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Tesco-funded Gay Pride ‘shambles’ snakes through London.

The six-colour rainbow ‘diversity’ flag being carried in today’s London ‘Gay Pride’ parade.

A scaled-down version of Gay Pride, without the usual motorised floats, snaked through London earlier today, funded by Tesco and the Mayor of London.  BBC Report here.

Tesco’s announcement in November last year of funding of £30,000 for the event led to a Christmas boycott, followed by disastrous trading figures and a 16% mark-down in their share price.  Everything that could go wrong since has gone wrong for the supermarket giant.

Homosexual employees of Tesco and KPMG took part in the parade, while bankers were represented by Barclays and Lloyds TSB.  The prison service, the police, and the environment agency were among those representing Her Majesty’s Government.  Amnesty International also took part.

The parade passes down Whitehall in central London, near to government offices and 10 Downing Street

The Stonewall lobby group is working overtime trying to present homosexuals as normal people whose love should be recognised by allowing them to ‘marry’, but even in today’s scaled-back event, sex and bizarre forms of sexual expression were to the fore as usual.

The parade featured drag queens, people with their backsides on show, men in what we understand is ‘bondage gear’, sexually-charged costumes, the hostility of Stonewall and Queer Resistance, under-age participants and people whose tee-shirts said: ‘I’ll bet you’re thinking about sex’.

It was an in-your-face offensive onslaught of aggression, intolerance, depravity and division designed to intimidate and assault the mind.

It comes as no surprise that people with such a slender hold on morality should also be incapable of financial stability.

Gay-friendly organisations and individuals failed to come up with money they had promised the organisers. Pride London admitted the funding shortfall which led to the scaling-back of the parade had arisen “not because we have a lack of pledged funds, but because we were unable to collect enough funds from those pledged to provide the strict financial assurances”.

Aggressive and intolerant: ‘Queer Resistance’ activists leave London’s Trafalgar Square in today’s ‘pride’ parade.

It was those financial shortages which led to a panic last month culminating in the Greater London Authority, the Metropolitan Police, Westminster Council, London Fire Brigade and Transport for London asking, for the first time, for “concrete assurances” that Pride London had the cash to pay the upfront costs associated with the event.

Despite £100,000 of public money from the Mayor of London’s office and £30,000 from Tesco and an offer of support from Diageo, the makers of Smirnoff vodka, the event in its original form became ‘unsalvageable’.

As a result, the parade was scaled down to a ‘protest’ march in which floats could not be allowed, the start time was brought forward by two hours and street parties were banned.

Participants in this year’s London ‘Gay Pride’. They and the children who saw them need our prayers.

Mr Peter Tatchell, who took part in the first gay pride protest march in 1972, described the organisation of the event as a ‘shambles’.

The campaigning angle of this year’s parade was on gay marriage in the UK, and on those nations, some 40 Commonwealth countries among them, which still maintain sodomy as a criminal offence in the face of huge financial foreign aid pressure from the likes of Britain and the United States.

Normal people will be shocked and saddened that fellow human beings, made in the image of God, could fall so low – and that certain of our politicians encourage them.  Earlier in the day, our youth worker helped with the giving out of evangelistic leaflets near the start of the parade.  Please pray for souls to be saved from hell through that witness.

Please pray also for the many children who took part in the parade and viewed it from the pavement.  May the Lord heal and protect them and forgive their parents for assaulting young minds with such images as we have seen.

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  1. Marcia Simpson-James

    Just looking at these troubling pictures is shocking. And these homosexuals want to tell us that they are not insane or have serious psychiatric problems? This is anti-social behaviour personified. They need to be steeped in the blood of Christ for salvation. God’s soldiers need to rise up now.

    1. Matt Westwood

      “… steeped in the blood of Christ …”

      “Steeped” means “being totally immersed”. I can’t imagine anything more psychotically twisted than to be immersed in a bath of blood. Ewwww.

      And you have the cheek to talk about “serious psychiatric problems”? Hold up a mirror, you poor thing.

      1. Stephen

        In the face of such ignorance, we neeed to explain some basic Christian theology! The blood which Jesus shed on the cross cleanses believers from sin. We are washed clean in his blood. It’s what we grown-ups call a ‘paradox’ but it has a sound intellectual and theological base. In the Revelation to John, one of the elders says of the believers standing before the throne of glory: ‘These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.’ (Rev 7:14)

        1. J Parry

          The problem is that most people these days only know of “Jesus” as a swear word and have no churchgoing background at all.

          The terminology so familiar to those of us who were brought up with church and Sunday School is as much beyond most people as computer-speak was for me at first. (Isn’t a “menu” to do with cookery?!” Why do you press “Start” when you want to turn it off???” And, more recently, “What on earth is a dongle???”)

          We are in a missionary situation, where one has to begin at the beginning, in an alien culture that has not only never heard the Gospel, but speaks a totally different language. A language where, for example, “gay” and “wicked” have become twisted from their original context and/or meaning.

          But, whatever our language, sin, as defined in the Bible, is still sin. There is still no excuse for open rebellion against the true and living God.

          1. John

            No J Parry, the problem is that websites like this spread lies and mistruths in the name of God.
            I wonder when judgement day comes, who will truly be saved and who will learn the lesson of spouting hate in the Lords name.

    2. Joe

      Homosexual acts are wrong? i hope you all read what you have all wrote down, you all need to wake up, such disgusting comments are harmful, im gay and i love who i am, I also used to go church, not anymore, you dont even want women bishops? That just shows ur inntolerance to change? Its pathectic, Being gay a defect? Seriously id be more concerned with your own mental state of mind. Opinions like that should be kept to yourselves, I dont want your prayers for saying you are followers of god im preety sure god would be disguested at what your have said!

      1. Olivia

        AGREED. the things that these “christians” are saying are appalling. It makes me very sad that people have been fed this information and have let it make them think that being gay is a choice similar to drug addiction? This intolerance is unnacceptable, God and his followers should love all people and not judge in this way. The way that these comments and articles are written is so extremely biased and shows how people have warped the bible for their own benefit.

        1. Stephen

          No, we have simply looked at the evidence of homosexual lives in social studies, medicine, genetics and psychology. The real world. Becoming homosexual can be a choice for some and for others it may not be. But one thing is sure. As all the testimonies of ex-gays show, no-one has to to stay gay. Remaining homosexual IS a choice.

          But Olivia, you are telling God what he should do? He should not judge? I’m sure all the criminals of the world will love that bit. No, God’s word is clear, sin is sin and Christians are commanded to judge righteous judgment, in other words, not to go along with the world and the opinions of fashionable academics in American universities like yours.

          Finally, tell us, please, how we have ‘warped the bible’ for our ‘own benefit’? Give us some scripture!

          (BTW, I love it that you just can’t tolerate intolerance.)

    3. Drew

      Some of the comments I’ve seen on here are shocking. Not all gay people are like the images depicted in this article wearing bondage gear.

      There are few, a small proportion of the gay community that do undertake in weird things but thats stereotyping a whole community, just like how many people stereotype the whole muslim race as terrorists, the whole catholic church as child molesters and that all women can’t drive. Its stereotyping for stereotypings sake and most of you don’t have the sense to realise this.

      Media attracts the weirdo’s as they try to get as many viewers as possible, it does’nt paint the full picture of the gay community, most are hardworking brilliant minded people that are often more open and respectful of other people than most. I beleive you have the right to beleive in what you want to belive and be who you want to be, and that is more christian than many who have commented here, shame on you.

  2. Alick

    May the Lord be praised for the answered prayer, May all God’s people be blessed by the the knowledge of what prayers can do, against the enemy.
    At times like this only prayers and fasting can defeat the enemy. Praise God for his love for his children at this time and for ever more.
    WE KNOW THAT THE END TIMES ARE COMING QUICKLY AND TROUBLED TIMES WILL INCREASE. We all needed to spend more time in fasting and prayer. The enemy is getting very very worried for he knows what the end will be for him and his followers.
    We must also pray for the people who are being led astray and away from the Truth.
    Pray also that the Goverment will realise the things that they need to change to get back to the Truth: people like the PM who says that we are a Christian Country and we should act according to GOD’S word, and at the same time is telling other countries that homosexuality is ok for them

    1. sally Carson

      Yes indeed, God is to be praised. They are fighting amongst themselves at mamagement level and did not pay their bills last year, hence the cut backs. They want everyone’s support AND money but don’t pay their expenses. So what does the money go on? Not that I really want to know because it will be to no good cause whatever they spend the money on.
      Yet God did answer prayer and besides praying, there was a group of Christians preaching and giving out hundreds of tracts all the time the parade was in progress. So prayer and action are the tools God uses and He had mercy on those poor people by allowing them to hear and read His Word, which is true and is also powerful to the saving of souls and the pulling down of strongholds – Bless His Holy Name – “The Great ‘I Am'”. Yesterday today and forever, He IS God

  3. Marcia Simpson-James

    Please read this article on this tattered, ‘Gay’ pride march. It’s very worrying that MP’s, civil servants and government ministers are busy pushing this odd-ball agenda, whilst their constituents’ are suffering economically and socially, under one of the worst recessions of our time:


  4. Sola Scriptura

    Here we go again, the usual predictable display of public nudity and the depravity of men’s hearts which is waxing worse and worse.We are glad there were true Christians there to oppose New Sodom and warn of the judgement to come. On 14th July, 2012, there will be a gay pride parade in Glasgow and, to date, we know of no Evangelical Christian witness against it !

  5. Craig

    Sorry to whine, but we live in a democracy. People should not suffer abhorrance for their genetic characteristics. In case your wondering I’m not LGB, But I am Disabled. And thus,dutybound to tackle intolerance as I have been verbally assaulted by so-called Christians for having KFS. I’m deeply offended and I politely ask you to do more balanced reporting. Diversity should be celebrated regardless of faith,race,gender,ability and sexual orientation without predjudice. As a result of reading your articles, I’m very concerned and even frightened that people think like this.

    1. J Parry

      Craig, I looked up KFS and it is an inherited bone abnormality which can cause serious physical disability.
      For anyone claiming to be a Christian to “verbally assault” you because of your condition is appalling. It is also strong evidence (assuming you are not exaggerating or mis-reporting the incident) that the person concerned was NOT actually a true Christian.

      But you have a PHYSICAL condition, while homosexual behaviour has NO connection whatsoever with physical disability. Neither should homosexuality be confused with hermaphroditism, or similar conditions where the gender of a baby is unclear.

      Homosexual behaviour is the result of a moral (and perhaps spiritual) defect, NOT a physical one. In spite of the claims of even some scientists, there is no evidence that homosexuality has any genetic basis; although children who are abused, or taught from an early age that its OK, may becomne trapped in such a lifestyle.

      Like drug abuse, homosexual practices harm those involved. To claim that “It’s OK to be gay” is like saying drug pushing, child abuse, cannibalism or kleptomania are OK!

      Craig, you come over as rather embittered; perhaps understandably so after having struggled with disability all your life. Maybe you also blame God or consider yourself an atheist because of your suffering.

      But I tell you truly, JESUS cares about you. If you come to him he will not condemn or abuse you. He is able to forgive our wrongdoing, including homosexual acts, and heal our twisted crippled souls, and perhaps our bodies too, (although as Christians we look forward eventually to being raised from the dead with new perfect bodies like his).

  6. Andrew

    The end times must be near when this of kind depravity is suffered as normal behaviour and corporations put their name to it. I feel like printing of that picture, sending it Tesco and asking is the kind of family morals funded by your corporation? This is the depravity and morals of the last Babylon we are witnessing. I only hope that many can be saved before it’s too late but most of these people are PROUD of their sins. I don’t know at what point perveted exhibitionism stopped becoming a psychosexual mental disorder and was something to be proud of instead. We must leave their judgement to God and hate their sins but not to hate the sinner.
    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter” Isaiah 5:20

    1. Darren Light

      I am shocked by the unchristian comments on this so called Christian site. As a proud gay man
      I find it difficult to understand your bigoted views of what in nature is a perfectly natural relationship. Christians preach more hatred than any other Minority, (because thankfully you are a minority) group. You preach the word of god, yet you practise the word of the devil. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Shocking!!!

      1. Guy

        God sets Himself against the proud.

  7. Bill Williams

    I think the parade was fantastic and it’s great to see such diversity in this great city of ours.

    Religion does NOT have a monopoly on marriage because we have marriage performed in Registry Offices conducted by Registrars.

    If Jesus was alive today he would throw you out of His house like he did the money changers.

    You really need to study His teachings before you start pontificating and moralising to others and how they lives their lives.

    1. Shalom43

      Civil marriages are actually conducted in Register Offices. Common mistake.

      1. Richard

        That’s exactly what he said. Some people get married in Registry offices, some people get married in churches.
        The fact that the marriage is civil does not mean it is not marriage.

        Therefore the church does not have a monopoly on marriage. I am a Christian but I support gay marriage and I do not think the church can tell the state who can and cannot get married. Whether churches are forced to do it is a differen question – perhaps it should be up to the vicar.

        1. Robin

          So let me ask you a question then Richard. If the church cannot tell the state who can and cannot get married, then can the state tell the church what marriage is? Does the state have the authority to divorce marriage from nature and, in the process, imply that both marriage and family are little more than legal constructs?

    2. Jake

      Thanks for saying this. You are so right. This site is a disgrace and a good reason why the churches are empty.

      My understanding of Christianity was god is love and let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

      This hateful text should shame anyone who calls themselves Christians, and REAL Christians should speak out against this.

      We saw two lovely Christians who apologised for this behaviour and not only are they brave but they are spreading the love of god, rather than the hatred and bigotry of these idiots who are misinformed bigots who have lost sight of Christianity and use it for their evil messages of hate and oppression.

    3. Peter Greensmith

      I saw the whole parade, but I certainly didn’t come to the same conclusion. I was there as a Christian witness. Do you honestly think that it is right to have men dressed in dog masks in leather sexual bondage gear crawling along the street on a lead with other men in leather bondage gear as their ‘masters’? That is the most extreme example I saw, and so did a lot of other people – children included! Do you think that this sort of behaviour is suitable for children? The amount of work that certain homosexuals put in to try and tell people that homosexuality isn’t about sex is pretty much destroyed when one witnesses an event like this.

      We are following the teachings found in the Bible – which include those which are inconvenient for others to follow such as the passages where it clearly states that homosexuality is a sin.

    4. Keith Sisman

      Marriage was defined by Jesus in Matt 19. England under Alfred the Great moved way from Danish Marriage (concubinage) to Christian marriage and that was over 1100 years ago. So, unfortunately that is that, one man to one woman. Now some ignorant members of Parliament without mandate want to change 1100 years of tradition, plus several thousand years of history – marriage is between one man and one women – its a fact, get over it! Why can’t the gay lobby leave our language and history alone? Simply, marriage is none of their business!

  8. Michael Whitehead

    No wonder we have floods, financial difficulties,some MPs falsifying accounts and Moslem extremists, the Cof E in disarray over homosexual vicars and women priests, and now this act of Sodomy. All this and so much strife its all leading to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. These people need to see the saving work of Jesus, but i feel alas they don’t want the Lord to be their Lord. Stonewall is certainly going out of its way to always be in the news as if they are not being heard, How disgusting the parade looks. It seems to me the Government is only after their votes. Of course there are a lot of MPs who are gay, so they are sympathetic to the gay community.

  9. Neil

    From the start believers have decided the end is nigh – Jesus himself thought it would be in his followers’ lifetime; Paul, actually writing earlier than the gospel authors, thought it would be in his; Prester John was sure he was living at the end. It’s all in the Bible if you care to look.

    The end is still a no-show in spite of contemporary Christians being convinced (see above) it’s they who live in the end times; you’re just as wrong as those first century fanatics were.

    I know you won’t publish this, Stephen, as you’re unable to tolerate dissent. Still, that’s a lovely picture of Robin accompanying the article.

    1. J Parry

      Neil, your comment is ITSELF evidence that the return of Christ is near!!!

      The Bible says (2Peter 3) “3 First of all you must understand this, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own passions
      4 and saying, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things have continued as they were from the beginning of creation.”
      5 They deliberately ignore this fact, that by the word of God heavens existed long ago, and an earth formed out of water and by means of water,
      6 through which the world that then existed was deluged with water and perished.
      7 But by the same word the heavens and earth that now exist have been stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.”

    2. Martin Horan

      Well you were wrong, John, you were published!
      I have seen the comment “You won’t publish this” many times on various printed forums to see it utterly refuted. It’s often made by liberals (I don’t belong to any party not do I vote) who control the media and never allow anything to be shown/published which disagrees with their view.
      They are the ones who cannot tolerate dissent (unless it’s for groups like militant homosexuals, Moslems and the extreme left–all of whom are anti-liberal–and cannot tolerate each other) and only allow comments that agree with themselves. Read their newspapers and their blogs and forums if you don’t believe me.
      Your views, on a Chrisian blog, are being aired.
      Maybe you ought to learn some logic (“fanatics, for example, are people like bigoted, militant homosexuals, Moslems who demand the death of homosexuals and train children to be suicide bombers, and those others who refuse to listen to another viewpoint). Perahaps you could also learn something about actual history before you air your comments. (Prester John was, as far as history tells us, a mythical character.) That way you can save yourself from being refuted.
      The first Christians did NOT believe they were in the End Times. If you read the Bible you can get that in context. In fact, the letters to the churches in Revelation shows they were for different future eras. They believed that time was imminent for them. As we have always been unsure of the date of our deaths that has always been the case.
      If you don’t believe we are living in End Times, there are millions who do, who subscribe to many different relgions and none. It strikes me personally as self-evident. I remember how much this world has changed since my late teens in the 1960s.
      This may surprise you, John, but I do not belong to any church, nor do I follow any religion. You strike me as if you obviously subscribe to some intolerant philosophy. You certainly have a paradigm that is anti-Christian and anti-Bible. Maybe you need to read the Koran, the Haddiths or the writings of the Catholic “theologians” or Marx, Mao, et al, and you’d find out what real intolerance is. It could then make you as thankful as I am for ordinary Christians who won for us the freedoms they did in the past.
      Perhaps, you see their martrydoms as fanaticism. I’m personally thankful for them or I possibly would have remained a brainwashed Catholic.

  10. Mark

    It’s great to see Tesco showing that they treat everyone with the respect they deserve. It’s a pity some Christians can’t be seen to be treating individuals with the respect. I am not surprised Jesus rose from the grave and wouldn’t be surprised if he rose again after he read this article misrepresenting what Christianity is about.

    1. J Parry

      I agree that homosexuals, and every other individual, should be treated with respect. We are all “made in the image of God”, even though that image has been twisted and abused by our rebellion. To think ourselcves better than someone who does wrong or to condemn a homosexual just because of his lifestyle is to bring oursdelves into condemnation too. But to condone, and treat as normal, a homosexual lifestyle is NOT treating homosexuals with respect!

      Encouraging someone to take heroin, get blind drunk every weekend, abuse children, steal, murder, or rob a bank is not treating them witrh respect! Is it?

      To encourage “Gay pride” is to encourage people to destroy themselves – morally, emotionally, spiritually and often physically too.

      That is the OPPOSITE of showing Christian love and compassion.

      Whatever some Christians may do or think about the subject, it is what GOD says that matters!

      1. Charles

        What a load of bigotted tripe on this site! No wonder Churches are empty!
        You so-called Christians cannot bear the fact that people are happy and content in themsleves having come to terms with the fact that they are, through no choice of their own, homosexuals. Most of us are morally, emotionally, spiritually and physically perfectly health thank you! But you don’t like people being content!

        You are self-righteous bigots, simple as that, clearly riddled with your own problems. You are not normal.
        Most of what you say is spiteful, evil and untrue. No wonder people laugh at you. YOU are the ones with the problems! You weirdos.

  11. Lara


    1. John

      Sorry Lara we can’t “go to hell”, if we’re washed in the sin cleansing blood of jesus, that was shed at the Cross for people just like you and me.

    2. J Parry

      Lara, verbal abuse of anyone you disagree with is a sign that you have nothing sensible to say.

      Judging by your comment, who REALLY comes over as the greatest bigot, you or Christians?!

      1. Jim

        Who is the greatest bigot? Christians like those on this site, unable to see past their own prejudices and accept people for what they are. I’m afraid that “You have to be tolerant of our intolerance, Pagan/Heretic/Sodomite!” doesn’t work anymore.

        Jesus said nothing about homosexuality. The closest he said anything about it was about the actions of a prostitute, and even what he said about that doesn’t support your views.

        1. Peter Greensmith

          Jim, Jesus also said nothing about polygamy, beastiality or incestual relationships. Following your logic, I then assume that you would support such relationships?

          Just because Jesus himself didn’t mention a specific behaviour in the gospels doesn’t make that behaviour right. The Bible cleary forbids homosexuality, beastiality and incest.

      2. Mark

        I love the fact that you Christian extremists think you can say what you want, but when others criticise you, you get all defensive. It was the homosexual, Alan Turing, who helped crack the German Enigma Code during WW2, saving millions of lives, if it were not for him, you’d never be able to spew your intolerance. Praise the gay!! They’re better than you religious bigots!

    3. Andy COX

      I am just looking at these picture, for gay pride look how they are dressed.
      Listen if any thing happened to me and my wife, and I thought one of these blokes could adopt my children I would scream from the grave

      1. Hannah

        These pictures are not representative of how people were dressed at the event. Obviously they are the extreme, chosen for shock value to support this propaganda. Most people I saw were wearing jeans and tshirts.

        1. Peter Greensmith

          Although many people at the event were dressed in normal clothes, there were also many who weren’t. I lost count of the number of men I saw dressed in drag. I also saw a significant number of guys dressed in leather ‘bondage’ gear. If I had children, I wouldn’t want them to see even one person dressed like that, let alone the many that I saw!

    4. Andrew

      Hello Lara, So you do believe in Hell. Good, that’s a start as it’s very real and so is Satan.

  12. Nic

    It was such a fantastic celebration of diversity & your photos really captured some of that. Thank you for photographing Queer Resistance who I proudly marched with. Amongst other things we marched against the cuts, against discrimination, & to promote equality. I was marching beside my beautiful girlfriend who I will be marrying next month (sorry – civil partnering). I was surprised we were therefore referred to as intolerant in this article. Aggressive in our fight for justice, yes!
    A highlight for me was seeing some Christian people on the sidelines with placards that read “Sorry for the way our fellow Christians have treated you- Jesus thinks you’re wonderful.” It is this kind of love & acceptance that makes the world a better place.

    1. Hannah

      Nic I’ve read a lot about Queer Resistance and I have a lot of respect for what you do. Actually I think Jesus would be much more likely to be marching with you rather than holding a big angry sign with “Christian” Voice.

  13. Paul

    Here we go again with false Chistians spreading their hatred and intollerence! Jesus preached love and tollerence and he will weep tears to hear the filth pouring from the mouths of these evil Satan loving haters who persecute and fill their black hearts with slander and hatred! Only God should judge as all men are equal in his eyes. How dare you choose to judge and therefore think yourselves above the lord. You all will burn in hell for your evil satanic hatred of people. And yes, homosexuals are good people too!

    1. Stephen

      Wow! Jesus actually preached repentance from sin. It’s precisely because God will judge homosexuals and the society which approves of them that we have to warn of the consequences of sin and repeat our Lord’s demand that sinners must repent. Anyone want to add anything?

      1. Charles

        Yes, we are NOT sinners you arrogant obnoxious man.

    2. Andrew

      Paul, Jesus did not say to the adulterous woman “Go and I will be tolerant of your sin” he said “Go and sin no more”
      You condemn people on here for “judging” others when all they are doing is condemning sin, not people, then you quite rightly say only God should judge then the next thing you do is judge people on here yourself by saying they will go to hell. Your own anger and hatred has led you to such an obvious blunder of doing yourself what you accuse others of. It’s the sin Jesus hated, not the sinner. It’s clear you don’t understand the Bible or Lord Jesus. Loving your neighbour and condeming sin are not mutally excusive. You say “And yes, homosexuals are good people too”; have you not read the Bible? Not one of us is “good” as we are all sinners only saved by Jesus Christ. You are not saved while you hold this false image of Jesus in your head that has been programmed into you by the secular world and not by Bible study or the Holy Spirit

  14. Olly

    Several people seem to be confused as to why homosexuality is no longer considered a mental health disorder. The reasons are below.

    1) a mental health disorder has to be debilitating in some way, i.e. holds you back or puts you at a disadvantage when compared to “mentally healthy” individuals. Such examples include autism, asbergers, depression, downs syndrome. There is no sociological or psychological evidence that homosexuality causes any or is in any way linked to mental health illness. in the cases of people who are gay, any depression, anxiety or other illness tends to be more related to the intolerance of society around them, i.e. fundamentalists who try and tell them God is angry and they represent a new Sodom.

    2) there is no indication that gay parents, foster parents or those who adopt children are any less capable of raising their children in a safe secure.and responsible family. In fact, because of the prejudice against them, gay parents have to provide more evidence than heterosexual parents of their responsibility as providers.

    3) all scientific (read “not based on ideology or previously held beliefs on the issue) data indicates homosexuality is not a choice, and so-called conversion therapies (always run by religious institution and always criticised by humanitarian and scientific bodies) do nothing but make the individual feel guilty about something they cannot change, and they don’t work, either.. I can relate to this, not by being gay, but being a white man with a black girlfriend, I can tell you that other peoples disapproval of your sexual preference doesn’t change you, it makes you value you them more. A few decades ago it was illegal in many countries for interracial marriage, and we can all agree now that it’s a good thing this has changed.

    And as for these more eccentric displays of pride, just consider that this is part of the culture of homosexuality, as all minorities will create when they are rejected by the majority. The same open in-Your-face attitude.of this gay pride march can be seen as defiance of people like those on this message board, if you were more tolerant of them, then they would feel less inclined to display themselves so overtly.

    Homosexuality has been around since before Christ, it’s only very recently that western civilisation has grown up and accepted them as equal men and women. The only people who are holding us back as a truely great civilisation are you guys and girls.

    1. Stephen

      (1) The reason why ‘homosexuality is no longer considered a mental health disorder’ is because in the 1970s gay activists dressed in sequins stormed meetings of psychiatric professionals browbeating them until they declassified it.
      (2) Evidence is patchy but catching up with common sense that children do best with a mother and father committed to each other in marriage.
      (3) It’s a bit odd to call having a black girlfriend instead of a white one a ‘sexual preference’. I am white and my wife is black and in Christian circles we have found no disapproval at all. You need to go to church. Christians see only one race, the human race.
      (4) Good try, to blame the sexual depravity endemic in the homosexual world on other people’s disapproval. The evidence does not back that up. As society becomes more tolerant of what is intolerable morality descends to the pit.
      (5) We are on the verge of being a truly great civilisation? Tell that to the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah.

      1. Carla

        Point (3) above is just ludicrous!

        As with gay marriage these days, interracial marriage was frowned upon and was even illegal in many states until the late 60s (diagram here). If you had you lived in the 40’s or 50’s, yourself and your wife would have suffered discrimination, synonymous to that which LGBTs are suffering now. Yet rather than logically considering this fact and reflecting upon how you would feel if it were illegal to love your wife, you say “we have found no disapproval at all” and continue to fuel what is, in essence, the same problem in a different generation with a different minority. For someone who is supposed to “love thy neighbor”, you are so lacking in compassion that it’s ironic you even consider yourself a Christian.

        Also, I’m sure you’ve noticed the absolute hypocrisy of saying “Christians see only one race, the human race.” while discriminating against a proportion of its members…

        1. Stephen

          No hypocrisy here. We discriminate against thieves and perjurers, who are also ‘a proportion of the human race’. Sin is sin.
          Men and women have walked away from homosexuality, a moral evil, through the power of Jesus. No power on earth can change the colour of our skin, which is morally neutral.
          Olly was talking about here and now in British jurisdictions and so was I. I love my neighbour enough to warn him of sin. That is true compassion. Many are those who stand idly by while their neighbours drift down into hell.

      2. ben

        do you really not see how your replies to those points have no evidence but your own prejudices?

        come on now – you believe god gave you a brain. look with your god given eyes at what you just wrote and and you have to admit that unfortunately your arguments just don’t stand up.

        oh and the sins of sodom and gomorrah were ‘pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.’ that’s in ezekiel.

        1. Stephen

          No, it’s all fact. Go on google. As for Ezekiel, you are a little selective. The whole quote is:
          Eze 16:49 Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.
          Eze 16:50 And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good.
          Never forget, what happened on Saturday in London is called ‘Gay Pride’. It was ‘pride’, ‘haughty’ and ‘abomination’ all rolled up into one.
          A lot of nonsense is written about shellfish and cotton/polyester. For the antidote and the context and the actual Hebrew words, go see:
          And for a write-up on Sodom, click on:

    2. Andy COX

      Olly its Adam and eve not Adam and Steve. Naturally its impossible for them to have children. As I see it god is holy, and about judgement that belongs to god, your saying a holy god will not judge this. Find that hard to believe. I think this is wrong, and if I did not say so then yes I think I would be judged for that

  15. John

    Neil. your post seems to indicate that you have studied the teachings of Jesus. Could you inform us of the passage in those teachings (the Bible) where he condones such behaviour. Chapter and verse would be nice.

  16. Bob Hutton

    I truly hope and pray that God, in His sovereign mercy opens the eyes of these depraved perverts, and grants them repentance unto life.

    The eternal consequences of their rebelion against the Lord do not bear thinking about.

    1. melissa

      perverts are you serious!!! read what a pervert is and then insult a pervert is someone who sleeps with someone underage you know like many of the bishops do with young boys!!! ohhh wait thats ok because he is religious!!!

  17. Mark

    Jesus loves all sinners – but he doesn’t love our sin.
    That’s why He gave His life for us all on the cross. Anyone who thinks that practising homosexuality is OK with God is deceiving themselves, as the Bible says in many places. I feel genuinely sorry that so many people are allowing political correctness to blurr the real issue – we ALL have sin, and all stand condemned.
    God loves mankind so much that he offers new life to those who are gay along with the rest of us, without prejudice. Read the Bible; it’s all there!

    1. ben

      “Jesus loves all sinners – but he doesn’t love our sin.”

      this is not a biblical phrase – jesus is seen only to love the sinners.

  18. Ekong

    I am very surprised about the somewhat ‘positive’ comments from some respondents to the Gay parade. I can’t see what could be godly and reverent in all that public display to warrant support from any right-thinking and God-fearing Church or Christian. Titus 1:15 says, “To the pure, all things are pure. To those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled”.
    I cannot make any apology for opposing such depravity and perversion in the name of equal rights.
    May God have mercy on all those who call evil good, and condone this type of evil in our streets.

  19. T

    homosexuality is not just found in humans..

    animals are too, and you are just too blind and fuddy-duddied to work it out

  20. ste c

    where in the bible does it say if your a vicar/priest you f*** and fiddle with little boys you all need putting in gass chambers and smoking out you retarded NAZIS

    (NB: expletive deleted by editor – nothing else in the comment changed)

  21. ckwolf

    grow up christians and move with the times you have raped childern and tryed to keep it undercover for years but still think you are the best the cleanest and the pure as you keep on telling us god will judge so it looks like you are all going to hell with you hate and rape you dont follow the bible you teach hate not love and gods word it looks like most off you will be joining us in hell and i hope it will be the most horrific afterlife for you

  22. Andy

    I find some of these comments deeply disturbing.

    What ever happened to love thy neighbour and all that….or have certain people forgotten that one and just pick and choose out of the bible as they see fit? Doesn’t Christianity teach us to love everyone, no matter what?

    Yes, I am gay. I am very happy with my (much) better half and have been for 9 years. Why can’t I celebrate who I fall in love with? Why should I be different from someone who, for the sake of argument, feels like they have to marry someone because they have got their partner pregnant for instance?

    It’s 2012 for goodness sake. I try to live by the rules that I was taught at a Christian school and at home…why am I meant to be different?

    Besides, it’s straight people that keep having gay children. Think about that one! ;o)

  23. TiredOfReligion

    I am sick to the back teeth of you guys now.

    This whole ‘let he without sin cast the first stone’ – you’re ALL sinners, so shut up judging other people. Pay more attention to your own lives and your own sins and stop judging when you are clearly not in a position to be allowed to. All of man kind are sinners according to your texts so shut up whinging about other people.

    ‘All of this is leading to the return of our Lord’ GOOD. Surely you want to hurry up and go to heaven. If gay people are bringing about a quicker second judgement then stop whinging and get preparing and look after yourselves, your families and your fellow believers, leave everyone else alone.

    All of this ‘oh it’s evil’, ‘it’s sinful’, ‘they need saving’ shit, YOU need saving, YOU are evil YOU are the judgemental, narrow minded, evil, nasty, malicious fools who have nothing better to do with their lives than whing and slag off other people because they don’t conform to your attempts at manilpulation. Get over yourselves. Mind your own businesses.

  24. Arron

    You so called christians, quick to judge others believing in a book that was written by mortal men just like you or I for the sole reason of control and oppression…

    you have been brain washed into believing that an invisible man created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th…

    you follow this book so blindly that you can not open your eyes and see for yourself that the church is simple a legal form of slavery and control designed to absorb more and more power and money from it’s followers….

    you are no better than any other group that demands people to conform to your idealist views….

    maybe yourselves and al qaeda have a lot more in common that one may first assume….

    the numbers of church goers is falling and liberation and freedom for all from persecution is on the horizon whether you like or accept it or not is your choice….

    But I will leave you with this… Science has proven that being LGBT is something that we are born with, it is to do with the way our brains function differently from out straight counter parts…

    If you so choose to follow blindly something that you can not prove ever really happened then what gives you the authority to tell others how to live their lives….

  25. John

    As a Christian, following the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, I find this article and the “Christian” comments below it shamefull. May God have mercy on your souls for judging his children.

    Stop being bigots, and follow the teachings of Christ, or reap the rewards of doing the devils work.

  26. Paul

    You would think that the creator of the universe, who possess the intelligence to, well, create the universe, would have the means to ensure that the ‘abomination’ that is homosexuality was never able to enter into the realms of reality in the first place…

    All gay people don’t automatically dress in a perverted manner and flaunt themselves in the streets in any case, although anyone is at perfect liberty to do so and straight people do as well – take a trip to any UK town centre on a saturday night if you need convincing.

  27. melissa

    are you all serious… help us and save us get real live your life how you want to and everuone else do the same… religious people will never understand or accept gays or anything other than what a book tells them to how about dive into the 20th century and think for yourselves…. religious people have murdered, raped and committed many sins all gay people do is love the same sex, bout time you got over it and enjoy your own life!! its not really aggressive is it a little parade walking the street in costume… is is aggressive have religion pushed upon you when people come to your doors with leaflets and singing in the street… youve got your ways and we have our… like it or lump it but we arnt going to live a lie and be straight just to be accepted by you

  28. Mark

    Surprise surprise, the religious bigots are there to condemn again. How dare you judge others! It’s not your place! There is nothing wrong with homosexuality, it is not a disability, it is not a disease and it is not a lack of morals. A lack of morals is what all of you have; judging others. When you die, none of you will go to Heaven because you have treated others as being lower than you instead of practising what the bible preaches, which is love and acceptance. You are not good people. You are intolerant and dictators who believe you’re right because you read a book. I read the DaVinci Code, so does that give me the right to judge others? No, it doesn’t. If anybody criticises Christians you’re all there to condemn them but you criticise homosexuals everyday. I think homosexuals should stop paying taxes and recieve everything free, if they’re not equal in your eyes then their money shouldn’t be of any value to you either. You should all hang your heads in shame. Not that many of you will have heard of him but there was once a man called Alan Turing. He cracked the enigma code during WW2 and helped save the world from being run by murderous Nazis. His morals were right, to save humanity from a muderous regime. And he was a homosexual. Yet you have the nerve to say homosexuals have no morals??!! You religios bigots need to grow up because without him you wouldn’t be able to spew your religios intolerance today. It was thanks to a homosexual you’re here today with your freedom. If there is one group without morals, it is YOU

  29. Tink Dyer

    I cannot believe what I have read in this thread, this is the 21st Century just in case any of you didn’t know. Firstly, I would like to address the the people who make the assumption that because one may not be a believer they know nothing of Christianity or Theology, this is an assumption. From my personal experience I went to a Catholic Convent and was brought up with religion, interested in all the flaws I took Theology to an advanced level, and I am talking non-denominational Theology which is of course if you want to make a sound and accurate judgment/choice is the only correct path to choose. My decision to be religion free came from my study, and particularly the history of theology. It seems to me that many of the so called Christians who have made comment would do well to take theology themselves as they are obviously unaware and misinterpreting their own religious values. Despite not pinning myself down by one religion I am a spiritual person and a great deal more Christian than any of the negative posters on this thread. For those who think that the wearing of very little or costume is depravity and perversion I would refer you to Adam and Eve who wore nothing, and to Jesus himself that often wore nothing but a loin cloth. Nowhere in the bible, I will repeat that NOWHERE in the bible does it say that homosexuality is a sin, evil, depraved or otherwise. However, it does say that we do not have the right to judge, it also says we should treat others with kindness and respect, and it also makes clear that none of us are without sin and for those that are, they may cast the first stone! Men and men, women and women love each other as much if not sometimes more powerfully than men and women loving each other. We do not hesitate to believe that a man does not love his son, nor a Mother her daughter, or brothers loving brothers and sisters loving sisters, same sex friends loving each other also is not deemed sinful. Why then do unchristian peolple like yourselves find it aborant that a same sex couple love each other with equal adoration for each other than a heterosexual couple. I am guessing that it is the actual sexual act that these prudes have issue with, well I am sorry to tell you this, but heterosexual couples do that too! I am not gay myself, but I have many wonderful gay friends and my life is richer for knowing them, I have just recently been to an anniversary celebration of two gay married friends who have been together 15 years, most heterosexual marriages don’t last this long (mine didn’t). It would do all of you good to remember one fact, God is love! He nor his son would condone such behaviour from his so called followers, I hope you are ready to explain yourselves when you reach the pearly gates (if they exist), equally this is worth considering, because to inspire hatred and judgement on others is in my opinion evil and I thnk that Jesus as an ascending being would feel the same.

  30. Paul

    It amuses me, that you can consider homosexuality a mental disorder, considering you’re the one’s who are worshiping a character from a story book. Not only that, but you base your lives on the principles of a story book.

    Worshiping something that doesn’t exist, could be considered schizophrenic.

  31. Katie

    Intolerance that goes on even in this age is frightening. Wonderful that Tesco supports equality, every little helps!

  32. Matt

    We bleed the same blood dont we? Where all allowed to live our life’s as we wish. Don’t start quoting the bible which is outdated and is used to control. We’re not going to come after you and turn you gay. You are who you are as we are who we are. I suggest you start to think like that god forgives all? But would he really forgive people with the kind of believes that you have? Some of you say it’s a choice, would we really chose a life where we are not respected as equal? Get with the times get a grip. We are not sick nor insane we are human we are men who love men or woman who love woman. Open your heart and open your mind.

    1. Peter Greensmith

      I know that I didn’t choose to have homosexual feelings back in the time in my life when I lived as a homosexual.

      But I did choose to not have them.

      When I came to the Lord, he took away my desire to do that which He says is wrong. I will pray for you, the God will also open your eyes and reveal himself to you as He did me.

  33. Ray

    I am quite saddened that a Christian publication would be writing anything that would say that a sexual orientation is anything but a natural creation of God. God made everyone man and woman in his own image and therefore loves everyone.

    The teachings of god are to love everyone and to be kind and sensitive to everyone in this life and the next, and any organisation which says otherwise is an a front to the Catholic beliefs. Heterosexual or homosexual everyone has the right to co-exist.

    Everyone seems to forget the carnage which the Crussaids laid on this planet so we now have a Christian obligation to love everyone!

  34. John mason

    I felt compelled to write something on this article… I have been to gay pride in the past and I have been to Christian camps… Can I just say that I was more drunk and had more gay encounters during the Christian festivities than I have at any gay pride… Seriously… Before you start to preach… Look at your family… Look at relationships… Friends… The people you love… Look at the people around you who serve you… Your travel agent, post-master, fireman, supermarket staff… Landlord… Anyone can be gay… ANYONE!!! The saying is “don’t knock it until you tried it…” we’ll I tried being a Christian and I kept meeting narrow-minded people who should be ashamed of themselves! I still believe in god, Jesus and all the other bits too… I also believe in the fact that we are all created equal!!!

  35. Mark Ansell

    I can’t believe a load of religious crap about praying for our souls….blah blah blah. Religion is for the weak minded who have to believe in a story written by multiple individuals. It’s unbelievable that in 2012 I still live in a society where there are religious lunatics believing we are going to be burning in hell. Why has the Catholic church paid out multiple compensations for abuse by its deciples it’s time you woke up!!!!

  36. Jon

    Goodness! What a huge number of nasty, ill informed bigoted people there are on here hiding their hatred behind the mask of Christianity. You do yourselves and your religion a huge disservice with your twisting of the facts and rather than encouraging people to join with you in praising God you simply advertise Christianity as a religion of judgement, intolerance, small mindedness and hate. Let’s hope Christ’s blood can wash you clean, the ugly stains of your own viciousness are cleakt there for all to see.

  37. Jonathan Barrett

    So many Christians do so much to make our lives better. My neighbour barely knows me put she merrily feeds my fish why i’m away. She also volunteers from free in the Charity Shop opposite. It’s a shame your site doesn’t do more for positively promoting Christianity rather than attack and ridicule gays.

    Incidently – if you think Tesco’s sales slumped because they sponsored Gay Pride then you are ridiculous.

    Try spreading some love.

  38. james salkeld

    what a bunch of ignorant religious fanatics get a life and let others live theirs, What right do you have to dictate how people live their lives.

  39. Biggles

    Hello hello you mentally ill people! It’s nice to see that whilst condemning THOSE FILTHY GAYS and generally frothing like the most embarrassing autists you are in fact committing the biggest fagdance that has ever been witnessed! Yaaaay!

  40. Victor Fraga

    The Christian voice of hate.

    The arrogance and bigotry in this article are shocking.

    As the world moves on, the children and grandchildren of these “loving” Christians will be utterly embarrassed of their hateful predecessors. In the future people will go to jail for making such remarks.

    I even doubt that the moderators will allow this comment to be published – but go on and surprise me!

    Lots of love and peace to all.

  41. Baradwaj

    Do not confuse your morality to be a standard for everyone to follow. For me and a lot of us, a person walking on the street without any clothes on but helping out a distressed old woman cross the street has better values than you lot worshiping a pope that molests innocent children

  42. Hannah

    I’m proud to say that as a Christian I marched in the parade with around 200 other Christians from various traditions. The Christians who marched (LGBT Christians and straight allies) by far outnumbered those protesting, who were largely ignored, and we were able to give out hundreds of cards with details of gay friendly churches and the message that there is “no fear in love”. I’m glad that this positive Christian message was so much more powerful than the anti-gay message of hate and I’m glad that we were able to reach out to our LGBT community with the love of God, who accepts us as we are.

    1. natalie

      I am not a christian myself, but I respect people that have faith!
      You are what I believe to be a true christian… You have my respect.

      1. Hannah

        Thanks Natalie, I appreciate that. 🙂

    2. Stephen

      Hannah, you won’t like this, but a true Christian is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, not condoning what the Lord hates, but living a life of holiness as he requires.
      Those self-professed ‘Christians’ I saw in the parade were not following Jesus, but a bunch of people parading themselves in what appeared to be ‘bondage gear’. The whole march, as Peter says above, was sex-driven and you were part of it. I saw no desire for holiness or righteousness in any of it. You were partaking in rebellion against God. God’s word says: (Prov 1:10, KJV) ‘My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.’ And:
      Eph 5:5 … no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. 6 Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. 7 Be not ye therefore partakers with them.
      In the final judgment, it will not be Natalie’s verdict that will count. It be that of the God of heaven, and his word says:
      1Cor 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
      1Cor 6:10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
      There will be no smiley faces on the wicked in that day. What you and all the other sinners in outfits like the Metropolitan Community ‘Church’ need to do is recognise and repent of your sin and be washed, sanctified and justfied in Jesus. The Corinthians did that and became ex-sinners and ex-gays – as we see:
      1Cor 6:11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.
      That may not be want you want to hear, but it is what you need to hear.

      1. Hannah

        Haha – I’m not sure which Christians you were looking at but I didn’t see any Christians in “bondage gear” – unless you count having your face painted as a rainbow tiger or unicorn like my friends and I did! I’m sure you’ll agree with the idea that actually God is my judge, not you. I have a Bible college degree and have read the New Testament in Greek – I take my faith seriously and I am “washed, sanctified and justified in Jesus”. See you in heaven, Stephen – I think you’re going to be surprised how inclusive God’s kingdom is.

        1. Stephen

          You would be surprised how many people claim to be Christians but aren’t. I said not that the alleged gay Christians were parading in ‘bondage gear’ but that they were following right behind those who were and associating with them.
          Tell me, Hannah, you say you are a Christian, so what has Jesus done for you?

          1. Hannah

            The Christians were marching behind the London Gay Men’s Chorus who were dressed quite modestly. The only people I saw in “bondage gear” we’re a small group of people watching the parade. We did speak to them and “associate with” them because everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Didn’t Jesus associate with prostitutes and tax collectors? And heterosexuals do S&M too – just look at the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey at the moment.

            As far as what Jesus has done for me, I wonder whether you are trying to catch me out with that question, as you do not seem to acknowledge that I am a Christian at all. I don’t have to justify my faith and position before God to you, especially not by giving you the “right” theological answers. God is my judge. I don’t go around saying who is a Christian and who isn’t. In my opinion the way your organisation behaves is contrary to the teachings of Jesus and the heart of God and “anti-Christian” in the extreme, but I’m not the one who decides whether you go to heaven so I’ll think I’ll refrain from telling you whether I think you’re a Christian or not. I hope you can extend the same courtesy to me.

          2. Stephen

            Speaking out against what the Bible calls sin is exactly consonant with the teachings of Jesus and with the heart of God. When Jesus associated with prostitutes and tax collectors it was not to confirm and approve them in their depravity. They repented!
            A normal Christian, when asked what Jesus has done for them, would say something like this: ‘He is my Saviour and Redeemer. He rescued me from a life of sin, gave his life for me and took my sins on his own self by dying on the cross. By his resurrection he has given me a new life and he lives in me through the Holy Spirit.’
            But of course if the only sin is ‘intolerance’ then it will be a bit difficult to say that Christ has saved you from anything.

    3. Andrew

      Hannah the true christian is not ever ever “proud” pride is a sin, read your Bible, the topic at hand is taking pride in sin. Read Matthew 5-7. The true Christian is poor in spirit and humble and never ever has any pride and sticks to the word of God and our Saviour not modern social engineering by Satan. Satan is about pride Jesus is about humility and loving your neighbour enough to say they are doing wrong in the eyes of God. Again i say Jesus did not say the adulterous woman ‘go, i will love you despite your sin’, he said ‘go and SIN NO MORE’. This site must know many “fake” christians post on here trying to use a false Jesus and a Bible they don’t understand as an attack method but it fails every time becuase you don’t understand Jesus or the Bible. This I am sure is why your posts are accepted becuaue you condemn yourself with your own poor understanding of the the Saviour. “Suppose you that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division” I pray that you come to accept and love the real Jesus and not the false jesus you have in your imagination – if you’re not a spammer – and have the discernment to tell truth from the lies of Satan.

  43. Andy

    I cannot believe some of you people have the cheek to call yourself’s Christians. “Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.” “And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. he says love thy neighbour as thyself he does not say unless he is gay. He also says judge not lest you also be judged. there seems to be more judgement and not so much love on this board. Let Christ into your hearts and get rid of this judgement and hate for people who can not help how they were born.

    1. Stephen

      ‘Born like it’ is not substantiated by the science at all. Here is some scripture about real love:
      Lev 19:17 Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.
      Eccl 7:5 It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.
      2Tim 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.
      Rev 3:19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

    2. Andrew

      Andy Why do you believe that not accepting sin as normal behaviour and loving our neighbour as ourselves are mutually exclusive?

  44. Natalie

    I believe that what has been said about homosexuals is disgusting. I was always told that God loves all his children. Am I not God’s child because my girlfriend and I have found love? There are many people in this world who never find love (actual love, not Gods love).. Is your belief that these people should never feel love, unless it’s in the way you believe it should be? I have never been happier since I’ve made a life and found love with my girlfriend, surely God is happy that I’m happy. How could I value the life I’ve been given if I live an unhappy one? As messengers of God, that’s all I have witnessed on this website is hate for others that choose a different path to you. Why would God support you when you make others feel not ‘normal’, (as you have stated on this website), unhappy and hated? Do you believe that is you being a good person? I believe being a good person is, helping people, being kind, accepting people as they are etc… Not changing them to what you think God, wants them to be.

    My Mother goes to a church that rehabilitates drug addicts and alcohol through God. I truely do believe that this is a fantastic cause which can save lives. Many of these people have sold their bodies, killed, stolen, broken into people’s homes, shops etc.. and are now saved and forgiven by God. I have never done any of these things, but I am going to hell for finding my own happiness with another person, which affects no-one else and makes my life worth living? By finding god, these people are forgiven. For all the lives they have ruined, animals and people they have killed.

    Have you noticed that not many homosexual people bother any christians? We don’t preach it more than once a year on the streets, where as I see a preacher in my city/town every week. Why would NORMAL people want to hear it? I genuinly do respect people that have faith, but you can’t respect us for not agreeing? Personally, if God wants me and many others to lead a unhappy life, with no free choices, why would I want to follow such a man? Someone or something that supresses people, their beliefs and their happiness. No thank you.

    As far as this websites concerned, I have never seen such disgusting attitudes and views. It is full of hate, oppression and obviously very unsettled people. If you want to live your lives by rules, hate and no freedom, I’d suggest you move to the middle east, so at least then you can have someone REAL controlling your lives, while we live free, happy and in control of our feelings and thoughts. You are not kind people, and do not deserve to be respected by God, by inflicting hate upon his children. If there is a God, he will love me and others that love, respect and treat everyone equaly more than you.

    Question: WHY WOULD HE LOVE YOU? There’s people everyday that take their own lives because of the hatred of others… People like YOU that tell them they’re wrong, not good enough, diseased etc… You are not good people, those oppressed people are good people. People that love. You are the ones that need forgiving by God, for all the hatred you’ve spread and sadness you have caused. Gay people do not affect you, but you feel you have the right to spread so much sadness.

    1. Bob Hutton


      It is not hatred to point out to homosexuals that they need to repent. It is an act of love to show someone where they are going wrong and help them onto the right path.

      Moreover, if somoeone is in danger it is right to warn them. If you are living a homosexual lifestyle then your soul is in danger of eternal Hellfire and you need to repent. You need to receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

    2. Stephen

      Natalie, your mother is clearly doing a good work, but as for you, the Bible says that only those who accept and follow the Lord Jesus are the children of God. Otherwise, they are the children of wrath and the children of disobedience:

      To the Church in Rome, the Lord’s Apostle Paul said:
      Rom 9:8 That is, They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed.

      He said this to the believers in Ephesus:
      Eph 2:1 And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins;
      Eph 2:2 Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:
      Eph 2:3 Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.

      And this to the church in Colosse:
      Col 3:5 … fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: 6 For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:

      (All KJV)

    3. Paul

      God bless you Natalie! Sending you and your girlfriend love and wish you a happy life. Please remember that not all Christians are as spiteful and hateful as those in ‘Christian’ Voice. Christ is love not hate.

      1. Stephen

        Jesus said to Nicodemus:
        Joh 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
        John 3:17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
        18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
        19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
        20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.

        And to his earthly brothers:
        John 7:7 The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.

        And to his disciples:
        John 14:21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.
        John 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

        And about his enemies:
        Luke 19:27 But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

        (King James Version)

  45. John Stapylton-Boyce

    Interesting, isn’t it that if my wife and I walked through London as undressed as some ‘pride’ walkers were we would be arrested…….

    1. natalie

      I agree that the explicit nature is unacceptable… But that is their expression of personality.. Not being gay. Many heterosexual people like to dress the same. In regards to explicit images.. Dont many cathedrals have naked body’s on them? Hmmm..

      1. Stephen

        No, they don’t. And I have never seen heterosexual people parading themselves around in the costumes which were evident on Saturday. Face it, depravity is what homosexuality is all about. Once you break God’s commandment by getting involved in same-sex activity, the rest inevitably follows. As they say, ‘Why not?’

        1. Hannah

          Yeah one thing always leads to another. I’m hoping that once I’m legally married to my same-sex partner I’ll be able to marry my dog and my underage toaster as well.

        2. GodLovesMe

          Have you not been to carnival??

          1. Stephen

            You mean the Notting Hill event? The Caribbean extravanganza? Your point being?

  46. T. Bradshaw

    How I wish we could reverse the homosexuality laws which were changed in the 1960’s. I would cheerfully see anyone who engaged in homosexual activity thrown into prison.

  47. Jackie Holden

    I have just read all the comments to Stephen’s article. All I can say is, I found the images of naked men parading through the streets deeply offensive, and to be honest with you, I could hardly believe such things happen in this country, but clearly they do. If you think about it, what the Lord said would happen in the last days, is happening. He said evil would be viewed as good, and good would be viewed as evil. He said He hates liars. He hates those that give false witness. In fact the Lord gives a list of things He hates.

    The reason Jesus came to Earth was for a very specific reason, not to go around telling everyone He loved them in a wishy washy kind of way. He came to Earth to be reviled, rejected, tortured and shed His blood. If any of the ones who have said they find Christians like Stephen disgusting, then read Isiah 53. Isiah 53 moves me to tears. A true Christian would be moved to tears reading such an account. There will be mockers, scorners, haters…

    I read something in a Christian book where the preacher was saying, Jesus said if they hated Me, they will hate you, and they will do to you what they did to Me. Christians in some countries today are still being crucified. Christian preachers are being arrested and imprisoned in the UK, but the media are being gagged by the Judges from reporting this. So the public are oblivious to many things that are happening in our country.

    It’s as the Lord says in His Word, it is as it was in the days of Noah, people will be eating and drinking, and then sudden destruction will come upon them. I thank the Lord for preachers like Stephen Green, because he is not a lukewarm minister who will send his congregation to Hell.

    Jesus asked us to beware of the preachers who are wolves in sheeps’ clothing, and He said they will preach of a Jesus, but it is not the Jesus of the bible. It is a New Age Jesus, from the Common Purpose Church, the Churches Together, the One World Church, One World Religion, the Anti-Christ. You can always tell a true Christian by the way they conduct their lives. Their lives should reflect the life of Jesus Christ. If you are not reading your bible daily and meditating in the word, seeking the Lord with all of your heart, surrendering your self life 100% then it is questionable whether you really are born again.

    I’ve noticed how quick certain people are to access this Christian website and then pour scorn and contempt on a Christian minister. You should feel utterly ashamed of yourselves for behaving like this. Jesus sat on the Mount, overlooking the City and He wept. He wept because He knew His teachings were rejected. He came, He suffered and He died, and then He rose again and is seated at the right hand of His Heavenly Father in Heaven.

    For the scorners, haters and those who reject the words of God’s minister Stephen Green, a question: Can you call God your Father?

    Can you pray the prayer Jesus asked us to pray? i.e. Our Father who art in Heaven…?

    He asks us to pray: Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive the trespasses of others.

    What are those trespasses?

    The bible defines what trespasses are. We have a duty to inform ourselves of what the Lord says is a trespass, and then once we are informed, if we are a Christian, we should strive not to trespass. The Holy Spirit is given to those who have received Jesus into their hearts. The Holy Spirit is a Helper. So, the Holy Spirit gives us the power to resist the temptation to trespass. If we do trespass, we can come to the Lord, confess and repent and be cleansed of all sin. But God says the one who is born again does not continue in sin. The mark of a true Christian is, they are not sinning. Their lives are pure and holy. They do not look upon profane things. They speak with a pureness and they have a sweet smelling fragrance. The Lord said the true Christians are a stench to those who are being lost. Do you find the Christian minister Stephen Green’s words disgusting?

    He speaks the words of Jesus.

    1. Hannah

      I’m praising God that there are so many Christian ministers who believe in an inclusive church that accepts LGBT Christians as created in the image of God. If Stephen Green, as a Christian minister, is preaching hateful propaganda that is contrary to the message of Jesus then he doesn’t deserve hatred or scorn, but his message should be publicly rejected by those who follow Christ. I think the Bible has quite a lot to say about false prophets. I hope Stephen accept Christ’s message of love into his heart and learns to love his fellow LGBT Christians. Jesus said true Christians would be known by their love for one another, not their condemnation. He never said “love the sinner, hate the sin” – his message was more along the lines of “love the sinner, hate YOUR OWN sin”.

      1. Jackie Holden

        Hannah, the fact you keep coming back to Stephen’s webpage and posting your criticisms of him, says to me there is a certain desperation within you, an uncertainty of what is right and what is wrong. As a mum, I remember when my son and daughter were young, I would tell them not to do certain things because they were harmful. Yes, I love them, but just because I love them that doesn’t mean I give them a free reign to do exactly what they feel like doing. What can seem right can be harmful. That is why the Lord sets out in His scriptures very clearly what is right and what is wrong.

        You see, we can study and receive degrees, but that does not mean we are faithful followers of the Lord Jesus. He says very clearly He will say depart from Me, if we follow our own ways and not His. He calls us to sacrifice our own ways of doing things and follow the Holy Spirit. We are not to engage in sex with people of the same gender if we call ourselves born again. You cannot be a born again Christian and engage in same sex activities. This isn’t me saying this, this is what the Lord says in scripture. This isn’t me being hateful, it’s me speaking in love. When you love others, you will do everything you can to present the truth to them.

        Again Hannah, I find it very interesting how you are drawn to this page. Seek the Lord with all of your heart and mind and He will speak to you. I pray He does. I also pray the Lord will wrap His shield around Stephen and protect him from the hate that is coming from those who reject God’s words, and twist what the Lord says. Lord have mercy and reveal Yourself to Hannah. Amen.

  48. Gail Mills

    All I can say is Sainsbury ‘s has reaped the rewards that Tesco have lost.
    In my family which is large, we have had three weddings, a Christmas and Easter gatherings. two christenings, a 21st and 30th birthday and many more family get togethers to come this year but not a farthing spent in Tesco.
    Mum was 85 this week we had the family home and, although we ate out I still spent £136 making sure enough food for them all for breakfast and lunch and supper.
    This is a regular occurrence too. Nectar rewards are the order of the day now.

    I used to go only to Tesco for years and years but after finding it had become “political” and supported depravity it has lost my custom.
    I spread the news about too and find an awful lot of people feel disgust for Tesco’s actions.

    “Go and sin no more” That was what Our Lord told the sick as he healed them and moved amongst the people. Sin brings a chastisement upon our heads.

  49. Jackie Holden

    NEWS FOR THE LUKEWARM by Pastor Gary Wilkerson http://www.worldchallenge.org/en/node/18864?src=devo-email

    I put this message up for all those who come on here criticizing Stephen for saying what the bible says, and then some even claim they are Christians. Please take the time to read what Pastor Gary Wilkerson has to say in the above link. I find it amazing how people actually take time to come on this site and criticize – it’s just amazing!

  50. Barbara Richards

    I used to shop at Tescos but go out of my way to avoid spending a single penny there now. I try to use little shops as much as I can.

  51. Charlotte

    Can I ask what is meant when you refer to ‘normal’ people in this article?

    1. Stephen

      People who are capable of a permanent emotional and physical union with an adult of the opposite sex.

  52. Harriet Hume

    I totally agree with Stephen and I find these pictures revolting and disgusting. Until recently I never wondered what took place at so called “Gay” Pride parades. I just looked the other way and assumed it was none of my business. But now that I have seen photographs of this happening in central London and many other British cities, I am nauseated.
    It is quite unacceptabe that City councils give money to support this. They should ban it altogether as it is indecent exposure and the law says that homosexuality is only legal “between consenting adults in private”.
    This is perversion and perversion is always sad, not “gay” at all.
    I’m glad it made a financial loss and that Tesco has announced it will not finance it in future.
    These twisted people should go home, shut up and get psychiatric help.

  53. Harriet Hume

    @ Hannah. You are a false Christian. you have no idea of what Jesus taught or what the church stands for if you can defend this perverted behaviour being paraded in public as a norm or even daring to call itself “love”. It is not love and what you preach is not from God.

  54. Harriet Hume

    @ Stephen Green. Well done for speaking out. Don’t let the trolls dishearten you.
    They are sick people and their creed of queer bigotry” makes them think they can treat you with aggression and contempt. They have gone through life without knowing God or attaining any kind of wisdom and that is truly pitiful.

  55. Will

    You do all know that sexuality has been proved to be determined genetically rather than environmentally…?

    If that news, and the ongoing identification of gay animals got buried along with the discovery of the Missing Link between apes and humans then perhaps not.

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