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  1. And they are now suggesting that we will be locked into our island prison for the whole of this year, because of the ‘new variants’ which the vaccines might not work for … or natural virus mutations, as they used to be called.
    This is so obviously part of a plan to encourage acceptance of so-called vaccine passports, ably assisted by the State broadcasting mouthpiece.


    1. It’s not part of a plan. It is fact. The SA variant is problematic and reduces the effectiveness of the vaccine. The mature thing to do is face up to responsibilities. If we get this right we will enjoy relative freedom compared to the rest of the EU, which are going into another lockdown now. The rate of decrease in deaths is still accelerating here. The vaccine is working very well. I very much dislike the perpetual pessimist stance of the British. Now is time to win at something for a change. The EU do not like to see us winning.

      1. With respect, you are only repeating the mass media propaganda. None of us knows anything about the ‘SA Variant’. In addition, you have forgotten no government has any right under God to stop healthy people working or associating. It is the antichrist who prevents us buying and selling unless his conditions are met. Men have a God-given freedom, right and duty to provide for their families. No state can lawfully take that away. Remember that.

        1. You are using simple laws and principles to tackle complex problems. There is a danger of ideology over pragmatism, which was the failure of the soviet union and all the trouble socialism has caused since. For example where we have “gender equality”, that is taken as a principle that governs all aspects of human interaction according to its supporters, but in so doing , the government ends up looking like clowns.

          So here, instead of doing something foolish, we recognise the important thing is the mechanics of the binding of the SA variant and notice the vaccine we have is a poor fit. Trials show the vaccine works far less well, so if we let these people in the country we will have to vaccinate all over again with a new and untested vaccine or just perpetually lock down hard or die. Those are your options. People have made a lot of sacrifices, including myself, so we do not want to blow it at the last minute. Restrictions will start to ease in this country, but we do it carefully.

          Patience is a virtue.

            • Stephen
            • Stephen on 24 March 2021 at 08:23

            No, it is called having principles, or if you prefer, obedience to the laws of God. There is not a complex problem here, there is a simple one of funding and equipping a national health service so it can cope. In the ‘we do it carefully’ who are ‘we’? ‘Restrictions’ are proved both useless – see the lack of any difference in outcome between North and South Dakota – and ungodly. Faith in Christ the King and the obedience that follows are the only way to prosperity and security. That is what this ministry has said for over twenty-five years and we shall not be stopping now.

        2. I’ve been monitoring the spread of the virus in this country very carefully. One thing I’ve learnt is its behaviour is complex. It does not behave as if it were following simple rules. This is the first mistake of many, to imagine you know it better than you do. So it is difficult to model via simple rules of thumb, like so much lockdown will do so much good.

          In theory regional lockdowns appeared to be the more sensible approach, but our data said they had little effect. It’s now clear to me that if you are going to lock down you need to do it at the most extreme extent possible. Politically in this country such a method would be impossible, as there would have been riots. In Wuhan they shut everything down and the cases plummeted, but that’s doing it as if we were in a war. Our country is too feeble to cope with wartime conditions. We must see our loved ones, go to church, have a pint and a natter. We relaxed for a mere 5 days at Christmas and that wiped out a whole city full of people. Terrible idea, but like I say we must see our loved ones. Now the shock of dying finally got to the populous and they agreed to the lockdown mostly that we have just had – seen it as necessary, and with schools shut and quiet streets we came down in cases nicely. Now we just need to finish the job, but vaccine supplies could destroy that prospect. What I mostly despair of is this lack of trust. People started to attack the scientists. The scientists meanwhile were trying to save them. I do not think they are properly grown up.

            • Stephen
            • Stephen on 26 March 2021 at 07:40

            You have no evidence to back up your assertions, for example the absurdity that ‘We relaxed for a mere 5 days at Christmas and that wiped out a whole city full of people’. All you know about Wuhan is what the Chinese Communist Party have allowed to be told, filtered by the Western media! Start from the Biblical principle that restrictions on human social and economic activity are unlawful and ungodly and you start to see things through the eyes of God, not vainglorious mortal man, thinking he can ‘control’, ‘stamp down on’, etc etc a viral disease. Humility is in short supply among politicians.

        3. It’s untrue that all I can find out about Wuhan is via the CCP. Actually I’ve seen many personal videos posted on Youtube from real Chinese people, so I have a familiar idea of what they went through. The thing that impressed me the most was their Christian attitude of love thy neighbour. They helped each other, brought food to them when they needed it and in the end it wasn’t too bad.

  2. No Andrew C, absolutely no. No government has no right to force me to take a drug, especially one as dubious as the shot aka vaccine which as we now know from the good work done by CV and others is; 1.Unlicensed; 2.Untested (on humans, apart from the human guinea pigs who have had the vaccine); 3.Unnecessary; 4.Unethical.

    This is exactly what many Christian groups have been warning about and now we are seeing it played out in front of us. God is at work though; the vaccine jingoism of the mainstream media, now the sales force for Big pharma, is fun to interact with. God has thrown the anti-Christ groups into disarray, at the same time blowing the lid on some of the lies; the EU has now revealed that the Astra vaccine is associated with blood clots. This revelation has caused people to stop and think, also makes a mockery of any passport scheme. I am also coming across more and more people who are getting serious side effect – one person was so ill they had to have a day off work. But don’t worry, the fake news media will not be reporting that.

    1. I had the vaccine a week or so ago. Bad fever and temperature for one day, next day a bit weak and achy, the day after that fine. No blood clots, no allergies, just an immune response which was expected. It works. See the new study of 35k on America – 100% protection from serious illness, 79% from catching it.

      1. You overlook the fact that vaccines normally undergo testing over a period of at least four years in order to determine long-term adverse side effects. The current crop of ‘vaccines’ (which are not actually vaccines in the true sense of the word) have merely undergone animal tests over a period of approximately seven months, which is far too short to determine potential problems, particular with regard to humans. Therefore, all those who have accepted the Covid-19 vaccination are effectively unpaid and unaware guinea pigs.

        1. And all those that have not are covid guinea pigs. Having read in the scientific literature on what covid actually does to your body I would far rather a bit of dead protein floating about. That’s all the vaccine actually produces. It tells your cells to make just the spike of the virus. If you waited 4 years you would likely catch covid and then if you recover you may be the one in ten who have long covid and that can kill you as well. The intelligent choice is to take the vaccine, but we know this country is educationally-challenged, so I expect some will die out of refusing it. Anyone following my advice would be far safer.

  3. Indeed these are the last days well spoke of in the Bible. A Church is a Spiritual entity where all people, all governments, all Nations under the sun flock in for spiritual nourishment. And when restrictions for example, in Kenya Churches are not supposed to host more than 100 people in the service at ago. Jesus is the Head to the Church over all things and viruses are not excluded. God is the Creator and Maker of the Universe. Asking the saints to avoid assembling or congregating is an evidence that the forces of darkness are ruling. However, nothing will stop God’s purposes and will from triumphing over the world. God is Sovereign and Supreme. He is over His creation. Let us not shun the coming together to worship God and serve His people Hebrews 10:25. God will bless the earth in His Church.

  4. Funny how God has allowed over 2.5 million people to die of this virus, they must have been atheists.

    1. You’ve noticed! People live and they die. The rain falls on the good and the wicked alike. But there is definitely a connection between faith and a longer, more fruitful life. This word shows the heart of God:
      Psalm 97:10 Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.
      But it’s probably too big a subject for right now.

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