Ruth Davidson is having her baby, not ‘theirs’

Ruth Davison (right) and Jennifer Wilson with their dog. Pet-owning is apparently much higher amongst lesbians than the general population.

Ruth Davison (right) and Jennifer Wilson with their dog. Pet-owning is apparently much higher amongst lesbians than the general population.

Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, is 13 weeks pregnant with her first child.

‘Parents to be’

You can just about trust the Guardian to report on this story:

‘The 39-year-old said she and her partner, Jen Wilson, were delighted to be expecting a baby in October after undergoing IVF treatment.

‘Davidson said in a statement: “Like all new parents-to-be, we are excited and daunted about the months to come. Mostly, we are just overjoyed at the prospect of starting a family together.”

‘Politicians of all parties congratulated the couple on Twitter. Theresa May described it as wonderful news, and Scotland’s first minster, Nicola Sturgeon, joked: “The baby box is on the way”, a reference to the Scottish government’s scheme for new parents.’

‘Dreamed of starting a family’

Jennifer Wilson is a marketing assistant. She is 36 and originally from Co. Wexford in the Republic of Ireland. She came to the UK in 2003. The Sun newspaper says her emigration was because of ‘social attitudes’. ‘She “never really felt she could be completely herself”.’

The two have been ‘together’ for more than three years. That is close to being a reasonably long time in lesbian circles. They live in Edinburgh and plan to gay-marry.

According to the Independent, Miss Davidson said: “We have always dreamed of starting a family.”

Ruth Davidson could not ‘live a lie’

Miss Davidson had a previous lesbian affair, says iNews. She had ‘a long term partner who I’d discussed marriage and children with’. But the woman ‘dumped’ her.

She told a Scottish radio programme she did not want to be gay. However, although claiming to be a Christian, and knowing the Bible, her language is not the best, in this interview at least.

Furthermore, she does not say she ever sought prayer, healing or deliverance from her ungodly desires. She said she had to ‘make a decision’. ‘You’re going to live a lie for the rest of your life or you’re going to trust yourself. That’s what I had to do.’

Lies and pretence

But speaking of lies and pretence, the woman who could not ‘live a lie’ is living a bunch of lies. The first is that a homosexual relationship is normal or natural.  Secondly, that being gay-married is anything other than a counterfeit of the real God-given thing.  Thirdly, she is embracing the fiction that both her and Miss Wilson are ‘having a baby’ or ‘starting a family’.  They are not.  Only she is having a baby.  Jennifer Wilson is a bystander.

Moreover, this is not a baby born into a loving marital relationship. It is not a baby conceived as the result of a one-flesh union between male and female. It is a baby concocted in an IVF lab for purely selfish and/or gay campaigning reasons. Yes, Ruth Davidson may well feel maternal. But if she has decided to be a lesbian, she has set herself steaming down a sexual dead-end.

A word about IVF

IVF has been used to enable couples who are in a one-flesh union to have children. Our misgivings about it arise because healthy embryonic human beings are killed as by-products.  At the same time, we understand very well the heartache of not being able to conceive naturally.

It seems ironic and unjust that Nicola Sturgeon, at one time the only one of three female Scottish party leaders to be heterosexual, has been unable to conceive. Our hearts and prayers go out to her and her husband, even if we cannot stand her politics.

But an inability to conceive naturally is not remotely the case here.  Ruth Davidson has gone down the IVF route because of her distaste for natural sexual relations.  Either that, or because it would neither have been personally nor politically expedient to go ‘between the sheets’ with a man.

And who is the father of the growing baby? Did some student sell his seed? Is the father even a Conservative? Is he straight or gay? Will he have any involvement in the child’s life? Amid all the gushing, no-one in the mainstream media is so much as asking these questions.

We know Ruth Davidson is the mother

Unlike the creepy Tom Daley / Mr Black case, we know who is at least one actual parent. It’s hard to conceal pregnancy. But as her child grows up, what will Miss Davidson tell him or her? Will the pair maintain the fiction that they are both its parents? And how is a child expected to grow up normal in such an dysfunctional environment? (Let alone in the Black/Daley household?)

Ruth Davidson has been touted as a possible future leader of the Conservative Party as a whole. It is a party which celebrates sodomy and everything gay.  The Tories passed the act to allow homosexuals to gay-marry.  They corrupt the nation’s children in state-sponsored sex education.  Above all, Conservative politicians have plunged headlong into the world of ‘post-truth, post-shame’.  Given all that, Ruth Davidson would sadly be an ideal fit.

Take away the wicked

But to take on such a role would be to aspire to be the Queen’s minister. Let us pray against such an eventuality, but even more for repentance for all in authority. Let us pray for righteous ministers to surround the Queen with these words from the mouth of God:

Psalm 94:20 Shall the throne of iniquity have fellowship with thee, which frameth mischief by a law?

Proverbs 25:5 Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne shall be established in righteousness.

Acts 3:19 Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;

1Timothy 2:1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; 2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

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  1. Well said Stephen.Please keep holding to Biblical principles. I’ve had a Methodist partner of a Bible Study leader walk out of a service when I said marriage is one man,one woman for life! Lord save us

  2. Excellent article Stephen – I cannot disagree. Thank you for being so bold as to speak out like this – I love reading your articles – keep them coming. I love it when you compare and contrast our behavioural standards of today with the word of God – Brilliant – keep up the good work.

  3. They discussed this on the Jeremy Vine show today. I sent an email saying that it was not normal to have two mums and that there was a man involved! Also that boys especially need fathers. Unfortunately it was not read out!

  4. Society, in a democracy, deserves the leaders it elects.
    If all brothers and sisters in Christ could be as active and coherent as Stephen, we would be pandered to by those wanting our votes, just as President Trump did with Christians in the USA.
    How come the ‘gays’ are so strident and visible all of a sudden? Why do our leaders pander to them more than to the morally correct?
    I suppose when hedonism rules, ‘moral’ to the licentious, is like the word ‘sin’ to the Christian.
    That ‘sin’ nailed Jesus through His hands and feet – it’s painful to understand its full meaning – you cannot take it to paradise otherwise paradise is no longer paradise.
    I don’t enjoy hearing about these things; it is painful to know how much wrath is heaped upon those who perpetrate and uphold these dark deeds. Whilst we are here, we suffer for them because we hate them.

  5. Once again, Stephen, you show yourself to be a man of God and most definitely approved for the work!

    You are absolutely right – we do indeed need to pray for the lost souls that make up the current leadership in the UK. I can also assure you that the current political leadership here in New Zealand is absolutely no better than in Britain. The spiritual blindness is astounding, although not at all surprising.

    Be encouraged Brother!

    Blessings in Christ Jesus

    Peter East.

  6. Yes. A post truth generation. These clown politicians never cease to depress us with their ‘alternative’ morality and life style. I used to think that Labour was the party of corruption and decadence. I still think that is the case, but the Tories are seeking to join them! The Lib dems (dumbs) are well away on this one. hence my decision NOT to vote for ANY of the major parties whilst they are pedalling this kind of rubbish.

  7. Apart from the ridiculous situation with regard to Ruth Davidson, which is yet another example of the Tories’ participation in the postmodernist neo-Marxist degeneracy that exposes them as fake conservatives and fake Christians, one thing I never see mentioned with regard to IVF is that it is likely to cause weakness in the human gene-pool. In nature, each sperm has to make a long journey to the ovum, with the strongest and healthiest one arriving first to fertilise, whilst the others either arrive too late and fail, or fall and die on the way. However, the IVF process involves the random selection of sperm for introduced to the ovum, with the strong likelihood that weak or abnormal ones that would never have managed to complete the journey are selected.

    Even if we were to accept the modern consensus of evolution being a fact, it’s the height of irony that modern science and the medical industry is effectively seeking to override the process of natural selection that has served humans well since the dawn of our existence by making our species strong and successful. But then again, why would such a conundrum worry those who stand to materially profit from it?

    Whenever I’ve mentioned this concern in the comment sections of the MailOnline and Daily Express newspaper websites, it’s always voted down in large numbers before being completely removed by the editors, yet this article from the Zhejiang University of China raises the same concerns: .

    1. It’s a very interesting point.

      But on the other hand, if IVF is necessary in ordinary heterosexual cases, it’s because no sperm is making it. Eventually, one might do, but it would still be from the same feeble “donor” (the natural father). It’s possible that even one taken at random from another donor might be better, so that IVF would improve the gene-pool.

      I believe it is possible to race sperms along a tube in vitro, so perhaps this is done before IVF to choose the best ones (which might be generally the easiest to work with). If not, it could be. But is there really any evidence that the best swimming sperm produce the best babies anyway ?

      1. 1 Simplistic
        2 Best at what?

  8. Another skeleton from another of satans’ cupboards – and the reactions, from our elected representatives, are diabolic !! Congratulations. ?
    I have previously provided MY thoughts on a few of the tabled topics and will reiterate some which could be associated with this particular result of pandering , under the title of ‘equality’ , to ” Lucifers Gangs of Bigoted Troops .,’ in western Christianity.
    There is NO Christian tenet , which requires our Head of State to give Royal Assent,
    which denies Christianity, to the legislation, as is shown by the ‘ non complaints’ of the C. of E. Not a whimper !!
    ”FOR EVIL TO PREVAIL it only needs the good, to DO and SAY NOTHING” This is probably the most ignored truth of the present age.

  9. Women are difficult to understand for us men.
    This is an extract from the website of Glasgow Women’s Library :

    ” GWL recognises that women can thrive and foster skills and knowledge in spaces which are orientated around women and their lives and experiences. We also seek to redress sexism, discrimination and misogyny by promoting the lives, work, histories and achievements of women from a range of backgrounds. For these reasons, some of our events, classes and workshops are for women only, and sometimes are targeted at specific groups in particular, for example Trans women, Women of Colour or lesbians.

    GWL is sensitive and inclusive of all gender and sex identities, and we recognise the complexity and limitations of language that can occur when describing gender specific events. All women-only events are inclusive of Trans and Intersex women, as well as non-binary and gender fluid people who identify in a significant way as woman or female.

    All women only classes, workshops or events will be marked clearly in our print programmes and online. ”

    None of this seems to apply to places where men used to “thrive” in their own “spaces” before it was made illegal.

    1. Priceless. Self-parody. And you are right in your point. Please dig out the link and post it, my dear old thing.

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