Israel Folau sacking upheld


  1. Thanks again Stephen! Uncompromising truth, as ever; the only way to come before God ii true repentance and receive salvation through our AMAZING Lord Jesus!

    • gadz
    • gadz on 18 May 2019 at 12:10

    All that was published is that these types will go to hell. If he added unless they repent that wasn’t shown. I think we need to be wise in our preaching as Jesus said He did not come to condemn but that all men might be saved. A lesbian recently said to me does God hate homosexuals. I had to tell her no He doesn’t and He hasn’t come to condemn, which is what the bible says. I try to major on the gospel whatever the sin. You cannot preach the gospel without mentioning sin and we are all sinners that have been saved. I know that there is an enormous sensitivity these days about homosexual criticism but a lot of them feel that God hates them. These are not the militant types who want to destroy marriage and increase lecentiousness. I think he was a little unwise being in his position. I would get away with it even though I might be mocked.

  2. “Izzy Folau is widely regarded as Australia’s current best player. ”

    It reminds me of the story of Bobby Fischer. He was messed about with on a political level. They put an arrest warrant out for him and he had to go into exile. However, in chess there are a lot of anoraks and they computed that on his past performance he was the best chess player there ever was, and yet he was not allowed to play chess!

    It looks to me that Izzy Folau sits in a similar position. Well not quite the best ruby player on earth, but as far as Australia is concerned he’s the top man, and yet he is not allowed to play rugby. He wont do at all badly out of this. Bobby Fischer had his fans and the more they tried to destroy him the more people stood up for him.

    In these situations the goodness of people shines through in amazing ways. It’s an opportunity for good people to stand up against the repressive evil. So acts like this are where the evil has shot itself in the foot. It hastens the end of this phase we are going through.

    OK lets look at another one. Professor Tim Hunt was booted out of his job for telling a joke. We all gave him tons of support, so now the fuss has died down, we were never told what happened in the end. Well the Japanese offered him a job and a country to live in. How decent of them, and not what you might have expected.

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