DfE issues secret LGBT advice to schools

A conference on RSE and the DfE LGBT advice is being held Saturday 12th October 2019 in Harrow.

A conference on RSE and the DfE LGBT advice is being held Saturday 12th October 2019 in Harrow.

The Department for Education has issued advice to schools on how to respond to parental protests over LGBT teaching creeping into Relationships and Sex Education.

The advice is so secret and explosive it appears nowhere on the DfE website.

A whistleblower has leaked it to Christian organisations.  Here it is: RSA Advice for LAs on protests FINAL pdf

Saturday conference

Anglican Mainstream is holding a conference on the whole RSE issue on Saturday 12th October in Harrow. Tickets are £25 from Eventbrite.

Speakers include Miriam Grossman MD, author of ‘You’re Teaching My Child What?’, Amir Ahmed, Birmingham RSE Challenger; Linda Rose of Voice for Justice, Dr Lisa Nolland from Anglican Mainstream and Dr Tom Rogers of SPUC. Tom was also the recent Christian People’s Alliance candidate in the Peterborough by-election.

The conference will focus on a parental response to the Government’s new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum for England in September 2020.

Lisa Nolland said: We do not believe the state should take other people’s children and teach them unhelpful, even damaging, ideologies that their parents (and science) disagree with.’

The speakers will show how parents can deal with these issues, including how to approach headteachers to protect children from LGBT ideologies.

DfE Advice

The DfE advice is entitled ‘Primary school disruption over LGBT teaching / Relationships Education: Advice for Local Authorities on steps to manage issues.’

It is specifically aimed at handling parental protests over LGBT teaching outside Primary schools. The DfE paper is targetted at Local Authorities, but may also have gone to primary head teachers.

As Voice for Justice point out, the DfE advice is not conciliatory in the slightest. Nor does it reconsider ‘the wisdom of promoting values so clearly at variance with those of all the major religions.’

Instead, it is all about how to squash emerging protests and how to use the law to clamp down on opposition. It advises schools to engage with the media ‘carefully’. Statements should ‘avoid detail’. Schools should only undertake media activity after they have taken advice from the local authority. Heads might not have ‘expertise’ and could ‘inflame the situation’, you see.

Organisations campaigning and organising!

From September 2020, ‘Relationships Education’ will be compulsory in all schools, including primaries. Homosexual propaganda is concealed in this subject, rather than in Sex Education.

The advice complains: ‘Some organisations are opposed to the introduction of these subjects, or to some of the expected content set out in the statutory guidance for the subjects, and have been campaigning nationally against the subjects and organising locally to encourage parents to influence their schools’ teaching. The majority of the objections relate to the teaching of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) content, particularly in primary schools.’

The Local Authority will want to monitor home education if parents withdraw their children.  Moreover, they are advised to clamp down on ‘disruptive protests’ by parents.

Early signs of discontent

Parents are usually encouraged to speak to teachers about relationships education, but in the DfE advice, such questions are ‘early signs of a ‘coordinated campaign’. Parent meetings are another sign, especially when organised by ‘SRE Islamic’ or ‘Stop RSE’. So is the emergence of ‘WhatsApp groups’ or ‘other social media, such as facebook’ discussing concerns over RSE and LGBT teaching.

Local Authorities should ‘get intelligence’ then move to mollify parents with meetings and letters.  They might even ‘offer to review school Relationships Education policies’.  Such a review will go nowhere. The LA should secure a joint statement from councillors calling for ‘calm parental engagement’.  It should also express ‘strong support for Relationships Education and/or teaching about LGBT.’ Schools should ‘Work with faith leaders in your area to secure support’.  They should also ‘engage your community policing colleagues as early as possible’.

Clamp down on protests

If there is a hint of actual protests, LAs and schools should be considering legal action. They will need evidence, but should think about applying for an injunction.  They could use the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.  The advice suggests they make a Public Space Protection Order or even pass a new bye-law.

If protests start, schools should hold a group meeting with the parent protesters and faith leaders. If children are withdrawn from school they should also take ‘enforcement action against the parents for unauthorised absence from school’. In practice, if a critical mass of parents do that, any school or LA will back down.

Schools should also have ‘a Council officer’ present at any protests.  They can ‘collect evidence of the disruption and be ready to report any suspected criminal behaviour.’

Intelligence and support

The document is keen on supporting schools and engaging with parents.  However, it nowhere suggests schools should back down and remove even the worst examples of homosexual propaganda.

Finally, it encourages LAs to pass on intelligence (which it calls ‘intel’ to the DfE:

‘It is important that you pass on intel to DfE about disquiet in your local area and signs that this might be building towards disruptive activity. DfE can better support LAs if there is a real time picture of issues in local areas and patterns of activities.

‘Send any local intelligence to the following email address: [email protected]


It is very encouraging that the DfE is worried enough about the parental protests over LGBT RSE to issue this advice. The protests are clearly having an impact at the highest level.

However, why is the UK Government so committed to riding roughshod over parental rights?



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  1. When Gavin Williamson became Education Secretary in August we did send this letter and cc to our MP. Sadly in some cases, there are MPs who are all for promoting this sodomy and do we just then instead write to the Education Secretary? I would encourage all to write as it seems in view of my letter below of 13 August to Gavin Williamson MP, the DfE are determined to take no notice.

    Dear Education Secretary,
    Congratulations on your appointment as Education Secretary. May you be guided by wisdom for our children’s future. As the proverb soundly quotes “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

    As you would be aware, having two children, of the great need for sound education free from any type of agenda that could disturb the minds, particularly young minds, and emotions during their development years.

    As you would know, parents are the prime responsibility for their child’s welfare and with that in mind, we would stress our fears that there is an agenda from the LGBT ideology trying hard to push their agenda on the young. It takes no account that parents and other good citizens have fundamental religious beliefs contrary to the agenda of LGBT ideology and they are the ones that need full protection.

    The freedom to exercise ‘liberty of conscience’ is a great must and protection from any infringement on both parent and child alike must have a place.

    Disquiet, for instance, has already begun via the Birmingham school ‘No Outsider’ protests as being a conscientious issue.

    We do hope, with all the pressures from these upstart groups that you are able to bear our concerns and handle these matters wisely.

    Wishing you well in your new appointment.

  2. It would well be worth also writing to the new Brexit Party with our concerns. A party that is in the process of formulating a manifesto and is currently looking into people’s concerns. It is a party that truly wants a ‘clean leave’ with the EU and they could be reminded that we also need a clean break from the promotion of sodomy.
    I sent this e-mail to them on the 30 September do follow suit as a general election could come and we need a party with a good manifesto.

    To: [email protected]

    Dear Brexit Party,

    It may be you are already aware of the sexualising of children with compulsory school lessons to come next September 2020. Our daughter with five children is, like many other parents, extremely concerned and worried. Below is an extract from the Daily Mail just one week ago. We do seriously hope your new party whom we fully support over a clean Brexit will come to stand up for parents and children alike and do all you can to remove such foul teaching from the schools.

    Our dear children are tomorrow’s society. With a general election on the horizon do make a stand and be head and shoulders above all the other parties in the decent realms of morality by giving protection in this sex bent society. Both the last two prime ministers, David Cameron and Theresa May failed many decent conservatives and this country by departing from the once good traditional views of their party on these issues by introducing and exemplifying same-sex marriage.

    With the Labour and Liberals also of the same degenerating squad, may you be the voice England needs to hear in advocating protection for schools, society and ethical Christian standards and go on to win support and seats. Something concrete has to be done.

    Jason Barker

    From the Daily Mail of September 23, 2019.

    Children as young as six are being taught about touching or ‘stimulating’ their own genitals in lesson that are part of a controversial new sex and relationships teaching programme called All About Me (stock image)

    Even politicians who had supported the RSE legislation expressed concern. Tory MP David Davies said: ‘I and many other parents would be furious at completely inappropriate sexual matters being taught to children as young as six. These classes go way beyond the guidance the Government is producing and are effectively sexualising very young children.’

    Documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday detail how All About Me classes involve pupils aged between six and ten being told by teachers that there are ‘rules about touching yourself’. An explanation of ‘rules about self-stimulation’ appears in the scheme’s Year Two lesson plan for six and seven-year-olds.

    Under a section called Touching Myself, teachers are advised to tell children that ‘lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice’. They are also instructed to inform youngsters that this may include touching their ‘private parts’ and, that while some people may say this behaviour is ‘dirty’, it is in fact ‘very normal’.

    However, the youngsters are warned it is ‘not polite’ to touch themselves in public – it is an activity they should do when alone in the bath, shower or in bed.

    In the same lesson, children are given scenarios which they must judge to be ‘OK’ or ‘not OK’.

    In one, pupils are told that when a girl called Autumn ‘has a bath and is alone she likes to touch herself between her legs. It feels nice’.

    At this point, teachers are advised to remind the students of the ‘rules about self-stimulation’.

  3. Thanks for sharing – I have passed it on to my friends with school age children.
    I think it is September 2020 that this comes in to law, not 2019?

  4. Typo Correction (I think) – under “Organisations campaigning and organising!

    From September 2019,” Is this not 2020, as mentioned elsewhere and in the original document?

  5. This is a serious issue from a number of angles, not least civil liberties. While the document acknowledges the legal right of people to protest, any evidence of concern amongst parents is, it advocates, to be met with consideration of injunctions, etc. Authorities should only react with such actions once unlawful acts have occurred or are being, on the evidence, conspired. Potential lawful protest cannot be grounds for pre-emptive legal action. The implicit assumption is that expression of parental concerns will be likely to lead to unlawful action. It is not inherently unlawful to stand by a school and protest with regard to what the school is doing.
    The FAQ document states that these subjects should not ‘promote’ LGBT relationships but only to educate. But what if the school takes upon itself to promote them?
    Education should logically include that many of the principal religions regard same-sex sex as immoral. This is an objective fact, which children of an appropriate age need to know.

  6. I’ve passed the pdf on to another forum. This is outrageous, and although i have not read it all, I get the general gist of it.

    First I notice that if they smell trouble they should go and try and chat up the local “diocese”. What!!! I mean the church is supposed to be there to preach the word of god, and we all know what god thinks of this abuse because it is written in the bible. Presumably they are supposed to get help from the bishop and try and leverage his authority, but that’s asking him to turn against his faith. This document appears to be written by imbeciles.

    Then we get on to the “myth busters”. Apparently they have a ready set of myths and how to bust them, but this is American slang, not formal English. It’s the sort of language you would expect from a populist American management consultant type. Have we American influence here? I’m beginning to suspect we have. If the American state orders our country to do something we will do it like an obedient slave.

    The other thing that gets me is how they intend to use recent law to counteract our legal right to protest. If there “appears” to be trouble they can ban it. Recall the first step though. The first step is to talk to all and sundry and implant the official view in their heads, hence we could see this as creating an appearance of impending trouble. If everyone believes the protests could be harmful in some way then that’s all they need, an appearance, not the actual act of causing loss. It seems like shaky legal ground here. I wonder if say someone got arrested for protesting whether a legal challenge could stop their little games with our freedom of expression. Basic rights trump parliamentary legislation. They are international law. Food for though maybe.

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