King Charles preaches Net Zero at COP28

King Charles addressing COP28

King Charles addressing COP28

At this time of writing, in early December 2023, some 97,000 delegates and 300,000 hangers-on are meeting at the climate alarmist COP28 jamboree in Dubai. It’s the biggest ever, with, some are saying, the biggest ever ‘carbon footprint’.

Meanwhile, the Government have passed what the Daily Telegraph describes as an ‘anti-motorist’ net zero vote. The ‘Zero Emission Vehicle mandate’ will enact quotas for the sale of electric cars. The mandate will require 22 % of cars sold by manufacturers to be electric from next year. By 2030, the quota will gradually have risen to 80 per cent.

This is despite Mr Sunak pushing the all-electric date back from 2030 to 2035 in a speech in September. MPs say if electric cars are that good they will sell themselves with no need for government force. The measure passed by 381 votes to 37. See how your MP voted hereTelegraph’s report (£) is here.

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King Charles: Elite must ‘play their part’

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King Charles gave the opening speech on Friday 1st, (or watch it on YouTube) (Comment on Daily Sceptic) telling the assorted sheiks, princes and politicians to gang up on the masses and deliver Net Zero: They must ‘bring together our public, private, philanthropic and N.G.O. sectors ever more effectively, so that they all play their part in delivering climate action.’ He said: ‘It is encouraging to see industry transition plans being developed, both nationally and globally, which will help each sector of our global economy onto practical pathways to a zero-carbon, Nature-positive future.’

When you read the transcript of his speech on the Palace website, you see that the King always deifies ‘nature’ by giving it a capital ‘N’. ‘We belong to the earth’, he concluded, ‘The Earth does not belong to us.’

That’s not what the Bible says, when God blessed mankind and told Adam and Eve to ‘be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:’ The earth, or nature, is a created thing, like us. Mankind are stewards of it. It does not ‘own’ us, as His Majesty believes. It is not a god.

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Existential Threats?

To support his pitch, the King spoke of ‘seeing alarming tipping points being reached’. Like what? He failed to name any. He said: ‘I have spent a large proportion of my life trying to warn of the existential threats facing us over global warming, climate change and biodiversity loss.’ Threats to our very existence? The world was warm in Roman times and in the Middle Ages. We’re still here, Your Majesty. Some time back all the dinosaurs went extinct. That was Biodiversity loss on a grand scale. We’re still here, sir.

Writing in the Telegraph, Peter, Lord Lilley, says he has asked ministers to name a single peer-reviewed study accepted by the IPCC (the UN body established to assess the science of global warming) that forecasts the extinction of humanity if the world takes no action to phase out fossil fuels. He found out there isn’t one.

Incidentally, he also says when he was one of just five MPs to vote against the absurd Climate Change Act in 2008, he was the only MP who asked to see the ‘Impact Assessment – the cost-benefit analysis’ for the Bill. It showed the costs outweighed the benefits by a factor of two-to-one. He goes on: ‘But, then and since, our political class has put reason aside, preferring to use this issue for virtue signalling’. Once again, as our previous article showed, it was and still is the politics of absurdity.

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More Carbon Dioxide

Referring to his many calls for ‘climate action’ and ‘Harmony’ with ‘Nature’, the King said: ‘All these decades later, and despite all the attention, there is thirty per cent more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere now than there was back then, and almost forty per cent more methane.’

Yes, Statista reports there was 315 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere in 1959, and 419 parts per million in 2022. And we’re still here. Plants can’t photosynthesise much below 200 ppm, while the ideal for them, according to the Province of Manitoba in Canada, is around 1200 ppm. Some growers provide supplements of CO2 to make their plants more productive. Carbon Dioxide is not a poison, it means more food for ordinary people. Even the alarmist NASA admits the earth is becoming greener as a result of the extra CO2.

As for Methane, Statista says ‘Precise figures’ ‘are difficult to quantify’, but I sense the King is punching down on livestock farmers, other than him, of course, whose animals produce methane. Then again, humans produce methane, even kings, apparently.

Where are livelihoods ‘laid waste by climate change’?

His Majesty said: ‘The dangers are no longer distant risks. I have seen across the Commonwealth, and beyond, countless communities which are unable to withstand repeated shocks, whose lives and livelihoods are laid waste by climate change.’ Where in the world is this happening? He didn’t say. There is no support for his statement anywhere.

The King constantly confused weather with climate. He claimed, ‘East Africa is suffering a decades-long drought’. It isn’t. Even CNN eventually has to admit the horn of Africa is suffering a five-year drought brought about by La Nina weather patterns. But elsewhere, for example in the East African country of Rwanda,according to the World Bank, there is more rainfall than a century ago. The king blamed this year’s ‘severe’ wildfires on climate change. No, it was arsonists what set fire to forests in Greece and Canada.

Highly political

The elite, including the King’s Great Reset friends in the World Economic Forum, which is supporting COP28, of course, try to pretend Net Zero is not political. That’s how the King thinks he can get away with a speech which was highly-politicised.

He told the leaders, ‘we need – in the order of four-and-a-half to five trillion a year – to drive the transformation we need’. That’s the cost. Dollars presumably. And who pays for it? Not King Charles. Nor does it grow on those trees he wants speculators in the Shard to plant with taxpayers’ cash.

That money for Net Zero will come from taxes raised and profits from stuff sold to you and me. The population of the world is around 8 billion. Do the maths. The king’s Net Zero is going to cost every man, woman and child on Planet Earth at least $570 dollars a year each. Possibly over $600 each. Per year. The Archbishop of Canterbury told King Charles at his coronation in May to be a servant of the people. So has the King asked us if we want to pay that? Was it in any party manifesto?

96 months to save the world!

In July 2009, Prince Charles, as he was then, told an audience of industrialists and environmentalists that he calculated that we had just 96 months, a mere 8 years, left to save the world. Charles said we could no longer afford consumerism and the “age of convenience” was over. Not for him of course.

Fourteen years or 168 months later, the earth has not come to an end. We’re still here. The sky has not fallen in. He was wrong then. I suggest the royal alarmist and bon viveur is wrong again.

We read in Genesis chapter 8 and verse 22 that ‘seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night will always be there while the earth remains. That’s the Lord’s promise. But News Agency Reuters tells us, along with Google, the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media, without any backing, as if it is holy writ, that the burning of fossil fuels ‘is the main cause of climate change’.

Fossil fuels, or the sun?

Historically, it is the activity of the sun which has always driven climate change. We believe the earth and its complicated and seemingly chaotic atmosphere, its physics and its chemistry, the moon and the sun were all put together by an all-powerful Creator. Man’s attempts to model it, let alone influence it, seem a bit pathetic, a bit vain-glorious.

It was left to chemical engineer, Sultan Dr Ahmed Al-Jaber, the COP28 president, to tell his guests there is ‘No science’ behind phasing out fossil fuels and it isn’t even necessary to achieve the Paris Agreement’s artificial target of 1.5 degrees C. The Telegraph reports he is even going to increase production of oil. The Gretas of this world will not be happy with that.

They won’t hesitate to litigate. One of them, environmentalist and evolutionist Chris Packham has already filed a High Court legal challenge to the UK Government for its decision to delay the electric car deadline by five years.

However, to support Dr Al-Jaber, it was only fossil-fuel power stations which kept the UK from freezing in the November/December 2023 freeze-up. According to the Telegraph, renewables failed completely with the lack of both wind and sun, and because successive governments have failed to build enough nuclear power stations, coal and gas had to fill the gap. The gas network too was at maximum capacity to heat the nation’s homes. Electric heat pumps turned out to cost a fortune as they struggled to extract enough heat from the cold air to keep people warm.

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You’ve heard how they want to turn Port Talbot into an Electric Arc Furnace (which uses scrap steel) and close the blast furnaces (which make new iron) and put 2,000 guys out of work? And Kemi pretends it’s good news? Well, see this about how a Blast Furnace works (you never knew this). This one is more technical.

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The fall of the kings of the earth

According to the Bible’s book of Hebrews, the Lord Jesus upholds all things, that’s all things, by the word of his power. Paul tells the Colossians that the Lord Jesus ‘is before all things, and by him all things consist’.

The Bible also tells us, in Psalm 2 about the ‘kings of the earth’ imagining ‘vain things’, coming together to plot and plan ‘against the LORD, and against his anointed.’

In our day, King Charles and the nobles, the presidents, prime ministers and politicians, their advisors and the climate lobbyists and financiers are fulfilling that prophecy. They will all wine and dine sumptuously in Dubai and clap each other on the back for their virtue signalling, before flying home in their private jets to tell you to eat less meat, go electric, travel less, turn the heating down and put on a jumper.

Thank God that he will have the last word. The Bible says he will laugh at them and have them in derision. Find all our Bible references just below:

Read, Pray and take Action!

READ: Psalm 2:1-4; Gen 1:28, Gen 8:22; Psalm 2:1-4, 111:10; Prov 9:10; Ezek 45:9; Micah 6:8; Luke 12:27-31; Col 1:17; 2Pet 3:7; Heb 1:3.

PRAY That these leaders will repent of their delusions, their belief in lies and absurdity, their arrogance and their vanity, and seek the Lord in humility, because fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the holy is understanding.

WRITE: To: ‘His Majesty The King, Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA’. You can open with ‘Sir’ (although I write: ‘May it please Your Majesty’!) and close the letter with the form ‘I have the honour to be, Sir, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant’. That’s the formal way. (You can’t email His Majesty, BTW). The Palace website says the king ‘takes a keen interest in the letters he receives’. Use the points above, be brief, be courteous, be firm. Don’t be afraid to quote scripture; HIs Majesty prefers the King James Version!

ALSO WRITE To your MP at House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA or Use this link to the UK Parliament website to email your MP to ask him/her to agree with you that ordinary people refuse to be impoverished to satisfy the whims of climate fanatics. Ask your MP to agree with you that the Climate Act needs to be repealed and the Net Zero agenda scrapped. Remember, when we do the little things that only we can do, we can rely on the Lord to do what only he can do.

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  1. Excellent article Stephen!
    The trouble, of course, is that these people see no need to justify what they say because it’s all true, or I should say, it’s ‘The Truth’ … yes, it is, of course, (as you know) a quasi-religious belief system.
    However, at least we can assume that pretty much every other person speaking there will have had an upbringing which brought them into contact with normal people, to a greater or lesser extent. This is where old Mr Windsor differs – the gulf between him and any sort of ‘normality’ is so vast that it is completely unbridgeable.
    Oh brave new world which has such people in it!

    1. Thank you, fair point. Although once they get up there, some, many, forget where they came from. And then there’s group-think.

  2. Indeed, yes.

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