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  1. “The UK Government reports that 98% of all abortions in 2019 ‘were reported as being performed because of a risk to the woman’s mental health.’ ”

    It’s as clear as day what is going on here. I have noticed this is one of the main ways we get lied to. It’s so easy to conflate health with mental health and then give an extreme example of a woman who would die unless they had one. Mental health is one of their expressions anyway. It’s all part of the web of Newspeak. Mental health might also cross over into beliefs and all sorts. These terms they use have variable definitions to suit their purpose. One that always gets me is when they talk about sexual abuse or even the word abuse, and its corresponding term inappropriate. At the same time as they like to treat unwanted babies as rubbish to go into the dustbin, so the same government likes to police courtship with loose terms that can land men in prison.

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