Foreign affairs news and op-ed round-up

A round-up of recent foreign affairs stories mostly from alternative media. All links will automatically open in a new tab. No need to ‘Right-Click’.

Syria: The Cycle of Lies by Thierry Meyssan (on VoltaireNet)

It’s taken a week for Diana Darke to slag off ‘That Trip’ she went on to Syria with Baroness Cox, whom she doesn’t even name!

Sometimes it is really hard for those of us who support the State of Israel:
Christians in Jerusalem’s Old City ‘under threat’ from settlers
And PM Netanyahu digs out some really old news for Donald Trump: Israel says Iran hid nuclear arms programme

Peter Hitchens: Waiting for the OPCW: How to Read the Next Report on Alleged Chemical Weapons Atrocities

Douma: 17 eyewitnesses testify before the OPCW (on VoltaireNet)

Ex-ambassador Craig Murray says journalists told not to mention a certain MI6 minder of Sergei Skripal: Where They Tell You Not to Look

Craig Murray again. It becomes stranger and stranger: Probable Western Responsibility for Skripal Poisoning

Cement giant Lafarge ‘working for French Secret Services in Syria’ by Thierry Meyssan  (

BBC Hardtalk: Stephen Sackur talks to Fares Shehabi, Aleppo businessman and MP in Syria (YouTube)
(Off-Guardian’s report on Sackur vs Shehabi is here)

IAAF doctor calls for intersex category in athletics within five to 10 years (Guardian)

‘That Trip’: Statement from Caroline Cox on her recent visit to Syria

The fiasco of the bombing raid on Syria by Thierry Meyssan (cyber warfare and priorities)

24/04/2018 What Will Weapons Inspectors Find in Syria… and Does it Matter?

The Skripal Affair: A Lie Too Far? by Michael Jabara Carley (on VotaireNet)

In Syria on 'That Trip:' l-r: Reverend Andrew Ashdown, Syriac Patriarch, Grand Mufti of Syria, Rt Rev Michael Langrish, Canon Giles Fraser, ano.

In Syria on ‘That Trip:’ l-r: Reverend Andrew Ashdown, Syriac Patriarch, Grand Mufti of Syria, Rt Rev Michael Langrish, Canon Giles Fraser, ano.

David Pilkington at The Way: Was the Syrian Chemical attack a Hoax?

Gareth Browne was on ‘That Trip’: The ‘crazy club’: Inside the British propaganda trips that seek to legitimise Assad’s barbarism

Giles Fraser was on ‘That Trip’: Why I’m unrepentant about my trip to Syria

Yes! Soros-funded foundation questions future in Hungary

Britain should ‘move in the direction of friendship’ with Bashar al-Assad, former UK ambassador to Syria says

Richard Bacon MP: An open letter to the US Congress: don’t let Trump rip up the Iran deal

Will Armenia be the next victim of western-backed regime change? (

Peter Hitchens on Khan Sheikhoun: Rushing to Judgement Over Syria – some previous experiences

This debate on Syria in the House of Lords took my eye. Scroll down to the speech by Lord Dykes

BBC on Islamic State in maps; includes IS fighters by nationality (Read this. You will be surprised)

Yes, it’s way back, but this letter to The Times from three former UK ambassadors to Syria is worth reading and commending.  The man whose blog features it hates them for suggesting the UK leaves Syria alone.


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  1. “Read this you will be surprised” (on Islamic State).

    I do not, of course, claim to have known every detail of this before (nor shall I remember every detail in future).
    But none of it particularly “surprised” me. It is nonetheless well worth a look.

    Stephen is probably thinking of the country which provides most IS fighters, but I had heard some mothers of deceased volunteers from that country being interviewed on the radio. No spoilers here, but when you think about it, that country does have a lot of Muslim citizens. The mothers take a strangely unethical view, although I suppose that is understandable. They don’t see that their sons did anything wrong, say that they were “tricked”, and even demand their human rights (those that are still alive).! They ignore BBC appeals to consider how ISIS trampled on the human rights of everyone else. I think “amoral’ is the word for these mothers (many of whom have become grandmothers), They want their daughters-in-law back, and also of course their grandchildren, whom they have never seen. All perfectly human and understandable, and not the grandmothers’ fault, but they might be a bit more apologetic.

    As for the other countries, most of them have lots of Muslim citizens too. When your rule them out, it does come down to the European countries we think of as providing lots of volunteers , and these are again the ones with most Muslims : Germany, France, and Britain.

    1. yes, ISIS fighters from the West: or as dear old Justin Trudeau has it, “foreign travellers”.

      1. I’m not sure this is very relevant. The country which provides most IS fighters is not a Muslim country by a very long way, but it is NOT a country in the West.

        Only when you rule out THAT country (no spoilers), and mainly Muslim countries, it does come down to European countries, but I can’t see that the comment “Yes, ISIS fighters from the West” adds anything to that fact.

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