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How your MP voted on ‘gay marriage’

Participants in the Tesco-funded 2012 London 'Gay Pride' parade.

Participants in the Tesco-funded 2012 London ‘Gay Pride’ parade.

Vote in the United Kingdom House of Commons on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill Second Reading 5th February 2013

Key to voting:

Aye=In Favour, No=Against, Abs=Absent or Abstained, A/N=Active abstention, Spe=Speaker (does not vote)

(Note that David Cameron, the Prime Minister, who has so actively promoted this measure, did not turn up to listen to the debate even though he voted for the Bill.  Note also that more Conservative MPs voted against the Bill than voted for it.)

Our list below is alphabetical by name of MP.

(The BBC have a list of MPs’ votes by party here.)


Our report on the vote with some of the excellent speeches

Find out how to join Christian Voice here

Go to the official Hansard record of the debate and vote


Voted Aye: Abbott, Ms Diane (Lab) (Hackney North & Stoke Newington)

Voted Aye: Abrahams, Debbie (Lab) (Oldham East & Saddleworth)

Voted No : Adams, Mr Nigel (Con) (Selby & Ainsty)

Voted No : Afriyie, Mr Adam (Con) (Windsor)

Voted Aye: Ainsworth, RH Mr Bob (Lab) (Coventry North East)

Voted No : Aldous, Mr Peter (Con) (Waveney)

Voted Aye: Alexander, RH Danny (LD) (Inverness Nairn Badenoch & Strathspey)

Voted Aye: Alexander, RH Mr Douglas (Lab) (Paisley & Renfrewshire South)

Voted Aye: Alexander, Ms Heidi (Lab) (Lewisham East)

Voted Aye: Ali, Ms Rushanara (Lab) (Bethnal Green & Bow)

Voted Aye: Allen, Mr. Graham (Lab) (Nottingham North)

Voted No : Amess, Mr. David (Con) (Southend West)

Voted Aye: Anderson, Mr David (Lab) (Blaydon)

Voted Aye: Andrew, Mr Stuart (Con) (Pudsey)

Voted No : Arbuthnot, RH Mr James (Con) (North East Hampshire)

Voted Aye: Ashworth, Jonathan (Lab) (Leicester South)

Voted Aye: Austin, Mr. Ian (Lab) (Dudley North)

Voted No : Bacon, Mr Richard (Con) (South Norfolk)

Voted Aye: Bailey, Mr Adrian (Lab) (West Bromwich West)

Voted Aye: Bain, Mr William (Lab) (Glasgow North East)

Voted Abs: Baker, Mr Norman (LD) (Lewes)

Voted No : Baker, Mr Steve (Con) (Wycombe)

Voted No : Baldry, Mr Tony (Con) (Banbury)

Voted Abs: Baldwin, Ms Harriett (Con) (West Worcestershire)

Voted Aye: Balls, RH Ed (Lab) (Morley & Outwood)

Voted Aye: Banks, Mr Gordon (Lab) (Ochil & South Perthshire)

Voted Abs: Barclay, Mr Stephen (Con) (North East Cambridgeshire)

Voted Aye: Barker, Mr Gregory (Con) (Bexhill & Battle)

Voted Aye: Baron, Mr John (Con) (Basildon & Billericay)

Voted Aye: Barron, RH Mr Kevin (Lab) (Rother Valley)

Voted Aye: Barwell, Mr Gavin (Con) (Croydon Central)

Voted Aye: Bayley, Mr Hugh (Lab) (York Central)

Voted No : Bebb, Mr Guto (Con) (Aberconwy)

Voted Aye: Beckett, RH Margaret (Lab) (Derby South)

Voted Abs: Begg, Dame Anne (Lab) (Aberdeen South)

Voted No : Beith, RH Sir Alan (LD) (Berwick-upon-Tweed)

Voted No : Bellingham, Mr Henry (Con) (North West Norfolk)

Voted Aye: Benn, RH Hilary (Lab) (Leeds Central)

Voted No : Benton, Mr Joe (Lab) (Bootle)

Voted Aye: Benyon, Mr. Richard (Con) (Newbury)

Voted Spe: Bercow, Mr John (Spk) (Buckingham)

Voted No : Beresford, Sir Paul (Con) (Mole Valley)

Voted Aye: Berger, Ms Luciana (Lab) (Liverpool Wavertree)

Voted Abs: Berry, Mr Jake (Con) (Rossendale & Darwen)

Voted Aye: Betts, Mr Clive (Lab) (Sheffield South East)

Voted No : Bingham, Mr Andrew (Con) (High Peak)

Voted Abs: Binley, Mr Brian (Con) (Northampton South)

Voted No : Birtwistle, Mr Gordon (LD) (Burnley)

Voted No : Blackman, Mr Bob (Con) (Harrow East)

Voted Aye: Blackman-Woods, Dr. Roberta (Lab) (City of Durham)

Voted Abs: Blackwood, Ms Nicola (Con) (Oxford West & Abingdon)

Voted Aye: Blears, RH Hazel (Lab) (Salford & Eccles)

Voted Aye: Blenkinsop, Mr Tom (Lab) (Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland)

Voted Aye: Blomfield, Mr Paul (Lab) (Sheffield Central)

Voted Aye: Blunkett, RH Mr David (Lab) (Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough)

Voted Aye: Blunt, Mr Crispin (Con) (Reigate)

Voted Aye: Boles, Mr Nick (Con) (Grantham & Stamford)

Voted No : Bone, Mr. Peter (Con) (Wellingborough)

Voted Aye: Bottomley, Sir Peter (Con) (Worthing West)

Voted Aye: Bradley, Ms Karen (Con) (Staffordshire Moorlands)

Voted Aye: Bradshaw, RH Mr Ben (Lab) (Exeter)

Voted No : Brady, Mr Graham (Con) (Altrincham & Sale West)

Voted Aye: Brake, RH Tom (LD) (Carshalton & Wallington)

Voted A/N: Bray, Ms Angie (Con) (Ealing Central & Acton)

Voted No : Brazier, Mr Julian (Con) (Canterbury)

Voted Aye: Brennan, Mr Kevin (Lab) (Cardiff West)

Voted No : Bridgen, Mr Andrew (Con) (North West Leicestershire)

Voted No : Brine, Mr Steve (Con) (Winchester)

Voted Aye: Brokenshire, Mr James (Con) (Old Bexley & Sidcup)

Voted Aye: Brooke, Ms Annette (LD) (Mid Dorset & North Poole)

Voted Abs: Brown, RH Mr Gordon (Lab) (Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath)

Voted Aye: Brown, Ms Lyn (Lab) (West Ham)

Voted Aye: Brown, RH Mr Nicholas (Lab) (Newcastle upon Tyne East)

Voted Aye: Brown, Mr Russell (Lab) (Dumfries & Galloway)

Voted Aye: Browne, Mr Jeremy (LD) (Taunton Deane)

Voted No : Bruce, Ms Fiona (Con) (Congleton)

Voted Aye: Bruce, RH Malcolm (LD) (Gordon)

Voted Aye: Bryant, Mr Chris (Lab) (Rhondda)

Voted Aye: Buck, Ms Karen (Lab) (Westminster North)

Voted No : Buckland, Mr Robert (Con) (South Swindon)

Voted Aye: Burden, Mr Richard (Lab) (Birmingham Northfield)

Voted Aye: Burley, Mr Aidan (Con) (Cannock Chase)

Voted Aye: Burnham, RH Andy (Lab) (Leigh)

Voted Aye: Burns, Mr Conor (Con) (Bournemouth West)

Voted No : Burns, RH Mr Simon (Con) (Chelmsford)

Voted No : Burrowes, Mr David (Con) (Enfield Southgate)

Voted Aye: Burstow, Mr. Paul (LD) (Sutton & Cheam)

Voted Aye: Burt, Mr Alistair (Con) (North East Bedfordshire)

Voted Aye: Burt, Ms Lorely (LD) (Solihull)

Voted Aye: Byles, Mr Dan (Con) (North Warwickshire)

Voted Aye: Byrne, RH Mr Liam (Lab) (Birmingham Hodge Hill)

Voted Aye: Cable, RH Vince (LD) (Twickenham)

Voted No : Cairns, Mr Alun (Con) (Vale of Glamorgan)

Voted Aye: Cameron, RH Mr David (Con) (Witney)

Voted Aye: Campbell, Mr Alan (Lab) (Tynemouth)

Voted No : Campbell, Mr Gregory (DUP) (East Londonderry)

Voted Aye: Campbell, RH Sir Menzies (LD) (North East Fife)

Voted No : Campbell, Mr Ronnie (Lab) (Blyth Valley)

Voted Aye: Carmichael, RH Mr Alistair (LD) (Orkney & Shetland)

Voted Aye: Carmichael, Mr Neil (Con) (Stroud)

Voted No : Carswell, Mr Douglas (Con) (Clacton)

Voted No : Cash, Mr William (Con) (Stone)

Voted Aye: Caton, Mr. Martin (Lab) (Gower)

Voted Aye: Champion, Sarah (Lab) (Rotherham)

Voted Aye: Chapman, Mrs Jenny (Lab) (Darlington)

Voted No : Chishti, Mr Rehman (Con) (Gillingham & Rainham)

Voted No : Chope, Mr Christopher (Con) (Christchurch)

Voted Aye: Clappison, Mr James (Con) (Hertsmere)

Voted Aye: Clark, RH Greg (Con) (Tunbridge Wells)

Voted Aye: Clark, Ms Katy (Lab) (North Ayrshire & Arran)

Voted Aye: Clarke, RH Mr Kenneth (Con) (Rushcliffe)

Voted No : Clarke, RH Mr Tom (Lab) (Coatbridge Chryston & Bellshill)

Voted Aye: Clegg, RH Mr Nick (LD) (Sheffield Hallam)

Voted No : Clifton-Brown, Mr. Geoffrey (Con) (The Cotswolds)

Voted Aye: Clwyd, RH Ann (Lab) (CynonValley)

Voted Aye: Coaker, Mr. Vernon (Lab) (Gedling)

Voted Aye: Coffey, Ms Ann (Lab) (Stockport)

Voted No : Coffey, Dr Th‚rŠse (Con) (Suffolk Coastal)

Voted Aye: Collins, Mr Damian (Con) (Folkestone & Hythe)

Voted Aye: Colvile, Mr Oliver (Con) (Plymouth Sutton & Devonport)

Voted Aye: Connarty, Mr. Michael (Lab) (Linlithgow & East Falkirk)

Voted No : Cooper, Ms Rosie (Lab) (West Lancashire)

Voted Aye: Cooper, RH Yvette (Lab) (Normanton Pontefract & Castleford)

Voted Aye: Corbyn, Mr Jeremy (Lab) (Islington North)

Voted No : Cox, Mr Geoffrey (Con) (Torridge & West Devon)

Voted No : Crabb, Mr. Stephen (Con) (Preseli Pembrokeshire)

Voted No : Crausby, Mr David (Lab) (Bolton North East)

Voted Aye: Creagh, Ms Mary (Lab) (Wakefield)

Voted Aye: Creasy, Ms Stella (Lab) (Walthamstow)

Voted Aye: Crockart, Mr Mike (LD) (Edinburgh West)

Voted Aye: Crouch, Ms Tracey (Con) (Chatham & Aylesford)

Voted Aye: Cruddas, Mr Jon (Lab) (Dagenham & Rainham)

Voted Aye: Cryer, Mr John (Lab) (Leyton & Wanstead)

Voted Abs: Cunningham, Mr Alex (Lab) (Stockton North)

Voted Aye: Cunningham, Mr Jim (Lab) (Coventry South)

Voted No : Cunningham, Mr Tony (Lab) (Workington)

Voted Aye: Curran, Ms Margaret (Lab) (Glasgow East)

Voted Aye: Dakin, Mr Nic (Lab) (Scunthorpe)

Voted Aye: Danczuk, Mr Simon (Lab) (Rochdale)

Voted Aye: Darling, RH Mr Alistair (Lab) (Edinburgh South West)

Voted Aye: Davey, Mr Edward (LD) (Kingston & Surbiton)

Voted Aye: David, Mr Wayne (Lab) (Caerphilly)

Voted Aye: Davidson, Mr Ian (Lab) (Glasgow South West)

Voted No : Davies, Mr David T.C. (Con) (Monmouth)

Voted Aye: Davies, Mr Geraint (Lab) (Swansea West)

Voted No : Davies, Mr Glyn (Con) (Montgomeryshire)

Voted No : Davies, Mr Philip (Con) (Shipley)

Voted No : Davis, RH Mr David (Con) (Haltemprice & Howden)

Voted No : de Bois, Mr Nick (Con) (Enfield North)

Voted Aye: De Piero, Ms Gloria (Lab) (Ashfield)

Voted Aye: Denham, RH Mr John (Lab) (Southampton Itchen)

Voted No : Dinenage, Ms Caroline (Con) (Gosport)

Voted Abs: Djanogly, Mr Jonathan (Con) (Huntingdon)

Voted No : Dobbin, Mr Jim (Lab) (Heywood & Middleton)

Voted Aye: Dobson, RH Frank (Lab) (Holborn & St Pancras)

Voted Aye: Docherty, Mr Thomas (Lab) (Dunfermline & West Fife)

Voted No : Dodds, RH Mr Nigel (DUP) (Belfast North)

Voted Abs: Doherty, Mr. Pat (SF) (West Tyrone)

Voted No : Donaldson, RH Mr Jeffrey M. (DUP) (LaganValley)

Voted No : Donohoe, Mr Brian H. (Lab) (Central Ayrshire)

Voted Aye: Doran, Mr Frank (Lab) (Aberdeen North)

Voted Aye: Dorrell, RH Mr Stephen (Con) (Charnwood)

Voted No : Dorries, Mrs. Nadine (Con) (Mid Bedfordshire)

Voted Aye: Doughty, Stephen (Lab) (Cardiff South & Penarth)

Voted Aye: Dowd, Mr Jim (Lab) (Lewisham West & Penge)

Voted Aye: Doyle, Ms Gemma (Lab) (West Dunbartonshire)

Voted Abs: Doyle-Price, Ms Jackie (Con) (Thurrock)

Voted No : Drax, Mr Richard (Con) (South Dorset)

Voted Aye: Dromey, Mr Jack (Lab) (Birmingham Erdington)

Voted Aye: Duddridge, Mr. James (Con) (Rochford & Southend East)

Voted Aye: Dugher, Mr Michael (Lab) (Barnsley East)

Voted Aye: Duncan, RH Mr Alan (Con) (Rutland & Melton)

Voted Aye: Duncan Smith, RH Mr Iain (Con) (Chingford & Woodford Green)

Voted Abs: Dunne, Mr. Philip (Con) (Ludlow)

Voted Aye: Durkan, Mr Mark (SDL) (Foyle)

Voted Aye: Eagle, Ms Angela (Lab) (Wallasey)

Voted Aye: Eagle, Ms Maria (Lab) (Garston & Halewood)

Voted Aye: Edwards, Mr Jonathan (PC) (Carmarthen East & Dinefwr)

Voted Aye: Efford, Mr Clive (Lab) (Eltham)

Voted Aye: Elliott, Ms Julie (Lab) (Sunderland Central)

Voted Aye: Ellis, Mr Michael (Con) (Northampton North)

Voted Aye: Ellison, Ms Jane (Con) (Battersea)

Voted Aye: Ellman, Mrs Louise (Lab) (LiverpoolRiverside)

Voted Abs: Ellwood, Mr Tobias (Con) (Bournemouth East)

Voted No : Elphicke, Mr Charlie (Con) (Dover)

Voted Aye: Engel, Ms Natascha (Lab) (North East Derbyshire)

Voted Abs: Esterson, Mr Bill (Lab) (Sefton Central)

Voted Abs: Eustice, Mr George (Con) (Camborne & Redruth)

Voted Aye: Evans, Mr Chris (Lab) (Islwyn)

Voted Abs: Evans, Mr Graham (Con) (Weaver Vale)

Voted No : Evans, Mr Jonathan (Con) (Cardiff North)

Voted Abs: Evans, Mr. Nigel (Con) (RibbleValley)

Voted No : Evennett, Mr David (Con) (Bexleyheath & Crayford)

Voted Aye: Fabricant, Mr Michael (Con) (Lichfield)

Voted No : Fallon, Mr. Michael (Con) (Sevenoaks)

Voted Aye: Farrelly, Mr Paul (Lab) (Newcastle-under-Lyme)

Voted Aye: Farron, Mr Tim (LD) (Westmorland & Lonsdale)

Voted Aye: Featherstone, Ms Lynne (LD) (Hornsey & Wood Green)

Voted Aye: Field, RH Mr Frank (Lab) (Birkenhead)

Voted Aye: Field, Mr Mark (Con) (Cities of London & Westminster)

Voted Aye: Fitzpatrick, Mr Jim (Lab) (Poplar & Limehouse)

Voted No : Flello, Mr. Robert (Lab) (Stoke-on-Trent South)

Voted Aye: Flint, RH Caroline (Lab) (DonValley)

Voted Aye: Flynn, Mr Paul (Lab) (Newport West)

Voted Aye: Foster, Mr. Don (LD) (Bath)

Voted Aye: Fovargue, Ms Yvonne (Lab) (Makerfield)

Voted No : Fox, RH Dr Liam (Con) (North Somerset)

Voted Aye: Francis, Dr Hywel (Lab) (Aberavon)

Voted No : Francois, RH Mr Mark (Con) (Rayleigh & Wickford)

Voted No : Freeman, Mr George (Con) (Mid Norfolk)

Voted Aye: Freer, Mr Mike (Con) (Finchley & Golders Green)

Voted Aye: Fullbrook, Ms Lorraine (Con) (South Ribble)

Voted Abs: Fuller, Mr Richard (Con) (Bedford)

Voted No : Gale, Mr. Roger (Con) (North Thanet)

Voted Aye: Galloway, Mr. George (Res) (Bradford West)

Voted Aye: Gapes, Mr Mike (Lab) (Ilford South)

Voted Aye: Gardiner, Mr. Barry (Lab) (Brent North)

Voted No : Garnier, Mr Edward (Con) (Harborough)

Voted No : Garnier, Mr Mark (Con) (WyreForest)

Voted Aye: Gauke, Mr David (Con) (South West Hertfordshire)

Voted Aye: George, Mr Andrew (LD) (St Ives)

Voted Aye: Gibb, Mr Nick (Con) (Bognor Regis & Littlehampton)

Voted Aye: Gilbert, Mr Stephen (LD) (St Austell & Newquay)

Voted Abs: Gildernew, Ms Michelle (SF) (Fermanagh & South Tyrone)

Voted No : Gillan, RH Mrs Cheryl (Con) (Chesham & Amersham)

Voted Aye: Gilmore, Ms Sheila (Lab) (Edinburgh East)

Voted Abs: Glass, Ms Pat (Lab) (North West Durham)

Voted No : Glen, Mr John (Con) (Salisbury)

Voted No : Glindon, Mrs Mary (Lab) (North Tyneside)

Voted Abs: Godsiff, Mr Roger (Lab) (Birmingham Hall Green)

Voted No : Goggins, RH Paul (Lab) (Wythenshawe & Sale East)

Voted Aye: Goldsmith, Mr Zac (Con) (Richmond Park)

Voted Aye: Goodman, Ms Helen (Lab) (Bishop Auckland)

Voted No : Goodwill, Mr Robert (Con) (Scarborough & Whitby)

Voted Aye: Gove, RH Michael (Con) (Surrey Heath)

Voted Aye: Graham, Mr Richard (Con) (Gloucester)

Voted Aye: Grant, Mrs Helen (Con) (Maidstone & The Weald)

Voted No : Gray, Mr James (Con) (North Wiltshire)

Voted Aye: Grayling, RH Chris (Con) (Epsom & Ewell)

Voted Aye: Greatrex, Mr Tom (Lab) (Rutherglen & Hamilton West)

Voted Aye: Green, Mr Damian (Con) (Ashford)

Voted Aye: Green, Ms Kate (Lab) (Stretford & Urmston)

Voted Aye: Greening, Ms Justine (Con) (Putney)

Voted Aye: Greenwood, Ms Lilian (Lab) (Nottingham South)

Voted Abs: Grieve, RH Mr Dominic (Con) (Beaconsfield)

Voted Aye: Griffith, Ms Nia (Lab) (Llanelli)

Voted No : Griffiths, Mr Andrew (Con) (Burton)

Voted Aye: Gummer, Mr Ben (Con) (Ipswich)

Voted Aye: Gwynne, Mr Andrew (Lab) (Denton & Reddish)

Voted Aye: Gyimah, Mr Sam (Con) (East Surrey)

Voted Aye: Hague, RH Mr. William (Con) (Richmond Yorks)

Voted Aye: Hain, RH Mr Peter (Lab) (Neath)

Voted No : Halfon, Mr Robert (Con) (Harlow)

Voted Aye: Hames, Mr Duncan (LD) (Chippenham)

Voted Aye: Hamilton, Mr David (Lab) (Midlothian)

Voted Aye: Hamilton, Mr. Fabian (Lab) (Leeds North East)

Voted Abs: Hammond, RH Mr Philip (Con) (Runnymede & Weybridge)

Voted Aye: Hammond, Mr Stephen (Con) (Wimbledon)

Voted Aye: Hancock, Mr Matthew (Con) (West Suffolk)

Voted Aye: Hancock, Mr. Mike (LD) (Portsmouth South)

Voted Aye: Hands, Mr. Greg (Con) (Chelsea & Fulham)

Voted Aye: Hanson, RH Mr David (Lab) (Delyn)

Voted Aye: Harman, RH Ms Harriet (Lab) (Camberwell & Peckham)

Voted Aye: Harper, Mr Mark (Con) (Forest of Dean)

Voted Aye: Harrington, Mr Richard (Con) (Watford)

Voted Abs: Harris, Ms Rebecca (Con) (Castle Point)

Voted Aye: Harris, Mr. Tom (Lab) (Glasgow South)

Voted No : Hart, Mr Simon (Con) (Carmarthen West & South Pembrokeshir)

Voted Aye: Harvey, Mr Nick (LD) (North Devon)

Voted No : Haselhurst, RH Sir Alan (CWM) (Saffron Walden)

Voted No : Havard, Mr Dai (Lab) (Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney)

Voted No : Hayes, Mr John (Con) (South Holland & the Deepings)

Voted No : Heald, Mr. Oliver (Con) (North East Hertfordshire)

Voted Aye: Healey, Mr John (Lab) (Wentworth & Dearne)

Voted Aye: Heath, Mr David (LD) (Somerton & Frome)

Voted Aye: Heaton-Harris, Mr Chris (Con) (Daventry)

Voted Aye: Hemming, Mr John (LD) (Birmingham Yardley)

Voted No : Henderson, Mr Gordon (Con) (Sittingbourne & Sheppey)

Voted Aye: Hendrick, Mr. Mark (Lab) (Preston)

Voted Aye: Hendry, Mr Charles (Con) (Wealden)

Voted Aye: Hepburn, Mr Stephen (Lab) (Jarrow)

Voted Aye: Herbert, RH Nick (Con) (Arundel & South Downs)

Voted No : Hermon, Lady (UU) (North Down)

Voted Abs: Heyes, Mr David (Lab) (Ashton-under-Lyne)

Voted Aye: Hillier, Ms Meg (Lab) (Hackney South & Shoreditch)

Voted Aye: Hilling, Ms Julie (Lab) (Bolton West)

Voted Aye: Hinds, Mr Damian (Con) (East Hampshire)

Voted Abs: Hoban, Mr Mark (Con) (Fareham)

Voted Aye: Hodge, RH Margaret (Lab) (Barking)

Voted Aye: Hodgson, Mrs Sharon (Lab) (Washington & Sunderland West)

Voted Aye: Hoey, Ms Kate (Lab) (Vauxhall)

Voted Aye: Hollingbery, Mr George (Con) (Meon Valley)

Voted No : Hollobone, Mr. Philip (Con) (Kettering)

Voted No : Holloway, Mr Adam (Con) (Gravesham)

Voted Abs: Hood, Mr Jim (Lab) (Lanark & Hamilton East)

Voted Aye: Hopkins, Mr Kelvin (Lab) (Luton North)

Voted Aye: Hopkins, Mr Kris (Con) (Keighley)

Voted Abs: Horwood, Mr Martin (LD) (Cheltenham)

Voted Abs: Hosie, Mr Stewart (SNP) (Dundee East)

Voted Aye: Howarth, RH Mr George (Lab) (Knowsley)

Voted No : Howarth, Mr Gerald (Con) (Aldershot)

Voted Aye: Howell, Mr. John (Con) (Henley)

Voted Abs: Hoyle, Mr. Lindsay (Lab) (Chorley)

Voted Aye: Hughes, RH Simon (LD) (Bermondsey & Old Southwark)

Voted Abs: Huhne, RH Chris (LD) (Eastleigh)

Voted Aye: Hunt, RH Mr Jeremy (Con) (South West Surrey)

Voted Aye: Hunt, Mr Tristram (Lab) (Stoke-on-Trent Central)

Voted Aye: Hunter, Mr Mark (LD) (Cheadle)

Voted Aye: Huppert, Dr Julian (LD) (Cambridge)

Voted Abs: Hurd, Mr Nick (Con) (Ruislip Northwood & Pinner)

Voted Aye: Irranca-Davies, Mr Huw (Lab) (Ogmore)

Voted Aye: Jackson, Ms Glenda (Lab) (Hampstead & Kilburn)

Voted No : Jackson, Mr Stewart (Con) (Peterborough)

Voted Aye: James, Ms Margot (Con) (Stourbridge)

Voted Aye: James, Mrs Siƒn C. (Lab) (Swansea East)

Voted Aye: Jamieson, Ms Cathy (Lab) (Kilmarnock & Loudoun)

Voted Aye: Jarvis, Mr Dan (Lab) (Barnsley Central)

Voted Aye: Javid, Mr Sajid (Con) (Bromsgrove)

Voted Aye: Jenkin, Mr Bernard (Con) (Harwich & North Essex)

Voted Aye: Johnson, RH Alan (Lab) (Kingston upon Hull West & Hessle)

Voted Aye: Johnson, Ms Diana (Lab) (Kingston upon Hull North)

Voted No : Johnson, Mr Gareth (Con) (Dartford)

Voted Aye: Johnson, Mr Joseph (Con) (Orpington)

Voted Aye: Jones, Mr Andrew (Con) (Harrogate & Knaresborough)

Voted No : Jones, Mr David (Con) (Clwyd West)

Voted Aye: Jones, Mr Graham (Lab) (Hyndburn)

Voted Aye: Jones, Ms Helen (Lab) (Warrington North)

Voted Aye: Jones, Mr Kevan (Lab) (North Durham)

Voted No : Jones, Mr Marcus (Con) (Nuneaton)

Voted Aye: Jones, Susan Elan (Lab) (Clwyd South)

Voted Aye: Jowell, RH Tessa (Lab) (Dulwich & West Norwood)

Voted Aye: Joyce, Mr. Eric (Lab) (Falkirk)

Voted Aye: Kaufman, RH Sir Gerald (Lab) (Manchester Gorton)

Voted Aye: Kawczynski, Mr Daniel (Con) (Shrewsbury & Atcham)

Voted Aye: Keeley, Ms Barbara (Lab) (Worsley & Eccles South)

Voted Abs: Kelly, Mr Chris (Con) (Dudley South)

Voted Aye: Kendall, Ms Liz (Lab) (Leicester West)

Voted Abs: Kennedy, RH Mr Charles (LD) (Ross Skye & Lochaber)

Voted Aye: Khan, RH Sadiq (Lab) (Tooting)

Voted Aye: Kirby, Mr Simon (Con) (Brighton Kemptown)

Voted No : Knight, RH Mr Greg (Con) (East Yorkshire)

Voted No : Kwarteng, Mr Kwasi (Con) (Spelthorne)

Voted Abs: Laing, Mrs Eleanor (Con) (Epping Forest)

Voted Aye: Lamb, Mr Norman (LD) (North Norfolk)

Voted Aye: Lammy, RH Mr David (Lab) (Tottenham)

Voted No : Lancaster, Mr. Mark (Con) (Milton Keynes North)

Voted Aye: Lansley, RH Mr Andrew (Con) (South Cambridgeshire)

Voted No : Latham, Ms Pauline (Con) (Mid Derbyshire)

Voted Aye: Lavery, Mr Ian (Lab) (Wansbeck)

Voted Aye: Laws, RH Mr David (LD) (Yeovil)

Voted Aye: Lazarowicz, Mr. Mark (Lab) (Edinburgh North & Leith)

Voted A/N: Leadsom, Ms Andrea (Con) (South Northamptonshire)

Voted Aye: Lee, Ms Jessica (Con) (Erewash)

Voted A/N: Lee, Dr Phillip (Con) (Bracknell)

Voted Aye: Leech, Mr John (LD) (Manchester Withington)

Voted No : Lefroy, Mr Jeremy (Con) (Stafford)

Voted No : Leigh, Mr Edward (Con) (Gainsborough)

Voted A/N: Leslie, Ms Charlotte (Con) (Bristol North West)

Voted Aye: Leslie, Mr Chris (Lab) (Nottingham East)

Voted Aye: Letwin, RH Mr Oliver (Con) (West Dorset)

Voted Aye: Lewis, Mr Brandon (Con) (Great Yarmouth)

Voted Aye: Lewis, Mr Ivan (Lab) (Bury South)

Voted No : Lewis, Dr Julian (Con) (New Forest East)

Voted Abs: Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian (Con) (Bridgwater & West Somerset)

Voted No : Lidington, RH Mr David (Con) (Aylesbury)

Voted No : Lilley, RH Mr Peter (Con) (Hitchin & Harpenden)

Voted Aye: Lloyd, Mr Stephen (LD) (Eastbourne)

Voted Aye: Llwyd, RH Mr Elfyn (PC) (Dwyfor Meirionnydd)

Voted Aye: Long, Ms Naomi (All) (Belfast East)

Voted No : Lopresti, Mr Jack (Con) (Filton & Bradley Stoke)

Voted No : Lord, Mr Jonathan (Con) (Woking)

Voted No : Loughton, Mr Tim (Con) (East Worthing & Shoreham)

Voted Aye: Love, Mr Andrew (Lab) (Edmonton)

Voted Aye: Lucas, Ms Caroline (Gre) (Brighton Pavilion)

Voted Aye: Lucas, Mr Ian (Lab) (Wrexham)

Voted Aye: Luff, Mr Peter (Con) (Mid Worcestershire)

Voted No : Lumley, Ms Karen (Con) (Redditch)

Voted Aye: Macleod, Ms Mary (Con) (Brentford & Isleworth)

Voted Abs: MacNeil, Mr. Angus (SNP) (Na h-Eileanan an Iar)

Voted Aye: MacTaggart, Ms Fiona (Lab) (Slough)

Voted Abs: Mahmood, Mr Khalid (Lab) (Birmingham Perry Barr)

Voted Aye: Mahmood, Ms Shabana (Lab) (Birmingham Ladywood)

Voted No : Main, Mrs Anne (Con) (St Albans)

Voted Aye: Malhotra, Ms Seema (Lab) (Feltham & Heston)

Voted Aye: Mann, Mr John (Lab) (Bassetlaw)

Voted Aye: Marsden, Mr Gordon (Lab) (Blackpool South)

Voted Abs: Maskey, Mr. Paul (SF) (Belfast West)

Voted Aye: Maude, RH Mr Francis (Con) (Horsham)

Voted Aye: May, RH Mrs Theresa (Con) (Maidenhead)

Voted No : Maynard, Mr Paul (Con) (Blackpool North & Cleveleys)

Voted Aye: McCabe, Mr. Steve (Lab) (Birmingham Selly Oak)

Voted No : McCann, Mr Michael (Lab) (East Kilbride Strathaven & Lesmahago)

Voted Aye: McCarthy, Mr Kerry (Lab) (Bristol East)

Voted Aye: McCartney, Mr Jason (Con) (Colne Valley)

Voted No : McCartney, Mr Karl (Con) (Lincoln)

Voted Aye: McClymont, Mr Gregg (Lab) (Cumbernauld Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch)

Voted No : McCrea, Dr William (DUP) (South Antrim)

Voted Aye: McDonagh, Ms Siobhain (Lab) (Mitcham & Morden)

Voted Aye: McDonald, Andy (Lab) (Middlesbrough)

Voted Abs: McDonnell, Dr Alasdair (SDL) (Belfast South)

Voted Aye: McDonnell, Mr John (Lab) (Hayes & Harlington)

Voted Aye: McFadden, RH Mr Pat (Lab) (Wolverhampton South East)

Voted Aye: McGovern, Ms Alison (Lab) (Wirral South)

Voted No : McGovern, Mr. Jim (Lab) (Dundee West)

Voted Abs: McGuinness, Mr. Martin (SF) (Mid Ulster)

Voted Aye: McGuire, RH Mrs Anne (Lab) (Stirling)

Voted No : McIntosh, Miss Anne (Con) (Thirsk & Malton)

Voted Aye: McKechin, Ms Ann (Lab) (Glasgow North)

Voted No : McKenzie, Mr Iain (Lab) (Inverclyde)

Voted Aye: McKinnell, Ms Catherine (Lab) (Newcastle upon Tyne North)

Voted Aye: McLoughlin, RH Mr Patrick (Con) (Derbyshire Dales)

Voted No : McPartland, Mr Stephen (Con) (Stevenage)

Voted No : McVey, Ms Esther (Con) (Wirral West)

Voted Abs: Meacher, RH Mr Michael (Lab) (Oldham West & Royton)

Voted Aye: Meale, Sir Alan (Lab) (Mansfield)

Voted Abs: Mearns, Mr Ian (Lab) (Gateshead)

Voted Aye: Menzies, Mr Mark (Con) (Fylde)

Voted Abs: Mercer, Mr Patrick (Con) (Newark)

Voted No : Metcalfe, Mr Stephen (Con) (South Basildon & East Thurrock)

Voted Aye: Miliband, RH David (Lab) (South Shields)

Voted Aye: Miliband, RH Edward (Lab) (Doncaster North)

Voted Aye: Miller, Mr Andrew (Lab) (Ellesmere Port & Neston)

Voted Aye: Miller, Mrs. Maria (Con) (Basingstoke)

Voted Aye: Mills, Mr Nigel (Con) (AmberValley)

Voted Abs: Milton, Ms Anne (Con) (Guildford)

Voted Aye: Mitchell, RH Mr Andrew (Con) (Sutton Coldfield)

Voted Aye: Mitchell, Mr. Austin (Lab) (Great Grimsby)

Voted Aye: Moon, Mrs Madeleine (Lab) (Bridgend)

Voted Aye: Moore, Mr. Michael (LD) (Berwickshire Roxburgh & Selkirk)

Voted Aye: Mordaunt, Ms Penny (Con) (Portsmouth North)

Voted Aye: Morden, Ms Jessica (Lab) (Newport East)

Voted No : Morgan, Ms Nicky (Con) (Loughborough)

Voted Aye: Morrice, Mr Graeme (Lab) (Livingston)

Voted No : Morris, Ms Anne Marie (Con) (Newton Abbot)

Voted No : Morris, Mr David (Con) (Morecambe & Lunesdale)

Voted Aye: Morris, Mr Grahame M (Lab) (Easington)

Voted No : Morris, Mr James (Con) (Halesowen & Rowley Regis)

Voted Aye: Mosley, Mr Stephen (Con) (City of Chester)

Voted Aye: Mowat, Mr David (Con) (Warrington South)

Voted No : Mudie, Mr George (Lab) (Leeds East)

Voted Abs: Mulholland, Mr Greg (LD) (LeedsNorth West)

Voted Aye: Mundell, RH David (Con) (Dumfriesshire Clydesdale & Tweeddale)

Voted Aye: Munn, Ms Meg (Lab) (Sheffield Heeley)

Voted Aye: Munt, Ms Tessa (LD) (Wells)

Voted Abs: Murphy, Mr Conor (SF) (Newry & Armagh)

Voted Aye: Murphy, RH Mr Jim (Lab) (East Renfrewshire)

Voted No : Murphy, RH Paul (Lab) (Torfaen)

Voted Aye: Murray, Mr Ian (Lab) (Edinburgh South)

Voted Abs: Murray, Ms Sheryll (Con) (South East Cornwall)

Voted Aye: Murrison, Dr Andrew (Con) (South West Wiltshire)

Voted Aye: Nandy, Ms Lisa (Lab) (Wigan)

Voted Aye: Nash, Ms Pamela (Lab) (Airdrie & Shotts)

Voted No : Neill, Mr Robert (Con) (Bromley & Chislehurst)

Voted Aye: Newmark, Mr Brooks (Con) (Braintree)

Voted Aye: Newton, Ms Sarah (Con) (Truro & Falmouth)

Voted No : Nokes, Ms Caroline (Con) (Romsey & Southampton North)

Voted Abs: Norman, Mr Jesse (Con) (Hereford & South Herefordshire)

Voted No : Nuttall, Mr David (Con) (Bury North)

Voted No : O’Brien, Mr Stephen (Con) (Eddisbury)

Voted Aye: O’Donnell, Ms Fiona (Lab) (East Lothian)

Voted No : Offord, Mr Matthew (Con) (Hendon)

Voted Aye: Ollerenshaw, Mr Eric (Con) (Lancaster & Fleetwood)

Voted Aye: Onwurah, Ms Chi (Lab) (Newcastle upon Tyne Central)

Voted Aye: Opperman, Mr Guy (Con) (Hexham)

Voted Aye: Osborne, RH Mr George (Con) (Tatton)

Voted Aye: Osborne, Ms Sandra (Lab) (Ayr Carrick & Cumnock)

Voted Aye: Ottaway, Mr Richard (Con) (Croydon South)

Voted Aye: Owen, Mr Albert (Lab) (Ynys Mtn)

Voted No : Paice, RH Mr James (Con) (South East Cambridgeshire)

Voted No : Paisley, Mr Ian (DUP) (North Antrim)

Voted No : Parish, Mr Neil (Con) (Tiverton & Honiton)

Voted No : Patel, Ms Priti (Con) (Witham)

Voted No : Paterson, RH Mr Owen (Con) (North Shropshire)

Voted No : Pawsey, Mr Mark (Con) (Rugby)

Voted Aye: Pearce, Ms Teresa (Lab) (Erith & Thamesmead)

Voted No : Penning, Mr Mike (Con) (Hemel Hempstead)

Voted Aye: Penrose, Mr John (Con) (Weston-Super-Mare)

Voted Aye: Percy, Mr Andrew (Con) (Brigg & Goole)

Voted Aye: Perkins, Mr Toby (Lab) (Chesterfield)

Voted Abs: Perry, Ms Claire (Con) (Devizes)

Voted Abs: Phillips, Mr Stephen (Con) (Sleaford & North Hykeham)

Voted Aye: Phillipson, Ms Bridget (Lab) (Houghton & Sunderland South)

Voted Aye: Pickles, RH Mr Eric (Con) (Brentwood & Ongar)

Voted Aye: Pincher, Mr Christopher (Con) (Tamworth)

Voted Aye: Poulter, Dr Daniel (Con) (Central Suffolk & North Ipswich)

Voted No : Pound, Mr. Stephen (Lab) (Ealing North)

Voted Aye: Powell, Lucy (Lab) (Manchester Central)

Voted Abs: Primarolo, RH Dawn (Lab) (Bristol South)

Voted Abs: Prisk, Mr Mark (Con) (Hertford & Stortford)

Voted No : Pritchard, Mr Mark (Con) (The Wrekin)

Voted No : Pugh, Dr. John (LD) (Southport)

Voted Abs: Qureshi, Ms Yasmin (Lab) (Bolton South East)

Voted Aye: Raab, Mr Dominic (Con) (Esher & Walton)

Voted No : Randall, RH Mr John (Con) (Uxbridge & South Ruislip)

Voted Aye: Raynsford, RH Mr Nick (Lab) (Greenwich & Woolwich)

Voted Aye: Reckless, Mr Mark (Con) (Rochester & Strood)

Voted No : Redwood, RH Mr John (Con) (Wokingham)

Voted Aye: Reed, Mr Jamie (Lab) (Copeland)

Voted Aye: Reed, Steve (Lab) (Croydon North)

Voted No : Rees-Mogg, Mr Jacob (Con) (North East Somerset)

Voted No : Reevell, Mr Simon (Con) (Dewsbury)

Voted Aye: Reeves, Ms Rachel (Lab) (Leeds West)

Voted Aye: Reid, Mr Alan (LD) (Argyll & Bute)

Voted Aye: Reynolds, Ms Emma (Lab) (Wolverhampton North East)

Voted Aye: Reynolds, Mr Jonathan (Lab) (Stalybridge & Hyde)

Voted No : Rifkind, RH Sir Malcolm (Con) (Kensington)

Voted Aye: Riordan, Ms Linda (Lab) (Halifax)

Voted Abs: Ritchie, Ms Margaret (SDL) (South Down)

Voted No : Robathan, RH Mr Andrew (Con) (South Leicestershire)

Voted Abs: Robertson, Mr Angus (SNP) (Moray)

Voted Aye: Robertson, Mr Hugh (Con) (Faversham & Mid Kent)

Voted Aye: Robertson, Mr John (Lab) (GlasgowNorth West)

Voted No : Robertson, Mr Laurence (Con) (Tewkesbury)

Voted Aye: Robinson, Mr Geoffrey (Lab) (CoventryNorth West)

Voted Aye: Rogerson, Mr. Dan (LD) (North Cornwall)

Voted No : Rosindell, Mr Andrew (Con) (Romford)

Voted Aye: Rotheram, Mr Steve (Lab) (Liverpool Walton)

Voted No : Roy, Mr Frank (Lab) (Motherwell & Wishaw)

Voted Aye: Roy, Mr. Lindsay (Lab) (Glenrothes)

Voted Aye: Ruane, Mr Chris (Lab) (Vale of Clwyd)

Voted Aye: Rudd, Ms Amber (Con) (Hastings & Rye)

Voted Aye: Ruddock, RH Joan (Lab) (Lewisham Deptford)

Voted No : Ruffley, Mr David (Con) (Bury St Edmunds)

Voted Aye: Russell, Mr Bob (LD) (Colchester)

Voted No : Rutley, Mr David (Con) (Macclesfield)

Voted Aye: Sanders, Mr Adrian (LD) (Torbay)

Voted Aye: Sandys, Ms Laura (Con) (South Thanet)

Voted Aye: Sarwar, Mr. Anas (Lab) (Glasgow Central)

Voted Aye: Sawford, Andy (Lab) (Corby)

Voted Abs: Scott, Mr Lee (Con) (Ilford North)

Voted Aye: Seabeck, Ms Alison (Lab) (Plymouth Moor View)

Voted No : Selous, Mr Andrew (Con) (South West Bedfordshire)

Voted No : Shannon, Mr Jim (DUP) (Strangford)

Voted Aye: Shapps, RH Grant (Con) (Welwyn Hatfield)

Voted Aye: Sharma, Mr Alok (Con) (Reading West)

Voted Abs: Sharma, Mr Virendra (Lab) (Ealing Southall)

Voted Aye: Sheerman, Mr Barry (Lab) (Huddersfield)

Voted No : Shelbrooke, Mr Alec (Con) (Elmet & Rothwell)

Voted No : Shepherd, Mr Richard (Con) (Aldridge-Brownhills)

Voted No : Sheridan, Mr Jim (Lab) (Paisley & Renfrewshire North)

Voted Abs: Shuker, Mr Gavin (Lab) (Luton South)

Voted Aye: Simmonds, Mr. Mark (Con) (Boston & Skegness)

Voted No : Simpson, Mr David (DUP) (Upper Bann)

Voted Aye: Simpson, Mr Keith (Con) (Broadland)

Voted Aye: Skidmore, Mr Chris (Con) (Kingswood)

Voted Aye: Skinner, Mr Dennis (Lab) (Bolsover)

Voted Aye: Slaughter, Mr Andy (Lab) (Hammersmith)

Voted Aye: Smith, RH Mr Andrew (Lab) (Oxford East)

Voted Aye: Smith, Ms Angela (Lab) (Penistone & Stocksbridge)

Voted Aye: Smith, Miss Chloe (Con) (Norwich North)

Voted No : Smith, Mr Henry (Con) (Crawley)

Voted Aye: Smith, Mr Julian (Con) (Skipton & Ripon)

Voted Aye: Smith, Mr Nick (Lab) (Blaenau Gwent)

Voted Aye: Smith, Mr Owen (Lab) (Pontypridd)

Voted Aye: Smith, Sir Robert (LD) (West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine)

Voted Aye: Soames, RH Nicholas (Con) (Mid Sussex)

Voted Aye: Soubry, Ms Anna (Con) (Broxtowe)

Voted Aye: Spellar, RH Mr. John (Lab) (Warley)

Voted Aye: Spelman, RH Mrs Caroline (Con) (Meriden)

Voted Abs: Spencer, Mr Mark (Con) (Sherwood)

Voted No : Stanley, RH Sir John (Con) (Tonbridge & Malling)

Voted Aye: Stephenson, Mr Andrew (Con) (Pendle)

Voted No : Stevenson, Mr John (Con) (Carlisle)

Voted No : Stewart, Mr Bob (Con) (Beckenham)

Voted Aye: Stewart, Mr Iain (Con) (Milton Keynes South)

Voted Aye: Stewart, Mr Rory (Con) (Penrith & The Border)

Voted Aye: Straw, RH Mr. Jack (Lab) (Blackburn)

Voted Abs: Streeter, Mr Gary (Con) (South West Devon)

Voted No : Stride, Mr Mel (Con) (Central Devon)

Voted Aye: Stringer, Mr. Graham (Lab) (Blackley & Broughton)

Voted Aye: Stuart, Ms Gisela (Lab) (Birmingham Edgbaston)

Voted Abs: Stuart, Mr Graham (Con) (Beverley & Holderness)

Voted Aye: Stunell, Mr Andrew (LD) (Hazel Grove)

Voted No : Sturdy, Mr Julian (Con) (York Outer)

Voted Aye: Sutcliffe, Mr. Gerry (Lab) (Bradford South)

Voted Aye: Swales, Mr Ian (LD) (Redcar)

Voted Aye: Swayne, RH Mr Desmond (Con) (New Forest West)

Voted Aye: Swinson, Ms Jo (LD) (East Dunbartonshire)

Voted Aye: Swire, RH Mr Hugo (Con) (East Devon)

Voted No : Syms, Mr Robert (Con) (Poole)

Voted Aye: Tami, Mr Mark (Lab) (Alyn & Deeside)

Voted No : Tapsell, RH Sir Peter (Con) (Louth & Horncastle)

Voted No : Teather, Ms Sarah (LD) (Brent Central)

Voted Aye: Thomas, Mr Gareth (Lab) (Harrow West)

Voted Aye: Thornberry, Ms Emily (Lab) (Islington South & Finsbury)

Voted Abs: Thurso, Mr John (LD) (Caithness Sutherland & Easter Ross)

Voted Abs: Timms, RH Stephen (Lab) (East Ham)

Voted Abs: Timpson, Mr Edward (Con) (Crewe & Nantwich)

Voted Aye: Tomlinson, Mr Justin (Con) (North Swindon)

Voted No : Tredinnick, Mr David (Con) (Bosworth)

Voted Aye: Trickett, Mr Jon (Lab) (Hemsworth)

Voted Aye: Truss, Ms Elizabeth (Con) (South West Norfolk)

Voted No : Turner, Mr Andrew (Con) (Isle of Wight)

Voted Aye: Turner, Mr Karl (Lab) (Kingston upon Hull East)

Voted No : Twigg, Mr Derek (Lab) (Halton)

Voted Aye: Twigg, Mr Stephen (Lab) (LiverpoolWest Derby)

Voted Abs: Tyrie, Mr Andrew (Con) (Chichester)

Voted Aye: Umunna, Mr Chuka (Lab) (Streatham)

Voted Abs: Uppal, Mr Paul (Con) (Wolverhampton South West)

Voted Aye: Vaizey, Mr Edward (Con) (Wantage)

Voted No : Vara, Mr Shailesh (Con) (North West Cambridgeshire)

Voted Aye: Vaz, RH Keith (Lab) (Leicester East)

Voted Aye: Vaz, Ms Valerie (Lab) (Walsall South)

Voted No : Vickers, Mr Martin (Con) (Cleethorpes)

Voted Aye: Villiers, RH Mrs Theresa (Con) (Chipping Barnet)

Voted Aye: Walker, Mr Charles (Con) (Broxbourne)

Voted Aye: Walker, Mr Robin (Con) (Worcester)

Voted No : Wallace, Mr Ben (Con) (Wyre & Preston North)

Voted Aye: Walley, Ms Joan (Lab) (Stoke-on-Trent North)

Voted No : Walter, Mr Robert (Con) (North Dorset)

Voted Abs: Ward, Mr David (LD) (Bradford East)

Voted Aye: Watkinson, Ms Angela (Con) (Hornchurch & Upminster)

Voted Aye: Watson, Mr Tom (Lab) (West Bromwich East)

Voted Aye: Watts, Mr Dave (Lab) (St Helens North)

Voted Aye: Weatherley, Mr Mike (Con) (Hove)

Voted Aye: Webb, Mr Steve (LD) (Thornbury & Yate)

Voted Abs: Weir, Mr. Mike (SNP) (Angus)

Voted No : Wharton, Mr James (Con) (Stockton South)

Voted No : Wheeler, Ms Heather (Con) (South Derbyshire)

Voted Aye: White, Mr Chris (Con) (Warwick & Leamington)

Voted Abs: Whiteford, Ms Eilidh (SNP) (Banff & Buchan)

Voted Aye: Whitehead, Dr Alan (Lab) (Southampton Test)

Voted No : Whittaker, Mr Craig (Con) (CalderValley)

Voted No : Whittingdale, Mr John (Con) (Maldon)

Voted No : Wiggin, Mr Bill (Con) (North Herefordshire)

Voted Aye: Willetts, RH Mr David (Con) (Havant)

Voted Aye: Williams, Mr Hywel (PC) (Arfon)

Voted Aye: Williams, Mr Mark (LD) (Ceredigion)

Voted Aye: Williams, Mr. Roger (LD) (Brecon & Radnorshire)

Voted Aye: Williams, Mr Stephen (LD) (Bristol West)

Voted Aye: Williamson, Mr Chris (Lab) (Derby North)

Voted No : Williamson, Mr Gavin (Con) (South Staffordshire)

Voted Abs: Willott, Ms Jenny (LD) (Cardiff Central)

Voted Aye: Wilson, Mr Phil (Lab) (Sedgefield)

Voted A/N: Wilson, Mr Rob (Con) (Reading East)

Voted No : Wilson, Mr Sammy (DUP) (East Antrim)

Voted Aye: Winnick, Mr David (Lab) (Walsall North)

Voted Aye: Winterton, RH Ms Rosie (Lab) (Doncaster Central)

Voted Abs: Wishart, Mr Pete (SNP) (Perth & North Perthshire)

Voted Aye: Wollaston, Dr Sarah (Con) (Totnes)

Voted No : Wood, Mr Mike (Lab) (Batley & Spen)

Voted Aye: Woodcock, Mr John (Lab) (Barrow & Furness)

Voted Abs: Woodward, RH Mr Shaun (Lab) (St Helens South & Whiston)

Voted Aye: Wright, Mr David (Lab) (Telford)

Voted Aye: Wright, Mr Iain (Lab) (Hartlepool)

Voted No : Wright, Mr Jeremy (Con) (Kenilworth & Southam)

Voted Aye: Wright, Mr Simon (LD) (Norwich South)

Voted Aye: Yeo, Mr Tim (Con) (South Suffolk)

Voted Aye: Young, RH Sir George (Con) (North West Hampshire)

Voted Abs: Zahawi, Mr Nadhim (Con) (Stratford-on-Avon)


Please sign our petition:

We the undersigned believe that marriage was ordained by God to be the union of one man and one woman and that marriage between two persons of the same sex can not and should not be legalised by any earthly government.


Find out how to join Christian Voice and stand up for the King of kings (clicking on the link below does not commit you to join)


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  1. Christie

    A man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and two shall be one flesh.

  2. Jeff

    a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife!!!!!!

  3. david Ogbonna

    a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife

  4. Peter King

    Man seeks to join together that which God doesn’t allow! We will NEVER give up the fight! Jesus said, “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’, and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.” MATH 19:4-6

  5. Valerie Collett

    I’m disappointed there were not more against this bill, as it goes so against the way God created mankind. He ordained the sexes and relationships FOR OUR GOOD. Civilisations fall apart when we go against the way God ordained they should be.

  6. Sue

    It seems really strange to me, that people of same sex orientation would even want to marry in a church, after they reject everything the church stands for.

    1. Stephen

      Sue, thats the point. They want to destroy the church. If SSSCM (same sex so called marriage) becomes law, churches will be approached by homosexual activists seeking a marriage ceremony. Any church that says yes will be apostate, any real Christians will leave. Any church that says no will feel the full force of the homosexual campaigning machine, the BBC and the European Court.

      This move is 100% anti Christian. The people behind it are following a carefully planned strategy.

  7. derek wilson

    It really was the result that everyone expect,however the result as i understand it is in no way final,but it is typical of the prime minister to push on issues and then not to attend the debate,what a man to leed our country.How can he claim to be a CHRISTIAN and have absolutely no understanding of Gods Word.

    1. derek wilson

      Thank You

  8. T Gunn

    Thank you for posting this. Sadly my M.P voted Aye. Lord help us!
    I lay the blame at the door of the Church. If we were operating as we should, feared God instead of man and truly stood upon His Word instead of accepting every wind of doctrine … this would never have happened. Oh Lord in your anger remember mercy. Let us pray on…

  9. N&R McLaughlan

    Very sad result. However, let’s not give up; the Bill still has to go through the Lords so keep praying!

  10. Carolyn

    Not just the passage from Genesis to support heterosexual marriage, but also when we look at the Church – Christ is the Bridegroom (male) and the Church the Bride (female)`. IF this is passed in the Lords this will a huge nail in society’s coffin. Looking back in history the great empaires fell when they became hugely immoral BUT God is sovereign over ALL things and He has ALL things in His hand! The effectual fervant prayer of a righteouess man avoileth much… (James 5)

  11. Mercy Richardson

    We will not give up. We will continue to pray till our prayers are answered. Our God is the prayer answering God, and as we continue earnestly in prayer, He will answer. Pray without ceasing.

  12. A True Christian Mother

    I’m not sure if they can actually do this at all! I mean legally………The Queen is the Head Of State and the head of
    The Church which is indeed Christian: it follows Christ, and the Bible is the word of God. The Bible clearly states that Man cannot Lie down with man. So can someone look into the legalities of this. The Church is the House of God and they cannot pass a law that agrees that Man can do this with Man: ie Marry in The House of God.

    What about the Queen: what is she doing about it? surely she can have an imput?

    What about Common Law: as in the Law Of The Land (not refering to common law marriage here) there must be a law somewhere that states this cannot be surely? They cant be allowed to do this,

  13. Phil Crouter

    So many arrogant and misguided MP’s including a number (i wont name names) who count themselves as Christians. A sad day for our country.

    1. Rich Hudson

      So many ignorant and misguided, “Christains”… Rude isn’t it, Phil?

  14. James Gordon

    Im very impressed that all our N.I. M.P.’s voted no in this vote well done Northern Ireland M.P’s im proud of you all .

  15. Sandie Whitaker

    I am so disappointed in our MP – Andrew Stephenson for voting Aye. Was he wanting to please his PM or his constituency. Most people are sickened by this bill.

    We should all pray that this bill will be rejected by the House of Lords.

    1. Rich Hudson

      Please Sandie, where’s the evidence that “Most people are sickened by this bill”?

  16. John Allman

    We must be as wise as serpents, and as innocent as doves. With the exception of the established church, the passage of this Bill, if it happens, should prompt consideration as to whether a separation, nay a divorce, of church and state is called for, where marriage ceremonies are is concerned.

    I am reliably informed that certain small churches have, for years, conducted wedding ceremonies that do not create marriages that the British state recognises. The couple is advised to attend a registry office and to have a godless civil marriage there in addition, on a different date, in order to ensure that they are also married in the eyes of the British government, as well as in the eyes of the church. Small print on church-issued wedding certificates (I trust) indicates that the marriage is for religious purposes only and is not recognised by the British government for tax or benefits purposes.

    Once the church and the state no longer mean the same thing when each uses the word “marriage”, it will become a good time for the big denominations to follow suit, by cancelling their registrations as places of worship, and of their clergy as “deputy registrars”, thus uncoupling their own rite of church marriage from state marriage, completely.

    I made enquiries about this possibility about four years ago. A registrar told me that it would be perfectly lawful.

    For the benefit of Romans 13 brigade, there is no failure to submit to the authorities involved, on the part of a church that deliberately conducts weddings that fail to create marriages that the British government recognises as such, as an expression of faith. In fact, the Human Rights Act ensures that freedom to the worshipper.

    Cohabiting couples, some of whom have a Christian faith, who cohabit because they would suffer a severe financial “couple penalty” if they married in the eyes of the law in the UK, would welcome this measure.

    Disengaging from creating state-registered marriages, whilst continuing to provide religious ceremonies that intentionally failed to create state marriages, would protect completely any denomination from legal challenges to its right not to marry same sex couples. The denomination would not be “marrying” any couples at all, as the British government defines the word “marriage”. It would merely be doing the God bit, as it is entitled to, of creating marriages that God recognised, as OPPOSED to the state, which created marriages that the state recognised, regardless of what God had to say..

    Check mate!

  17. Lesley

    I have to say how saddened I am that this bill could even be brought up, God created man and woman, for companionship, friendship, procreatiuon. But man has decided that he is higher than God, and can change the law to suit himself, and to make friends with other members of the other parties, as well and gays and lesbians. And he calls this progress, I don’t think so. Please continue to pray that God and right will win in the end. God Bless you all in his name

  18. Jen

    The Prime Minister started 2012 by stating `we must stand up for Christian principles` or very similar words. He then ends the year by advocating same sex marriage. This man does not no the reality of a God who loves the sinner but clearly states that same sex relationship is an abomination. David Cameron needs to read Jeremiah chp 18 verses 7-12 and many other similar chapters . But he needs to realise that we will not as a nation get off scott free if this country bows the knee to same sex marriage. This is a tuely slippery downhill slope. Keep praying everyone.

  19. Mr D Smith

    Time to write to the Lords then to the Queen!

  20. Sola

    Marriage was ordained by God and not man. It is therefore not any human’s right to determine how it should be. Same sex marriage is not of God and should not be accepted.

  21. abi

    Only the counsel of Jehovah shall stand

  22. Martin Horan

    We are truly finished as a nation when we have so many politicians who are pro-homosexual marriage.
    Jesus did say, “As in the days of Noah… As in the days of Sodom… As in the days of Lot”; so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised by the kind of politicians we now have.
    What is more amazing, in spite of those results, is that we have clergymen who refuse to see the times in which we now live and even push Replacement heresy.
    Return soon, Lord Jesus!

  23. Isaac

    The Lord bringeth the counsel of the heathen to nought:He maketh the devices of the people of none effect. Psalms 33:10. Our Lord God is still on The Throne, and with Him all things are possible. Their counsel shall come to nought IJN. Amen.

  24. sharon rose

    the queen rules but does not reign her imput is irrelevant if she thinks that it is good for society then she will agree she doesnt even write her own queens speech parliament does she just reads it out my mp in the rhondda chris bryant is a gay christian and some even say that david and jonathon were gay regardign what the bible says for their love for one another i am straight and a christian i dont have a problem with 2 people loving each other but i do have a problem with homophobia

    1. Stephen

      This is the level of the debate.
      (1) ‘Chris Bryant is a gay Christian’ – who appears on a homosexual website in his underwear soliciting?
      (2) ‘Some even say that’ – Yes, some even say a lot of complete rubbish, not backed up by any evidence, from their twisted imagination.
      (3) ‘2 people loving each other’ – Two people can love each other all they want. Just don’t indulge in sodomy or other lesser acts of sexual gratification and don’t demand that we all redefine God’s institution of marriage.
      (4) ‘problem with homophobia’ – So are all the homosexuals who are opposed to this bill suffering from ‘homophobia’, whatever that is?

    2. Rox

      The Queen reigns but does not rule.

  25. Nick

    Is Diane Abbot really A Member of Parliament? A serving MP? Is this really the the best we can come up with? A closet, hypocritical racist with a below average IQ. Seriously why don’t you all leave the UK to this loathsome, miserable slob and all her cronies now they’ve completely messed the country up.

    1. Stephen

      Because we have a duty to stand up for the King of kings. Please don’t dehumanise or totally slag off our opponents, by the way. They are made in the image of God just like you. And how we all stand in need of the justification of Jesus Christ bought with his precious blood when we present ourselves before his judgment throne.

  26. Victoria

    Homosexuality is a sin. God says so. However, during Mrs Thatcher’s government the Lord and I had a chat about homosexuality. He said that it is not so much the sin itself, as He knows where the individual is coming from; but it is the PRIDE of homosexuality that is the main sin.
    Can anyone imagine legislation encouraging people to engage in other sins listed in the bible? Why is a minister being prosecuted for lying about his driving problems? Why are ministers’ political status affected for having affairs?
    If homosexuals wish to get married let them go ahead; but let them leave the church and children alone. After all, God Himself has stated in Deuteronomy 30:19, “I call heaven and earth as a witness against you, that I have set before you life an death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life that both you and your descendants may live.” So even God gives one the liberty to choose to go to hell if they so desire; but they should not force it on other people.

    This is all anti-christ business. We are in the end times and being a Christian in the UK (or even in the West) is going to be more like being a Christian in a communist, Muslim and such like nations.
    Are we to brace ourselves for persecution? I wonder why I was led to re-read “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” towards the end of last year, a book I had read about fifteen years ago. Will a secularist government be more like a communist one to the Christian?
    However, we know the end of the story. Meanwhile, “In all these things we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us.” We shall continue to give them the word, and love them as Jesus has commanded us to. Let us seek the Lord and hear what He is saying to us believers in Him, at such a time as this.
    The battle is the Lord’s. We just line up behind Him to divide the spoil.

    As for our politicians (my MP Lynn Brown voted “Yes”), God say that “The fear of man is a trap; but the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” (prov. 9:10; 29:25).

  27. Carl

    I’m an athiest so don’t approach this issue from the same angle and have no dogma I’m tied to, not that I believe a set of rules to stick to is a bad thing. I just mention to give background, this and I’m not gay.
    I’m only mid-thirties but can certainly see that the world I grew up in saw homosexuality as a perversion of the ‘norm’ and although my parents were extremely liberal it took until adulthood before I was able to assess this in a fair light and undo some of the prejudice I acquired though school and other experences. All am trying to do all I can to make sure that we push for equality and tolerance wherever possible for my children.
    I appreciate there are many facets to this issue, but there are many people who suffer real oppression and for me it boils down to a simple question of should one group have the right to dictate how others live if they aren’t causing harm. As stated I believe there are so many complicated issues and a redefinition of terms involved, but they only serve as an attempt to obfuscate this fundamental point.

    1. Stephen

      Our whole point is that the promotion of homosexuality does harm.
      It corrupts the institution of marriage.
      It destroys its own practitioners.
      It corrupts those who are recruited into it.
      It degrades society as a whole.

      1. Pamela Giovanni

        What utter balderdash. jesus was dark skinned. (He was born in Bethlehem) a Middle Eastern province/Town whatever. The apostles ate too many Juniper berries (They are a hallucinogen thus deceiving they eye as far as so called miracles were concerned). The walking on water was a freak weather condition (ice in the Middle East). The expelling of demons was nothing more than people with epilepsy that the people of that time knew NOTHING about. It is only modern medicine that discovered it. The raising of the dead was no more than someone awaking from a coma. There are PHYSICAL explanations to every so called miracle. The bible is nothing more than collated letters from a group of people that has been clung to by millions for years.

        Sad sad lives if you have to look to something to guide you to tell you what is right and what is wrong. I KNOW what is right and wrong instinctively. Also the bible if you wish to quote it or take it to be some kind of moral guider says that ‘God alone can judge’. So who set each of you up to state that these people are despicable in gods eyes? Who says you can judge them and tell them they are WRONG. EVERY one of you slagging off gay people is WRONG as only GOD can judge them by YOUR OWN scriptures/teachings/readings. HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!

        1. Stephen

          The Lord Jesus was Jewish and of middle-eastern appearance (as one might say).

          Now, let’s have some evidence of the juniper-eating, the ice (curious the boat was being tossed on the waves while the sea was iced over!) and the coma stuff. Or did you just invent it all or read it somewhere to explain away the miracles of Jesus?

          So you ‘KNOW’ that inserting the male anatomy into that part of the body designed for the evacuation of excrement is just fine ‘instinctively’, eh?

          Who says you can judge us and tell us we are ‘WRONG’? Hypocrite, by your own standards.

          And God says that sodomy is a crime and that homosexual desires are ‘vile affections’, not us.

    2. Robin

      Carl, I appreciate your thoughtful attitude, and in that same spirit I would like to address your comment, “All am trying to do all I can to make sure that we push for equality and tolerance wherever possible for my children.” It is actually a total myth that gay marriage will bring greater equality. The reason it is a myth is because it is not true. In fact, it is completely meaningless.

      In order to demonstrate the meaningless of the claim “gay marriage will bring greater equality” I’d like to consider the nature of equality. In order for something to be equal, three things are necessarily required:

      1. Thing A
      2. Thing B to which A is equal
      3. Quality C that A and B share in common which renders them equal.

      Consider the case of the pencil on my desk. I could say, “This pencil is equal to this pen with respect to its length” or I could say “this pencil is equal to my other pencil in respect to its pencil-ness.” Both of these statements are meaningful because the statements identify two objects that share a quality in common which renders them equal. But if I were to simply pick up the pencil and declare “This pencil is equal” or “this pencil brings equality”, I would be uttering a meaningless statement.

      It is also meaningless to simply announce that gay marriage will bring equality without specifying (A) that to which gay marriage is equal to, and (B) the quality shared in common by gay marriage and that to which it is equal. However, these variables are rarely identified.

      The most obvious thing someone could say is that gay marriage will make homosexuals and heterosexuals equal with respect to the ability to marry. That is, both groups should have equal access to the institution of marriage. The problem with this position is that it falsely assumes that homosexuals are not allowed to marry. But as I pointed out in another comment HERE, the reality is that no one is stopping homosexuals from getting married, since they are allowed to marry someone of the opposite sex. The fact that they do not want to do this is no more relevant to the question than whether the pope wants to marry. Just as it would be absurd to change the definition of marriage to include celibacy so that the Pope can have “equal access” to the institution, so it is absurd to change the definition of marriage so that homosexuals can begin to want access to it.

      Interestingly, for nearly all of human history, homosexuals would have been adverse to the idea of same-sex ‘marriage’. Gay scholars have often warned us not to assume that just because something works in a heterosexual context that it can therefore by transplanted into a homosexual context and still work. This is a fallacy they have referred to as the “error of heterocentrism.”

    3. Robin

      Carl, I also wanted to respond to your statement that we should “push for…tolerance wherever possible for my children” and “for me it boils down to a simple question of should one group have the right to dictate how others live if they aren’t causing harm.”

      When it comes to tolerance, the shoe is actually on the other foot. It is those who oppose same-sex “marriage” who are the true champions of tolerance and liberty. Conversely, if anyone is trying to “dictate how others live” it is those who champion same-sex ‘marriage.’

      You see, whenever gay “marriage” is legalized, it results in unprecedented restrictions on freedom of speech and even thought. This was a point that S. T. Karnick drew attention to back in 2008 in a Salvo article titled, “The Tyranny of the Minority How the Forced Recognition of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Undermines a Free Society.” Karnick was writing within the American context, but his words are still applicable for us.

      “The issue, it’s important to remember, is not whether society will allow homosexuals to ‘marry.’ They may already do so [in 9 states], in any church or other sanctioning body that is willing to perform the ceremony. There are, in fact, many organizations willing to do so: the Episcopal Church USA, the Alliance of Baptists, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Presbyterian Church USA, the Unity School of Christianity, the Unitarian Universalists, the Swedenborgian Church of North America, the Quakers, the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, and the United Church of Christ, among others. Such institutions either explicitly allow the consecration or blessing of same-sex ‘marriages’ or look the other way when individual congregations perform such ceremonies.

      “No laws prevent these churches from conducting marriage ceremonies—and nearly all Americans would agree that it is right for the government to stay out of a church’s decision on the issue. Further, any couple of any kind may stand before a gathering of well-wishers and pledge their union to each other, and the law will do nothing to prevent them. Same-sex couples, or any other combination of people, animals, and inanimate objects, can and do ‘marry’ in this way. What the law in most states currently does not do, however, is force third parties—individuals, businesses, institutions, and so on—to recognize these ‘marriages’ and treat them as if they were exactly the same as traditional marriages. Nor does it forbid anyone to do so.

      An insurance company, for example, is free to treat a same-sex couple (or an unmarried two-sex couple) the same way it treats married couples, or not. A church can choose to bless same-sex unions, or not. An employer can choose to recognize same-sex couples as “married,” or not. As Richard Thompson Ford noted in Slate, ‘In 1992 only one Fortune 500 company offered employee benefits to same-sex domestic partners; today hundreds do.’

      “In short, individuals, organizations, and institutions in most states are currently free to treat same-sex unions as marriages, or not. This, of course, is the truly liberal and tolerant position. It means letting the people concerned make up their own minds about how to treat these relationships. But this freedom is precisely what the advocates of same-sex ‘marriage’ want to destroy; they want to use the government’s power to force everyone to recognize same-sex unions as marriages whether they want to or not.

      “The effects of such coercion have already been felt in some places. Adoption agencies, for example, like any other organization, ought to be able to choose whether to give children to same-sex couples, or not. But in Massachusetts, where same-sex ‘marriage’ has been declared legal, these agencies have been forced to accept applications from same-sex couples or go out of business.

      “What’s at issue here is not whether people can declare themselves married and find other people to agree with them and treat them as such. No, what’s in contention is whether the government should force everyone to recognize such ‘marriages.’ Far from being a liberating thing, the forced recognition of same-sex “marriage” is a governmental intrusion of monumental proportions.

      On the same subject, I would also refer you to some of the resources I compiled in my article ‘Will the Real Enemies of Liberty Please Stand Up“. This hopefully gives us a much needed reality check on who are actually championing tolerance and liberty.

  28. Stewart

    It makes me so angry to see Christians full of hate! If somebody wants to marry the same sex and they love each other let them be happy for god sake!

    Why don’t the church start and help the country out such as

    Drug abuse
    The poor
    Youths that get into gangs and murder innocent people
    Help charities.

    I’ve been in church for years and was sick of the snobby SO Called Christians that look down at your throat if your poor! And I always knew they loved money so why is the greedy churches turning down money from homosexuals?

    I would never get married to my girlfriend in a church I would rither pay a hotel a wage than a vicar that goes dogging on a weekend.

    1. Stephen

      Christians are full of hate for sin and so should we be. Jesus Christ hated sin so much he went to the cross to wash people like you and me clean from our sin – if we can only have faith in him.

      But you are so full of hate for people that you cannot see that the churches are doing exactly and precisely what you suggest they do. And they are the only people who are. Militant atheists don’t set up charities to help the homeless. They can’t be bothered.

      Finally, I simply suggest you find a church to get married in where the vicar does not engage in sexual acts in public. That leaves you plenty of choice as I cannot remember one single instance in the news of such a case in the last thirty years.

  29. Ken

    By allowing this Bill for gay marriage to go ahead is simply a ploy by the government to decrease the surplus population.
    In simple terms…….The more gays married, the less babies. Almost makes sense, doesn’t it.

  30. Rich Hudson

    Hurrah! Marriage is coming out of the dark ages and into the the light. So many “Christians” seem ignorant of the fact that homosexuality is no more a choice than whether you’re right or left handed. Also the fact that the Bible nowhere condemns loving homosexual relationships. All the so-called clobber passages against homosexuality are as easily debunked as wiping beer-froth from a top lip. God is love. Equality and acceptance might be disliked in practice but Jesus appeared to be into equality and acceptance of all people and was concerned enough by their bondage to sin that he died to break it’s curse. Where the argument falls down is that homosexuality is not a sin and no part of Scripture can show that a loving, committed homosexual relationship is evil in God’s eyes. Again, the clobber passages are EASILY refuted by anyone with a little understanding of the original culture and languages of the Bible.
    However in spite of the clear discrimination and downright hatred in some posts against homosexuality and homosexuals know that God loves you and forgives you. 🙂

    1. Stephen

      Men and women have been delivered from same sex attraction. HOwever you came by it, you are not stuck like it. No-one has to ‘stay gay’.

      Not sure what a ‘clobber’ passage is. The Bible condemns homosexual acts such as sodomy and indecency which are ispo facto part of your real or imaginary ‘loving homosexual relationships’.

      ‘Homosexuality is not a sin’. Weasel words. Agreed if you mean someone’s flawed nature. Not agreed when you mean homosexual acts.

      And here is a funny thing. If sodomy is not a sin, and if homosexual attractions are not ‘vile affections’, then what is there for God to forgive?

      And as for this ‘EASILY refuted’ go and read my articles on Sodom (Becoming One Flesh), Leviticus (The Abomination of Homosexual Theology) and Paul’s Epistles (And Such Were Some of You)

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