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Eleven nations condemn UNFPA, ICPD25 and Nairobi Summit

Ambassadors of eleven nations held a press conference to condemn the ICPD25 Nairobi Summit and UNFPA

A joint statement by eleven nations on the last day of the UNFPA Summit in Nairobi condemned UNFPA without mentioning the UN population agency by name. The UN’s Fund for Population activities had hoped the jamboree would pass off without controversy. They wanted to counter ‘the push-back’ against homosexuality and abortion in the developing world. …

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Christian Voice May Newsletter

Just published: Christian Voice May Newsletter

The Christian Voice May Newsletter has just been published. Join Christian Voice right now by clicking here to secure your copy by Saturday morning (11th May).  (If your form arrives after 3pm Friday 10th May or over the weekend we’ll post to you on Monday 13th.) Brexit We lead on Brexit, where madness has taken …

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Abortion ship blocked as pressure builds

Strike4Repeal activists have similarities to previous Soros initiatives

Pressure to legalise abortion is growing world-wide, thanks to international funding led by financier George Soros, Christian Voice has discovered. The billionaire is behind moves to repeal a pro-life constitutional amendment in the Republic of Ireland.  He is almost certainly also involved with a Dutch abortion boat run by the ‘Women on Waves’ group. The financier …

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United States Jumps on Population Control Bandwagon

By Robin Phillips Population Control Guru is ‘Science Envoy’ to Muslim Nations The Obama administration has been sending population control guru, John Holdren, to Muslim nations in what it calls ‘science diplomacy.’ The official purpose of ‘science diplomacy’ is to bridge the so called ‘cultural gap’ between the United States and the rest of the …

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UK Facing Demographic Crisis

A Lords committee has warned that the UK is “woefully underprepared” for the social and economic challenges of an ageing society, according to a BBC news report last week. Drawing on figures from the Office for National Statistics, the committee predicted “a series of crises” in public service provisions. If current trends continue, then between …

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Bill Gates and the Lucis Trust

One of our correspondents mentioned Luciferianism in connection with Bill and Melinda Gates, so we decided to investigate. A web search led to Henry Makow’s article Bill Gates: Satanist in Sheep’s Clothes?  That led to the Lucis Trust, a disarmingly wacky New Age outfit with a surprising reach into the United Nations and the pockets of …

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Bill Gates’ ‘Soft Eugenics’

Last month we published a report on the Gates Foundation, focusing on how it has been promoting a type of ‘soft eugenics’ under the pretence of ‘family planning.’ We’ve just updated the article with some additional information and links, so do be sure to visit the updated report ‘Bill Gates and the New Malthusians.’ The …

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Beckhams ‘irresponsible’ say Greens

The Beckhams were happy parents when Victoria gave birth to her fourth child this summer, but not everyone was thrilled by the birth of little Harper Seven. In her article, ‘Beckhams a ‘bad example’ for families‘, Guardian journalist Tracy McVeigh reported that “according to a growing group of campaigners, the birth of their fourth child …

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