Brexit heading towards No Deal


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  1. I thanked God for the Speaker’s comment when I heard the news. However, the BBC is plugging away at the idea that a “no deal” Brexit is now “off the table”, with never a dissenting voice allowed within shouting distance of a BBC microphone, at least not whilst I’m within earshot of a radio. All pretence of balance has gone out of the window.

    “Sarah Wollaston’s referendum amendment may not come back either.”

    Point of order: Are you sure? A motion like that defeated, to amend another motion before it’s voted on, isn’t technically the same motion as the amended motion that the substantive motion would have become if the amendment to it had been passed. The House didn’t reject the amended motion. Rather, it rejected the idea of amending that day’s motion, because it preferred the final division that day to about this rather than that, without prejudice (Mr Speaker might argue) to that, when considered in its own right, as a future substantive motion. See what I mean?

  2. Thank you Stephen for your summary to how things have unexpectedly unfolded to the world. What an unspeakable mercy if we are among those who believe there is an Almighty God that rules and overrules over all the affairs of men. If all this ends well and is the answer of prayer, then as a thought will we be able to humbly meet on the 29th in London to offer praise and thanksgiving.

    A Charles Wesley hymn of praise.

    Come, thou almighty King,
    Help us thy name to sing ;
    Help us to praise :
    Father all glorious,
    O’er all victorious,
    Come and reign over us,
    Ancient of Days !

    • Rocks
    • Rox G on 20 March 2019 at 23:49

    I don’t think Jeremy Corbyn believes that there is an Almighty God that rules and overrules over all the affairs of men. Moreover, Stephen keeps assuring us that the European Union is in the hands of actual pagans, and they are interfering now at the last minute.

      • Stephen on 21 March 2019 at 08:14

      It doesn’t matter what Mr Corbyn thinks, or you, for that matter, Rox. Just watch what happens. Or go outside and consider God’s creation. Or the miracles of WWI and WWII. And yes, the EU is in the hands of secularists. they exalt mankind and his wisdom, instead of the Creator. That makes them ‘actual’ pagans.
      Romand 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

        • Rocks
        • Rox G on 21 March 2019 at 11:29

        I was only responding to Jason’s
        ” What an unspeakable mercy IF we are among those who believe there is an Almighty God that rules and overrules over all the affairs of men. ”

        To a large extent, we aren’t. So is that not an unspeakable mercy, then, or doesn’t it matter ? I’m getting confused.

        Everyone involved in Brexit should surely pay attention to what the others think. Nobody, not even Theresa May, can hope to keep everyone contented just by sticking to her or his own ideas willy-nilly.

        I join with most people in looking on WWI and WWII as disasters, disasters which have been avoided in Europe ever since largely thanks to the existence of the EU and its predecessors.

        1. Sorry to think you are confused. Believers believe there is an omnipotent God whose ways are past finding out, who rules and overrules according to his unknown will to mankind. Yet there appears to be a given evidence that certain events have had an overruling hand in the affairs of nations. Watch things along.

            • Rocks
            • Rox G on 22 March 2019 at 21:05

            No no, it’s not entirely your fault. The confusion lies between you praising the situation that “we are among” such believers, and Stephen confirming that the EU is in the hands of secularists but that it doesn’t matter.

            You have to some extent explained this now. A lot depends on what you mean by “if” and what you mean by “we are among”.

            I suppose that your “if” doesn’t really express much doubt, rather as in “If you look at the figures, we actually have one of the biggest and strongest economies in the world”. (But it is the same whether you look at the figures or not !). So you meant “What an unspeakable mercy GIVEN THAT we are among those who believe…” (It was me who capitalised “if” before, taking it to mean “if, and only if” ).

            That comes back to what you mean by “We are among”. Looking at the EU generally, Stephen has always insisted that we are not, and looking at the modern Labour party and probably the other parties, I think it’s fair to say not entirely there either. There are in fact probably more devout Christians in the EU parties (not necessarily the right type of Christians). If you mean that you are in acceptable company within your church, Stephen and others the same, one wonders if this is going to be sufficient to change the course of history. Anyway, how can you be so sure that God agrees with you about Brexit ?

            Your meeting on the 29th is presumably postponed, or it very well may be (I’m confused).

          1. I believe it was John Flavel who quoted ‘whosoever watcheth providence, hath no providence to watch’. He meant keep a prayerful watch on how things unfold, as he believed an unseen hand ordered all our affairs. Wartime Churchill did not particularly profess to be religious, although he did acknowledge God and openly said ‘by the help of God we …’ he said in his memories that he had felt those times of an unseen hand guide him during the war years. After the war he was honest to also mention that we can all make mistakes. He was not acting self-righteous as Mrs May, who thinks her exit plan is the best. Now the latest is that she is backing down and to save face may avoid another vote on it because she knows the current feelings among MPs. A new true Brexit PM and cabinet is now needed or a new separated party .

            Mention of the 29th assuming we have finally left without any strings attached could have been better clarified. It was on the above bases and if a large party led by Nigel Farage are outside parliament next Friday, then would there be others joining in to add a note of prayerful praise!

  3. watched Sky news this afternoon in anguish as a former Italian finance minister (one supposes there are a few of them), a European Federalist, wax lyrical about a European super state- thank God for this opportunity to leave the EU. Pray the Lord releases us from the EU soon & then wonder with humility why He’s so merciful to the UK given the paths we have chosen since WW11. For me the video’s Stephen made from Europa and the spiritual heart of the EU helps to reassure that Brexit is a merciful escape

  4. Mrs May is simply not to be trusted. Most sadly, we have a Prime Minister who has broken her ‘red lines’ by
    now going for a short extended exit period to try and implement her 3rd attempted twisted ‘Maypole dancing Brexit’ Withdrawal Agreement that effectively will become a ‘Remainer Agreement’. It is extremely serious
    as it will become a legally-binding international treaty that can only be changed by the unanimous consent of the 27 EU member states, thus keeping us in forever.

    A friend has informed me that among the Tories in the his local conservative Brexit group, anecdotal evidence points to no one wanting to give any money, resignations and so on. The message couldn’t be clearer.

    This latest sage completely breaches the referendum result in spirit, the manifesto promises and the Prime Minister’s Lancaster House speech. Under this withdrawal agreement, we have the potential of Northern
    Ireland permanently remaining in the Single Market and a wider area of cooperation given under EU terms, their ruling and any veto on UK withdrawal. Here we will remain in the EU in all but name without a say,
    regulated, bound and ruled by the European Court of Justice, they being the final arbiter of EU laws. Our common fishery policy, EU preferential citizenship, financial contributions to fund EU bodies and EU military
    operations all coming under EU primacy.

    May our MPs, who are under pressure, now see the red light. Write to them and express your fears. Remember the 117 brave conservatives who voted to remove Mrs May in a vote of no confidence in December. Not a sufficient number to win, but a sufficient amount to now seriously consider forming a new party having had the great advantage of experience of being parliamentarians. Other loyal folk will now see why they then voted as they did now in the light of all this great dis- loyalty and just the time for a new party.

  5. No one wants to commit to any position. The EU Council basically said, come back when you have thought about it Mrs May. It took them a lot of debate, way past the usual rubber stamp sessions we are familiar with, to even agree to that. Their joint statement can only contain what is common amongst all but May. You can see such a statement would be generally acceptable between the 27. Much of it is based on the predicament they were in at the time and the rules that already govern them. They appear to agree that May will not get the deal through parliament, and the deal can not be altered as far as what was agreed with the EU. So given the actors seem to be first and foremost trying to protect their own position, something is going to give somewhere. It’s got to rest on one side or the other. Either we accept the EU deal and we do it that way of we default. What they will do to MPs I have no idea. They are all trying to pass the buck.

    We live in leaderless times. I find it interesting because this has never happened before. I don’t think they will call another referendum though. That would be the most idiotic thing imaginable. The public would say it took you three years, hence it will take another three years. Anything like that would serve us by helping to destroy the amount of political power they have. It was like the end days of the Soviet Union where the elite had to relax their party dogma. They had to as the belief thing was faltering with it. Politicians would need to claw back respect by offering power back.

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