Eat red meat!


  1. Dear Stephen,
    We are systematically going through the New Testament Letters in our home group and tonight we are doing Romans 14. How appropriate that we should receive your e-mail today. Hilary and I happily eat meat and occasionally drink wine. However, in the spirit of Romans 14 and other scriptures, we will try not to do anything that causes offence. For instance, my daily habit years ago was to eat a ham sandwich in the company canteen, but when for two weeks I was training an Egyptian, who was a Moslem, I ate with him and had bread and cheese. He looked around the restaurant and said: “They are eating pork. That is against my religion.” I replied: “It is also against my religion-when I am with you.” I won his respect and he came to a series of Billy Graham Broadcasts and also to church, where he seemed to soak up whatever was being preached. His last words to our pastor were “Now I am a Christian Moslem.” I don’t understand those words, but maybe a work of grace happened in his life. One of our daughters is a vegetarian, but she quite happily serves meat when we eat there. A couple from another church has joined ours. They are vegans and Hilary and I have been invited to their house for a meal. I would not expect them to serve us meat, but if we reciprocated the visit, we may well have meat, but provide a vegan alternative for them, or we might go vegan on that occasion.
    With regard to pork: we will eat it on occasions, but generally limit our consumption of it, simply because the Jews were forbidden it, and maybe there was a health reason for God’s prohibition of it. It doesn’t seem to be banned in the New Testament. I think the bottom line is Romans 14:17:- ” for the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. ” As with anything, “A little of what you fancy does you good” and “moderation in all things.” We try and make our meals as varied as possible. If we lived closer I would buy your meat. As it is, I buy diced lamb or beef from the local butcher, coat it in beaten egg, then a mixture of flour and curry powder. I then fry it rapidly for a few minutes only. I then put a layer of onions on the bottom of a slow cooker, followed by the meat. On top of that I put another layer of onions and garlic, then layers of whatever root vegetables are in season. This goes on a low heat for a few hours and is absolutely scrumptious. I also steam some greens for a few minutes to go with it.
    Thank you for all you do.
    God bless

      • Stephen on 2 October 2019 at 16:24

      That recipe sounds delicious, brother! Good points well made re Romans 14. Thank you.

  2. The red meat lie is just one of many. I often chat to a scientist over on another forum and he spent his years in microbiology research. He says the best things to eat are what we ate out on the African savanna.

    If you think about it, we have always eaten red meat, hence the biochemistry has adapted to make best use of it, and giving you cancer it utter tripe. Cancer invariably comes about when the body is exposed to something it does not understand in the evolutionary sense, hence does not have the defences to deal with it. Clearly this is the modern world with all of its industrial chemicals coupled with nutrient deficiency, meaning it does not have the energy or capability to fight back. For other dangerous things, e.g. oxygen, the body has long dealt with so it has found the best defences it can. It is fascinating to see how all of this works.

    I’m just sick of all of this lying. It seems today few can manage to tell the truth. If you are in one of those jobs, you are expected to lie. If you always tell the truth you would have to be an expert lawyer to make a living in many professions, because the number of time you would experience unfair dismissal for telling the truth would be hard work, hence the average employee takes the easy route and just lies. Often they are under contractual terms “not to do anything which brings the organisation into disrepute”. Imagine as a government-employed food health campaigner on the beeb, being interviewed. “Well its all lies – you should eat red meat” You never see that, do you? Ditto for salt, fat, gluten, sugar, LGBTQ and all the rest.

    Do not burn your meat though, because that produces a form of carbon which is known to be carcinogenic – its the same thing which is carcinogenic in cigarettes.

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