Are vaccines killing people?

ONS figures in graph form comparing deaths among unvaccinated peopole aged 10-59 vs those vaccinated

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that those in the 10-59 age range who have had the second dose of Covid vaccine are around twice as likely to die from all causes as those who remain unvaccinated.

It comes as the papers are reporting that excess deaths are currently running at a higher level than usual.

Only today (25/11/2021) , The Times has reported: ‘The UK is suffering a wave of excess deaths not fully explained by the coronavirus, according to official statistics.’

The paper says: ‘There were 12,050 deaths registered in England and Wales in the seven days to November 12, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows. That was 1,719 more than the five-year average for 2015-19, or a 16.6 per cent increase.’

Vaccinated vs unvaccinated

Going back to the ONS analysis of vaccinated vs unvaccinated, when we posted this information yesterday on Twitter, the platform banned our link to for being untrustworthy or dangerous! But you can find the links below and judge for yourself. That is what freedom of speech is all about, after all.

Here is the raw data for week ending 24th September. Remember, these are deaths from all causes among men and women aged 10-59:

* Unvaccinated: 68 deaths out of 7,167,322 people, rate = 0.9 / 100,000
* Within 21 days of first dose: 4 deaths out of 231,831 people, rate = 1.7 / 100,000
* 21 days or more after first dose: 34 deaths out of 1,655,468 people, rate = 2.1 / 100,000
* Received second dose: 400 deaths out of 17,924,346 people, rate = 2.2 / 100,000

Going back to give you data from preceding weeks, and just taking unvaccinated vs second dose, for w/e 17th September it was 1.3 vs 2.2, for w/e 10th, 1.4 vs 2.7 and for w/e 3rd, 1.4 vs 2.3.  The rates among the ‘first dose’ group are around those of the second dose, being 2.4, 2.5 and 2.4 respectively. The graph we show at the top, compiled by Mr Berenson, is faithful to the data.  We have checked and so can you.

Alex Berenson, who wrote the original article, the one that Twitter banned, says: ‘I don’t know how to explain this other than vaccine-caused mortality.‘ (See the link to his article below.)

Control group

We can regard the unvaccinated as a control cohort here. The experimental cohorts, because AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna et al are still experimental vaccines, are those who have been jabbed, once or twice. And here we have to say, along with Mr Berenson, that nothing else can be causing the increased rates of death in these cohorts other than the vaccines.

An average increase of around 1.0 / 100,000 may not seem a lot, but if half of the 400 dying every week of all causes having received their second dose are deaths attributed to the vaccines, it means, if we do the maths, that 200 x 52, or over 10,000 people are dying prematurely every year in England alone. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be experiencing the same thing.  So will countries across the developed world.  Low vaccine uptakes may well save the developing world.

Not in the mainstream media

The mainstream media, even the redoubtable Julia Hartley-Brewer at TalkRadio and the increasingly authoritative GBNews, are not yet covering this story, but questions need to be asked in Parliament and we provide a link at the bottom so you can email your own MP.

Here is the link the story in

Here is the link to Alex Berenson’s original.

And here is the link the Office for National statistics.

You need to download the data in xlsx format and then open it either in Excel or in Open Office (free) or some other spreadsheet. Go to Table 4. If you know your way around these programmes you can then sort the data by age-group, date and vaccine status, to make it more accessible. That is what we did to give you the raw data above. All our links open in a new tab on a computer.

To jab or not to jab?

In the meantime, you may have had a Covid vaccine and survived. Praise God.  The overwhelming majority do so.  But for those who are unlucky or outside the Lord’s gracious protection as stated here:

Psalm 91:5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; 6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. 7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

… (and it’s interesting that the psalmist refers to a thousand and ten thousand) could fall victim to a vaccine-induced premature death. Yes, the psalm promises the Lord’s protection. So does our gracious Lord himself, to his disciples:

Mark 16:18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

But he does not mean we should deliberately put ourselves in harm’s way. And on this ONS data, that is exactly what having the vaccine jab does.

Compulsory vaccination

We’ll just say a word about compulsory vaccination which Austria is planning and Germany considering. You would think those two countries of all others would recognise the disturbing parallels from history.

That is not to say the Nazis brought in compulsory vaccination. The Daily Telegraph ran that red herring on 19th November in an article by Justin Huggler ‘in Berlin’. Interestingly, comments were disabled, which is what the Telegraph does when it fears a serious backlash.

No, it’s creating in the public mind by relentless propaganda, (including by ‘nudges’) an underclass of citizens, a minority of course, who can be blamed for the ills of society, turning their neighbours against them, banning them from participating in social functions, preventing them from earning a living, treating them as ‘untermenschen’, subhuman, so allowing their legitimate human rights to be stripped away.

Governments can do this without compulsory vaccination. The UK Governments are doing the same thing, relying on their propaganda arms in the MSM, particularly the BBC, ITV and Sky ‘News’, to repeat and reinforce their line.

Nuremberg Code

However, the state taking away bodily autonomy is a violation of the Nuremberg Code.  The code was set out in a judgment by the war crimes tribunal at Nuremberg after the Second World War. It laid down 10 standards to which physicians must conform when carrying out medical experiments on human subjects.  You can read a pdf HERE.

It says, in opening: ‘The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.‘ By implication, no-one can be lawfully injected or given a medicine against their will.

The NHS website says: ‘You must give your consent (permission) before you receive any type of medical treatment, from a simple blood test to deciding to donate your organs after your death.

‘If you refuse a treatment, your decision must be respected, even if it’s thought that refusing treatment would result in your death or the death of your unborn child.’

The only exception is for anyone sectioned under the Mental Health Act, as mental health charity MIND explain HERE

Personal autonomy

In an article in the Telegraph, former Supreme Court judge Jonathan Sumption wrote of ‘Those who refuse to be vaccinated’: ‘if they are not even allowed to decide what medical procedures they will undergo and what drugs they receive into their own bodies, then there is not much left of their autonomy as human beings. The way is wide open to despotism and unending social discord.’

He goes on: ‘A minimum of respect for the personal autonomy of our fellows is essential if we are to live together in any kind of harmony. These things are what make us a community. Governments which ignore them cross an important moral line, and inevitably find themselves engaged in a sustained assault on the humanity of their people.’

Tennis player Novak Djocovic has spoken up for bodily autonomy.  As RT reports HERE, the multiple grand-slam winner said: ‘[It] doesn’t really matter whether it’s vaccination or anything else in life. You should have the freedom to choose, to decide what you want to do. In this particular case, what you want to put in your body.’

’Instruments of state policy’

Taking the vaccine as a public good, to protect others, was the reason why school children were roped into the vaccine programme against the advice of the Government’s own Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation. It’s still the argument being made to persuade those unvaccinated to take the jab.

The argument was made that unvaccinated people were putting others at risk. But now we know that taking a vaccine does not stop people catching the Covid and does not prevent transmission, that argument falls. And even if they catch it, it is said those vaccinated are far less likely to experience severe symptoms, let alone death.

As Lord Sumption puts it: ‘The absence of moral scruple in pursuit of what is thought to be a public good is the first symptom of totalitarianism. The reduction of human beings to mere instruments of state policy is the next.

‘The rest of us should look on and note how easily liberal democracy can be subverted by fear.’

Fellowship and earning a living

Just to conclude, every Christian knows that our human need of fellowship derives from the divine fellowship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and is built in to our human condition.

As Lord Sumption says: ‘Social interaction with other people is not an optional leisure activity but a basic need of humankind.’

So is earning a living. Never before in human history has any government prohibited people from earning a living or designated some economic activities as ‘non-essential’. Yes, states have enslaved people, but never stopped them from working. The Bible says:

Psalm 104:23 Man goeth forth unto his work and to his labour until the evening.

The Almighty even describes the God-given ability to earn a living as his ‘gift’ to mankind:

Eccl 3:13 And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God.

So from the very start of the Covid crisis, governments imposing ‘lockdown’ were acting against the righteous laws of God. And as in Austria today they are still at it. Much as it has been effective at destroying people’s livelihoods and depressing our natural immunity, there is no evidence that ‘lockdown’ suppresses ‘the virus’.

It may well be an expression of the politicians’ fallacy: ‘We must be seen to do something. This is something. Therefore we must do it.’

Let us let Jonathan Sumption conclude: ‘We are witnessing the ultimate folly of frightened politicians who cannot accept that they are impotent in the face of some natural phenomena.’

Prayer and Action

Mark 4:22 For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.

Thank God for bringing the statistics on excess deaths to light through the ONS and Alex Berenson. Thank God for the witness of Lord Sumption. Pray for strength of character for sportsmen like Novak Djokovic to keep standing up for the right of all of us to decide what goes in our bodies. Pray that our politicians will take note of the ONS data and take action.

Use this link to the UK Parliament website to email your MP to ask the government if it will issue new advice on Covid vaccines given the ONS stastics showing that those vaccinated in the 10-59 age group are twice as likely to die from all causes as those unvaccinated.

We appreciate your support – without it we can’t do our research and help inform your prayers.
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  1. Excellent article, Stephen, as always.
    Also, if I may, I will make use of your sterling work in ploughing through the ONS data, in order to extract these depressing nuggets of information. I am currently in the midst of writing a very long article about the dangers of the vaccines and the figures you give will be very useful … credit and link to CV, obviously!

  2. This is amazing! Real time evidence of what the truth regarding the vaccine is and how it is already damaging many. Clearly government does not want us to see the real time evidence but only what they see it is right to allow us to see.
    There is a bigger issue here: it is one of personal integrity of our leaders, and the population as a whole. This is clearly sadly lacking right throughout our civilisation, and not just with respect to our political leaders. They set the tone and we follow, and, hence we are becoming victims of this almost universal integrity shortage. The Judge quoted here has, mercifully, got it right. If this continues we will have no autonomy left even regarding our bodies. Interestingly enough the NHS website and others were ‘not found’ when I tried to click on to them. I wonder why?!!

  3. With reference to the “Control Group” paragraph above…
    a community organised Vaccine Control Group does exist:

  4. Once again CV nails it. A devastating exposure which should be taken up by every true Christian and cause an outpouring of action to stop this vaccine evil and a crying out to God in prayer.
    There are far too few Church leaders awake over this and the UK Church needs to do a massive U turn over its folly of tacit or even open endorsement of the whole vax process.
    If you want to do more than just write to your MP, join your local Yellow freedom group and join in on one of the many rallies that take place to raise awareness and challenge the demonic agenda. Ultimately though, we need Almighty God to get us out of the situation we and other countries are in.

  5. “Death rates per 100,000” what? If it’s per 10,000 total population, for both curves, then you’ve misinterpreted the chart. If it’s per 100,000 vaxxed and unvaxxed respectively, all well and good, as far as it goes.

    Assuming the latter, you still need to adjust for the differences in vaccine update in different demographics, especially age and presence versus absence of conditions that might cause death with or without covid.

    1. It’s 100,000 population of the cohorts, which are in the millions, as stated in the article.
      No, we don’t need to ‘adjust’ for anything, nor can we. It’s the 10-59 age group, vaccinated and unvaccinated.
      The ONS have not broken it down further, nor can we, so the data is as it is.

  6. Thank you Stephen

    I personally know of 3 people who have died within hours of receiving the so called “vaccine” and have just heard from a friend that she has had to move in to her daughter’s house to nurse her daughter overnight after she had a jab and now she has lost the use of her hands and cannot speak. In addition I met a man who had the jab in the morning, got chest pains in the afternoon and had a heart attack 2 days later

    Also, sadly, see

  7. As far as I know adverse effects of the vaccines (a generalisation as there is more than one) are seen more in young people than old. On GBRadio there was an interview with a cardiologist who is seeing a rising incidence of heart disease, both from the vaccines and from the general stresses brought about by the contagion and all the misgovernment enabled by it. He also mentioned that colleagues were suppressing similar research results for fear of losing research funding from the drug companies. So much for “The Science”. It seems to me that there needs to be a community-driven campaign to find an *effective* cure for Covid-19, or an *effective* preventive – so effective that its benefits cannot be hidden. I do not see much effort being made to achieve this.

  8. On a similar note; I have had a reply from the Staffordshire coroner’s office, regarding the two deaths of students who attended St John Fisher Catholic College, Newcastle under Lyme, Saffs. As CV and mainstream media reported, the two deaths occurred close to their jab. The coroner’s office has said there will be no inquest. We now need to find out what the cause of deaths was in each case.

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