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Parents protest against No Outsiders SexEd

Parkfield Community School, where gay activist Andrew Moffat has been promoting No Outsiders

Parkfield Community School, where gay activist Andrew Moffat has been promoting No Outsiders

STOP PRESS: Another protest arranged for Thursday 14th February 2019 8.15am to 9.00am.

Parents outraged by homosexual propaganda in their school staged a mass protest this morning (07/02/19).

Parkfield Community School

The parents, whose children attend Parkfield Community School off the Alum Rock Road in Birmingham, object to indoctrination called ‘No Outsiders’. To cap it all, the author of that very programme is assistant head teacher in the school. Andrew Moffat, who is himself homosexual, has a history of activism in educational establishments.

Parents were encouraged by short speeches from some of their number. Meanwhile, a group of their children chanted ‘No to No Outsiders’ outside the school reception area. The protest was peaceful, but there was no disguising the anger felt. Many parents shared a sense of betrayal that teachers charged with the care of their children could so thoroughly abuse their trust. That Mr Moffat in particular has been pursuing his own special interest in pursuit of a divisive agenda has not passed notice.

Resigned from Chilwell Croft

It is not the first time Andrew Moffat has faced the anger of parents. In December 2013 he resigned as assistant head of Chilwell Croft primary school, also in Birmingham.

Andrew Moffat, author of No Outsiders and assistant head at Parkfield

Andrew Moffat, author of No Outsiders and assistant head at Parkfield

Parents complained they did not want their children ‘learning it’s OK to be gay’. Andrew Moffat was a target for protests from mainly Muslim parents. He said some Christian parents had also complained.

His books include ‘Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools’ (‘CHIPS’). They were used in literacy lessons for some of the 363 pupils at Chilwell Croft.

Mr Moffat told a newspaper: ‘I did come out at school in an assembly after a group of 11-year-olds held up a poster they made, with the heading “Gay is good”.’

Children would not make such a poster without direction from an activist teacher such as Mr Moffat.

Children ‘hear both views’

The Guardian reports Andrew Moffat moved smartly across town to Parkfield. With the backing of Hazel Pulley, the headteacher, Moffat went on to develop No Outsiders.

Astonishingly, Ms Pulley says she appointed Mr Moffat because she already knew about his gay campaigning.  In fact, we understand she appointed him over the heads of a parents’ appointments committee.  Ms Pulley was ‘particular impressed’ with ‘his work on improving pupil behaviour and on diversity’. She told the Guardian, ‘I thought his approach was admirable. We already had similar work going on at school but we needed someone to lead it and give all the staff confidence.’

In a revealing aside, she added: ‘Everyone knows we respect Islam here. One parent asked if he could not contradict what the school said. I told him that whatever parents said in the home was their decision but it’s lovely that the children will hear both views.’

No Outsiders programme

Muslim, Jewish and Christian parents do not consider it ‘lovely’ for their children to hear a view brazenly contradicting their own faith position that sodomy is sinful. Indeed, parents at Parkfield particularly objected to the sense of confusion that would arise if authority figures in the school came out with views at odds with those of their faith.

The Guardian also reveals No Outsiders encourages the reading of homosexual propaganda. Books being read by pupils at Parkfield include Mommy, Mama and Me and King & King. All are stories promoting same-sex relationships and gay marriages.

One review of No Outsiders in the Times Educational Supplement described it as ‘too advanced for 3-5 year olds. It seems like its promoting lgbt and forcing lgbt views on younger kids.’

One might say such propaganda is not appropriate at any age.

Make parent meetings ‘small’

Around 200 parents gathered in front of Parkfield school.

Around 200 parents gathered in front of Parkfield school.

One parent at Parkfield wrote: ‘The school is promoting Mr Moffat’s personal beliefs and convictions about the universal acceptance of homosexuality as being normal and morally correct.’

The parent quotes him telling a website, ‘I specifically wanted to work in a school where there was a strong probability that I would face challenges to my LGBT equality work, so that I could learn from mistakes made in the past and find a way to get it right.’

His advice to fellow activists is: ‘Show your (sic) parents you are listening to worries while remaining clear and steadfast in your school’s equality ethos, backed up with policy and governor support. Hold parent meetings, but make them small so that you can engage in real dialogue and discussion without it becoming a Jerry Springer show.’

That fear of strongly-voiced objections may explain why Mr Moffat has refused to meet parents at Parkfield.


Nevertheless, the plaudits from creepy folk who want to teach other people’s children about sex won’t stop coming. The Independent writes that despite Andrew Moffat’s failure at Chilwell, despite parental outrage at Parkfield, ‘he is one of three British teachers shortlisted for the annual Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize’.

Happily, the Varkey Foundation Prize is under the patronage of a high-ranking Muslim ruler.  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.  His Highness is also the Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.  He is unlikely to view a campaigning sodomite as a global  example to other teachers and worthy of £1m.

Andrew Moffat was even awarded an MBE in 2017 for ‘services to equality and diversity in education’. He is that much of an Establishment hack and, yes, our Establishment is that corrupt.

Posters outside Parkfield speak about children’s safety. The truth is, children will not be safe at Parkfield while Andrew Moffat remains in post.

No support from MP or Councillors

Sadly, the parents can expect no support from their local MP or Councillors. Hodge Hill MP Liam Byrne (Labour) has posted a press release thoroughly supporting No Outsiders.

Councillors Mohammed Idrees (right) and Mariam Khan (centre)

Councillors Mohammed Idrees (right) and Mariam Khan (centre)

Meanwhile, a local Labour councillor who responded to the story by saying ‘children are too young’ to learn about homosexuality and same-sex marriages in the classroom has done a complete about-turn.

Cllr Mohammed Idrees, who represents Alum Rock, has now said: ‘I overstepped the mark.’

In a statement reported in the Birmingham Mail, the Muslim councillor grovelled: ‘I have personally apologised to both the leader of the council and the Labour Group chief whip and have emailed an apology to all councillors. I also apologise to LGBT groups in Birmingham.’

Mr Idrees withdrew his support for his constituents just 48 hours after saying, ‘Children, for me, are too young to be learning about this … It’s not a good idea.’

His Alum Rock colleague, councillor Mariam Khan, has yet to comment. The next elections to Birmingham City Council will take place in 2022.  Cllr Idrees will hope his constituents will have forgotten his lack of support and conviction by that time.

Community Relations

Andrew Moffat says he hopes No Outsiders ‘will reduce the potential for radicalisation of young people’. Now it is quite possible that comment is just a cynical piece of spin. However, if Mr Moffat genuinely believes such nonsense he is deluded as well as perverted.

His programme is overwhelmingly likely to do the exact opposite. No Outsiders will reinforce the impression among Muslims that Britain is decadent and overdue for judgment. That is a view shared by this ministry. Our answer, fully expressed on this website, is national repentance and a return to our Christian heritage. But an understandable Muslim reaction would be that the UK needs Islamic law.

We contend that Christian Voice did more for community relations this morning than any amount of gay indoctrination. This ministry put aside faith differences to support the parents and help protect their children. Furthermore, we promised to help the parents put an action plan together. Above all, we showed that not all British people accept the rampant secularism of the British Establishment and corrupt indoctrination like No Outsiders.

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We helped the parents at George Tomlinson School. P.S. No parents were prosecuted for taking their children out af ‘gay history week’: Parents face court action for removing children from gay history lessons

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  1. Thank you for reporting on these events Stephen.

  2. I suppose the only thing that will make the authorities listen is to pull the children out of school. That might force some action by the school governors. Trouble is MPs and counsellors are all frightened of losing their positions of authority by opposing this LGBT trend which is currently forcing people to shut up in fear of being labelled homophobic or what’re ever label LGBT chooses to throw at them. Where are the church leaders in all this? Leaders are meant to lead and not bury there head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening. We are letting everyone down by staying silent, Our Lord included. Come Lord Jesus, take your rightful place in our society. Waken us up from the deep sleep we’ve fallen into. There is a war going on and we are still in barracks polishing our boots and pressing our uniforms. Sound the trumpet and rally the company for action!

    1. Dear KenStent 1949,

      the church may be silent but – albeit we didn’t have a representative there – the Christian Peoples Alliance will not be silent as to what’s going on. Representatives from our party attend Prayer for Parliament. We have protested whenever Christians are persecuted, not least Asia Bibi in Pakistan (a ‘Commonwealth’ country). We have marched with pro-lifers.

      It is time for the Church to Wake Up, Stand Up and SPEAK UP!!!

      1. We could have done with some CPA people on Thursday at the protest.

  3. It is a great stand you are making, Stephen. I am aware of the total absence of any official church response here, and that is the weakness of our stance. The established church is worse than useless to the cause of Biblical Christianity. It is this failure that compounds the increasing problem of rampant Godlessness and political evil and stupidity.

  4. There seems to be more to this than meets the eye. I think the way to go is to research Andrew Moffat and see where that leads us. Here is what I have spotted so far.

    First of all it may be good to run through his Twitter posts and the posts made by his followers.


    OK that gives us a picture of how it works in practice.

    Next up is his CV.


    So I’m trying to learn the jargon here. What is a ‘nurture group teacher’? This link gives us some background.


    He’s also working for a PhD at Birmingham University. Now I really don’t know a great deal about that institution, but I did catch Birmingham City Council fund a gay pride type of event once. It was on one of my ‘follow the money’ trails.

    What appears to be happening is there is a kind of collaboration between state institutions (usually universities) who specialise in the science of psychology, and the state’s political faction. So the state’s political faction decrees that the number of homosexuals in society should be increased, for whatever reason, and then they pull all the resources of the state which can help to achieve that dictum, and then the performance of state employees is measured via such metrics, which clearly makes people like Andrew Moffat an exceptionally talented individual if seen by the ideological measures the state attributes to one’s performance, hence leading to promotional prospects etc.

    However, I smell something slightly different from the average state star in social engineering projects. The way it works with mass psychology is the crowd need a human figure as a representation of a non-human institution. The soviet union for example had Stalin. It only works properly if there is just the one of these (another example is ‘best selling author’). They need their hero to head the cause, and I believe Andrew Moffat is being set up as this kind of role model, hence the MBE. He’s getting a name for himself out there.

    Mind you if you slay this dragon and put it out of commission they will find another. If you fight and lose then it makes their hero look even greater. You see there is a kind of normal mode of protest, and these university types have studied it and worked out their countermeasures. The crowd is stupid, no matter what kind of crowd. The most effective form of protest I have found is to not act in the way they expect it to be played out. Think of something original and find something not a lot of people know about regarding this man and often you can catch them unrehearsed. There will be some skulduggery under some stone or another. You can often find it using unconventional ways of researching, i.e. not via the daily papers, but other means, like ingenious means. I myself like to sit on ideas and think about them, and often the solution just pops into my mind. I remind myself thought that the first step is information – the more the better.

    Anyway it make me happy that people are getting active. They are fighting rather than taking it. God bless them.

    1. Thank you Andrew. I read in the link that the ‘Nurture Groups’ arise because of inadequate parenting, that the group brings a small number of children together with a couple of staff and that ‘The staff provide role models for the children to observe and begin to copy.’ So that is what the Moffat has been up to…

  5. We were talking about this with our family over lunch the other day, namely indoctrination of our children particularly in the school environment. I commented, “For wicked men to triumph it is only necessary for good men to remain silent”, then involuntarily I added, “Oh, that it were that simple”!
    Sad to say we have moved so far down the road of wickedness, we have been in serious trouble with our Lord for some time. “The wrath of God is being revealed………………” (Romans 1:18-32) in our nation, & has been for decades. Our nation, leaders & false church have been drinking the cup of God’s wrath for some time, so maybe we can only expect it to get worse as we gallop towards the return of our Lord Jesus Christ? Jesus, who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly” (Revelation 22:20 & 21). May we keep our focus on Him, the author & perfecter of our faith, to ensure we do not become overwhelmed.
    No wonder more & more Christian parents are “home schooling”! Much love & prayer, David.

    1. they’ll be coming after the homeschoolers soon, its already started

  6. The Frankfurt School:

  7. My theory regarding the Varkey Global Teacher prize is that the Middle Eastern hosts of the ceremony, far from being embarrassed by celebrating a gay activist, will be more than happy to award the prize to a ‘teacher’ who has done so much to wreck Britain and make the Islamic takeover into a walkover.

    1. That’s not quite how it works in UAE, Ruth K!

  8. This guy Moffatt is either naive and stupid, or quite brave: the gays have bullied the Christians, and we have caved in, turned the other cheek etc. Taking on the Muslims is another matter, they’re not quite so much of a pushover.

  9. I ran a little campaign once, and it was on a forum which was rather small and insignificant in the scheme of things, but you see I had this idea which was a bit unconventional. The target was some rather dopey equalities minister who was a keen activist for gay rights, especially lesbians and all of that transgender nonsense. It was quite clear she was not up for the job, but had got to become this minister on ideological grounds. I mean really and truly I got the impression she was a well-meaning kind of girl who had been seriously misled.

    Anyway, this little campaign was in the form of a bit of entertainment. I kind of reframed what she was doing on a day-to-day basis to make it into more like a comic strip with daily additions to the story of the life of this equalities minister, much in the style of a child’s book. It was all quite innocent, nothing nasty, but she herself provided the humour. She would say such stupid things over microphones at rallies for the transgender and the like, that it was easy to pick some quotes to provide the day’s episode.

    I ran this for maybe six months, and after a while I started to notice the audience going up, and had over 10 000 views, which was far more than an average thread would pick up. It became like a soap opera, and the girl never failed to let me down with something new and funny that I could craft into the next episode.

    She didn’t last too long in that job until she got booted out, and I wonder if that little campaign had helped. I suspect those who run political parties fear above most things that they will not be taken seriously. This is their Achilles heel. The kind of supporters they have are people who are ‘not all there’, and a little wayward in their thinking. You can pick the material up on the web very easily.

  10. This is nothing less than outright child abuse. As a retired social that at one time worked with children and youngsters this would have been serious enough abuse to result in consideration for removal of a child from an abusive situation. Systematic abuse of children is now taking place by ‘the system’ with impunity, and being supported and applauded by our MPs and representatives in the political sphere. The mind boggles as to the catastrophic results that are to come. We reap what we sow. Sow the wind, we reap the whirlwind.

  11. Great article Stephen. It is good to think that we are working with Muslims on this occasion to the same end. I would be horrified if my children were being taught such things. Keep up the good work!

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