Britain in Sin

The United Kingdom today is in deep decline.  Social and economic trends and the UK crime statistics reveal a nation beset by rising crime, family breakdown, infertility, drug-taking, debt, indecency, profligacy and perversion.

Why has this happened?  What responsibility is to be borne by Parliament, church and Monarch?  Her Majesty the Queen promised in her Coronation oath on 2nd June 1953 to “Maintain the Laws of God and the True Profession Reformed Religion established by Law.”  We have now passed the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth.  Have her governments honoured her solemn undertaking?

Britain in Sin examines some 57 pieces of post-war legislation in the light of the eternal precepts of God.  We uncover the serious and growing departure of our law from Godly standards.  Over 400 points of references in Holy Scripture demonstrate that Parliament has legislated against every single one of the Ten Commandments, overturning the very laws of God which Her Majesty promised to maintain in her realm.

Deuteronomy 28 describes what happens to a nation which rebels against the laws of God.  With 40 charts of social and economic indicators, Britain in Sin shows that the passing of unrighteous laws in the United Kingdom has had exactly the effect prophesied in the Word of God.  The adverse trends, speaking invariably of human misery, have followed our nation rebellion from God.  Britain today is deep in sin, and the judgment of God is falling.

Only national repentance can save our nation from destruction.  Britain in Sin provides the information Christian people need to target their prayer from repentance accurately and effectively.  Nothing like it has been published before.  May God use it and those who read it to further His Glory and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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What Christian leaders say about Britain in Sin:

“Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, has made a meaningful attempt to analyse the cause of Britain ‘s current moral decline.  The list of unrighteous laws passed during the last 50 years is particularly helpful; indeed, it would be a miracle if we were not in decline, having passed so much legislation which is directly contrary to Scripture.”
The Lord Ashbourne

“This makes interesting and disturbing reading.  We desparately need to understand, as a nation, that our Creator knows what is best for us, and to return to His way as the best way to live.”
Rt Rev Wallace Benn, Bishop of Lewes

“A valuable resource for intercessors”
Ray Borlase, Intercessors for Britain

“The contents of this well-produced and scholarly publication are disturbing.  They draw attention to the seriousness of the battle we Christians are in, and the urgency to fight, pray and be valiant for the truth.”
John Graham, Chairman of Protestants Today

“Britain is Sin brings together some alarming statistics that lend support to what many of us have thought for a long time, concerning Britain ‘s spiritual, moral and social decline.  Stephan Green has brought together a helpful and challenging resource for those concerned about the state of the nation.”
Paul C. Weaver, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God

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