Jul 10

Drag Queen Story Hour at Wembley

One 'Mama G' will perform Drag Queen Story Hour' (from his website).

One ‘Mama G’ will perform Drag Queen Story Hour’ (from his website).

On Saturday 27th July, ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ is planned for West On Saturday 27th July, ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ is planned for West London.

It is scheduled from 2.30pm to 3.30pm, at Wembley Library, in Brent Civic Centre, Engineers Way, Wembley, HA9 0FJ.  We’ll be there and we invite Christian believers to join us.

According to the Brent Council website: ‘Panto/drag queen Mama G debuts in Brent Libraries for the launch of the Summer Reading Challenge with a Space Chase Pride story time which celebrates both achievements in space exploration and the LGBTQ+ angle to tie in with Pride festivities nationwide.

‘Enjoy fun, laugh out loud heart-warming stories, with lots of participation, about being who you are.’

The event is part of a series the emotionally-challenged man is doing all over the UK. Astonishingly, Brent says this is ‘For children aged 5 – 11.’

LGBT prom cancelled

A prom organised for ‘LGBT’ teenagers in Florida, USA, has been cancelled after fears that protests against the event would ‘jeopardise’ the safety of attendees.

The Jacksonville Public Library was set to host a ‘Storybook Pride Prom’ which invited teens to ‘create their own happily ever after’, and ‘come dressed inspired by your favourite book character – casual, formal, or in drag – whatever makes you feel great’.

However, after a campaign against the event, spearheaded by conservative activist Elizabeth Johnston, the library decided to cancel the gathering.

Mrs Johnston, known as ‘The Activist Mommy’ on social media, urged her 636,000 Facebook followers to call the venue to ‘express your disgust that this perversion is taking place in a taxpayer funded library’.

A spokesman for the Library said the prom was intended to be ‘a fun night for teens who may not feel comfortable in other situations or other places, they may not feel comfortable at another prom. We thought we would give them a nice little prom, where they could have a good time’.

In a statement published on its Facebook page, the library said ‘the co-opting of the event’ for ‘political purposes’ meant they are ‘not confident that it will be 100% prepared to provide a safe, secure environment.’

Parents trust libraries

The Activist Mommy Elizabeth Johnston has been taking on these events and winning, by the grace of God.

The Activist Mommy Elizabeth Johnston has been taking on these events and winning, by the grace of God.

The ‘Activist Mommy’ has also been taking on libraries across the US which have tried to stage ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’.

LifeSite news reports: ‘In reality, these events are part of a plan by a small, radical group of LGBT activists to corrupt America’s youth with their dangerous and perverted notions of human nature. And they are using the American library system to do it.

Lifesite goes on: ‘… unsuspecting parents instinctively trust the library not to corrupt or pervert their children…’

READ: Deut 22:5; Psalm 12:8; Jer 9:8-9; Ezek 18:30; Luke 17:2; John 5:27; Romans 1:32; Jude 1:15-16.

PRAY: Thank God for Elizabeth Johnston and her courage and activism.   Pray that God will send a miracle to stop these drag events in their tracks. Pray for spiritual protection for the children who will attend the Wembley event.  Pray for a Christian witness to take place both inside and outside the library.

WRITE: To the Chief Librarian, Wembley Library, Brent Civic Centre, Engineers Way, Wembley HA9 0FJ. You could ask if a DRB check has been performed on ‘Mama G’…



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  1. I expect you already know that Mass Resistance is claiming some success in America in turning the public sector against this programme.

    1. Let us hope and pray they get going against it here.

  2. Presumably, the parents who take their kids to such event(s) see nothing wrong with it, and probably see it as just great, challenging “homophobia”, “transphobia” etc.


  3. I found this on our town’s internet site and guide to what is on.

    “Would you like to know the difference between Sex and Gender? Understand how the legal rights of women and girls are under threat? Women’s Voices Matter South West present an interactive event with four stellar speakers. You are invited to join us and discover who is speaking up for women and girls in the age of woke censorship. What are they saying?”

    So as you can see, we have a feminist problem. I found a similar group operating in Bristol called Bristol Women’s Voice and they are being government funded now. You see I think what is going on is that certain women have figured what to put on the grant application form. It’s a lot of money, since BWV are recruiting at least one full-time staff member at £30k of your tax per year. LBGT will get you grant money, so you don’t have to do a proper job, but can be paid to do talking shops and the like.

    1. I see this event is on tomorrow. I hope you are going, Andrew C!

    2. “the legal rights of women and girls are under threat”: this would include free, readily available access to abortion of course.

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