December 2018 archive

Dec 10

Brexit shambles as vote delayed

Rt Hon David Mundell,(in the white cost) assures fishmongers in Peterhead the Brexit vote is going ahead.

Dec 06

Brutal Britain including: Harry Potter blamed for rise in exorcisms

5/12/2018 Coming out film shot on iPhone wins £25,000 Turner Prize 4/12/2018 Trans activists send out free breast binders to 13-year-olds in unmarked packages… so their parents don’t find out Ofsted chief Amanda Spielman says schools are now being asked to do things that should be done by parents 3/12/2018 Harry Potter blamed for rise …

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Dec 05

Is veganism a religion?

Jordi Casamitjana claims veganism is a religion


Dec 03

Brexit: May Deal set to fail

Theresa May has stated Britain will leave the EU's Single Market after Brexit. Does the May Deal do that?