ONS Stats show young at minimal risk

The ONS say: ‘Recent COVID-19 positivity rates were lowest in older age groups, but hospital admission rates and deaths were highest’.

You would not expect this from NHS England banging on about the numbers of young people in hospital. but the ONS figures when presented in a chart show hospital admissions as skewed to the older age groups as the PCR- discovered infections are skewed to the very young. The two charts are the inverse of each other.  Young people are at no more risk now from Covid and its variants than they were last year.

Here are the actual graphs from the ONS, which, as they explain, show:

‘Estimated percentage of the population testing positive for COVID-19 in the week ending 31 July 2021, hospital admission rates in the week ending 1 August, and deaths registered in the week ending 23 July, by age, England:’



  1. I’ve known the risk in school children dying has been very low from the beginning. This was never in dispute, but it does seem to be a bit peculiar to this particular virus.

    It seems school children are the main spreaders, but the government told us it was OK to keep schools open. This is how it is in this country. Schools are sacred. Parents believe their children will be done for unless they have the GCSEs, but the GCSEs are not making them very smart. I don’t know if you are aware, but new measures are to be brought in to curb this trend in home schooling. Mind you home schooling issue is like the devil and the deep blue sea. Agree it is OK and you then admit “faith schools”, code word for Taliban training centres and the like, not the real faith.

    Maybe the strategy is herd immunity amongst this group. They want it to peak fast so it comes back down again as the spreaders can no longer spread it.

    1. Not sure about children being spreaders of the Covid, and not sure there was ever any need to close schools, but it kept children away from the LGBT propaganda and the increase in home schooling from those children who have stayed home certainly has the authorities rattled.

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