Nov 14

Peter Tatchell: Gays and Muslims Unite!

Peter Tatchell addressing LGBT Humanists at the Conway Hall

Peter Tatchell addressing LGBT Humanists at the Conway Hall

Homosexuals and Muslims must unite in solidarity against ‘oppression’, Peter Tatchell has urged.

The veteran gay activist issued his clarion call at a meeting of LGBT Humanists at London’s Conway Hall on Friday night (11th November 2016).

Ethics and Tango

Over fifty attended the meeting deep in the bowels of the bastion of anti-Christian thinking.  Conway Hall is the headquarters of what was the South Place Ethical Society.  Incongruously, a tango-dancing club was meeting in the main hall.

Only about a quarter of those attending were women.  Around half of those were clad in Islamic dress.

Peter Tatchell firstly tried to draw an artificial distinction between Muslims, Islam and Islamism.  Islam is a religion and Islamism a political system, he suggested. Muslims, he appeared to say, were innocent, powerless bystanders to the excesses of the one and the atrocities of the other.

The Conway Hall, bastion of 'humanist ethics,' if there is such a thing.

The Conway Hall, bastion of ‘humanist ethics,’ if there is such a thing.

The Quran, he declared, said nothing derogatory against sodomy.  It was only in the Hadith where homosexuality was outlawed and penalties prescribed.  The Hadith were the sayings of Mohammed, ‘a mortal man’, whereas the Quran was divinely-inspired.  One presumes he meant ‘divinely-inspired according to Muslims’.  The thought of something being inspired by someone or something supernatural does not immediately appear to be a secularist concept.

Peter Tatchell does not get Islam

Therefore, what Mr Tatchell tries to tell those Muslims he comes across, and it seems he comes across many, is that homosexuality is just fine if you will only go to the roots of Islamic faith.

This is wrong for two reasons.  Firstly, the Hadith are not the ‘sayings’ of Mohammed, they are accounts of Mohammed’s life.  The word ‘hadith’ is Arabic for ‘story’.  Secondly, the Hadith carry equal authority with the Quran.  Mr Tatchell was thinking along Christian indeed along Protestant lines, where the Bible is the sole authority in matters of doctrine.  It isn’t like that in Islam.  You cannot appeal to the silence of the Quran in matters where the Hadith wax eloquent.

As to his central premise that both homosexuality and being a Muslim are oppressed in Britain today, Mr Tatchell offered no evidence.  But he wanted to give his audience hope that gays and Muslims could indeed unite against the imaginary oppression.  Therefore he told us that 17% of Iranian students claim to be homosexual.  The figure is of course ludicrous and has been rubbished online.

Seven of the Muslim family of twelve wore burkas, then complained people 'lloked at them'.

Seven of the Muslim family of twelve wore burkas on their trip to Skegness, then complained when people were negative about them.

Love in the Quran!

However, his relentless lobbying of the Muslim Council of Britain bore fruit in 2007 when they did not oppose the Sexual Orientation Regulations. Inevitably the change of heart was fleeting.  MCB reverted to type in 2012, when they opposed same-sex marriage.

Although some homosexuals had experienced hatred from Muslims, Muslim hearts and minds were changing, Peter Tatchell claimed.  Young Muslims in schools had been positive about gays, citing some imaginary ‘love and compassion in the Quran’.  He was working with ‘British Muslims for Secular Democracy’, a fringe group if ever there was one, founded by the notorious ex-Muslim secularist and talking head Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.  He was also proud to be a patron of ‘Tell Mama’.  This grievance group never stops looking around for real – or imaginary – discrimination against Muslims.  A recent ludicrous non-example was that experienced by the Skegness twelve.

Asia Bibi: still facing execution on a trumped-up charge of blasphemy

Asia Bibi: still facing execution on a trumped-up charge of blasphemy in Pakistan

So last year his Peter Tatchell Foundation launched ‘LGBT-Muslim Solidarity – Fight All Hate’.  You really would need a heart of stone not to laugh at the infantile way ‘progressive’ people cast their political opponents as motivated by ‘hate’ – as if they themselves aren’t. On the other hand, Peter Tatchell is an intelligent guy. Maybe he is sending them up.

Demographic reality

Now to demographic reality.  Atheists and Christians alike in the United Kingdom are barely replacing their population.  Homosexuals, without outside intervention, do not have children.  Because they cannot procreate they have to recruit or adopt, but that is another story.  The only group in the British population who are growing is Muslims, whose women are simply doing what their bodies were created to do.  It may be only a matter of some thirty years before Muslims, and that means Islam and Islamists, gain political control in this country.  The best advice for Christians and homosexuals alike is: ‘keep your passports up to date.’

On a positive note, those assembled did allow me to ask a question.  In response Peter Tatchell was gracious enough to concede, to the dismay of sections of his audience, that Christians rather than homosexuals or Muslims are indeed the most persecuted group around the globe.  He spoke in particular of Pakistan and the ordeal of Asai Bibi, who cannot find a judge with the courage simply to release her.  Judges in Pakistan are all in fear of their lives.  From Islamists, not Muslims, no doubt.


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  1. [email protected]

    I have two points:

    Where does this man stand on the fact that homosexuals are hanged in Iran, even in this day and age?

    Secondly: as Muslim women are indeed reproducing as per natural law, while Western women are terminating their unborn babies, legally, since 1967, then shall be brought to pass – albeit possibly not in the way he expected – fulfilment of the late Enoch Powell’s warnings. What Islam failed to achieve centuries ago against Europe – that itself provoked the Crusades – it may well achieve through its birthrate.

    1. Stephen

      Are they are hanged in Iran by Muslims or Islamists? I too should love PT to tell us, as, on the face of it, there does not seem that much LGBT-Muslim solidarity ‘against hate’ around the Muslim world.
      No, definitely not in the way Mr Powell expected. If he had been more of a historian and less of a classical scholar, he might have called it right. Such a conflict would always turn out to be religious, not racial, IMHO.

  2. Mark Jones

    Honestly you couldn’t make this stuff up. Blind indeed, inventing for themselves comforting lies and “narratives”. Words fail me to be honest.

  3. Boethius

    I have yet to hear a single, logical, objective argument in favour of gay marriage. All of the arguments used are emotional, subjective, and downright illogical, and can equally be used to legalise relationships of any kind. An example of the stupidity of their arguments can be found in the statement that David Cameron made when he said that if two people love each other, and the law says that their love is wrong, then the law needs to change. Presumably then, Cameron is in favour of legalising incest? I actually wrote to Cameron and asked him whether he believed that two gay brothers should be allowed to marry each other, pointing out that if his answer was yes, then he was in favour of legalising incest, but that if his answer was no, then he was accepting that there were limits to equality. I sent a similar letter to Nick Clegg, who is also a strong advocate of gay marriage. The simple fact is that civilisation cannot exist without discrimination. Discrimination is the tool whereby a society sets out what is acceptable or unacceptable for that society to survive. Personally I believe that Britain is finished. It has lost its faith, its identity, and the core values that used to keep it together.

    1. Stephen

      Did you receive a reply from either Mr Cameron or Mr Clegg?

    2. [email protected]

      Boethius: IMHO the Lord has not finished with Britain yet.

  4. Mark Jones

    I agree with akd.jenkins, that the UK is not finished, its not over till its over! God specialises in showing grace to the unworthy (He does to me anyway). Times are dark, yes, but the Lord CAN turn it around in an instant. I believe all true Christians have a part to play. Maybe just saying hello or smiling at someone who looks down (or anyone for that matter, how do we know what they’re going through? Certainly the little old lady pushing a shopping cart alone will probably welcome it!). Or waving at someone when we drive around! We can ALL do that can’t we? Try it, I do, not all the time, but its a laugh!! We don’t know what they’re going through or their past! Many people are lonely and forgotten in this world, saying hello might make all the difference! Sure, people will look at you funny, even tell you to eff off: that’s the battle folks!!! Eventually, after you’ve had experience of this, and you don’t give up with a hardened heart, most will be happy you’ve waved or whatever at them: one needs a bit of wisdom and to be led by the Spirit, but if in doubt, WAVE!!! Lick your wounds, hand it over to God, get comfort from Him, and carry on!! But don’t get legalistic about it! “Better to light a candle that curse the darkness”!! Don’t expect them to trust you straight away, neither, they’ve probably had a skinful of so-called “Christians” and the “church”.

    Times were pretty bad in the 18th century, God raised up Wesley etc!! I believe Brexit & Trump show that God is maybe not finished with the West yet, these may be reprieves. But I believe He wants intercessors and labourers (of which I believe there are pretty few, as the Bible says: we need to pray for more, as instructed) to not give up. He may send revival (which is to revive THE CHURCH), which is doing a pretty poor job in most cases imho. I would even go so far as to say that many churches are in danger of having their lampstands removed (Revelation). I believe Tozer said that there would come a time when Bible-believing Christians would leave the “evangelical church”, imho it really is that bad.

    Take heart and courage, brother Boethius!!

  5. Rox

    Ah, but. It didn’t START as the South Place Ethical Society, and in fact it STILL IS the South Place Ethical Society ! To prove it, you could be a member for £18 a year.
    (but only if you are “in sympathy with its aims”).

    1793. Started as a group of Christian non-nonconformists, called Philadelphians or Universalists, who didn’t believe in hell.
    1824 Became South Place Chapel when a chapel was built in South Place.
    Then they became “South Place Religious Society” and progressed to Unitarianism.
    1888 They became South Place Ethical Society, finally having moved to what would now be called “humanism” and replaced their Sunday services with concerts of classical music.
    1926 Kept the name South Place Ethical Society despite moving to Conway Hall, Red Lion Square. SPES is of course “hope” in Latin.

    Although they seem obscure, they have had famous members like William Morris, two Huxleys, Fred Hoyle, George Bernard Shaw, etc . Notable campaigns include opposing the Boer War (which was very unpopular throughout Europe, but a patriotic must for Englishmen).

    Conway Hall is not named after the Welsh town, but after an originally Methodist minister, Rev Moncure Conway, who officiated at South Place first as a Unitarian and later as a Freethinker (but not during the changeover period). His life was altogether quite eventful :

    Perhaps by the year 2111 , Christian Voice will have become Secular Voice !

    1. Stephen

      Dream on.

  6. georgia

    Does Peter Tatchell really believe he can gather support from Muslims on the issue of homosexuality, when it is strictly forbidden in Islam?


    Who are Muslims likely to listen to on matters of their faith, a man who actually practices an abhorrent act of their faith, which is condemned as sinful, deserving the perpetrator death in this life, and the fires of hell in the next?

    I think we all know the answer.

  7. davidw

    Muslims love to throw Tatchell’s fellow travellers off roofs. So when they have taken over with LGBT help they will no longer be useful and have a very short shelf life!

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