Brutal Britain including: LGBT’s Stonewall charity says children 2 years and over can be transgender.

LGBT’s Stonewall Charity Said Children 2 Years And Over Can Be Transgender – 25/7/2022


LGBT charity Stonewall under fire after claiming children as young as TWO can be transgender.

Archie Battersbee’s mother vows to keep fighting despite Court of Appeal ruling.

London mayoral candidate loses job over traditional Christian beliefs on marriage, abortion.

NHS gender equality Scotland: No health boards have signed up to landmark scheme


Latest pointless vaccination; targeting children for monkeypox.

Fighting with transgender bullies has left me on the brink of financial ruin, reveals Olympian Sharron Davies.

Transgender children three times as likely to deal with mental health problems, according to study.


Children in social care being handed over to ‘criminal gangs’ in unregulated care homes.

Families shocked to find biological males were allowed to provide intimate care for vulnerable women due to a subtle change in the rules.


Fury from EU as UK deletes abortion clause.

More than a third of parents struggle to get their children outside – because they can’t get them off their devices.

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