The disaster of Lockdown2

Boris Johnson addressing the House of Commons yesterday

Yesterday Boris Johnson presented his case for #Lockdown2 in the House of Commons, laden with references to ‘R’s’ which, he said, have to come down. Read the debate HERE and its second part HERE.

Gyms, churches and take-aways

Hardly anyone was pleased with it, apart from a few sycophantic Conservative MPs.

Labour and the LibDems wanted a lockdown earlier and pointed out that just ten days ago Mr Johnson was ridiculing their idea.

Many Conservative MPs were puzzled why low-risk activities such as gyms and non-interactive outdoor sports would be banned, along with religious worship and contact trades such as hairdressers, where those in charge have taken extraordinary – even ridiculous – measures to make their activities ‘Covid-safe’. And why can pubs and restaurants not provide take-away beer with take away meals? They did in Lockdown1.

Prayer and assessments

Jim Shannon MP called for a national day of prayer, and his colleague Iain Paisley also called for a return to Almighty God. Sammy Wilson ventured that chief medical officers and their computer models were not that different to the medicine men of primitive societies throwing a bag of bones on the ground. ‘They then made their analysis and told people what sacrifices had to be made to satisfy the gods. I suspect that our sophisticated society is not much different,’ he went on.

Sir Graham Brady, Anne Marie Morris (Newton Abbot) and even Labour’s Rosie Cooper asked Mr Johnson to publish his assessment of the expected damage from Lockdown2.

All the PM said to Sir Graham was: ‘There are many estimates of the economic impact that the country has already sustained and many projections of the losses in employment that we, alas, expect. Against them, we must set the tragic loss of life that would inevitably ensue if the House failed to act on Wednesday.’

So have the Government done no modelling on the side-effects?

Show me the data!

Loss of life is invariably tragic. But Covid is not the only or even the main culprit. Iain Paisley reminded the House that ‘By the time the curtain comes down this evening, 600 people across the United Kingdom will have died of cancer, more than 500 will have died of heart disease and 20 people have taken their own life through the misery of suicide. They are practically forgotten in the panic of the coronavirus.’

Graph of Doom

Note how the PHE/Cambrudge Graph of Doom predicts 1,000 deaths on 1st November, 4 times what actually happened

Mark Harper was sceptical of the latest Graph of Doom shown by Chief Medical Officer Prof Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance on TV on Saturday night. He said: ‘Carl Heneghan, the professor of evidence-based medicine at Oxford, and Daniel Howdon, a senior research fellow, looked at the graph that was presented, and have pointed out that the worst of these scenarios suggested that on 1st November there would be 1,000 daily deaths, which is about four times the level of the actual number of deaths taking place. That does at least cast some doubt on the accuracy of that scenario, which is why I want to see all of the data.’

Graph out of date

In fact the Cambridge / Public Health England projection was three weeks out of date and as its predictions have failed already, it’s invalid. A newer model predicted far fewer deaths, but the CMO and CSA chose not to show it. Journalist Ross Clark claims they ‘Cherry-picked’ data to suit their cause, which was, yet again, Project Fear.

Professor Carl Heneghan

Professor Carl Heneghan

Professor Heneghan was scathing about the SAGE men on TalkRadio yesterday. He also pointed out:

* ‘Prof Tim Spector’s KCL data is showing infections are “flatlining across the board”.
* ‘Government policy isn’t guided by the evidence; rather, it is massaging the evidence to justify the policy.
* ‘The Government is ignoring the costs of lockdowns, both economically and in terms of non-Covid deaths.
* ‘The PCR test identifies people as “positive” if they’ve had the virus three or four weeks ago and are no longer infectious.
* ‘Yes, the NHS is running at about 90-95% capacity, but that’s normal for this time of year. Why the panic?’

Cases and infections falling

The CMO and CSA also chose to include only 29 of England’s 854 hospitals. They excluded 232 with zero Covid cases and hundreds more with fewer than 100.

Furthermore, just as Boris Johnson was ploughing on the Commons, talking of how is is ‘always aware of the economic consequences’, claiming he has been ‘forced’ into Lockdown2, maintaining his ‘R’ will be ‘below 1′ and ‘we can do it by 2 December’, news was breaking that the UK had recorded the fewest daily infections in a fortnight. Department of Health figures showed 18,950 people tested positive for the disease on November 2nd – down 9.3% in a week and the lowest since Monday, October 19th (18,804).

The UK also saw another 136 coronavirus deaths yesterday, down from 326 on Saturday. Monday is usually low after the weekend, so we shall add the Tuesday figure figure here as soon as we have it.

Lag times and claiming credit

Any effects of Lockdown2 (Covid effects, not dire effects on peoples livelihoods and health) will take almost four weeks to feed in. It takes some six days for symptom onset and another eight days for the tiny percentage of those who are infected who require hospital care to be admitted. The small percentage who will succumb to the disease, almost every one with pre-existing medical conditions, will pass away after another 8-10 days. That’s over three weeks.

Either infections and deaths will stabilise over the period or they will keep chugging upwards. (Obviously 4,000 deaths by December 3rd is preposterous.) Either way it will be no thanks to Lockdown2, although the Government will take any credit for a reduction and will propose more oppression if figures trend upwards.

Keep calm and carry on

Bob Seely MP

Bob Seely (Isle of Wight) (Con) said to ‘wait for the cavalry in the form of a vaccine … is not a strategy, but the absence of one’. He suggested we “Keep calm and carry on.”

Mr Seely continued: ‘I am not quite sure about what the aims are. Are they to save life regardless? At the moment, we are sacrificing the lives of the young. Are the aims to save quality-adjusted life years? The Government’s own report from July said that the health impacts of the two-month lockdown were greater than those of direct covid deaths.

‘Professor Sikora has said: “The full consequences of lockdowns haven’t been properly considered by those who claim to have the answers. If a wider range of voices had been considered from the start, perhaps we wouldn’t be in the utter mess we’re in.” I am sorry to have to quote that, but I do think it is a valuable quote to have.’

Keeping calm was the last thing on the mind of the Minister for Patient Safety, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, Nadine Dorries MP, as she wound up the Covid debate by describing the virus as ‘a deadly adversary’ which ‘leaves young people with long covid and attacks the central nervous system.’ No it’s not, except for a tiny number, and no it doesn’t, except for a tiny number. It is so sad to have a nominally Christian MP spreading false witness and adding to Project Fear.

Turn to prayer

Pray for a reduction in Covid infection, cases, admissions and deaths, because in the natural that is the only thing which will prevent the Government doing more damage. Remember, never previously has a public health challenge been addressed by deliberately putting people out of work and that doing so, stopping people from providing for their families, is an oppression which cries to heaven:

Isaiah 3:15 What mean ye that ye beat my people to pieces, and grind the faces of the poor? saith the Lord GOD of hosts.

However, also pray for a change of heart among Government and its duplicitous advisors:

Exodus 23:1 Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.

Above all, pray for them to seek the Lord, just as Jim Shannon MP has called for a day of prayer, that they humble themselves, not, as Boris Johnson said, before the virus, but before the Almighty King Jesus:

Zech 1:3 Therefore say thou unto them, Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Turn ye unto me, saith the LORD of hosts, and I will turn unto you, saith the LORD of hosts.

Use this link to the Parliament website to email your MP, ask your MP to vote against Lockdown2 and demand the UK get back to normal, not ‘new normal’ but normal normal.

We appreciate your support – without it we can’t do our research and help inform your prayers.
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  1. The problem is that even if the so called infection rates, cases, admissions and deaths did go in a direction that disproved the Government’s Project Fear, the Government would just come up with another load of faked up, rigged, gerrymandered, ‘data’ to justify the lockdown. It would however, make the Government look like the anti-truth thing that is has become, and it would lose even more of its authority – which I think God is stripping it of anyway.

    Someone has alerted me to Agenda 21. This is from the UN, and was agreed by world leaders in 1992. It is a form of one world government and is being rolled out by the cartel of elites/leaders of the world. It is designed to collapse freedoms, bring in a one world digital currency, reduce global populations and obviously try to stage a coup against Almighty God. God of course is the source of true freedom and truth.

    So that explains so much then. RSE, mass abortion, Project Fears plural, collapse of freedom, destruction of a nation’s culture, destruction of the family, replacement of creation by God over six days, to vague, flexible, unobservable, billions of years, even the destruction of small businesses to be replaced by giant monopolies. That’s why our pubs and town centre shops are being destroyed.

    I am praying that the wheels fall off of stupid Agenda 21 and that it drives itself into that famous ‘ditch’ that a politician referred to in 2019. It’s a bit like Psalm 2, the nations say, ‘Let’s throw off these chains of God. I mean who wants freedom, truth, happiness, security, peace, a good life, when you could have the opposite? God laughs from heaven, the Lord holds them in derision.’

    May God bring the evil plans of these very evil people to complete ruin. Let God arise and let his enemies be scattered.

  2. I forgot to add – look up an article in the Daily Mail, (Sat 31.10.20) by Dr Mike Yeadon, PHD, former chief scientist of Phizer.
    Dr Yeadon gives three well argued rebuttals to the three main Project Fear claims used to justify the anti-God, anti-human, lockdown. The advisors to our Government have stated:
    1.The majority of the population is susceptible, ie in danger – Apparently SAGE says that 93% of the population is potentially susceptible to corona flu. Dr Yeadon says it is a maximum of 26.5%. He also adds that once we have immunity, we keep it, we don’t just lose it.
    2.Only 7% of the population has been infected so far – Dr Yeadon says it is at least 33.5%.
    3.The death (mortality) rate is 1% – in fact it is 0.2%. This would confirm what various others have reported that you have a 99.75% chance of recovery from corona flu, and only .25% chance of dying with, not ‘of,’ corona.
    (Another typical media, Project Fear brainwash – you die ‘with’ not ‘of’ corona. Watch how the media reports it).

    Also, look up an astonishing letter sent by Archbishop Carlo Vigano, former papal nuncio to the USA, sent to President Trump dated 25.10.20. I was sent a copy by an anti-lockdown contact. It is one of the clearest revelations about what is going on. It confirms everything CV has reported and he openly refers to Agenda 21, the Great Global Reset (this is what we are now living through), and the fact that leaders of many Western countries have joined in, and about the woeful silence of the whole church (not just RC).

    1. The IFR in England is 1.18% currently. The IFR of developing countries is much lower, like your 0.2% figure, but we do not live in these places.

      Always be careful when copying what campaigning ex-scientists say. There are a fair few liars out there, but they are crafty, and do not explicitly lie, but lead one to the wrong conclusions. File that claim with ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’!

  3. Mass money printing – the furlough scheme has now been extended to March 2021. This would fit exactly with the Archbishop Vigano letter – preparation for collapsing currencies, ie no more coins and paper, and a one world digital currency for a one world Government.

    RT News has also referred to the new digital currency being planned (The end of fiat currency). This would explain the crazy out of control money printing that the UK Government is doing, a terribly irresponsible , risky way to run any financial system. The world powers think they know what they are doing and nothing can possibly go wrong.

    God seems to be leading the forces of anti-God into total delusion and deception. It reminds me of the Egyptian army being led through their own leader’s vainglorious, arrogant, anti-God deception, into the Red Sea, where they perished.

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