Dude in a Dress is UK UN Women’s Advocate

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  1. The idea with lesbians is they rely on sperm donor banks. When I was at university they would pay students to do this, and at the time, if you were a student and had not had financial help form your parents, you were worse off than if you were unemployed, so many students did this out of desperation for cash.

    It would be worth bearing in mind that as far as lesbianism is concerned, one could throw a spanner in the works by targetting those who were thinking of donating sperm for cash. You see women have a natural desire to have a child, and if they think there is going to be trouble with that by becoming lesbian then it might swing the decision against it and she might instead try and seek help regarding her confused feelings and so on.

    When one goes even more extreme with this perversion and becomes “transgender” then you are going to get more permutations, and hence sexual mismatch (i.e. MM & FF “marriages”) . In the case of two females and one being “transgender” they will still need this sperm to rear children, so again I feel this could be a target worth pursuing, much as abortion clinics are for murder of unborn babies.

    Also another angle on this matter is to do with women who have had bad experiences with men in the past. I’ve no doubt a lot of this is real, as our society becomes more and more immoral, so two things that can help, is for churches and people in general to offer support those who have had bad pasts, and also this anti-men thing where men are looked upon as dodgy, shifty types. Many women will trust another woman but not a man. I’m a great believer of solving the problem by providing a better alternative rather than to play the ‘knock down the opposition’s system’, where one can get into more conflict than resolution. I also believe in the ‘try many approaches and measure which ones work’ tactic.

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