Brutal Britain including: Girlguiding sparks trans row over interview with boy, seven, living as a girl

Girlguiding Sparks Trans Row Over Interview With Boy, Seven, Who Lives As A Girl – 22/7/2022


Girlguiding sparks trans row over interview with boy, seven, who lives as a girl.

Girlguiding “Rainbow girl”. Remember, “Rainbow” is a really a boy.

LGBT Identity Among Young People Has Tripled Since 2008.

Don’t buffer the truth about censorship zones.

NHS steps up pointless vaccination program against monkeypox in London.

Internet Service Providers Blocking Right To Life Website.


German Government Admits Covid Vaccines Cause Serious Injury for One in 5,000 Doses – But its Own Data Show the Real Rate is One in 300 Doses.

Disney Ditches ‘Fairy Godmothers’ for Gender Neutral Titles.


Parents slam drag queen library tour… but organiser hits back and accuses ‘far-Right neo-Nazi group’ of block-booking 2,000 ticket.

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