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Jul 24

White Helmet jihadists coming to UK

White Helmets pictured as they want to be seen. But the UK-funded group also wages a propaganda war against the Syrial government.


Apr 25

BBC Newsnight on ‘information warfare’

Gabriel Gatehouse seeing everything through a bottle

BBC Newsnight was busy wheeling out the anti-Russian hacks last night. First up was its reporter Gabriel Gatehouse with a very well-produced and thoroughly disingenuous video.  Do watch it.  (All our links open in a new tab automatically.) Mr Gatehouse saw all sorts of dodgy images literally through what we were supposed to understand was …

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Apr 11

Douma: Stop the West rushing to war!

Douma - images show plenty of children, precious few concerned parents.

We have a few hours to pray the US, UK and France do not start a war with Russia.  The Western powers have the pretext of an alleged, unproven chemical attack in Douma.  They will use that to start a war in Syria unless the Lord intervenes.  Russia has pledged to retaliate, according to the …

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