Andrew Moffat to lead Birmingham gay pride

Andrew Moffat, author of No Outsiders and assistant head at Parkfield

Andrew Moffat, author of No Outsiders and assistant head at Parkfield

The notorious homosexual activist embedded as a teacher in a Birmingham primary school is to lead the city’s gay pride parade on Saturday 25th May, reports GayStarNews.

Andrew Moffat and ‘No Outsiders’

Andrew Moffat acts as assistant head at Parkfield Coimmunity School in Birmingham’s Alum Rock Road area. There he devised the ‘No Outsiders’ homosexual propaganda programme for use in primary schools. The activist has united local parents and the mainly-Muslim community against him.

In a direct challenge to parents, Gay Pride organisers have dedicated the whole event to supporting ‘No Outsiders.’ In addition they invited the activist himself to lead the parade. HSBC Bank are sponsoring the event. The theme is ‘Love out Loud’ according to an accommodation site dedicated to the ‘pink pound’.

Pages 8-9 of the ‘Pride Guide 2019’ (Click here to view) reveal that the parade will start at Victoria Square at 12 noon. From there it will aim for New Street. At the end it will take a left along the High Street. At Pandora Jewellery the parade will turn right into Carrs Lane. After a right turn into Moor Street it will head south to the ‘gay village’ around Hurst Street.

Christian Witness

The witness will be outside Pandora Jewellery in the High Street B4 7SH from 11am.

The witness will be outside Pandora Jewellery in the High Street B4 7SH from 11am.

A Christian witness will assemble outside Pandora Jewellery from 11am. The aim will be to impact those parading with the truth of the Gospel. The fact that the parade is giving such prominence to both ‘No Outsiders’ and Andrew Moffat shows how important having gay propaganda in schools is to them.

And of course Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Education is all in favour of it, as we have reported.

Make a date to join the witness on Saturday from 11 am and stand up for righteousness and the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who alone can forgive and deliver those caught up in the homosexual lifestyle.

3John 1:7 Because that for his name’s sake they went forth … (KJV)

Protests spread

Jess Phillips arguing for 'equality' outside Anderton Park School

Jess Phillips arguing for ‘equality’ outside Anderton Park School

Protests against ‘No Outsiders’ have been spreading.  The latest Birmingham primary school to see a mass truancy over Andrew Moffat’s monster is Anderton Park Primary in Birmingham.

On Monday 20th May 2019, six hundred children were kept away from classes. Here’s a report from the BBC. It reveals gay activists turning up at the school with rainbow flags to counter-protest. That again shows how important gay propaganda in schools is to them.

Click here for the Daily Mirror’s report.  You will see the local MP Jess Philips flatly refusing to support the parents.  The Honourable Member for Yardley is totally sold out to the LGBT agenda

For that matter, she is also a Remainer, supporting a second referendum.  The Guardian has a video clip of her in the House of Commons saying she is ‘not scared’ of Leave voters.  It is a peculiar thing to say, and she is barely articulate, but it leads us to our last point.

Similarities with Brexit

Which is the similarities between the RSE row and the Brexit debate.  Those in power think they can simply ignore the people.  With Brexit, the people voted to leave the European union.  In 2017, the two major parties stood on manifestos which promised to deliver Brexit,  Undaunted, politicians from each of them, from Theresa May down, are striving for any form of Remain.

Similarly, parents of faith or goodwill do not want their children indoctrinated with pro-sodomy attitudes.  Education Secretary Damian Hinds, Amanda Spielman (head of Ofsted) and teachers unions think it is ‘vital’ they are. They are fully set on using Relationships and Sex Education for LGBT propaganda.

Moreover, in both cases the elite are finding out there is a limit to how far the people can be patronised and ignored.  With Brexit, watch out for the Leave vote on Thursday 23rd May 2019.  With Relationships and Sex Education, the education establishment are aghast as the protest spread.

Proverbs 25:5 Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne shall be established in righteousness.

We’ll value your support.  Find out how to join Christian Voice and stand up for the King of kings



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  1. In the days of the USSR, apparently you could not tell one Politburo member from another, except in the very beginning.

    They were all men though. Do you suppose the majority of Parliament will end up as women in the future? It seems to be a trend with “vicars”.

    I have a feeling they don’t like employing men in managerial positions because they would not necessarily do what they were told. Some would have the guts to stand up. OK so Leadsom has stomped off now, but surely these antics are choreographed for the viewer. They are desperately trying to make sure we don’t leave.

    By the way, I’ve just been looking at the dissatisfaction tracker. Its at 84% dissatisfied with the way the government have handled Brexit. No comment from Wimin’s Lib on that one of course!

    1. Correction – I meant 92% dissatisfied.

  2. wooaah Thomas Thomas: Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas Robinson!!

  3. I would recommend the video on YouTube of Jess Philips arguing with the mussie about the LGBT lessons in schools, in Birmingham I think it was.

    Ms Philips was getting quite exasperated and angry, as is her wont, and that of her fellow feminists, that anyone could possibly disagree with her. The mussie “can’t pick and choose which groups get equality” apparently, but one favoured group will have to win, and the other lose, here, it would appear. So the mussie/LGBT alliance would appear to be under some strain. I wonder if a compromise will, or indeed can, be reached here? If not, it will take a heart of stone not to laugh, imo

    1. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere from a reliable source that homosexual equality trumps skin colour equality. I’ve got a feeling that’s the legal position, unless someone knows better than I.

      Anyway, it seems the Muslims are not backing down, and a bit of a strange thing is happening where some people who were rather anti-Muslims and believed they were trying to invade us, have actually warmed a bit to them thanks to these ones who are taking on the homosexuality diktat. It’s helping them to “integrate”. We have found one thing in common.

      It’s quite funny in a way. You can imagine what a PC-trained mind would do when confronted with such a paradoxical situation. The Jamaicans back in the 70s onwards managed to integrate better than the Muslims because they shared a common love for music with the British and would collaborate, hence it was very friendly. Likewise those who view this homosexuality as one of the worst problems are going to get on with this group. Moffat will get more than his ‘Andy Warhol’ 15minutes of fame. His methods are being talked about widely by an unimpressed public.

  4. R(P)ox has gone very quiet these days. We should be thankful for small mercies I suppose

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