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    • BigMarktheGeezer
    • Mark J on 7 March 2019 at 10:28

    the muslim/left alliance would appear to be splitting apart here, as it inevitably would. Will it be the end of this illogical alliance, or will it be repaired, however temporarily?

    Here we have 2 of the Left’s favoured/protected groups (“intersectionality” etc) at odds with each other (for now). Which will prevail?

  1. “It is ‘vital’ that pupils ‘respect and value’ homosexuality and transsexualism?”

    That is indeed a bold admission. It is nothing less than a declaration of cultural war against parents who are determined to teach their children thoroughly to condemn and to flee from homosexuality and transsexualism. This is shocking. Why is the government imposing particular moral values – or the lack of them – upon all parents who do not wish, or who are not equipped, to educate their children outside the state school system?

    I wish I could be with you on 15th 16th. Unfortunately, I cannot.

  2. I notice that the great majority of protesters are from Muslim families here in Parkfield. I wonder where the Christian families are. Is their absence another example of Christian apathy in the face of a relentless assault on our values and faith. Where is the church’s stance in all of this? How pathetic is the church leadership in this country. What a diabolical failure of our spiritual leaders that allows vulnerable children to be so corrupted by the rottenness of our so-called ‘developed’ (sewerage garbage more like) civilisation. I ask again: ‘where are our pathetic church leaders in all of this?’ Hiding in their stupid equality theological holes that they have dug for themselves in their pathetic cowardice and abject irresponsibility. They are the most damnable!

    1. Michael, the Christian families are absent because their children do not attend the school. 98% of the children are Muslim. Should we evict half of the Muslim families who live near the school and replace them with Christians? In fact the proportion of Christians among the protestors exceeded the proportion of Christian children in the school. Barnabas Aid reported the event as Muslim & Christian parents protesting outside the school and included a photo of a Christian addressing the crowd.

    • jsampson45
    • John S on 8 March 2019 at 19:09

    An issue concerning withdrawing children from certain lessons is that they still must mingle with the children who attend the lessons. I don’t know the answer except that we need to pray that God provides for Christian education. At the school I attended, private not government, the older boys made the new boys read aloud passages from Lady Chatterley’s Lover (D.H. Lawrence) as an initiation rite.

    1. This is what I am worried about. The other kids will tell everything to the kids who were withdrawn.
      But it is the relationship education that will be made compulsory for all primary schools and you can not opt out of it.
      That is the one that explains to 4 year olds different kinds of relationships in an age appropriate manner. Like the prince who married the prince, the girl who was really a boy, so all the LGBT stuff.
      I’m more concerned about the R.E than RSE. Kids in primary schools are just tooo young for this. It is definitely designed to get kids to become LGBTS

  3. “Then Mr Gibb said: ‘… it is of course vital that, by the time they become adults and participate in British society, pupils understand, respect and value all the protected characteristics in the Equality Act 2010.’ ”

    This is blatant soviet-style thinking. How can they expect people to pay money through their taxes to force their children to take these political views? To understand is one thing, but the word respect is how communist regimes work. North Korea is another good example of such a regime. They place political posters in public places and you can go to prison if you were to ever take one down. I watched a trial where someone got 15 years, and it was not the act of damage to the property which the authorities were so serious about, but the blatant disrespect for their leaders, since the poster featured them.

    Vital is from the Latin vitalis “of or belonging to life”, i.e. a vital decision is literally one of life or death. This man is in the Conservative Party. Clearly for someone of these totalitarian view to be admitted and to be put in a responsible position indicates unequivocally that the Conservatives are all in it together, happy with the views of the whole House. We have one horrific dictatorship developing.

    • BigMarktheGeezer
    • Mark J on 10 March 2019 at 17:54

    we have had many years of propaganda/softening up of being programmed that homosexuality is normal and healthy: we are told that they just happen to love people of the same sex, whereas most (they even challenge this) people are heterosexual. Most people, unaware of a bigger design behind the gay agenda (cultural Marxism etc), go along with it, liking to think of themselves as tolerant, good people, certainly not bigots and “homophobic”, which is what is screamed at those who don’t go along with it.

    This is just a next step, a logical progression: to indoctrinate the upcoming generations that it is normal and fine, and to present them with this propaganda to counter their parents’s views, which are probably more traditional, especially muslims. Have they bitten off more than they can chew with the muslims, whose own agenda goes largely unchallenged, and are pretty militant themselves, rarely backing down and usually getting what they demand? Certainly, a clash was coming sooner or later, it will be interesting to see how it plays out!

    1. I saw all of this coming in the 80s. If you walk into John Ryland’s library there are millions of books gathering dust. This is because they are the works of academics of the local university in the past, who had written a book on their research. They are far from best sellers, however it is like a time machine and extremely revealing, because clock back to the 1970s and there are many strange studies done on social issues, and many of these are on sex and so on.

      I took one out and read it and could hardly believe it. The idea being promulgated was that a marriage was just a social convention which was being compared to other types of lifestyle, such as two feminists living together or two gays. Some of it was difficult to understand because they had invented their own lexicon to describe the concepts they were airing. Patriarchy was a term used millions of times, which made me suspect the motive of the author was to move on from it.

      Anyhow the query in my mind which just would not go away was why was this being written. What was the wider purpose of a state university doing such “research”, which to me looked more political than academic. Now supposing what had really happened was that research was part of a wider body of research in this very thing. One must deduce there was a motive to initiate such a programme in the first place. Questions like, who is the customer of this research? What is is for? You don’t do three years work on a PhD on something which no one would find useful.

      These questions could not be answered, hence they remain a mystery to me. In the wider world of public discourse it was about the time of the American AIDS epidemic and they were some stuff on that. The work of the thesis had yet to show its head. Presumably what has happened is these academics have worked on it ever since and the government of the day is like the manufacturer of the end product if we were to take the normal industrial analogy of why research is carried out.

      No one has been consulted in the demos. This is all kept under wraps until it is released in the form of Newspaper propaganda once it gets to Parliament in the form of a bill being introduced. The Newspaper propaganda often precedes the announcement of the bill. You start to see stories increase on the subject, e.g. before they chopped the dole they had many stories of scroungers with 60″ TVs drinking beer and smoking fags all day. So another thing you can deduce is the Newspapers are part of that industry. As you know, the universities are state controlled. The BBC is certainly state controlled, but there is no real independence. They earn money and feed off the huge machine, not wanting to think too deeply about the consequences of their work, or possibly even know what it is for.

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