Don’t delay Brexit Day


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  1. Where and which way are we going must be at the forefront of most. Sadly the conservatives selected a ‘remainer’ to lead us out of Europe, a leader who has 3/4 of her chosen cabinet as remain voters.

    We have a ‘remain’ speaker, a speaker who in my mind is prejudice and partial, a speaker who has the prerogative to select the proposed amendments of his choice, but goes and avoids the very good one by Will Quince Con MP. ‘A commitment to honour the result of the referendum and the parties 2017 manifesto.’

    The EU have also been playing a game of tantalising. Here we have as yesterday at this very late hour from Euro Guido that the Irish president is now confident a special arrangement can be found to keep the border in Ireland invisible, so why were they not saying this before? and just previously to this the EU announced it has contingency plans ready for a no deal situation having worked on them since the beginning of last year.

    We are in a shambles. Due to the 12 month party rule the Conservatives will have to wait until 16 December to place another vote of no confidence in their leader. But under the mechanism of the 2011 fixed term parliament rules there is no restriction to the times that an opposition party can do this, a possibility through first a ‘motion of no confidence’ and if the government were to lose it would however, give them 14 days to re-group a new team , making it untenable for Mrs May to continue as PM. Another vote of no confidence is then made on a new proposed conservative (brexit)! group. It could pass, yet it could fail, and if so a general election must follow.

    What amendment would you suggest to your MP to put through?

      • Stephen on 26 March 2019 at 19:16

      I’m saying just email your MP to leave on Friday.

      • Rocks
      • Rox G on 27 March 2019 at 01:18

      Very good point about the Irish border.

  2. On Monday morning every news channel announced that our government had already accepted the leave date of April 12th. Our emails to MPs asking the Prime Minister to ditch the statutory instrument would instead encourage her to implement it. To do otherwise would cause more confusion at home and more conflict from the EU Council.

    • Rocks
    • Rox G on 27 March 2019 at 01:25

    So MPs are going to write down possible solutions, the Speaker will select half a dozen (a selection which is more or less obvious already), and the MPs will discuss their merits and vote on them in such a way that what is truly the best one is selected. What’s wrong with that ? They should have done it a year ago.

    [ You may say that it doesn’t consult the people, but if they think that is important, they will choose a solution which does, such as a second referendum. Even taking part in the European elections would indicate how people now feel about Brexit. With a special Brexit party already set up for this eventuality, a special Remain party would soon follow, and other parties would risk being irrelevant. This could be the best way forward. We have run European elections before — it is by no means the disaster that people depict ]

      • Rocks
      • Rox G on 27 March 2019 at 14:16

      And Donald Tusk is encouraging the European Parliament to put up with us doing this, amidst cheers from them.

  3. I have just received this interesting link from a friend’s Brexit group. It confirms as mentioned yesterday that the Irish / EU have for 16 months tantalised the situation, but now suddenly they find an amicable solution so it proves they have done all they can all the way along to throw a spanner in the works.

    Sorry to hear about Jacob Rees-Mogg now prepared to back Mrs May – would he take half a bottle of medicine instead of a full one as ordered by his doctor! Our true Brexit MPs need encouraging not to take the bite of Mrs May’s deal which is not Brexit. If she resigns to be their scapegoat it will not alter her current deal position. I am going to encourage my Brexit MP not to cave in.

    The link :- The case for the backstop is unravelling – CapX

      • Rocks
      • Rox G on 27 March 2019 at 16:10

      If your “true Brexit MPs” don’t back Mrs May (and you ignore the fact that Rees-Mogg will not unless the Irish do !), won’t that lead to a greater possibility of the interesting new arrangements resulting in an alternative, possibly even another referendum ?

      But I have lost track of all the details, to be honest.

  4. This year 12th April is in Passiontide so celebrations may be muted but next year it is Easter Day

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