stunt, when she could have contributed to the conference so easily via a video link.

    1. You don’t understand the nature of the business. Think how many children coming out of school look at people like Greenpeace and think, cor, hey wow, that’s what I want to do – beats working in an office. They contact them and then proceed to get their brain washed, and the firm has another volunteer for life.

      It’s dangerous to underestimate your enemy. They use the psychology of association. It would not work if they showed a picture of third world poverty in streets which look like the Britain we once knew. Kids will believe anything these days because the schools don’t teach useful knowledge, like economics. They probably think these things will be their future transport! Sad it may be, but they are seriously deluded. The best thing is to try and help them before it is too late.

    • Miracle152
    • John F on 16 August 2019 at 19:04

    Stephen, I think this time you’ve picked a poor target: attacking those who question our generation’s squandering of resources is not a good idea. The yacht trip for Greta Thunberg might not be the most effective way of conveying her message, but give her credit for trying to challenge years of our generation’s complacency about our home planet.
    Even if one is a climate-change sceptic, it’s ridiculous to suggest we can carry on as we are. God has not cancelled the commission he gave to Adam, and we inherited the task of being stewards of God’s wonderful creation. What He has entrusted to us is finite, which means we have a responsibility to hand it on to successive generations in good order or, preferably better than we received it. We’re certainly not doing that at present, and far too many things we’ve enjoyed will be unknown to our great-grandchildren. I suggest you withdraw your polemic and look to the eco-lessons from scripture to commend the better aspects what Greta is doing.
    I believe that Christians’ abdication of our stewardship responsibility has been partly to blame for the rise of so-called New Age religions, and why Christians and Christianity are often reviled by “Green” groups. We should have been leading the field in these matters, but we have lost all credibility. We need to repent every bit as much as Greta & Co.

      • Stephen on 17 August 2019 at 08:49

      My point is the Greta is squandering resources just as much – resources that built that expensive yacht, and also resources of time.
      We consider ourselves good stewards here, living in a eco-friendly timber-framed house and living so far as we can off the land. But what of those without land to live off? People have to earn a living. And frankly, Greta Thunberg is now just a photo opportunity for elitists and politicians.

    • BigMarktheGeezer
    • Mark J on 17 August 2019 at 11:51

    What a farce, an absolutely ridiculous stunt. As Peter17 says, why can’t she contribute to the conference by video link? The incredible thing is that this stunt will be taken seriously, the world is truly going mad.

    For information on the hard-leftists who groomed and use Greta, for their ultimate goal of destroying “capitalism” and the West, see here

    Politicians will be under great pressure to accede to these Greens’ demands: didn’t Theresa May sign the UK up to be carbon-neutral by 2050 or something? (I have seen photo ops of, amongst others, Ed Milliband (who would do ANYTHING for votes, as would most politicians these days, it seems: was he REALLY nearly PM?) gazing lovingly & appovingly at Greta whenever she holds forth). This will destroy the economy. Expect power cuts, as the wind farms don’t produce electricty when the wind doesn’t blow, and keep an eye out for all the diesel generators providing electricity for the electric car charging points, etc!

    Surely our Lord will not tarry much longer?!

  2. My father has done a similar thing many times, but usually he goes across from Spain to the Azores and then to the Caribbean, and he does it in a catamaran, which has a new type of racing spinnaker which can seriously make the boat shift. I think he said about 20 knots.

    Why do it? Well he loves sailing and even though he is getting old, he is still looking fit and healthy. It’s just he does not make a song and dance about it. The boat does of course have a generator on it. All yachts have generators on them. You want all your electronics to work. Maybe her father forgot to mention. All vital stuff needs backups.

      • Stephen on 19 August 2019 at 13:28

      I think you should start speaking even better of your father, Andrew. I do not know what age he is, but given the days of man are 120 years, unless he is in his nineties, he is not ‘getting old’. And nor is he still merely ‘looking’ fit and healthy. Confess and proclaim he IS fit and healthy!

      1. Yes he is certainly doing well for his age. He seems to be doing better than my mother, but he is slightly older. They both have had to have operations due to worn out bone joints, but compared to the average person you come across he is fit and healthy. Those in corporate offices are dropping like flies. I think the secret is, never be greedy. It seems to be the downfall of many.

        The weird this was that the person who owned the first boat he sailed, made his money where he ran a business which was geared to giving jobs to those who were down and out and could not get a job from anyone else, like a very charitable business. He was not greedy himself, but in the end he ended up one of the richest men in the country. Eventually he left it all to charity as well.

  3. I concur with John that Greta’s trip is an example to us and the world of the urgency of tackling CO2 emissions to mitigate the global warming that is already occurring. We have a duty to the Lord of good stewardship of His creation. We are failing in this duty. It will be a serious detriment to future generations. Demonstrating the use of renewable energy alone is a critical contribution to addressing this crisis. I appreciate it took substantial resources to build the yacht, but this is a pioneer of things to come. I look forward to efficient sailing ships effecting global travel and trade.

  4. This whole scenario demonstrates the utter hypocrisy of the climate change activists. I think this lady is a crack pot, and nothing more. Why give her publicity room? She, like the rest of such people are looking for a cause, and their impoverished mindset has landed on this one: climate change. Pathetic! Stupid, and a waste of public money. We are simply deluding ourselves to think that we can make a ha’porth of difference to the world climate what ever we do. It is humanism and ‘glory be to man in the highest’ gone crazy. I wonder that we take these idiots so seriously! However, it is right that we responsibly steward the planet responsibly, and issues such as plastic waste is important in that regard. But to suggest that we can influence the world climate…!…? How stupid is that???!!

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